The First Meeting

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He rolled out of bed and stretched. Opened a bottle of water and looked at the disheveled bed. As he turned his head to the room in shambles, he heard the door to the bathroom open. There she was. Wearing nothing but his shirt – buttoned and cuffed – and smiling. All the worry. All the nervousness. The apprehension. All gone. The vision in front of him reminded him of the past two weeks. He smiled, pulled her close, and was thinking what other ways he could ravage her.

A few hours before, He sat at the bar, sipping a glass of water. He purposely was not watching the door. He needed to calm down. A man who spent his days presenting and closing deals was not used to the nerves. The sweaty palms. He was about to meet her. The woman who he could not get out of his head.

His name was Ryan. He was 40 and a he owned his own marketing agency. Unlike the image of Mad Men, his team worked hard. They had fun, but it was about facts and numbers and focus. He was used to traveling to visit his clients – he believed face to face meetings is how he was able to grow the firm from himself to over 100 people. He was on the road two or three nights a week. He loved to travel, but the stress of the road was always there. His wife and two kids at home didn’t see much of him during the week. But on the weekends – he was Mr. Dad.

Like all men when they hit 40, he had plenty of chances to stray from his marriage. Not that he was unhappy at home – but Ryan was attracted to power. Not the ‘I am the President and can invade you’ power, but the subtle power of getting things done. That attraction to power and his old school manners and charm caused many a woman to flirt with him. He wasn’t one to hook up with a random woman, but he also was not a saint. Two lovers in his past, but it has been a year since that. Back home, sex had slowed down to birthdays and anniversaries and nights with too much wine. He loved his wife, but he needed more.

Cautious as he was, he couldn’t just pick up a woman at a bar. Nor hit on his clients. He needed discretion. Privacy. And a call girl was not his style. So he signed up for Ashley Madison. Created a profile. And started to look through profiles. And just like dating years ago, it was like looking for a needle in a stack of needles in a barn full of hay. He was ready to give up when one night, in a hotel room, he found a profile that got his attention.

Ryan’s top salesperson had found a new client in Detroit. A company that grew out of the ashes of the car maker recession, helped companies streamline their manufacturing process to be more environment friendly. Part of the green movement. But after signing up the local automakers, they needed to branch out. Ryan’s firm was in Indianapolis. He wasn’t a big city firm, but the company wanted a unique and smaller voice. He made plans to make the pitch and travel to Detroit.

The night before, Ryan arrived and settled into the hotel. After dinner with a friend, he got on his laptop and went through the presentation. Ready, he logged into Ashley Madison and decided to look at profile in the local Detroit area. After about 10 minutes of looking through, he found one that caught his eye. “Summer1970” was her name and “Looking for a Summer Friend” the headline read. He opened it and continued to read. Someone had spent some time on this. She wrote well. Came off smart. With a bit of spark. Not having had lucky so far, he sent a quite note –

“Hi there – enjoyed your profile. I might not be local, but I think I might give you a run for your money. Let’s chat.”

He kept looking around and checked his mailbox. There was a response from “Summer1970” – that was quick. She said thanks for the note and she liked what he had wrote as well. She asked to see a photo and what caused a man from another state to reach out. So their correspondence started.

That night, they emailed and used the Instant Message service for about an hour. She was attractive – short brunette hair with vibrant eyes. She had a great smile. Back and forth they talked. Not about sex, but about what brought them to the site. Why they were looking for something on the side. Without specifics, they learned they were both professionals. Career was important and they were both on the top of their game. He mentioned he was local and was visiting a new prospective client. As it was time to end his day, he shared his personal contact info – email and number – and said good night.

The presentation went well. As always, he commanded the room. This is what he did best. As he shook everyone’s hand, he checked his phone. There was güvenilir bahis a text. From Summer. For whatever reason, he felt a surge of energy. They ended up texting as he was driven back to the airport.

The next two weeks was a whirlwind. They texted. They shared photos. He found out she was the VP of Marketing for one of the automakers. They shared a love of fashion. Of fine food and wine. Of sports – and playfully bantered over the upcoming Lions vs. Colts football game. They were both successful. And deep down, they both loved power. He had to remind himself he was really looking for a fling, but this felt like more. There was an ease of communication and a connection he could not put in words.

As the first week progressed, Ryan and his team found out they had won the business. They had a week to put together a plan and present it. He and his best team members worked long hours. But the texting never stopped. Two busy lives, two careers, two families, and yet they always found time to text. And as it became obvious that this was heading to an affair, the flirting created a silent simmer. They decided to not allow it to get raunchy or dirty – but to save that until they met. But you could tell, they wanted to. Ryan and Summer both pushed the boundaries on what was acceptable, and the other loved it. And then Ryan sent the email. He was going to be in town the following week. He was meeting his new client. And he had a free evening. Ryan was straight to the point – I want to meet you.

Summer’s response had been immediate. Not a yes. But a location and a time. And a note that followed that as much as this was what she wanted, that it needed to be more than a onetime thing. They would enjoy each other after the second dinner. Ryan knew this was the right thing to do. But he couldn’t help himself – he knew he would have to try.

