The Festival

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As we walked across the long, flattened grass, I eyed the horizon of multi-coloured tents scattered across the field. The sun blazed ahead, bringing heat and blinding light. All around me, sunglasses reflected the happy scene around us. We were all carrying, dragging, and forcing various bits of camping gear and crates of alcohol towards the sea of tents.

“Come on you tossers,” yelled Harry, my best friend, from way up ahead of us. I glanced over at my sister and her best friend, struggling along.

“Yeah, hurry up girls. We want to get a good spot,” I said, pushing forward at a quicker pace.

“Ah, come on! This is so heavy,” my sister, Leah, complained from behind me.

“Come on, you pussy,” her friend Naomi said, laughing and making moves to catch up.

We pushed forward through the crowds and made our way to a fairly decent-sized plot away from the main tracks.

“Right, come on, guys. Let’s get the first beers in,” Harry said, once we had put our last peg in the tents. Harry and I were to share a tent, with the two girls in the other.

I eagerly cracked open a beer and sipped the mildly cold liquid. “Now the festival can start,” I grinned.

“No, the festival starts the moment I’m singing tunes in the sun,” Naomi said, checking the time against the schedule of music.

“I’m so excited,” my sister grinned, while taking a beer.

Our parents had surprised us for our birthdays and given us two tickets each to this music festival. The excitement had brought us closer together after many years of teenage angst had taken their toll on our relationship. We had been eagerly discussing all aspects of the weekend, often speculating whether our chosen friends would get along to create a good dynamic for the four of us.

“Now the tents are up I think it’s time we played a drinking game. Don’t you think, Steve?” Naomi said to me as we all started to waste away a couple of hours throwing empty can after empty can into the middle of our camp plot. We sat around the pile of aluminium like some sort of shrine, becoming more and more possessed as the alcohol took a hold.

A bearded, drunk man stumbled through the campsite and swore as he fell over our aluminium shrine. Looking around at the four of us, howling with laughter, he took it in good spirits, raising his beer to us and spilling some as he did so. “If I had these two chicks, I’d be laughing too,” he slurred.

“Oh no — she’s my sister,” I corrected him.

“Lucky you, eh?” He winked and staggered away, leaving us in more laughter.

We played a few drinking games and I was slowly getting really drunk. It was only a matter of time before we ended up playing games like Never Have I Ever.

“Never have I ever been to a festival,” Naomi said. As Harry and I had already been to a festival before, we took a sip of our beers.

“That was boring. Never have I ever got laid in public,” Leah replied. I shuffled uncomfortably hearing Leah talk about sex. Only Naomi drank.

“Where have you had sex in public?” Harry asked, clearly quite excited by the idea.

“That’s none of your business,” Naomi replied, turning away from him, blushing. “Thanks for that,” she complained to Leah.

“Is it public sex if you have it here in the festival?” I asked.

“It can be if you want it to be,” Naomi replied cheekily. I didn’t know if she was flirting with me or just making a joke.

“Never have I ever given a blowjob,” Harry said promptly for his turn. I knew him well and he clearly wanted to deflect the flirty talk away from me. I knew that if I wanted to hit on Naomi I would have to compete with him.

Both girls took a drink. I felt awkward as I tried to ignore the fact my sister had given some guy a blowjob.

It was my turn. “Never have I ever had sex in a tent.” No one drank.

“Soon to change,” Harry grinned.

“You should be so lucky,” Leah laughed at him, and then her face changed slightly to a look of deep thought. I noted the little freckles on her nose and her hair shining in the sun. I had always thought of her as being quite cute, but even I couldn’t miss the fact she had become very beautiful over the last couple of years. I was only a couple of years her senior.

Leah looked back at me, apparently broken out of her deep thought. I wondered what she had been thinking about. I hoped she wasn’t thinking about getting with Harry. Then again, that would have left me free with Naomi.

“I think it’s time to go and see some acts,” I announced to the group.

“Let’s get going,” Naomi said as she jumped up excitedly. Her blonde hair fell across her face as she began to potter about, getting ready. Soon my sister had joined her as they busied themselves doing various bits of make-up and picking up things to take with them.

As we left the campsite we joined the hordes of people heading into the music venue. I couldn’t help but watch in dismay as Naomi and Harry paired off on the walk. My sister stayed close to me, which was nice, but not exactly my game güvenilir bahis plan.

