The Fireplace Doesn’t Cut It

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Random, funny, cute, annoying, energetic, independent, absolutely insane. That, in eight words, is my twin sister Nikki. She’s only got couple minutes on me but she is 5 foot 9 and counting. We’ve always been pretty close as she was a little shy and, while she had friends, didn’t really like to get out as much as they did. I was “average Joe” of slightly above average intelligence and far below average flirting ability. It wasn’t really my looks or personality or anything as I had a decent appearance and essentially no fat and was generally described as “a cool guy,” I just sucked at flirting. I’d never had a girlfriend and Nikki and I were frequently the butt of each others’ jokes. She was merciless in making fun of my absurd pickup lines. We spent most of our time with each other as our parents were out of town 6 days a week. We’d copied each other’s homework countless times and tipped each other off on tests with great frequency. We were essentially each others’ high school support structure. We even slept in the same room and though it was painfully obvious by my taste in decoration whose side of the room was who’s, the den was spotless. The only way into our room was through the den and the den only had one door that was out of the way as far as floor plans go. So we were usually pretty alone and could do whatever we wanted. We watched TV, argued about stuff, ate meals, did homework, talked, surfed the Net, and just about everything else in there. When we went somewhere, we usually went together. In short, we were best friends as well as siblings and did pretty much everything together. Well, not everything. At least, not until a cold day in December of our senior year in high school.

It was raining cats and dogs as my sister Nikki and I got off the bus. We ran the quarter mile to our house and came home soaked. I opened the door and stepped in. We went upstairs to our little wing of the house where it was much warmer. I decided to take a warm shower and headed to the bathroom attached to our bedroom. When I came down, Nikki sat in front of the gas fireplace in our upstairs den, knees tucked into her chest, staring at the flames.

“Cold?” I asked.

“Yeah.” she said.

“You should change, no wonder you’re cold.” She was wearing a t-shirt and slacks.

“Be right back.”

She got up and went to our room that we shared. I went downstairs and opened the fridge. After grabbing a box of Oreos and some pop I made hot cocoa and took it up, setting it on the floor. Our den was kind of small but very cozy, with a large fur rug in front of the fireplace. I sat down on this and warmed myself by the fire, chomping on the Oreos slowly. Nikki got back, wearing a black hooded sweater with the high school tennis team logo and blue gym pants with white stripes down the sides.

“Hey, sis.”

Her face lit up as she saw the snacks.

“Oooh, for me?” she asked.


She gleefully sat down next to me and grabbed a cookie. I checked the clock. It was only 3:00 and extremely chilly in our house. The den was about the only warm spot with the fire going. We sat there for a few minutes, taking sips of our cocoa and chewing on Oreos. I got a good look at her in profile as she stared into the fire, eating slowly. She had fine, long brown hair that was always shiny and went to her mid-back. It was almost draped around her head, as if trying to make a beeline for the ground. The effect was to frame her cute face with brown hair. She had green eyes, a somewhat pointy nose, and a thin mouth that could create a gorgeous smile. She had very smooth and soft skin, the process of which she would never tell me but always laughed when she asked. She was tall, thin, and fit. She played for the senior varsity tennis team and was extremely good. Despite being so cute she had never had a boyfriend. Guys tried, to be sure, but our school was full of stupid horny dudes trying to get their rocks off and she hated it. She once told me that “I’m not gonna spread my legs for every guy who wants some.” Typical Nikki bluntness.

She turned her head towards me and stared at me.

“I sure wish I wasn’t your sister.”

“Huh?” I asked. I knew her well enough to know she didn’t mean badly but that was a funky comment.

“You’d be such a kick ass boyfriend. More girls oughta like you.”

I laughed. “Well thanks, I didn’t know it.”

She just smiled. It made her look really cute.

“I’m still cold.” she said.

“Me too.” I replied. It was damn cold and the fireplace couldn’t completely take the edge off it.

She nodded and cocked her head, staring into space. Then she had an idea and stood, picking up some of the dozens of pillows that were always lying around in our room. She made a big pile of them at the foot of one of the couches near the fireplace. I decided to be an ass and dived into them as she was moving all the snacks and drinks.

“Only room for one,” I said, leaning back.

She responded by sitting on the floor between my legs and using my chest as a headrest.

“Damn you, sis,” I said.

“I etimesgut escort win!”

