The Family Stud

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Amy Anderssen

Ben Tyler looked at the four smiling women that were standing in front of him. Those smiles were warm and welcoming and yet, they also wore an air of determination.

As for Ben, he felt as if he had just won the lottery, albeit a very strange and offbeat type of lottery. He had come home from school for the summer and expected his father to insist on his getting a job. Last year, he had worked in his uncle’s lumber camp. That hadn’t gone over well with his mother. She had protested that Ben was an intellectual, an artist, a musician and poet. Her words had gone over like a lead balloon. They had fallen on deaf ears. Bart Tyler didn’t want to be raising a “sissy” son and insisted that the work would be good for him.

In part, it was hard to argue with him. To his credit, Ben had not once complained and spent but all of the last 4 weeks of his summer break working. His skin got a ruddy tan and his hair went a shade lighter. His muscles, and Ben did take care of his physical health, were now much like the trees he had been cutting down. He looked like the guy on the paper towel label and he had barely been home the last few weeks of his vacation. Ben went out with young women who would not have given him the time of day just the previous year. He also went out with a lot of the university coeds that were previously out of his reach, including some of the hotter girls who were a bit older.

This summer would be different. His mom would certainly see to that. She was never the type to be afraid to challenge Bart Tyler on his outdated belief system.

Hands on shapely hips, Madison Tyler stood in front of her 19-year old son with a scowl on her face. “You’re going to be working here this summer, your father is traveling too much and things aren’t getting done,” Madison insisted. “You can be a tremendous help around the house.”

Ben sighed. He hadn’t really wanted to hang around the house this summer; he was hoping to get acquainted with some bikini clad beach bunnies. Still, he knew that Madison would be a lot easier to deal with than his dickweed dad. There wasn’t much love lost between Bart and his youngest son, who worked in several artistic venues. Bart had never come right out and called his son a fairy, yet Ben knew his father thought that of him. If Ben could have shown the old men his score card, he would have shut his fucking mouth forever. There were also several occasions where Ben would have liked to decked his father when he made a rude comment, but he wouldn’t have done that to Madison. Violence never solved anything, she had raised him better than that. It had always impressed him how a young woman such as Madison had risen to the occasion and raised four kids without much help from a deadbeat father such as Bart.

Ben and Madison had been “besties” of almost 11 years. His own mother had been unable to deal with the family, fleeing to parts unknown. Two scarce months after his divorce, Bart had come home married to Madison or “Maddy”, a croupier he had met in Las Vegas. Scarcely 15 years older than Ben, he found himself liking her. She was fun, witty and most of all, sexy. Ben didn’t understand why he felt this way about Maddy, but she never made him feel he wasn’t loved. She treated him as family and he was calling her “mom” a few years later.

It likely didn’t hurt that she was a gorgeous, tanned brunette with a sensational figure that she wasn’t afraid to flaunt in front of her sons – Ben, most of all. She didn’t mind being a bit of an exhibitionist because she worked very hard to maintain her figure and it showed on the 5’8″, busty brunette.

“What is it you all need me to do?” Ben asked while remaining all at once intimidated and intrigued.

“Mother! You didn’t clue him in?” Honestly, do I have to do everything around here?” Ben spun around to discover his 23-year old sister walking into the room. What the fuck had changed with Donna? The 5’10” model only visited at holidays, although due to her closeness with Ben, they talked every week. Like Ben, she too considered Madison a friend and ally. The women in the family found Bart to be somewhat tyrannical at times, although he never quite achieved the level of cruel.

“Donna, what are you doing here?” A stunned Ben asked the sensual brunette. Like everything his older sister did, she moved with a feline grace. She crossed the room and sat in one of his father’s best chairs. Ben knew if his father had seen that, he’d have read her the riot act. Chairs like that were for display, not for sitting. It was another area where Madison had thought her husband was being ridiculous. He was now at the point where he was flaunting his wealth. Several times in recent years, Ben had overheard his parents arguing. Madison believed her husband’s money was running him and not the other way around.

His oldest sister and closest ally sat in the chair, legs draped over the armrest. “I think it should be obvious, little brother, I’m here güvenilir bahis to piss off daddy by fucking around on his furniture,” she said with a snide tone.

