The Ex

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Even though we broke up 9 months ago, my ex-girlfriend and I have remained friends, and I still think about her, and even miss her sometimes- especially the intimate moments that we shared…

From time to time, she will ask me to come over and help her with things around the house.

About a month ago, she asked me to install a new doorway, and while I was working there, those old “thoughts” kept popping up in my mind. It didn’t help when she slipped out of her skirt to put on some jeans, and I got a nice view of her shapely legs, and skimpy panties… And later, when she was kneeling to look under her bed for something, with her elbows on the floor, her knees apart and her nice round ass up in the air, with the lacy edges of her white thong showing above the waistband of her jeans, it was all I could do to contain myself!

Going back to what I was doing, (and trying to keep my mind on my work!), I wondered if she was trying to tease me. She had told me that being sexual with me didn’t work for her, since we weren’t in a relationship, but there had been a couple of times that we succumbed to the physical attraction that still exists between us… It was a very warm day, and I was working up on a ladder, putting the finishing touches on the door when she came out of her room to see how it was going. She had the air conditioning on in her bedroom, and she told me to come in there if I wanted to take a break and cool off…

As I finished what I doing, she went to get us both some lemonade, and when I was done, I went into her room and sat on the edge of the bed, in front of the air conditioner. Since it was so hot, I was only wearing a pair of cut-offs, and the cool air felt good on my skin. She came in with two glasses of lemonade and handed one to me as I stood up.

“Here’s to a job well done!” she said, toasting me. We clinked our glasses, and I took a long drink from mine.

“Oh, that’s good.” I said, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” she said, sitting down on the bed. “Come sit down and let the air conditioner cool you off.”

I sat down next to her, and she took a hand towel she had brought and wiped the perspiration from my face.

“You must be awful hot,” she said, “it’s a good thing you have those shorts on,” glancing down at them. “Oh, I see someone else is hot, too!” she exclaimed. Well, my cut-offs are pretty short, and the tip of my penis was clearly visible, peeking out of one of the legs. I quickly shoved it back up inside. “Maybe you should let the poor guy get some air, too!” she said, patting the outline of it through my shorts. She let her hand linger there, and in seconds I started getting an erection.

“Mmmm- I think he does need some attention!” she said. There wasn’t any hiding my growing hard-on, which was beginning to protrude from the leg of my shorts. She petted the head of my cock. “Would you like some help with that?” she asked, squeezing my thickening shaft lightly with her hand.

Her hand still on my stiffening cock, she turned towards me and planted her lips on mine, her tongue finding its way into my mouth. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her mouth closer, kissing her back. Our breathing got heavier as we both gave in to the passion of the moment. She removed her hand from my bulging bahis firmaları crotch, and stood up in front of me.

“I want you.” she said, pulling her top of over her head, revealing her pretty, round breasts encased in a lacy white bra. She undid her jeans and let them drop to the floor, daintily stepping out of them. I pulled her close and kissed her belly, letting my hands move up and over her breasts, tweaking her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. That always got her very turned on, and today was no exception. She pushed me back on the bed and unbuttoned my shorts.

“I want you!” she repeated, pulling my shorts off. She knelt on the floor in front of me, taking my hard cock in her small hands, stroking it. Then she bent forward and licked the end of it with her tongue, tasting the small drops of pre-come that were forming there before she took it into her mouth, her lips tight around my shaft as she sucked it in… the warmth of her mouth felt so good surrounding my cock, and I pumped my hips upwards in response to her licking and sucking. My hands went to the back of her head, pulling her mouth down onto me, and she opened her throat, taking my entire length into her mouth.

Now, I’m not Superman, but also haven’t had any complaints about the size of my member, and she gagged a bit as the head of my penis touched the back of her throat. Taking her mouth away for a moment, she said: “I’d forgotten how big you can get.”

“Do you like it, babe? Do you like sucking my cock?” I asked.

“Mmm, yes… I love it. I love sucking your big cock, and making it feel soooo good!” she replied, looking up at me as her mouth descended on it again.

“Does it turn you on? Does it make your pussy wet, sucking on me?” She had always liked talking dirty during sex- she said it turned her on, feeling a little slutty…

“Oh yes… my pussy is so wet!” she said.

“Show me how wet you are, babe- touch yourself and let me see your wet fingers!” I watched as one of her hands moved down between her legs… I could see her knees part slightly as she slid it inside her panties, rubbing her wet slit as she continued to suck my cock.

“Mmmm, I’m soo wet!” she said, letting my cock slip out of her mouth as she sat back, bringing her slick fingers up to her mouth, her eyes fixed on mine as she seductively licked them clean.

“Hmm, that looks so good- I think I’d like a taste!” I said. I stood up, pulling her to her feet as I did so, turning her around and laying her back on the bed. Kneeling astride her, I kissed her mouth, tasting her juices on her lips. My mouth moved down her neck to her breasts. Reaching behind her, I undid the clasps on her bra and slid it off her arms. My mouth quickly returned to her exposed breasts, sucking them into my mouth, and flicking the ends of her erect nipples with my tongue. She has very sensitive nipples, and I know this drives her crazy. She moaned with pleasure, and I could feel her hand slide down between us to touch herself again.

“That feels so good, baby- I can feel it all the way down in my clit!” she groaned. “Lick my clit, baby… I want to feel your tongue on my pussy!” I was all too happy to oblige- she has the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted, and I love driving her crazy with my kaçak iddaa tongue. I moved down her body and she spread her legs open for me, still rubbing herself through the fabric of her soaked panties. I kissed and licked all around the edges of her thong, teasing her, until she couldn’t take it anymore. She pushed her panties down, and I pulled them off her, exposing her wet juicy pussy. I started to kiss the inside my way up the inside of her thighs, and she held the lips of her moist pussy open, flicking one finger up across her clit.

