The Farmer and The Angel

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The river cut a glistening ribbon through the valley, twisting and turning against itself, as if straining to escape the very countryside through which it flowed. In the winter, as the cold descended, it would freeze over and become still and quiet; but now, in the height of summer and under the blistering sun, it was a noisy and vibrant source of life. Full of fish and watering the local wildlife, the river provided a focal centre to which all living creatures were drawn. This is how Campbell remembered these highlands from his boyhood, a heavenly hunting ground safe from the mundane village existence of his family and friends: salmon to be caught and rabbits to be trapped; the spoils to be carried home triumphantly.

Following the war, Campbell had returned to the city where his parents were now buried. All but destroyed by the terrible events he had witnessed whilst protecting his country in foreign lands, the smog-laden city sapped yet more strength from his world-weary soul. His parents had decided to sell the farm and work in the factories to help the war effort despite their considerable years and now Campbell was left homeless at twenty-four.

Campbell finally summoned the courage to leave the rut he made for himself in the city and return to the place of his childhood. He knew instantly that he had made the right decision. Standing on the hill marking the highest point of his father’s farmland, emotion came unbidden and the decision was made. He would buy the farmland back and work the land as he should have done before the war stole him away. Within the week, he had moved into the old steading and began restoration of the house and fields.

It was hard physical work and the lean mass he had lost whilst fighting overseas on limited rations began to return. His scarred body ached from all the physical labour, yet as the land developed, so did his physique. He knew the local women began to hold his gaze too long when he visited the village and that they whispered and giggled behind his back as they watched him pitch hay bales in the harvest season, admiring his torso and staring at the generous bulge in his crotch. Hard slabs of muscle soon covered him, protecting him in some small way from the pain he felt inside. As he worked, he would sweat and a slick sheen would cover his upper body, forcing him to strip down and attracting the amorous attentions of several farmers’ wives. The war, however, had stolen any lust from his soul. Uninterested, he would ignore the women, and work all the harder.

In his teens, Campbell had enjoyed more than his fair share of sex. At the local dances, he never left alone and usually ended up fucking roughly with some pretty young girl behind a barn or in a field. He had loved the expression on their faces when they pulled his swollen cock out of his trousers for the first time. Pulling his taut foreskin right down over his smooth shaft, exposing the large pink head glistening with pre-cum, he would encourage them so suck him. Some of the girls were better than others, exquisite even. Experience taught him which girls had little tricks that they would perform and which girls loved to swallow him down, revelling in his semen. (One had even blown bubbles before licking him clean.) A few of the shy ones had refused to take him in his mouth and so he would persuade them to take it in the wrong hole, the tightness satisfying his lust and allowing him to thrust deeply. He was not always a callous lover, however, and knew well enough what gentle play with a girls’ clitoris could do. He liked to see a girl helpless with lust as he teased and pleased her bahis firmaları with caresses and small wet circles on her stiff little sex. He enjoyed the warm wetness of a girls’ pussy pressed against his lips and would passionately kiss it and lick hungrily for hours. Some girls would beg him never to stop and moan or squeal or scream as he suckled on their hooded clitoris. He loved to fuck them then, with long slow strokes in and out whilst continuing the clitoral pressure with a gentle thumb or finger. He had learned to steady his own urges, only gushing hot semen when her own orgasm pushed him over the edge into ecstasy and relief.

After 2 years of rebuilding the farm, Campbell realised without any sense of misplaced pride that it was returning to its former status. The cattle he bought were growing strong and healthy, and the crops were bringing a plentiful income. Unfortunately, the farmhouse remained little more than a place to eat and sleep. The meals he prepared were bland and barely nourishing and the house remained dirty and sparse. He knew that a wife would make a substantial difference to this state of affairs, and he considered the eligible women in the area. He quickly disregarded the majority, however, and resigned himself to living alone. This realisation was surprisingly comforting and he acknowledged to himself that he enjoyed his own company and the quiet solitude of farming. A swim in the river one evening would soon upset this comforting solitude.