Ben could always tell when his sister was hiding something because she hid it behind a veil of wit and sarcasm. She was often quite funny when she was in pain. He looked at her again and wordlessly, he questioned her. He saw Donna’s shoulders relax and her facial expression change.

“I assume that question is meant to ask me why I’m not still on my honeymoon,” Donna said as she looked around. “Fuck, I forgot I …” His sister cursed. Ben clued in immediately. When Donna was upset, she smoked. She had quit only a few months ago. Something was on her mind. “Let’s just say things got a bit … odd … when we reached Amsterdam.”

Ben didn’t comment but he knew that something truly rotten must have gone down. Donna was sure that after years of dating losers, her husband was “the one”. The rest of the family disagreed – to a one; they had all disliked Richard and thought he was a snake in the grass.

The twins rushed in, all smiles and giggles, two vivacious bundles of sunshine and energy in halter tops and tight booty shorts. Both of them had long red hair and were on the petite side, although still lovely and appealing. The 18-year olds were Madison’s daughters from an earlier and not-too good relationship, so they weren’t Ben’s blood sisters. However, he had grown up with the girls and his dad had adopted them, so as far as everyone was concerned, they were all one large family jumble.

“Did you tell him yet, mommy?” Hayley asked. She was usually the more free-spirited of the two and Ben was sure that his showoff sister wore no underwear.

“I hope so mother, you’ve certainly had enough time,” Hannah groused. She tended to be the more studious and serious of the two, as well as lacking in patience at time. Still, she was a good person; no one in the family would have been described as unpleasant or morose.

“Why do I have this feeling that there is something going on that I’m not in on yet?” Ben asked as he scanned the room. “Okay Mom, you want to clue me in?”

Madison smiled and for a brief instant, Ben thought what a lucky S.O.B his father was. With the gorgeous brunette, he had married wayyyy out of his league. Growing up, he had harbored a huge but very secret crush on his gorgeous stepmom – although he had never thought of her in that way. All of his friends did a double take whenever she dropped him off at school. One of his best buds had asked him if his father had married a Playboy centerfold.

“There’s a lot going on you don’t know about, little brother,” Donna smiled as she got a drink from the refrigerator. “Lots and lots.” Ben winced because he hated it when she called him little brother. Even with her height, he still dwarfed her by 6 inches. It was one of the perks of being a male in the Tyler family; he and his brothers were all tall.

Madison went over to the large easy chair in the living room and sat down with Ben’s sisters bringing up the rear. Her dress was long, but when she crossed her legs, Ben saw there was a long slit in one side. When Donna sat down, he noticed her blue dress was of a similar style. The twins were also dressed a bit more – provocative – than usual.

“Have you wondered at all about the kind of work you’re going to be doing around here, Ben?” Madison asked in a tone that was not at all matter-of-fact.

Ben shook his head. “No, not really. I assumed that I’d be working around the house, mowing the lawn, looking after the gardens, painting the house. I know dad can’t be bothered with any of that.” Ben thought that his dad, for all the complaining he did about Ben, was a lazy prick a lot of the time. He had enough money, so he usually hired some poor neighbor kid to do all of that and griped about how much it cost him.

“No, that isn’t it,” both Madison and Donna chimed up at the same time. They both laughed as they affixed evil stares on the unsuspecting Ben.

“Nuh-uh Ben, you’re going to be working indoors most of the time,” Hayley giggled. Hannah let out a large sound of annoyance.

“Christ, will you …”

“Language, young lady,” Madison said to her youngest.

“Okay mother, but would you all just tell him already?” She groaned. She turned to her older brother and took him in before revealing the secret. She thought this plan of theirs was a humdinger. “You’re going to be fucking us Ben – all of us. It’s going to be a summer of sex with you as the featured stud.”

Ben laughed out loud and for a minute or so until he realized that he was the only person in the room laughing. “You can’t be serious?!” He exclaimed.

“Oh yes, little brother, we are very serious,” Donna spoke up. “We want you to be our stud and in return, we’ll be your own private little harem.” Donna’s voice never wavered during the entire time she spoke, showing she was as serious türkçe bahis as she said she was. Ben didn’t know how to respond to this crazy situation. He had to think of something.

