The Family Reunion Ch. 06

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Lydia wondered where her husband and daughter were.

She had no idea that the two of them had been fucking for as long as she’d been looking for them, but as the Virus had already started its hold on her, if she had walked in on the pair mid-coitus, she would probably have only feigned anger for as long as it took her husband Albert to ask her to join in.

By the time she thought to look in her daughter’s bedroom, her family was no longer fucking – Albert had left to check on the rest of the party, the second man to abandon the horny girl in her own room. What’s more, he’d forbidden his daughter to leave; he wanted to come back and fuck her arse again once he’d done his hostly duties, and he knew that if he let his daughter rejoin the party, she’d have cocks in every hole within a few minutes, and he’d have to wait his turn.

Becky was almost climbing the walls by the time her mother found her. The idea of disobeying her father and leaving the room had never even occurred to her, though if her hands hadn’t been busy, she most likely would have loaded up her computer and sent out a mass email to every guy she knew, begging them to come around and fuck her.

Lydia entered the room and was immediately hit with the smell of sex. Becky had fucked two men in her bedroom in the last few hours; Zack, the primary carrier of the Virus, and her father, who by the end of their escapades had been practically overflowing with it himself. The air in the room was thick with the stench of sex, and the stench of sex carried the Virus.

So as Lydia opened the door, a few things happened. Her pussy immediately became soaked – as her nostrils filled with a smell that she couldn’t place, the arousal that she’d been feeling for the past few hours suddenly güvenilir bahis doubled, tripled…threatened to take over her body.

Consciously, she didn’t know what the smell was, but she knew that she liked it.

The influx of Virus pouring in through her nose brought immediately travelled to her brain, tuning down her inhibitions, turning up her libido, making her want sex and not care where she got it. Almost instantly, the smell of cum and sweat and her daughter’s juices went from being slightly unpleasant to extremely desirable – she wanted more of the scent, and she wanted more of the things that caused it.

Looking around the door and seeing her eighteen-year old daughter, naked and spread-eagled on the bed, half of her hand pumping in and out of her pussy, another hand twisting her nipples so hard it looked like she was in danger of ripping them off, Lydia wasn’t appalled, as she should have been. She wasn’t disgusted or put off.

She was turned on.

The sight of the girl’s young body writhing on the bed, desperately trying to bring herself to orgasm set Lydia’s desire on fire, and she stood there in silence for a few seconds watching, her nipples growing harder, her pussy growing impossibly wetter, her hands unconsciously starting to mimic the actions of her daughter’s hands…

When Becky had noticed the door to her room open, she’d assumed it was her father, and so without opening her eyes she hadn’t slowed down or stopped, but simply repositioned herself so that he’d get the best possible view of her went, cum-soaked cunt as she brought herself off yet again. It helped – Becky found it easier to cum knowing that she was pleasing a man while doing so.

She had hoped that her father would punish her for her slutty türkçe bahis behaviour with another spanking, or perhaps forcibly remove her hand and replace it with his cock (they’d rutted several times now but, disappointly, she still hadn’t had her daddy in her wet cunt.) When nothing happened, she wondered if he was even watching, and had carefully opened one eye to take a peek and see what was stopping him from joining in.

Seeing her mother standing in front of her instead of her strong, dominant father was momentarily disappointing, but then Becky noticed what her mother was doing – rubbing at her breasts, with one hand creeping down to the visible wet patch between her legs. Her mother was as horny as she was.

This was going to be fun.

The smile that slowly spread over Becky’s face made Lydia wonder if her daughter had noticed her presence. When she didn’t say anything, Lydia reasoned that she must just be happy. No-one was going to keep masturbating with their mother in the doorway watching. You’d have to be a complete slut to do that, and Lydia knew her daughter wasn’t a complete slut.

Was she?

Lydia looked closer, and realised that it wasn’t lubricant that was sloshing in and out of her daughter’s cunt while she practically fisted herself – it was cum. Her daughter had been fucked, and it looked like it had happened fairly recently. In fact, it looked like there was some cum dripping out of her ass as well. What had happened to her sweet little angel?

Not even realising that she was now openly playing with her tits and pussy, Lydia took a step closer, to see if she could get a better look. Just to, uh, make sure that her daughter wasn’t…hurt. Yes. Yes, that was why.

It had nothing to do with the fact that güvenilir bahis siteleri Lydia was suddenly trying to calculate how many days it’d been since her husband had fucked her; how many days it’d been since he’d cum in her mouth, and let her taste his thick, salty sperm. God, she missed the taste of sperm – she’d never liked the act of swallowing cum much, but suddenly the idea held an enormous appeal. Suddenly she felt like every day was a series of wasted opportunities, all of her time was time that could be better spent sucking down sperm, tasting it, swallowing it, feeling it sit in her stomach…

Her fingers had unzipped her jeans at this point, found their way past her panties, through her unkempt pubic hair, and one was slipping past her lips, exploring deep into her pussy, while another found her clit and started circling it. Lydia was lost in her own head, unaware of her fingers turning her on, unaware that she’d taken several more steps into the room and was now standing over her daughter, watching her get herself off…

Becky had decided on a plan. It was simple, but she was sure it would work.

“Oh god…” she said, as she got closer to orgasm. “Oh god, oh yes. Oh god, yes, mom…mom…oh yeah, mother, fuck me. Fuck me mom, fuck me! Suck on my clit! Yes! Do it! Suck on your baby’s little clitty!”

She came, loudly, screaming for her mother to bring her off, to fuck her and suck her and everything in between. Lydia was shocked for a few seconds, but her arousal quickly took over, and she came as well, her mind filled with thoughts of fucking her daughter, of kneeling between her legs and tasting the plentiful supply of cum within…

As Lydia came down from her orgasm, she felt her daughter’s hand on the back of her head.

“Becky!” she exclaimed, but before she could object, her daughter had cut her off.

“Sshhh, mom, it’s all right. It’s okay.” Becky whispered, and pulled her mother’s head down to taste her throbbing, sperm-laden pussy.

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