The Foot Fetish

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I had promised my wife to take her away for a dirty weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I had pushed the boat out and booked us a fancy hotel in the middle of the Parisian Red Light District ‘Le Pigalle’ known for its art, coffee shops and of course sex. I booked the Eurostar train tickets and told my wife to be ready for a weekend of romantic strolls in Montmartre, room service and me going down on her, her new favourite thing ever since I had bought her a small vibrator which I would insert inside of her sweet cunt whilst I darted my tongue gently over her clit.

My job in telecom sales often takes me away from home, so we were both really looking forward to spending some quality time together. My wife had come off the contraceptive pill, as we wanted to start a family. My wife’s sexual arousal had as a result skyrocketed and she was now constantly wanting my dick inside of her, all times of the day. The possibility we could be making a baby added a new dimension to the intensity and satisfaction of our fucking.

We hadn’t even pulled out of London St Pancras train station when my wife started to flirt outrageously with me, asking me if I liked her new top and would I like a special preview of her new silky bra underneath.

Our seats were on a table facing each other. My wife has been blessed with rather big titties which she normally likes to keep covered-up as she teaches at a boys only school and doesn’t like drawing attention to herself. However, today she wore an unfamiliar and very clingy, low cut vest top. I only noticed it once she had removed her coat and cardigan as we took our seats. Even after all the years of knowing my now wife, I still strongly lusted after her.

I remember asking her to get the wine glasses out of her bag, I wanted to toast her our anniversary and her beautiful breasts!

We got güvenilir bahis settled and I poured the wine. My wife then kicked-off her sandals and popped her feet into my lap. She had just had a pedicure and all her nails were this shiny, gel looking red. She told me she chose the colour especially for me. Her feet were already lovely, but the toe polish made them perfect. Plus she had chosen to wear her gold toe ring. I had an urge to suck her pristine toes. “You could easily have been a foot model.” I complimented her, which amused her.

The train still hadn’t left and a guy in his mid 20s with a laptop, bags and folders asked if he could sit next to my wife. He told us there was a family of young kids by his seat and he just wanted some quiet to concentrate, would we mind? I noticed that he made a big effort to look at my wife’s face and not her plunging cleavage. His eyes did eventually flicker down for the briefest of moments – I couldn’t blame him.

It was when the train finally departed, that my wife’s playfulness intensified. Her foot had remained in my lap when the guy had sat down next to her, and I had let my hands absentmindedly stroke her soft feet as we chatted about what we could do when we arrived, a late super, drinks, dancing or straight to our hotel room with the four poster bed. My wife knew I had packed the hand cuffs.

The guy next to us had his headphones in, we could hear a little drum and bass sound bleed out and his eyes were glued to his screen as he tapped away. We felt confident we could just chat and behave as if he wasn’t there.

Still I felt a little uncomfortable as my wife shifted into one of our sexy role plays.

One of my favourite fantasies is to be disciplined by a headmistress. She started to ask if I had been a good boy at school today, had I followed all of my teacher’s instructions etc. We türkçe bahis normally only ever enjoy the role playing in the bedroom, but I happily started to play along. The train ride was over two hours and I didn’t think anyone could hear us.

As I answered all of her questions, my excited wife’s cheeks turned their usual rosey pink. She started to rub her heel into my groin and along my now hard dick. I did try to stop her by me holding her feet more firmly in place, but that just made her more determined. She told me to listen to her instructions to put my coat over my lap, undo my belt and unzip my trousers. She wanted to see if I had put on clean underwear this morning for school.

My naughty wife knows I hardly ever put underwear on, I find it hot and restrictive, especially as I’m quite well-endowed.

It must have been the wine and sitting opposite my clearly horny-as-fuck wife, because I did as she asked. I unbuckled and unzipped.

It felt amazing having her smooth heels resting on the edge of my balls and her toes gently brushing along the length of my now solid, hard dick.

I was surprised how much I could feel the coldness of her toe ring. She had never done anything like this before to me, or anyone else I later found out. I loved her pretty feet, but aside from tying them up sometimes, we didn’t have much foot play in our foreplay.

Somehow as a novice she managed to clasp both the soles of her feet around my dick and started this rhythmic tugging.

It felt like a hand job from when I was a teenager, a bit clumsy, but so exciting.

It was when she found the head of my dick with her big toe and ran it over, back and forth that I started to lose it. My pre-cum was making the motion easy for her.

I kept checking to see if the guy opposite was noticing anything, but he seemed engrossed with his laptop. I güvenilir bahis siteleri made sure my coat remained on top of the action.

Then my wife, the little tease, brazenly pulled down her top further and I could see her left nipple. Poking out the top of her bra, like nothing was out of place. That was it, I needed to cum and I needed it to happen now.

When I get to the point of return, I struggle to pull back.

She must have known what the nipple slip would do to me and started jerking her feet harder, all I could do was learn forward over the table and turn my body to look out of the window into the darkness of the tunnel. I felt powerless and whether I could cum, was literally down to my wife’s feet.

In the window reflection I could see my wife play, twist and pinch her nipple – her engagement ring sparkling as it caught the overhead lights. That was it.

I shot a week’s worth of cum all over her beautiful, nicely pedicured feet and toe ring. The orgasm was unlike anything I had had before, it was much longer and almost like it hadn’t happened, the feeling was amazing but frustratingly not as strong as normal. For a few minutes we both didn’t dare speak or look around us, my wife casually poured us both another glass of wine, whilst the pink flush in her cheeks returned to normal. I just concentrated on not looking so guilty.

I remember being still so horny afterwards, my dick hard again within minutes. My wife learnt over to whisper that she had almost cum from just watching me try to hold in the sound of my orgasm.

We used the inside of my coat to clean-up her toes, which we still laugh about today when I wear that coat!

That was a few years ago now. From that experience I now have a massive appreciation of the sensuality of women’s feet. My wife only has to casually put her bare feet in my lap and I start to get hard. If she paints her toenails red and wears the toe ring then I’m taken right back to being wanked off by her feet under my coat, with a stranger sat opposite me. The best first year anniversary gift a man could be given.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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