“Why me?” It was the only response he could think of at that moment.

Madison leaned forward a bit, revealing her gorgeous, sumptuous breasts and tanned skin. Her dress was low-cut and looked amazing on her. Had she been any other woman, Ben would have … He shook his head to clear it.

“Ben, we’ve all been – together – for a little while now,” Madison revealed. He looked at the other three and understood what she meant by “together”. Holy shit! “We’ve all become very close and we’re all comfortable talking about our little quirks and fantasies.”

“Yeah, and we …” Hayley chimed in before Donna cut her off.

“Imagine our surprise when all four of us confessed to having a little `thing’ for you, Ben,” Donna said, also leaning close. She had the body of a supermodel and the mind of a porn star, Ben knew his sister was a wild woman. He had been surprised that someone like Richard had been able to tame her. Now he knew that was only an illusion and that Richard had failed. His older sister was as much a slut – in the best sense – as she ever had been.

“We decided that instead of talking about it, we should do something about it,” Hannah now spoke. “After all, by having sex together, we were already committing incest. I said to the others, what does it matter if we add one more? I also told the girls that I thought you were smart enough not to reject an offer as sexy as this,” she said with a husky, throaty purr.

“But Hannah, this is …”

“… incest, yeah, we know that, Ben,” Hayley smiled. “It’s weird, we know. Just think about it, ‘kay? That’s all we ask. Just look around the room, Ben. Do you really want to pass up an opportunity to have 4 women who will do anything you like in bed – anything?”

“Just think about it baby, just as Hayley asked you to do,” Madison smiled. “Go wash up, dinner will be ready in 20 minutes.” The girls all started nattering on with such ease that Ben almost felt as if the last 15 minutes had been an illusion or a prank. Only his heart racing as fast as it was told him his experiences had been all-too real.

Through dinner, a wonderful meal of barbecued ribs, fresh asparagus and Spanish rice – all Ben’s favorites – things went back to normal. Ben still felt the undercurrent from their earlier conversation and he couldn’t think straight. All the women in his family were babes and he knew that. If they hadn’t been his family, he would have fucked them to the best of his ability. While all these crazy thoughts raced through his head, the four girls chatted on as if nothing untoward had been said.

The four women settled in to watch some movies after dinner, but Ben excused himself and went to bed. There were simply too many thoughts swirling about up there. His gorgeous mom, Madison, all tanned and lush and curvy – any man would want her. Then there was Donna, all legs and almost exuding sex from every pore. Then there were the twins, all fresh and young and nubile. He knew that he should jump at the opportunity and he also knew he should be honest with himself. It wasn’t the incest that was bothering him or the fact that by fucking Madison, he would be cuckolding his father. He thought his father was a bastard, so that was actually a selling point. No, the troubling fact was that Ben had limited sexual experience – only a few younger girls. He honestly didn’t know if he could handle Madison or Donna, never mind the twins, who usually did everything together. He sensed that this would be no different in that regard.

Ben knew that he wasn’t going to get any sleep that night. He thought about going downstairs and having a few beers and watching some late-night TV, but all save Madison were light sleepers. He wished that he could have called a friend and gone out, but it was nearing 11. If he’d had a regular girlfriend, he would have gone and made a booty call. Did they still say that anymore?

He was about to grab a book from the shelf when his bedroom door creaked open. Madison stood there in the doorway, unashamed and totally, spectacularly naked. He’d seen her in bikinis hundreds of times, and yet, there was still something about total nudity that made it less mundane. She walked towards his bed with a purposeful stride and sat down. “I’m here to offer you a bribe,” she told him good-naturedly and brushed his cheek.

“What kind of bribe?” Ben questioned. He realized that it was okay to look at Madison’s body, she wanted him to look. She was intent on playing the seductress and she was darned good at it. Every contour of her body was flawless, she had firm, high breasts and totally flat stomach with a waist that tapered into beautifully-shaped hips. Madison could have earned a living as an adult film actress and knowing her, she was probably well aware of that.