I freely gawked at Naomi’s butt as it lightly wiggled in her denim shorts. She had a great behind, accentuated by her narrow waist. Years back, I had accidentally seen her in her underwear during one of my sister’s sleepovers. Since then I had fantasised about her many times.

We grabbed greasy, over-priced burgers as we passed some food trucks and wolfed them down in the hope of pressing forward to see the first act open the festival. As we drew closer to the stage, the sheer size of it began to overwhelm me, casting a shadow across the field of people. A great boom sounded across the many heads, striking my chest. The bass drum was being sound checked.

As we settled in, not far from the front of the crowd, we slowly got pushed together as people pressed forward. By the time the first band was coming on to elated applause, I was very closely pressed against my sister. To our left Harry had ended up in the same position with Naomi. I was losing my chance with her.

I glanced down at my sister to check she didn’t mind her brother right up against her. She grinned up at me. “This is so cool,” she shouted above the growing noise as the band got going. She was seemingly oblivious to her firm butt pressed into my groin.

The crowd began moving as people started dancing. I felt Leah’s hips move and I instantly felt a pang of guilt. Did I get a moment of arousal from feeling my sister’s hips? She danced with purpose, encouraging me to move with her and start singing a collection of words to a song I recognised. Her bum brushed against me now, catching me somewhere I should not have been thinking about.

The songs came thick and fast. Somehow Harry and Naomi had moved off to the side. I occasionally shared glances with Harry to make sure we were still together, but they were becoming more sporadic as we got more enthralled in the music. I hoped Naomi wasn’t interested in him and I still had a chance with her.

Despite this, my hand ended up on Leah’s side. I was feeling her body moving to the music, completely free in the moment. As the chorus hit, instead of putting my hands up in appreciation, they were both on my sisters hips.

I felt her respond to my movements as she wiggled her bum against me. I felt a rush of arousal flood through my body. It felt really good.

A powerful light from the stage hit me like a deer caught in headlights.

A moment of panic washed across me as I looked around; Harry and Naomi weren’t nearby. Was this OK for a brother and sister? It was all happening so fast.

I tried to relax and enjoy the next chorus as Leah danced into me. I wanted to feel like this was natural but there was a little voice in the back of my head telling me to ‘get your hands off your sister!’

The song ended and she grinned back at me. “They’re so good!” I felt her lips touch my ear.

“They’re awesome,” I said into her ear, smelling her perfume.

A girl in front of us looked back and saw us dancing together. “You guys are cute,” she shouted into Leah’s ear.

“Thanks,” Leah giggled. I noticed the girls eyes were droopy. She had a joint in her hand.

“Would you like some?” she said, noticing my eyes on it.

“No tha—” I began.

“Sure,” Leah interrupted and took a deep puff. I looked on in shock as my sister smoked with all the signs of someone that had done this before.

She looked back at me with a guilty look. “Want some? I won’t tell mum or dad,” she teased.

“You’d be lucky if I didn’t,” I said, still in shock but proceeding to take a hit myself. I watched as the smoke from my lungs rose above the crowd and was taken by the wind.

The next song started and we were back into it. I couldn’t help but put my arms around her slim body and feel her toned stomach as I went back to hold her hips. I was unashamedly hard in that moment of brash freedom. Darkness had set in, giving me more confidence. The voice in my head was subsiding as I chilled out.

A couple of times the girl passed the joint back to us until it was finished. I wasn’t much of a smoker but had done it enough times to know what was happening to me. The music was becoming more enthralling and I was encapsulated in the moment.

I went back to Leah for more and felt the smooth skin of her tummy underneath her crop top. My fingertips brushed against her belly button piercing. I continued to caress her as we moved to the music.

Leah turned into my arms so my hands were now on her back, just above her arse. She was smiling beautifully. I noticed the slight sheen of moisture on her brow and strands of hair that had started to cling to her skin.

She looked me right in the eyes before throwing her arms around my shoulders and pressing her body against me. I felt her firm tits on my chest and worst of all, my penis wedged snugly between us. Leah’s face was buried in my shoulder. After a moment I felt her leave a lingering kiss on my neck.

A new song türkçe bahis started and she turned to start wiggling her cute arse into me once again.

