The Flat Tyre Experience

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It had been one of those days. In fact, it had been one of those weeks. You know the sort, where everything seems to go wrong!

On Monday, the kettle had packed up before I had even had my caffeine fix for the day, then on Wednesday, I managed to ruin my best shirt by spilling the jam from a rather tasty doughnut down it. Serves me right I suppose for cheating on my diet. But, Friday, well that just topped the week off for me as I ended up down a dark country lane with a flat tyre on my car and no phone signal. But my luck was about to change.

I had spent a lovely evening at a dinner party, thrown by my best friend. I had dressed to kill and was wearing my new halter neck, black mini dress that barely covered my ass and my six inch black stiletto knee high boots. All this topped off with some vampish red lipstick and my black ‘flasher’ mac, as my friend called it.

Anyway, after a lovely meal and stimulating conversation it was time to head home. My friend lived in the middle of the country and what was supposedly a road, was, in fact, more like a single lane dirt track. I must have hit a pot hole or something similar and before I could swerve to avoid it, it was too late and pop went my tyre.

I reached for my mobile and realised that I had absolutely no phone signal to call anyone and I certainly wasn’t going to go trekking for help in my six inch heels. I decided to wait it out until someone drove past.

I had been sitting there for just over an hour getting more and more frustrated, when I saw headlights in the dark. I got out of the car and started waving frantically for the car to stop. God knows what they must have thought of me, standing there like some deranged woman! My luck was about to change, as the car pulled over and stopped right behind me. Out stepped a rather good looking man, which was an unexpected bonus!

“Hello”, I said rather shyly, feeling a bit of an idiot after bahis firmaları all the frantic waving.

“Hello, I’m Mark”.

“What seems to be the problem?” he asked.

I explained about my tyre whilst checking him out at the same time. The more I looked at him, the more attracted to him I became. Mark was over 6 foot tall, chunky build, but not fat, with dark brown hair and the greenest of eyes. He had the cheekiest grin I had ever seen, along with dimples on his cheeks and a naughty twinkle in his eye. I caught him looking at me on the sly whilst we were chatting, with me imagining what he was thinking, especially dressed how I was.

I bent over slowly to show Mark which tyre needed attention and I could feel my black dress slowly riding up my thighs. I could imagine the view he was getting of my lacy knickers (red to match my lipstick, of course) peeking out from under my dress, so I bent over some more. I had always been such a tease and this was something I couldn’t resist doing.

I could hear Mark moving closer towards me so I placed both my hands on the car, slowly bending over the bonnet, looking at him over my shoulder, with my ass in the air. His reaction was almost instantaneous and I knew I would be in for an unforgettable time.

Mark moved closer and closer until he was so close to me I could feel his breath on my neck, sending shivers of excitement through me. He started to gently kiss my neck making me ever so horny and ran his hands up my thighs, making me shudder with delight.

His fingers moved slowly into my knickers, teasing at all times, feeling how wet I was. I had not felt this turned on in a long time and it was almost too much for me to bear, as I heard him gasp with excitement as he touched my pussy for the first time.

Mark slowly removed my knickers, pulling them down over my boots, giving me gentle butterfly kisses down my thighs at the same time. I was so kaçak iddaa wet by then and I could feel my pussy throbbing like never before. He ran his hands back up my thighs and slowly pushed one finger, then two deep inside me making me moan with delight. I could feel myself pushing back onto his fingers, grinding myself on them as the feeling was so delicious. The electricity between us was something that I had never experienced before and I could feel how turned on he was getting as his body was so close to mine. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder as he pressed against me.

By now we were both so turned on that Mark unzipped his trousers and bent me over the bonnet some more. I was so incredibly wet and horny by the situation that I was practically begging to feel his cock deep inside me. I pushed my pussy back at him, grinding my ass against him, teasing him some more before he pushed his cock deep inside me making me gasp with pleasure. With every thrust of his cock deep into my pussy, I was getting wetter and wetter.

I pushed back even harder on to his cock, making sure I had every inch of it inside me, driving him wild. I was being such a naughty girl and he pushed me roughly onto the car, fucking me harder and harder.

“Spank me” I begged.

“Spank me real hard”, and Mark, happy to oblige, started to spank my ass as he fucked me hard and deep.

I had never experienced sex like that before and my pussy was so wet it was practically dripping down my thighs. I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me with every thrust, all the time I was hoping that he wouldn’t cum just yet. He ran his finger slowly over my clit, teasing me all the time whilst his cock was still deep inside me. Oh god, I thought, I was in heaven and just lay over the bonnet enjoying the sensations that I was experiencing.

Mark could feel himself coming so he stopped fucking me and pulled his cock out of kaçak bahis my pussy. I turned round to face him and could see a mischievous glint in his eye and his cheeky smile which drove me wild. I moved my mouth downwards towards his cock, gently licking and sucking it before taking it all in my mouth, all the time looking into his eyes. I was such a tease!

I could taste my pussy on Mark’s cock and this turned me on even more. (I find there is nothing better than tasting a sweet pussy). I started to suck and lick his cock, faster and faster until he could feel himself coming, unable to stop. Mark came deep in my mouth moaning and groaning with pleasure, shudders of orgasm flowing through his body, watching his cum drip over my bright red lips.

By now I was ready to explode, Mark gently lifted me up onto the bonnet of the car, laying me on my back and then slowly parting my thighs with his hands. His was looking at my pussy, watching my juices glisten in the moonlight. His tongue moved up my thigh, licking, kissing and teasing, making me want more. I could feel his hot breath on me and I wondered how much more I could take before I came. He started to lick and suck at my clit making me moan and squirm on his face. He slowly pushed his fingers deep inside my now, very warm and very wet pussy, finger fucking me like never before. I could feel my orgasm building and was practically begging him not to stop, his tongue busily flicking my clit whilst his fingers were still inside me. My orgasm built up pretty quickly and I came hard and deep all over his tongue and fingers, my juices dripping off his face, my pussy clenching round his fingers.

I lay there panting for several minutes, trying to recover from one of the best orgasms of my life. He moved his lips to mine and we kissed passionately for what seemed like an age, all the time I could taste my sweet pussy on him.

We lay there on the bonnet of the car for several minutes, close in each others arms, watching the stars in the sky as we recovered from our frantic sexual experience.

It was certainly a great end to a bad week and Mark even mended my flat tyre!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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