Every güvenilir bahis siteleri flawless inch of her was so close that he could smell her perfume. It was overwhelming his senses and his heart was thumping. Ben had a good sense of just what her incentive was going to be.

“You’re a smart, sensible young man, Ben,” Madison said in a soft, low tone. “I think we both know that you’re going to accept our little offer. So, here’s the plan – you and I will make love, here, tonight – and if you still think it isn’t right for you, it will be over and done with. I’ll make sure that the girls understand that you are off limits.”

Ben was fighting between his conscience and the strong desire he felt for Madison. “This isn’t fair, you know,” he said to her. “You know that you’re going to win.”

“Do I?” Madison teased. “Am I that irresistible?”

“Yeah,” Ben responded quicker than he likely should have. “All of my friends have a thing for you. You should hear some of the things they say about you.”

“Should I?”

“On second thought, maybe not,” Ben chuckled. Madison drew the blankets away from her son’s body. He had a six-pack and the rest of him was solid, lean, rippled muscle. When he made no move to stop her, she touched him with a gentle caress. Ben shuddered at her touch and tried to calm himself. He wanted more and if they were going to do this thing, he had to remain calm and try to be as confident as he was capable of being. Madison deserved nothing less.


“Yes,” Ben finally answered her. With a happy smile, Madison joined him in bed and she situated herself on top of his supine form. Her hands moved all over his chest and Ben shivered again. It felt amazing and Madison had a marvelous touch. Playfully, she ran her fingernails all over him, scratching him. The feeling that Ben experienced was not pain, far from it. All of his senses were coming alive at Madison’s actions.

Ben allowed himself to be bold and to touch her as a lover for the first time. Her tits – God, those wonderful tits that he had seen in a bikini so many times – were in his hands! He fondled them gentle and was thrilled at the weight and size of them. Madison made small, murmuring noises so he bent forward and sucked both of her nipples while she ran her fingers through his thick hair. Ben’s body responded in kind and he knew that Madison could feel his response.

She looked at him with her beautiful eyes and she smiled at him seductively. Moving down his body, she wrapped her hand around his hardening cock. “Hello there, handsome,” she smiled as she stroked it. “Is this all because of me?”

Ben felt as if his throat was lined with sandpaper, so he just nodded. She was going to do it – she did! His cock was in her mouth, she licked from his balls up to the tip and then, she ovaled her mouth and let it slide in. Her talented mouth went back down again and then, all the way back to the tip. All the while, Madison’s dark eyes never wavered from his gaze. Ben felt as if he was going to cum and he stifled the urge. Madison deserved his best efforts and if he was going to go through with her scheme, he would have to start working on his sexual skills right away!

Madison eased up a little, slowing down on the sloppy blowjob she was giving her son. She could usually make a man cum in minutes and then, the second time around, he lasted longer. She didn’t want to do that with Ben. She wanted them to share and her curiosity was getting the better of her. She wondered if Ben knew how to please a woman the way they needed to be pleased. Did her wonderful, handsome son know how to eat pussy?

She got her answer in a very short time. With a confidence he was thrilled to discover he had, Ben moved Madison around so that she was at the head of his spacious bed. Her grin turned to a moan when he moved between her legs and started tasting and licking her mons. His movements were not at all unskilled, whoever his previous lover had been, that person had taught him well. He was precise, gentle and used just the right amount of pressure. He licked and probed, he patted her pussy gently with his hands and he didn’t miss a spot. Madison was not a woman without a past, her lovers had been frequent until her marriage to Richard. She would easily have placed Ben near the top of the list.

“You amazing little fucker,” Madison gasped when Ben finally ceased his ministrations. “I’m absolutely shaking, you were incredible. I could get used to that,” she stated, hoping that she would have that opportunity.

“Yeah, so could I,” Ben breathed deeply, tasting the sweetness of her on his lips. Madison could be intimidating, but he was starting to realize he was more of a man than he – or his father – gave himself credit for. He was strong and virile, but those were not the only qualities that endeared him to the women of his family. They knew that he cared about them and their needs and that went a long way to establishing a strong bond, including in bed.

Madison held up a condom she had brought with her. She helped him roll it on and then she flashed him a dazzling smile. “Which way do you want to fuck?” She questioned him.

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