The Face-Painter Ch. 05

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“Oh my God,” I thought to myself, “did he just cum? Is that cum I feel on my back? I can’t believe he’s cumming right on me. Oh no, there’s another shot…….and another one. I can feel it running down my back now. It’s sliding right into the back of my skirt. I can’t believe this is really happening.”

Thirty minutes earlier……..

I couldn’t wait to see my brother Connor again. It had been so amazing when he’d actually let me suck him off last night. I’d been dreaming about my hunky brother for years now. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I’d lain in my bed with my fingers busy between my legs, thinking about him, usually resulting in multiple orgasms that left the sheets soaking wet beneath me. I couldn’t believe my luck last night when he’d had to come back to the house for his laptop and he’d seen me giving Derek from school a blowjob. It doesn’t sound like good luck; getting caught by your big brother with a cock in your mouth and cum sliding down your throat, but it had sure worked out that way.

At first I’d been upset and ashamed by what he’d seen me doing; but when I realized he’d been watching us for quite a while, I knew he must have enjoyed what he was seeing. The more we talked, the less scared I was that he was going to tell on me to my mother. And then after I confessed to him that even though I loved sucking cock, that I was still a virgin, I could see an interested look in his eye as he looked me up and down while I was wearing my cheerleading uniform. I could see his dick bulging within his shorts as we continued to talk. It sure looked like a big one; like I had dreamed about my brother having as I lay awake many nights; my fingers working between my legs.

I kind of started teasing him a little, letting him see how my big tits looked in my tight cheerleader’s sweater, and then sliding my hand over that growing bulge in the front of his shorts. Man, it felt huge! He’d finally let me see it, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was even bigger and thicker than I had imagined it to be. It looked like a little kid’s arm with a big fist at the end!

He’d guided my eager mouth to the end of that huge love-muscle of his and I’d enthusiastically let him feed it to me. It felt amazing to have my handsome big brother’s beautiful rock-hard dick filling my mouth. It was so much bigger and felt so incredibly powerful compared to the pricks of the few boys from school I’d sucked off. Yes, this was definitely a man’s cock; my dreamy big brother’s long hard thick beautiful cock.

My friends all said my brother was hot, and he really was; but I always thought of him in a word my mom said she and her friends used when they were young; dreamy. The way I thought about him all the time, that word described him perfectly. And I couldn’t start to count the number of times I’d woken up with thoughts of my sexy big brother running through my head; and a moist damp itchiness between my legs that just wouldn’t go away until I slid my fingers down there and satisfied myself. I’d told Connor I was a virgin, and I was. I had always dreamed of losing my virginity to Connor; and none of the boys I knew had even come close to the standards I had set when picturing Connor taking me. I had always dreamed of his big hard cock moving deep into me for the first time, the engorged head tearing through my cherry as he made me his. Deep in my heart, I just knew that having sex with him for the first time would be incredible. My better judgment kept telling me deep down that it was unlikely to ever happen, that those were just the silly dreams of a schoolgirl. But I’d held out hope, and never allowed a boy to even touch me down there. I’d eagerly suck their cock and swallow their cum, but I kept saving my hot needy pussy for my big hunky brother. I wanted more than just for him to make love to me; I wanted my brother to fuck me until I couldn’t take it anymore. To fuck me deep, long and hard until I came so many times, I’d feel like I was going to totally collapse and pass out from the ecstasy I knew in my heart he was capable of bringing me. And now, after what had happened last night, after he’d cum in my mouth and fed me his cum, I thought I now might have a chance to convince him to use that massive hard cunt-stretcher of his to bust that ripe little cherry of mine.

Since he’d left last night, I couldn’t stop thinking of him and wanting to be with him again. Images of that beautiful long hard cock of his were burned into my brain. I hadn’t brushed my teeth so the deliciously sinful taste of his cum lingered on my tastebuds all night long. I couldn’t believe it when he’d shot off into my mouth; there was so much cum! I didn’t know anybody could possibly cum that much. It just seemed to go on and on; that beautiful big cock flooding my mouth with his warm cream. I swallowed and swallowed, the delicious milky semen feeling silky smooth as it made its way down my throat and into my welcoming stomach.