On the day of their meeting, Ryan got into town early. He got to the hotel. He asked the front desk at check-in if they could press a suit and shirt. He had a big meeting to prep for. After heading to the room, he waiting for the housekeeping staff to pick up his suit and shirt, and he decided to take a shower. He shaved again, as close and smooth as possible. No longer the image of his lean track running self at 18, he was still an attractive man. A hint of grey in the hair. Broad shoulders. Strong hands. A bit of a stomach from eating and drinking too much. But he was still a man that women noticed.

Part of that is that he loved to dress well. Long a fan of the bespoke tailors of London, Ryan was a guy who paid attention to details. Boxers and an undershirt. Red socks held up by sock garters. Yes, sock garters. He learned how to dress in London and still followed the rules he was taught. His shirt was custom as well. Light blue with a white collar and white French cuffs. A dark blue monogram on the left cuff of his initials. He tied a solid red silk Brioni tie in a double Windsor – a knot of power and attention. He slipped on the pants of his dark blue with red pinstripe suit. No belt for him, he slipped the red braces (suspenders for the Americans). He put on his vest. He was old school. And she said she liked that. Adding a red Hermes pocket square he donned his jacket. He made sure he tie was straight in the mirror. He was going to be early, but he wanted to get to the restaurant.

As he arrived at the restaurant, he valeted his car. Gave his name to the hostess and said he would be at the bar. He had almost thirty minutes to wait. Drink? No – just ice water. He wanted a clear head. He sat there and waited. No, he wasn’t going to pull out his phone. He didn’t want any chance she texted saying she was not coming.

After about fifteen minutes, and four glasses of ice water later, he heard her voice. And felt her hand on his shoulder. “Hi Ryan, I guess we both had the idea of getting here early.” He started to turn around. First he saw her nails – expertly manicured. Then her hand and arm. Finally her face. Her eyes sparkled. Her smile stopped his heart. Summer was here. And the WOW moment had happened. He stood, shook her hand, and kissed her cheek. He had to remind himself he couldn’t kiss her in public. She smelled amazing. And the dress – red. It was elegant. It was sexy. It made his mouth water. She knew his tongue was tied, and knew exactly why. She passed by him – just a millimeter from sliding up against him, and sat in the bar chair next to him. He smiled and finally got his self-control back.

“Summer, it is a pleasure to meet you. How about we start with something to celebrate.” and without waiting for a türkçe bahis response ordered two glasses of Champagne. She smiled. He chose right.

They toasted and were lead to their table. The place was her choice. The food was magnificent. They ordered a bottle of wine after the champagne. It was obvious that this could have been more than a business dinner, but the lines weren’t crossed. He noticed her jewelry – high end and statement pieces. Nothing out of place. Elegant. She was just his type. He was in trouble.

Their conversation never waned. The connection was real. This was a woman who could not only be his lover, but his friend. The connection on the phone and via text and email was confirmed. As they ordered desert, he noticed a sound. He knew that sound. He tried to place its location – it was one of the sounds that drove him wild. The sound of two expensive silk stockings rubbing together. It was a distinctive rustling sound that hit his soul. And as he looked over at Summer, he could see her grin. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was making the sound. She was doing it on purpose. She was driving him wild, knowing he could not respond. It was time to pay her back.

They finished the meal and he paid the bill. As they walked out, he handed both valet tickets. As Summer’s car arrived – he walked her to the driver’s side. He gave her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek – and leaned into her ear. ‘I know what you did back there. And I know the rules we agreed too. But you also told me you like men with power. I decided to show my cards. You decide the next step. Check your purse.’ And with that, he tipped the valet, walked to his car and drove off.

Summer was stunned. She thought she had control of the evening. She opened her purse and saw it. It was a hotel key in the little paper wrapper. Inside was a hand written room number and a note. “Rules are meant to be broken”. She grinned and realized she wanted him. Right now. He was right. Rules be damned.

She drove to his hotel. She made sure he had a few minutes head start. She valeted the car. Walked into the hotel and straight to the elevators. There was no hesitation. She wanted nothing more than to see him in private.

The elevator opened. The top floor. Of course it was she thought. She walked down the hall. Saw the double doors. He has a suite she thought. He was very much her type. Smart. Classy. Funny. Successful. Romantic. And he kept up. She was about to knock – and remembered she had a key. She opened the door. As she stepped in she saw a champagne bottle sticking out of an ice bucket. She looked around and saw him. Sitting on a couch. Jacket off. Tie loosened just a bit. Top button undone. A glass of something in his hand. Watching her. Waiting for her. Her heart beat out of her chest.

Just like him, she was a successful career woman. A husband and three kids, a full career, and a passion for yoga. She spent too much on shoes and jewelry, but she worked hard and treated herself. The passion in her marriage had long since gone. Leaving wasn’t an option, but neither was living life without something more. This man sitting in front of her had spoken to her heart for two weeks. Seen things no one else had in years. Broke down every wall. She had a new friend, a new confidant, and now, she was making him her new lover. She stepped into the room and closed the door.