I merely grumbled. I was trapped by her, as she wouldn’t let me up. She grabbed my arms and folded them around her, then put a couple more pillows on top of herself.

“Much better,” she said.

“Aside from the fact that I can’t move,” I observed.

She ignored me and started whistling. I sat back and started to doze. After about ten minutes of her infernal whistling keeping me awake I fell asleep. It must have been a few hours because when I woke she was watching the seven o’clock news. She turned it off when she realized I was awake.

“About time, dude…” she scolded.

“What’s up?”

“I’m sooo bored right now…” she said.

“Me too.”

“Wanna play cards?” she asked.

“Sure. What game?” I asked. She shrugged. “Let’s play poker.”

I broke out the deck and gave it to her. The only shuffler in the family (I couldn’t shuffle to save my life), she quickly had the cards randomized. She picked up her cup of cocoa for a quick sip and realized it was empty. With a grumble she pushed at my arm.

“No more drink?” she said in fake annoyance.

“It’s so cold out there though.”

She laughed, got up to let me out and pushed me toward the door. “Go make something, loser.”

I went shivering to the fridge and looked inside. The idea of cocktails hit me. Just a small one, nothing to get us passed out or anything. I took two glasses and made the drinks, then brought up the hot cocoa mix and more Oreos just in case. When I got back up she was lying in my old spot in the pillow pile, combing her hair. She looked up as I got in. I was still shivering.

“Wimp,” she said. I just poked her in the arm. She blew air in my face.

“Cocktails, huh? You must really be cold… wimp.”

I grumbled.

“Well thank you,” she said, taking a sip. “They really are quite good.”

I took a drink out of mine.

“Play for money?”

“Pennies, sure.”

We went to our combined piggy bank and shook out 150 pennies we had as crap change for everything ranging from Crunch bars to new tires. They were split evenly 75.

“Okay since you’re a total wimp and can’t do crap I’ll make the rules.”

I merely grumbled again and sipped at my cocktail.

“Minimum bet is 5 cents. You raise in 1 cent increments.”

“Okay.” I said, sitting cross-legged across from her. She shifted to a kneeling position sitting on her feet to see the cards better.

She dealt out the first hand. I had a crap hand and managed a pair of threes after discarding.

“I bet five.”

I called. She raised one, and I called again. She raised again and I called again. Eventually there were 80 pennies in the pot. we were down to 35 each. We both called eventually; I guess she chickened out.

“Wimp.” I said when she stopped raising. She smacked me but laughed.

“Whatcha got, smart one?” she asked. I flipped over my hand – just the pair of threes. She immediately threw down her hand in disgust. “Damn you!” she said with a rueful grin. She had a pair of twos.

We kept going at this for a while, the piles of copper changing hands back and forth. Neither of us seemed to be able to bankrupt the other until we were both all in and I took the pot. I laughed hysterically as she pouted at me.

“What about you give me my 75 back if I give you my sweater?” she asked.

“Hmmm…” I said contemplatively.

“Pleeeease?” she asked.

“Oh, all right since I’m so cold…” I said. And that was exactly what it was. I was feeling chilly despite the fireplace, the pillows, and everything else. She laughed.

“Sweater.” I said, shivering theatrically. She grumbled and put her hands to the bottom, pulling the hooded sweater up. Under it she wore a tight tank top that showed her shapely breasts quite well. Nikki sure did look hot in that top. I had seen as much many times of course (it was her usual around the house clothing) but these cocktails were getting to us. She giggled a little as she handed me the sweater, which I draped over my back.

“Loser, are you staring at my boobs again?” she asked with a grin.

I stuttered incoherently.

“Did you want to see them without this?” she said, snapping her spaghetti strap.

“What?!” I said, surprised. She withdrew.

“Sorry… I was just…” she trailed off.

“Don’t worry about it.”

By this time I felt a little bit tipsy. I thought she must have felt the same because as she bent forward to put the glass back down she tottered a little, the fell forward. I reached out to catch her but she caught herself an inch from my ear. I caught the scent of the conditioner she used. It had a fruity smell and always made me feel a little dizzy. Her soft breath played across my cheek as I wondered what was up.

“Let’s make it a game of strip poker,” she whispered, then leaned back. I blinked.


“Why not, it’ll be fun!” she said. “Are you afraid of losing?” she etimesgut escort bayan said with a blatant wink.