I thought güvenilir bahis I had done a good job; more than anything I wanted Connor to be pleased with my effort. But when I asked him how he thought I did, he had answered, “You did pretty good.” But there had been a definite shrug of his shoulders that seemed to say to me, “for a beginner.”

“I can do better,” I said to him imploringly. He’d wanted me to suck him off without using my hands. He seemed satisfied, but I knew I could do better if he’d let me use my hands to pleasure him as well. I wanted more than anything to make him happy; to make him proud of me. I asked if he would teach me; teach me to be a better cocksucker. I let him know I’d do anything he wanted me to do. He’d finally agreed; on the condition that I not tell a soul and not to see any more of those jerks from school. I readily agreed, excited as I’d ever been about the chance to be with my dreamy big brother.

I was so upset when our stupid mother had called and interrupted us, just as our first real cock-sucking lesson was about to start. Connor had been kind enough to let me suck him briefly before he had to go, that beautiful big dick of his feeling wonderful in my mouth; if only just for a minute. He’d left quickly, the luxurious sensation of his magnificent manhood inside my mouth stimulating my senses beyond anything I had ever imagined. I was so excited by what had happened; I’d had to rub my needy little cunt three times that night before I was able to fall asleep.

In the swirling rush of the intense situation, I had totally forgotten that I had promised my best friend, Jenna; that I would go away with her and her parents this weekend. I couldn’t wait for my first real lesson with Connor, and I knew that if I didn’t do what I was going to do right now, I’d probably have to wait days until I could suck him off again. I knew I couldn’t wait that long to feel another of his huge loads filling my eager mouth; and maybe…..just maybe…..I could find a way to convince him to fuck me.

So here I was; walking out the door of my school, just after my last class before lunch got out. I was gonna blow off lunch and the last two classes of the day and go to my brother’s place. I knew he worked out of his house and figured he’d be trying to finish that article he’d been working on at my mom’s. Leaving the school grounds, I was headed to the bus stop and over to my brother’s.

I’d told Jenna I had a doctor’s appointment. I think that was the first time I’d ever lied to her about anything; and we’d been best friends since kindergarten. I felt horrible doing it, but it was the only way. I’d promised Connor I wouldn’t say anything to anyone; not even Jenna. It was so hard not to tell her what had happened. We had been best friends forever and shared everything; I hoped I could keep it up. We had discovered together how much we loved sucking cock, and I knew she liked it as much as I did. I knew she would do anything to get a chance to have a huge dick like Connor’s stuffed deep into that hot little mouth of hers.

I unbuttoned the blouse I’d worn to school and pulled it off before stuffing it in my knapsack. I’d worn a little white crop top beneath that I knew I looked great in. My boobs pushed out the front impressively and the short top left a lot of midriff exposed. The deep scooped neckline also showed a nice deep line of my cleavage. I had noticed that there seems to be nothing boys like better than a glimpse of cleavage. I’d chosen a little denim mini skirt that hugged my curvy hips and with this crop top showed off my narrow waist and flat stomach. The jewels on my little navel piercing glistened in the sun against my smooth tanned skin as it hung just above the waistband of my little skirt.

As I approached the bus stop, I saw a couple of guys in a passing car look my way, big smiles appearing on their faces as they drove by. With my curly blonde hair, big tits and nicely tanned skin, this top never ceased to invite a lot of admiring glances. Combined with the faded little hip-hugging denim mini and flat white sandals, I think I looked pretty good. At least I hoped Connor thought so; that was who I was wearing it for.

The bus I wanted arrived just as I arrived at the bus stop and I hopped on board. All the seats were taken as I made my way towards the rear, noticing a few leers from the seated male passengers; only none of them were gentlemanly enough to offer me their seat. A couple of people were already standing near the back, so shortly behind the side exit door, I grabbed the overhead bar near them and turned sideways to face the right side of the bus. In the first seat of the sideways bench, an older man who I guessed was in his 50’s was sitting in front of me and I noticed his eyes flicking up to my heavy round tits as I leaned slightly forward over him.