As he swam for the waters’ edge, Campbell caught his first glimpse of the girl. She was dressed in a long white cotton undergarment, with a simple tie at the waist, pinching the material and showing off her figure. The girl was silhouetted from behind, the soft evening sunlight illuminating her legs through the material. She stood at the riverbank staring at Campbell in a defiant pose, legs wide and hands on hips, before collapsing into the quiet water with a splash.

Campbell swam hard and collected the girl in his arms before carrying her the short distance to his home. He kicked open the door and placed her gently on his bed, wondering where she had come from, whom to contact. She was soaked to the skin. He carefully undressed her, pulling the undergarment gently up over her long slender legs, exposing her pussy. He had expected to see panties and was embarrassed and aroused at the sudden discovery.

In spite of himself, he felt a swelling in his own underpants at the site of the small tangle of blonde hair lightly covering the girls’ pussy lips, through which a delicate pink clitoris was protruding. He lifted the dress over her head and lay her back down on the pillow. Her breasts were tightly bound with a cotton bandage, which he reasoned would be affecting her breathing, and so he cut the cotton to ribbons, releasing two small, pointed breasts; nipples erect and raw from the bindings. The girl was beautiful, blonde hair tied back in an elegant ponytail. He wondered if she was an angel sent to him by God. He covered her with a blanket and took her undergarment to wash, trying to ignore the full erection now straining his trousers.

The girl slept a full 2 days and nights before she finally awoke. Campbell found her crouched by the window on the third morning when he returned from inspecting his crops. She eyed him warily. He simply said, “Good morning,” before moving to the kitchen area to make a simple soup. She watched him work through beautiful blue eyes, but made no effort to help and remained taciturn and blank-faced. When it was finished, she gratefully took the soup from him. Then when she had eaten, kaçak iddaa she smiled at him and offered the empty plate, which he took and washed before returning to the fields for the afternoons’ chores.

The pair quickly settled into an easy routine despite the girls’ apparent inability to communicate. She remained stoically mute whenever Campbell initiated conversation. He did not even know her name and she greeted any attempts to guess with long eye contact and a smile.

He first realised her resolve to stay when he returned home from the fields one evening to discover she had cleaned the house and picked flowers for a vase by the window. He worked the soil whilst she looked after the house, cooking, cleaning, decorating and even making herself some new clothes. It appeared to suit them both; however, Campbell found he could not work properly for having sexual thoughts of the girl. He was now sleeping on a blanket on the floor whilst she took the bed. Every night, however, he would find himself wishing to join her. She was so beautiful, and he was feeling lust for the first time since the war. He would face the window at night whilst she undressed, but he could see her reflected in the glass, slowly undressing and caressing herself before skipping into bed. Not once had he fallen asleep without a hard-on. He would steal glances at her across the table at meal-times and when she caught him, she would pause from eating, as if thinking, smile, and then continue.

Once a week, Campbell would normally take a break from washing in the river and pour a hot bath to cleanse himself. In the weeks since the girl appeared, however, the tin bath had remained hanging on the wall, unused. It was a pleasant surprise then, to find the girl had run a piping hot bath for him one night as he returned, exhausted and aching. She met him by the door and gave him a gentle peck on the cheek, their first physical contact since her arrival, before slowly tugging his shirt up out of his trousers. He was powerless to stop her and allowed her to carry on. When she had removed his shirt, she moved behind him and reached around to undo his britches. She pressed her breasts into his muscular back and slipped her thumbs into his waistband, undoing the clasp and pulling downwards. She knelt behind him and allowed him to step out, admiring his toned legs. If she was aware of the swollen cock she had just released, she did not let on, simply pushing Campbell casually towards the bath tub.