As the last song played I began to note the chill in the night air. I was exhausted from dancing and I was feeling really turned on. I had no idea my sister had such a hot, provocative body. I was in a state of confusion. The weed didn’t help the situation.

As the crowd broke apart I felt a breeze across my dried sweat. I was feeling really spaced out and I started to feel like I wanted to get back to the tent. Leah and I made our way across the rubbish on the grass, occasionally rolling an ankle on a beer can.

As we giggled and stumbled our way across the campsite we stopped for a pee in a row of portaloos.

Once I was enclosed and on my own, I realised how drunk and high I was feeling. The sounds of trickling liquid broke my funk. “I can hear you peeing,” I shouted into the next cubicle.

“Shut up Steve,” she giggled.

We clambered over the many thousands of tents, trying to find the right way. I nearly fell on my face after tripping on someone’s guy ropes.

“Be careful! Our tent is this way,” Leah said, bossing me around. She must have been feeling more sober than me.

As we got closer to the tent, the unmistakable sound of two people in bed together was getting more prominent. We both noticed it at the same time.

“Oh my god they aren’t,” Leah turned to me excitedly, having caught them in the act.

“It sounds a lot like they are,” I laughed. Harry and Naomi were having sex in the girls’ tent. I felt a pang of jealousy yet again towards my friend.

“I’ll just have to stay with you tonight,” Leah said very matter of factly, drawing me back to the situation at hand. I thought about my erection rubbing against her hips earlier. I tried to shake the memory out of my head; it was nothing.

We unzipped the tent and slid in. It felt nice to be out of the night and inside a tent with pillows and sleeping bags. Our voices immediately dropped to a murmur now that we were in a private space.

I laid back and watched Leah kneel out of the tent while she brushed her teeth. She had such a fine figure. I felt turned on and replayed the moment I rubbed my hands across her body. I couldn’t stop the images of her dancing pressing through my brain. She bent over to spit and I unashamedly looked at her arse.

I had to snap out of it when she turned back into the tent. She smiled and then slid down to the floor with me. She snuggled straight onto my chest, taking me by surprise. I put my arm around her in this intimate position, feeling guilty that I had been checking her out.

“Tonight was fun,” she whispered over the groans of her best friend in the tent next to us.

“For more than just us,” I added.

“I cant believe they are fucking.”

We lay in silence listening to Harry pumping his cock in and out of her. Every penetration was heard as she exhaled pleasurably. I grew hard.

“I wonder what position they are doing it in,” Leah eventually said.

“Definitely missionary,” I said confidently.

“How do you know?”

“I can tell from the way she is groaning.”

“Does it turn you on thinking about her on her back?”

I paused for a second. “Yes, it does a little.”

“I can tell,” she whispered. I glanced down and saw the bulge in my shorts. I felt my face go scarlet. There was a minute of silence.

“That was some dancing, huh?” she said.

“Yeah, I can’t believe we danced like that together.”

“It was pretty fun,” she said, glancing up at me. Her gaze lingered on me for a moment before looking away. I could have sworn she looked at my lips. Silence fell as we listened some more. “I’m getting pretty turned on too,” she whispered.

“Lucky for you there isn’t so much evidence,” I grumbled, referencing my hard cock.

She giggled. “Oh there is evidence all right.”

My cock twitched. Did my sister really just admit to that? “Is that from the dancing or the listening?”

Leah blushed, something I didn’t really see her do often. She smiled to mask her embarrassment. “Maybe a bit of both,” she admitted before turning her face away from me.

“A bit of both, eh? I knew there was a reason for all that dancing,” I laughed, trying to pull her back towards me so I could maximise the embarrassment towards her blushing face.

“Shut up. You had your own stuff going on too.” She nodded towards my tenting shorts.

“So you knew about that the whole time?”

“Of course I did. It was a bit hard to miss, that massive thing jabbing me in my butt.” She giggled.

“But you still danced against me?”

“I enjoyed teasing you obviously.” Leah’s gaze lingered on my lips again. It made me think about her lips and how she had kissed my neck earlier.

We fell silent and listened to the sexual moans coming from the tent nearby. I imagined Naomi’s hot naked body getting penetrated. My cock twitched.