The bus pulled to the curb at the very next stop and a couple more people got on; one being a tall slim Latino looking guy. As he türkçe bahis made his way towards the back of the bus, I noticed that he was quite good-looking with sharp features and jet-black hair smoothed back attractively. He wore loose-fitting black jeans, a white singlet that showed off a strong chest and taut midsection, and a big loose-fitting shirt that hung open and swayed nicely as he walked.

I averted my eyes quickly as he approached, but I think he may have seen me checking him out. He grabbed the overhead bar and stood next to me as the bus pulled back into traffic. I could smell the warm scent coming from him as he stood close to me; a thrilling mixture of a nice citrusy cologne combined with the natural scent of his body.

At the next stop a larger number of people crowded onto the bus and as they moved towards us, the cute guy made room by moving right behind me and grabbing onto the bar on the other side of my own gripping hand. Two women who were dressed in hotel housekeeping garb ended up standing right in beside us; the two of them chattering away like jaybirds. I’m sure they’d never heard of texting each other.

The bus started to pull away just as a car sped past; causing the bus driver to step on the brakes sharply to avoid an accident. The bus lurched as the driver hit the brakes while the car just slid by; mere inches away. The abrupt stop caused everybody to grip their handhold tightly and I felt the Latino guy bump into me from behind.

“Oh, excuse me!” he said apologetically. I noticed that when the bus lurched, his other hand had come up quickly onto the overhead bar on the other side of me to steady himself, so now he had a hand just outside each of the two I was gripping the overhead bar with. This put his larger body kind of in the same position looming over my smaller one beneath him. I turned and looked up at him.

“That’s okay, no harm done,” I said with a little smile and shrug of my shoulders. He returned my smile and I found myself blushing; his handsome face seeming even more attractive as his brilliant white teeth and full lips drew my eyes to his sensual mouth. With my body half-turned towards him, I saw his eyes move down from my face to my chest. As his dark eyes came to rest of the swells of my breasts showing above the scooped neckline, I saw the sexy smile on his face grow bigger. I quickly averted my eyes and shyly turned away. I was both tremendously excited and yet incredibly nervous under the leering gaze of this cute guy.

As the bus rolled on, I noticed that he continued to keep both hands gripping the overhead bar, one hand on each side of mine. I could feel the cool fabric of the sides of his open shirt brushing my sides as he leaned over me from behind; almost as if I was wearing the shirt myself. I could actually feel the heat from his body as his tall lean physique seemed to encompass my own small curvy form. The bus swerved again slightly and I felt the front of his body bump against mine. I could feel the front of his crotch press right into the curving swell of my plump backside as the bus rocked slightly before righting itself. When it did, I was shocked to see that he hadn’t moved back away from me.

“Mmmmm,” I heard him make a soft low sound as he kept the front of himself pressed up against me, the sides of his open shirt keeping any of the other riders from seeing what was happening. I was staggered by what was happening as I felt him press himself against me once more, his hips rolling suggestively at the same time.

“Haaaaahh,” I gave a little sharp intake of breath as I felt a growing hardness against my soft rear end. Rather than moving away in embarrassment, he pressed himself blatantly against me. I was too shocked to move; yet terribly excited as I felt his cock continuing to swell within the confines of his jeans. I felt myself getting flushed by the sheer nastiness of what this guy was doing right here on the bus. I could feel his prick swelling against me as he casually slid the front of his crotch up and down along the cleft in the back of my short skirt.

With this guy rubbing himself blatantly against me, I noticed a movement by the older man sitting right in front of me. I looked down to see him staring right at my big tits hovering over him, their full weight and roundness visibly apparent in my tight little top. As he stared, I saw him slip his hand into his right-hand pants pocket. His hand kept going further and further into his pocket until he had about half his forearm inside it.

“Oh my God!” I thought to myself as I saw movement in the crotch of his khakis as he started to manipulate his cock. The perverted old bastard must have had the bottom cut out of his pocket, the way his hand had been able to go so far in. “This can’t really be happening…..” The words raced through my head as I felt one guy’s stiffening dick grinding against my soft round bum while I watched with amazement as the prick of the man in front of me rose up güvenilir bahis siteleri as his hand started to stroke rhythmically under the confines of his pants.