I thought about it. I had never seen her naked and though I rarely thought about it, I was thinking about it now. She’d never seen me naked either and I wondered what she would think.

“Just a casual game of strip poker, huh…”


“What the hell. Sure. Do you want your hoodie back?” I asked. She shook her head.

“I have 4 and you have 3 now, so it’s all good.”

“You’re still ahead you cheap ass.”

She laughed at that and finished the last of her cocktail. “Deal with it.”

“You have to make the new cocktails, then,” I said, swallowing the last drop of mine.

“Look at what I’m wearing, stupid!” she said in mock anger.

“You’re ahead in clothes though. How much of a wimp are you?”

“Jerk…” she said, with a grin on her face. She grabbed both glasses and zipped out to make the cocktails. I sat there wondering if all this was going to screw up us being such great friends. Then again, we were built on doing the most mundane and the craziest things together. I’d thought taking a Porsche for a ride at age 13 with the cover down and both of us steering was nuts but this might just beat that one out. We were only going at about 5 mph then, anyway.

She returned carrying new cocktails and complaining about how cold it was in the rest of the house. The drinks looked different and sure had a different flavor. I sipped at it, swirling the somewhat thick liquid. It burned slightly as I gulped it down.

“I like lemon, you know.” she said, noticing my noticing of the change.

“It’s good, I like it.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the top of my head, in the process sticking her chest in my face. This, I had no doubt, was on purpose. She sat back down pretending nothing had happened.

“Ready to lose?” she asked.

“Sure. But readier for you to lose,” I shot back. She just grinned and dealt us both hands. I had a 2 of hearts, 3 of spades, a 4 of diamonds and a 5 of clubs along with a jack of spades. I ditched the jack, hoping for a straight, but instead got a ten of diamonds and thus nothing. She finished her hand and pushed the pile of pennies aside.

“For real stakes, now…” she said, flipping her long brown hair. “Whatcha got?”

I, of course, got demolished by her full house.

“So who gets to pick?” she asked.

“The person who loses.”

She pouted but let me. “So pick.”

I unbuttoned my shirt and let it slide off.

“Four to two. You might as well give up.”

“No way, sis.”

“Wanna see this?” she said, shaking her breasts a little. I said nothing.

The next hand I did better with a pair of kings but she got me with two pair of fours and nines.

“Well, well, no use wasting time, bucko,” she said.

I unbelted my pants and pulled them off. I only had my boxers on now. She snickered and grinned like… like… a hot chick about to get a guy completely naked at no loss to herself.

“Just deal again already.”

“You know you can’t win,” she said teasingly. She grabbed another Oreo, took a sip of her cocktail with agonizing slowness, then dealt me a three of clubs, an ace of clubs, a nine of clubs, a queen of clubs and a king of hearts. I threw out the king of hearts and got a four of clubs. Flush. She looked confident.

“Whatcha got? Or shall we save the wait and lose the boxers?”

I laid down my cards wondering if she had something even bigger up her spaghetti strap. Her reaction said otherwise as she snapped her fingers. She had a straight. “Damn.”

She then smiled seductively at me. “Looks like you get a show, lucky.” She put her arms to the bottom of the tank and slowly, very slowly peeled it off. Under it she wore a black satin bra. It drew out the curves of her breasts and looked fairly expensive. She posed for me trying to look cute. Her brown hair swished around as she moved her head. I had a long look, though I had seen it before we both had two cocktails and a lot of sugar from the Oreos down and it made everything a little different. Her face was flushed as she dealt the next hand. I only had a pair of aces but she had absolutely nothing. I howled with laughter as she made a face, stood up, put her hands to her waistline, and stared at me.

“Would you like to give me a break?” she asked.

“No way!” I said.

She kicked my shin but slid off her pants and stepped out of them. She wore a pair of matching black panties on her thin hips. I looked at my sister in her underwear. She stood above me and tossed her hair, looking positively model-like. Slender body with a cute face and a killer smile. I felt a little bit of regret that we were related. Or should that be a lot of regret?

“Oh yeah, your sister is the sexiest act in town,” she said with a coquettish wink.

I laughed and nodded. She sat back down with a smile and dealt the next hand. Whoever lost would be showing something new (we did see each other escort etimesgut in underwear occasionally and usually didn’t think much of it; I’ll just blame the cocktails for all this in retrospect). I got two pairs, one of kings and one of queens. She also had two pair, one of kings… and one of jacks. She screamed a little at the thin margin, then threw the Oreo she was about to bite into at me. It bounced off my forehead and into my hand. I promptly ate it.