Leah definitely saw güvenilir bahis siteleri it. She turned her face back towards me. Her eyes glanced down to my lips once again. We moved at the same time, letting our lips touch in a tender kiss, which lasted just a few seconds.

As we broke away I processed the feeling of her soft bottom lip on mine as we looked at each other with shock. After a very brief pause we couldn’t resist but to kiss again, this time for longer. My hand rested on her midriff as I felt her relax into me. Her skin was so warm and soft. We gazed at each other once again. She was so beautiful it was easy to ignore who she was to me.

This time we kissed with more passion and I marvelled at the feel of my sisters tongue in my mouth. A slight gasp of pleasure released from her mouth as our bodies pressed together. I unashamedly felt her up. My hands ran across her stomach and onto her back, pulling her into me. I moved them down and felt her firm butt as she brought her leg across me, applying pressure on my cock.

I brushed some hair off her face while we kissed with more and more abandon. Her hand entered under my shirt and she ran it through my fine chest hairs. I took the opportunity to place my hand on her breast. I squeezed, feeling the material of her lace bra underneath her shirt. She groaned into my mouth as we continued to touch each other up.

Before long I had mirrored her actions and my hand found its way inside her shirt. I cherished the feeling of my sister’s warm, firm breast in my hand. I wished I could feel under her bra.

She smiled as I rolled her onto her back slightly and pressed my body into her side. Her hand slipped onto my stomach. I noticed how dangerously close she was to touching my cock.

A louder moan from Naomi distracted us for a moment.

“This is crazy,” Leah smiled before continuing to kiss me. The back of her hand brushed against the tip of my cock, straining against the waistband of my shorts.

I put my hand on her bare leg and felt the heat of her inner thighs. Leah let the back of her hand rub across the head of my cock, almost as if masking it as an accident. I knew it wasn’t.

I moved my hand into her groin and rested my palm against her pussy. Leah took the initiative and moved her hand slowly but purposely across my cock. It twitched in a moment of pure pleasure.

“We can’t be doing this,” she groaned as I applied more pressure on her shorts. Her hand went across my cock once again, feeling the shape of me. “You’re so hard,” she whimpered between kisses.

I rolled onto her. She opened her smooth legs to let me settle on top of her. I couldn’t believe the pure intimacy of seeing my own sister do that.

We sighed with the relief of feeling the pressure between us. As we kissed, I instinctively moved my hips to apply more pleasure through my cock. Leah moaned and pushed her own hips against me as I kissed her neck. Before long we were dry humping each other. I grabbed her tits as our kissing got more and more energised.

I couldn’t take the restriction of my shorts anymore so I pulled them down my legs. Leah looked at the outline of my hard cock in my boxers. She grabbed her own shorts and began pulling them off her legs. There was a split second where we looked at each other in our underwear.

With a sly smile, Leah grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. I couldn’t believe the sight before me. She was wearing matching black lace underwear. My cock strained as I looked at my sister beneath me, showing me her hot, adolescent body. I was seeing her as a beautiful woman for the first time.

I ran my hands over her smooth torso as she groaned into another kiss.

“Do you like seeing me in my underwear?” she whispered.

“Yes. You are turning me on so much.”

“This is so wrong. We can’t be doing this to each other.”

I pushed my cock up to her panties and rubbed myself against her. She was watching intently as our private parts came together. Leah made to say something but thought better of it.

“What were you about to say?” I whispered.

“You could make me cum from this,” she blushed, as her mottled cheeks made her look so cute.

I couldn’t believe I had heard my sister say that to me. I also couldn’t believe how much it spurred me on as I felt my cock twinge with excitement. I could cum too.

I stared down at my beautiful sister in her underwear. I couldn’t believe we were doing this, especially with other people in tents nearby. It was as if we were completely shut off from the world and whatever happened in the tent didn’t matter. It crossed my mind what would happen if our parents knew what we were up to at the festival weekend they paid for. I was supposed to be her big brother, protecting her from anything, not taking advantage of her.

Leah’s boobs pressed together as she guided my hips towards her. She looked so hot. I was ashamed to be feeling the excitement of an orgasm building in my cock. She arched her back as I brushed across her tit. She guided me back and forth against her as I reached under her body to hold her tighter.

Just then, our trance was broken as our friends finally came to a climax. I heard Johnny groan as he undoubtedly came.

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