His heart was racing. This woman just broke her rules. She was here, ready to be taken. He thought about pouring two more glasses of champagne, but realized he couldn’t wait. He needed her now.

He got up, set his drink down, and walked over to her. He put his hand on her cheek and stepped close. She didn’t blink. She didn’t shake. She knew what he was going to do. She wanted it. She wanted him. He leaned in and kissed her. First is was soft. Gentle. He slid his other hand around her waist. Pulled her close. The kiss became stronger. Warmer. His tongue slide inside her mouth – and she ran hers along its edge. They both knew – the kiss was everything they hoped for. This was real.

He broke the kiss, held her tight, and began to move down her neck. He kissed down to her exposed collar bone and ran his lips along it. This was the moment he had thought about as he masturbated every night. This was the woman who was his equal. He realized he needed her now. Swiftly but gently, he turned her around and walked her to the desk along the wall. His hands found her chest – firm and inviting. He kissed her neck and pushed his pelvis into her ass. He could tell she worked out – her ass was perfect. He looked down to güvenilir bahis siteleri see the hint of a backseam – more of his desires put into use against him. Looking farther down he noticed the red soles of her shoes. They had talked about this. The red matched her dress – and his tie. He could not wait. He moved both hands to her waist and slowly down to the hem of her dress. He lifted it quickly, seeing the tops of her stockings. Fuck. They were expensive. The metal clasps at the end of the garter belt. Black. And then he figured it out – she was not wearing panties. This woman was even bit his match. She knew what she wanted – her hands had reached back. Found his pants zipper. He heard the noise as she lowered it. She used her hand to find the opening of her boxers and found his hard cock. She moaned as she realized this was going to feel great. He had such a hard cock. And it was big. She was ready.

She turned back, kissed him, and told him to take her. “Take me – this is what we both want. Do it. Fuck me.” And before she could finish he positioned himself behind her and slid in. slowly but surely. Nothing between them. She felt him spreading her. He felt her warmth. This is what he had dreamed about. One hand on a breast he had worked out of the dress and bra, another on her waist – he fucked her slow. Deep thrusts. Always almost all the way out – with just the head left in. Always to the hilt. She could feel him bottom out. The only sound was the noise of his cock sliding in and out – and the moans between them. They knew this was going to be quick – too much was built up between them. That was ok. She wanted that. She wanted him to come. She wanted to come with him. Her moans got louder. His hand pinched her nipple. His pace had quickened. Neither could hold back. He slid his hand on her waist down to her clit and began to tease it. This set her off – and her muscles clamped down on him. In return, he set off and began to fuck her with wild abandon. Together, they both screamed as their first of many orgasms were reached.

A few hours later, she got out of bed. She needed to use the rest room. Her dress and lingerie were somewhere – but she saw his shirt first. He was sleeping quietly, so she picked up the shirt and headed to the bathroom. Closing the door and turning on the light, she looked into the mirror. No regret looked back at her – just a woman satisfied and happy. A new lover. A new friend. They were of the same mind – this was more than a fuck. But both had lives that they could not walk away from. This was more than a fling, but an affair. She knew this was something she would enjoy for a while.

As she sat on the toilet, her mind processed the rest of the evening. She had expected the first round to require a break. He wasn’t 21 – but he was full of surprises. He picked her up, carried her to the bed, and took off her dress and bra. Silly boy – of course he left on the stockings and heels. He was a complicated creature – but his weaknesses were so easy to abuse. Not one to wear anything on her legs, she had indulged him. With his reaction, she might have to wear them more often. He shocked her when he ran his mouth from her breasts to her wet pussy. How she loved oral – but he had just cum inside her. She felt his tongue on her clit – and then inside her. Oh my – he didn’t care if he had tasted his own juices, he was pleasing her. That led to her second orgasm.

She grinned remembering seeing his cock for the first time. It was perfect. Long – something like 8 or 9 inches. Thick enough to be more than normal, but not so much it hurt. She had stroked his cock while staring into his eyes. She knew he could see the light bounce off her engagement and wedding ring – he loved that. The power. Oh how she loved it in her mouth. The second round of him on top. This was not a fuck, he made love to her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. Pulled him in as he slowly made love. This man was all hers at that moment. The world didn’t matter. A third round with her on top and a fourth and final where he took her from behind again – he standing and her kneeling on the bed. This man knew exactly how to please a woman – and it was just their first night together.

As she finished up and went back to the mirror, she knew she needed to wake him. She couldn’t spend the night. But this was just the beginning. She put on his shirt and buttoned a couple buttons. She worked the cufflinks and smiled. He had a thing for cufflinks. Maybe if he continued to please her like tonight, she would actually let him buy her a pair of cufflinks to wear. She would make him pay – platinum and jewels were in order. Again she smiled – and left the bathroom. She wanted to hold him again before she left. He wanted to see her tomorrow. She smiled at told him a location and time. A kiss. And on to tomorrow.

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