It was so strange…….what these two guys were doing… was something that under normal circumstances I would have thought to be totally disgusting……now in this exact time and place…..the sordidness of it had me absolutely starting to soak my panties. As I looked down at the old guy in front of me groping himself, I could feel my nipples stiffening in my excitement. He didn’t miss a thing as I watched his eyes slide up to my sumptuous chest and settled on the protruding little buds. His hand started to move rhythmically and I saw his tongue slide out unconsciously and lick around his lips as he stated blatantly at my heavy round tits.

“Unhhh,” I heard the Latino guy behind me groan again as he rubbed himself more forcefully against my willing bum. His big flowing shirt blocked the view of everything that was happening, even the old guy in front of us. The two women closest to us were chatting away to each other and never looking our way. I could feel the hard length of the Latino guy’s stiff cock rubbing against me; and it felt like a pretty big one. I subconsciously rolled my wide hips back into him, eliciting another little soft moan from him. I couldn’t believe how excited I was, I felt a little trickle of emulsion seep out of the edge of my panties and start to slide down my leg. I was surprisingly disappointed when I felt him move back away from me slightly and I saw him remove one hand from the overhead bar. “He doesn’t have to get off already?” I thought, sincerely sad that he might be leaving so soon after what had just happened.

“Zzzzzzippppp.” The metallic sound of a zipper being undone came to my ears and I gasped in shock. “He’s not really going to take it out, is he?” I thought to myself. The wickedness of it had me leaking even more cunt-honey, the front of my panties was totally soaked and I could feel another seeping rivulet start to slide down my other leg. After a couple of seconds, I noticed the Latino guy’s hand come up and grasp the overhead bar again; his big loose shirt once again covering my sides. I felt him move against me once more, his hard prick sliding upwards along the cleft of my soft bum. He had actually taken it out!

“Aaaahhh,” it was me that gave a soft gasp this time as I felt the hot smooth skin of his cockhead rub against my lower back as he moved upwards, his stiff dick clearing the waistband of my skirt and touching directly onto my skin. The smooth hot membranes of his engorged cock slid partway up my back before he started to retreat. As he started to move forward once more, he pressed himself more forcefully against me; knowing that I was aware of what he was doing and had shown that I had no objection. In order to steady myself, I reached up with other hand to take a firm grip on the overhead bar, not realizing until I’d done it that my position had caused my round heavy tits to thrust even further forward over the old guy in front of me.

“Nice,” I heard him whisper under his breath and looked down to see him staring blatantly at my round full breasts on proud display directly in front of him. I could see stiff nipples pushing against the tight material of my top, dark little shadows being cast by the protruding buds. The guy’s hand was moving faster in the depths of his pocket now and a sheen of sweat had appeared on his brow as his eyes feasted hungrily on my curvy young body.

“Unhhh,” I heard a low groan from behind me as the Latino continued to slowly grind his hips up and down against me, and now I could feel a damp wetness on my lower back. I gasped as I realized he was leaking pre-cum right onto me as he rocked back and forth. Tremendously excited by what was happening, I found myself rolling my wide young hips back against him, my curvy bum rubbing directly on his throbbing erection. I wondered what it would feel like if my skirt wasn’t in the way, to feel the full thickness and length sliding along the smooth warm cleft of my young behind.

“Oh fuck!” I heard the guy behind me moan softly into my ear as he pushed himself against my back and I felt him start to tremble. The hot hard cockhead was nestled right into the small of my back between my skirt and my little crop-top as I felt his warm breath against the back of my neck; his breathing shallow and ragged. He let out another little groan and then I felt a short powerful splat against my back as he shot.

“Oh no,” I gasped in both surprise and excitement as he came right on me. He held himself right against me and rubbed the hot hard engorged helmet of his throbbing dick against my soft young body as rope after rope of his hot milky cream shot forth. He was still shooting as I felt some of his thick semen start to run down my back and slither beneath the waistband of my skirt right in the center of the small of my back. I was breathing faster and my heart was just racing as I was swept up in the sinful nastiness of what this guy was doing to me. I found it incredibly erotic to know this stranger had just cum on me; right here on this bus with people all around us!

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