Campbell stepped over the edge and lowered himself into the bathtub. The water was perfect and when he sank his balls into the water he gasped with pleasure. They had grown full and heavy with sperm in recent weeks. He expected her to leave him now, but she began to soap his shoulders and chest, apparently unembarrassed by his nudity or the massive erection breaking the surface. She worked a lather into his skin, pouring water over his head and gently massaging his scalp until he closed his eyes in relaxation. She rinsed his torso off and slipped her hands below the surface. Her delicate fingers barely encircled his cock but she carefully washed it. He was floating on air and the whole world was his cock in her hands. He was gasping in ecstasy, about to cum for the first time in years, when she abruptly stopped and pulled on his hand; she wanted him out of the bath.

The girl led Campbell to a chair that she had placed facing the bathtub and the bed, and covered him in a heavy towel that smelt of lavender. She moved back to the bath, and in a slick movement, pulled her new dress up over her head. Again Campbell was mesmerised by kaçak bahis the sight of her. He nearly came, his cock throbbed. The girl slid into the bath and began washing herself in the way she had done for Campbell, very slowly, starting with her hair and breasts, working her way below the water. She lay back and closed her eyes. Campbell could see her wrists moving and her breasts rising and falling as her breathing quickened. Again she stopped short of fulfilment and stepped out of the bath. She smiled at Campbell and motioned for him to stay where he was. She wasn’t ready for him yet. She placed a towel on the bed and sat facing him, knees bent slightly.

Campbell could see between her legs and was speechless at the sight of her. She was soaking and her lips were parted. She leaned over to the side of the bed, and Campbell saw that she had placed his shaving kit there. She took his shaving brush and some soap and whipped up a foam which she applied to her bush and pussy lips in long frothy strokes. Opening her legs wider to afford him a better view, she began to shave. The scraping noise nearly pushed Campbell over the edge. He made to get up but she shook her head. When she had finished, she took some of Campbells’ shaving oil balm and began to massage it into her pussy. It was obvious to Campbell she was loving this feeling. Her fingers were soon slick with her juices that covered her from clit to opening. He had never seen a shaved pussy before and he longed for it.

At last, she beckoned him to join her on the bed. He knelt between her legs and she reached up for him, kissing him tenderly on the lips. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and he felt dizzy with delight. When she finally broke off, she dipped a fingertip between her pussy lips and put it in his mouth. She tasted sweet like honey. He began to kiss down her body and marvelled at her swollen pink nipples. He took one and then the other in his mouth, suckling gently. She let out a gasp of pleasure and gently took the head of his cock between her thumb and forefinger and began to rub it up and down her clit and pussy, slowly at first but then with little bursts of speed. Campbell watched her face flush and could see she was close to cumming. He pulled his cock away and leaned down to her pussy, smooth and new to him, kissing it tenderly and licking her juices from her lips. He pulled them further apart with his thumbs and steadily increased the pressure. She started to mouth silent words with her eyes closed and he gently sucked and licked her clitoris. She began to pull at his head and he licked faster. Just as he felt she was about to erupt, he pulled back and smiled at her. She smiled back at him with heavy-lidded eyes. This was a good game.

Campbell decided he could take no more. He kissed her passionately and introduced the tip of his swollen, delightfully throbbing cock into her pussy. It was so warm and wet and it parted just enough to let a little more of him in each time he pushed a little farther. This was hot soaking heaven. He kept his eyes closed as he gently fucked in and out. Licking his thumb, he reached into the small gap between them and made small, gentle insistent circles on her erect clit. They rocked together and she clung tightly to him, her mouth stopping any noise escaping from his. They climbed higher and higher. His fat hard-on and her soaking pussy. His thumb and her clit. Finally she broke the kiss and screamed silently. She was cumming. She was cumming. That was too much for Campbell. He bucked and came incredibly hard. He gushed hot sperm and filled her pussy full. So much semen that it flowed from her. It soaked the length and girth of his shaft. His balls were steeped in it. Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her. Finally, holding her close, they fell asleep in each others arms, the farmer and the angel.

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