“Show me the goods, Nikki.” I demanded with a grin.

“Bra or panties… bra or panties…” she mused. I didn’t say anything. She decided and put her arms behind her back, reaching for her bra hook. She undid it and brought the straps down, holding the cups up with her hands.

“Hmm…” she thought aloud.

“Guess my cup size and I’ll take it off. You get three tries,” she said.

“D?” I asked. I wasn’t quite sure but I figured I’d start with a flatterer.

She gave a girly little giggle. “I wish, dude.”


She let go of the cups and let the bra fall to the floor. Her c-cup breasts came out and stared back at me. They were perfect, round and proportional with small, perky pink nipples. Her face, hairstyle with long curtains to the side and back, thin but firm body and well-shaped breasts all fit. There was one thing left to do, get those panties off.

“Do you like them?” she said with a coy smile.

“I really like them.”

“I can’t believe I lost three in a row.”

“I don’t mind,” I said, still staring at her breasts. She leaned down so that they were right in my face again and lifted my head up.

“Naughty boy.” she pretended to scold.

“Well, we’ve still got a few things, here…” I said.

“Let’s just get naked, shall we?” she said. Her tone left little room for argument.


She put her index finger in her panties and started pulling them down, using her feet to keep me from seeing anything. At length the black garment slid off her foot. I had forgotten about objecting; sister or not, I had never seen a girl naked before.

“You’re such a tease, sis.”

“Oh, I know. Did you want to see my package?”

“Yes, please,” I said.

She spread her legs wide open, giving me a good view of her pussy. It was completely shaved, and looked quite attractive all aroused. It was wet. She laughed; she was completely naked in front of me like never before.

“I won’t spread my legs for any guy who wants some but I will spread them for you.”


“You’re welcome,” she said. Then, as the awe of seeing my sister naked took up all my attention, she creeped up and pulled my boxers right off. I shaved that area too and it looked fairly clean. She stared at my 7 inches, which was fully hard at the moment.

She looked, cocking her head and letting her long hair fall to the side like a shiny curtain. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. She grabbed me with her arms and pulled me into a deep French kiss. There I was with my best friend (and sister, it vaguely occurred to me) completely naked and making out in front of the fireplace. Her lips met mine and our tongues tangled. Her hands massaged my back, sending waves of electricity up and down my spine. She shivered a little as I ran my hands down her sides.

“So, how do you feel?” she said as our lips parted somewhat.

“Surprised,” I said. “You?”

“A little bit horny,” she said, deadpan.

“But you’re my sister, Nikki…” I said. I was having a few doubts about whether this was right.

“So what? Just cause we’re related doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy getting physical. I won’t get pregnant or anything.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of all this but as she lay there in my arms, her green eyes staring up at me longingly I couldn’t resist. I let go of her and crawled down her body, kissing her toes. She giggled.

“That tickles.”

I kissed my way up her slender leg towards her pussy and gave it a wet kiss. She shuddered and her breath became more rapid. I kept going up her body, up her stomach. With a brief stop at her breasts I kissed my way across her shoulder and up her neck as she alternated between laughs and moans of pleasure. I started nibbling at her ear. The scent of her conditioner was extremely strong now.

“So do I get anything for stripping for you?” she asked.

“What do you want?”

“I want some of this,” she said loudly, grabbing my cock.


“I want you to fuck your dirty sister,” she half-moaned, turning towards me..

“Kissing’s one thing…” I said

“And fucking’s even better,” she said.


“Don’t you love me?” she asked with wide eyes. Her eyelashes batted at me.

“Yes… but you’re my sister.”

“I’ve heard,” she said, and we laughed a little together.

“Please, please, make love to me,” she whispered pleadingly.

At this point the alcohol, the foreplay, and the cozy but intense mood Nikki had created overwhelmed my inhibitions. I just wanted to make my sister happy.

“Ok, sis. I’ll do it.”

She screamed and pulled me into a tight hug. Her breasts pressed against me as her hands pressed on my back. Then she let me go, visibly pleased.

I stared at her, still surprised. “We don’t have protection or anything.” I said.

“I’m on the pill for my skin anyway,” she said perkily.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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