“Please lick my clit, baby!” she begged, wriggling her hips, trying to get her wet hole closer to my mouth. I moved up and ran my tongue slowly up her juicy slit, starting from the bottom near her anus and licking right up between her lips to her swollen clit, flicking my tongue across the end of it the way I know she likes. Her hands went to the back of my head, pulling my mouth harder against her pussy as she raised her hips to meet my tongue as it plunged into her. I lifted my head slightly, and began flicking my tongue over her clit, faster and faster, as she writhed on the bed.

“Oh baby, you’re going to make me come!” she gasped. I slid one of my fingers inside her, brushing it upwards across her G-spot, and held it there.

“Yes, yes, YES!!” she cried, feverish with her sexual excitement… “Yes, right there, baby! Feels so good!! Lick my clit while you do that!” I put another finger inside her and increased the pressure on her G-spot, and the pace of my tongue on her hot clit, until I felt her inner muscles begin to contract on my fingers. I knew she was close to climaxing, and I put both hands under her ass, pushing her pussy into my face, fucking her with my tongue…

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m… I’m… commmmmiiingggg!!!” Her body tensed, and she pressed her pussy tight into my mouth, holding me there with her hands on my head as her orgasm shook her. I tasted her sweet cream as it poured out of her, and lapped up every drop! I ran my tongue lightly over her clit, but she was still too sensitive there, and bucked against me. “Come up here…” she said, breathlessly. I slid up her body, kissing her belly and breasts as I went, and putting my arms around her, kissed her deeply on the mouth.

Licking her sweet pussy always gets me very excited, and as we kissed I could feel my hard cock rubbing against her very wet pussy. “Do you want me inside you?” I asked, barely able to restrain myself from slipping into her. “Oh yes, please… I want to feel you in me.” was her reply. I moved slightly; she opened her legs further and took my stiff cock in her hand, guiding me to her opening. I slid the head of my cock into her, feeling her delicious wetness around me, and let a bit more slide into her.

“Give it to me, baby- give me more! I want to feel all of you inside me!” She moved her hips up, trying to get more of me in her, and I held back for a moment, teasing her a bit before I slowly sank into her, feeling her pussy spreading inside to accommodate my throbbing cock. Pushing all the way in, I could feel the head of my cock against her cervix. I stayed in her like that for a moment, moving slightly, before withdrawing almost completely, and then pushed back into her, a little more forcefully this kaçak bahis time. I was having a hard time controlling myself- I wanted to slam my cock into her!

“God, your cock feels so good inside me… I feel you stretching me. You fill me up!” she said, her breathing coming shallow and hard. “Do it to me, baby… give it to me!” I slid my cock deep into her hot pussy and she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in deeper and holding me there, feeling me throb inside her. I stayed deep in her, fucking her pussy like that, our bodies moving as one.

“I can’t stand it! I need you to fuck me, baby!! Give it to me- fuck my pussy hard!” I placed my arms under her legs and pulled them up towards her chest, spreading her wide open so I could get at her better, and began fucking her hard and fast, my cock pistoning in and out of her.

“Yes, baby, yes! That’s it! Fuck me, baby! Yes- more, MORE!!” She was wild with the sensation of my hard cock stroking in and out of her pussy. I could feel the juices running out of her, soaking my balls. She reached down between us, feeling her juices coating my slick member, and rubbing her clit with her fingers. She knows I get really turned on watching her touch herself, and I began fucking her wildly, feeling myself swelling up even more…

“Oh God, baby, that’s it! Feels soooo good!! You feel so big …inside…me. Big … and… hard!” Her hips were rising to meet my strokes in her pussy, fucking me back. I lowered my head to take one of her nipples in my mouth, bathing it with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth.

“Oh my god… yes! Yes! YES! Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” she exclaimed as she climaxed all over my cock… I could feel the warmth of it filling her, surrounding me as I continued to pound her pussy. “OH, I’m coming again!” she cried, as another wave of orgasm overtook her. Her fingers were still busy at her clit, rubbing furiously, and I knew what she wanted. I pulled my raging cock out of her dripping wet pussy, and slid the length of it over her erect clit. She felt me there and, taking my cock in her hand, began rubbing the head of my cock against her clit.

“Fuck my clit! Fuck my clit, baby! Oh my god…” she moaned, waves of pleasure and climax coursing through her body. I let my hard cock slide up and down between the lips of her pussy, sliding up over her clit with each stroke. She kept her hand there, holding me against her clit as I stroked it faster. I could feel my own climax rising, swelling my cock even more, and she felt it, too…

“Yes, baby, come for me… I want to feel you come. Come all over my clit! I want to feel your hot come on me!” she exclaimed.

” I’m going to come, baby!” I said, feeling myself so close to the edge.

“Yes, baby, I’m going to come, too!” she cried. I felt her body tense again, her legs tight around me as she went over the edge, and that was all it took for me. I exploded, shooting come all over her belly and her pussy. I took my cock in my hand and aimed it at her clit, covering it with hot, sticky liquid. She rubbed it all over her clit, then took my cock in her hand, milking the last drops from it onto her belly, rubbing it into her skin.

Exhausted, I collapsed next to her. She rolled onto her side and we kissed, holding each other. “That was amazing!” she said, rolling over onto her back next to me.

“Yes it was… thank you!” I said. ” I love you.”

“I love you, too!” she said, as we embraced again…

(to be continued, I hope!)

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