The Gameshow: “How Far Can You Go?”

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You came home from work. You felt relieved that the work day had gone as well as it did. Afterall, those kinds of days are few and far between. With the state of the world and all of its negativity and pressures bearing down on you, it felt nice to be happy after a day at work for a change. There you were, a white, middle-aged man with a family. You fit the pressured stereotype of the “grade-A American family man”. As even more proof, your wife, who you have been married to for over a decade, is one of your high school crushes. You guys hooked up after a friend of a friend connected the dots.

You think to yourself, Yeah, she has a kid, but the kid is just a baby. It may be considered baggage by most people, but it’s not like I’m perfect and don’t have my own baggage. Besides, the kid is young. If everything works out, we can be a happy family.

Back to the present, and you’re sliding the key into the keyhole of your front door after that not-so-hard day of work. You imagined that your wifey is probably doing what she usually does around the time you come home. The young ones that you had together are spending the night with the grandparents, but as for the now grown up step-daughter, it’s summer, and she has decided to take a break from college to come home. You could tell she needed the break, because for one, she told you how stressful her first year had been, and two, she mentioned how homesick she had been.

The door is already unlocked. It’s not unusual, but when it happens, it still gets the gears turning until you open the door to reveal why. This time, the answer is very peculiar and took you by surprise.

In your living room, you saw your wife sitting on the couch, and towards the kitchen, your step-daughter stood with a cup in hand. They both look in your direction immediately, with grins that gave the impression that they were caught in some guilty act. Centered in the living room, stood a glamoured up white man in a tuxedo.

Your step-daughter is barefoot, wearing her favorite casual attire, which consisted of her favorite pair of shorts and a regular t-shirt, while your wife is wearing some knock off yoga pants and a low cut tee.

At first, you think he is from a news agency. This is because of his dolled up look, a device that is hooked to his belt, and the small microphone that is clipped to his collar. However, the biggest indication is the cameraman that is standing behind him. It is just like how they look in clips, where typically, you see the cameramen hovering and shifting to aim the lens around. It’s almost as if they’re head is replaced by the massive camera.

“What’s going on?” you say.

Your wife begins to speak, but she’s cut short by the stranger. His voice is exactly how you expected; fake.

“Surprise!” he says while throwing up his hands into the air, “Hey there! We’ve been waiting for you for quite some time now!”

You close the door and are not amused. You don’t like seeing a stranger or two in your house, and especially without any context.

The cameraman shifts around to point the camera directly at you. When you look at the camera lens, it feels a bit like looking down the barrel of a gun.

The man speaks while gesturing towards your family, “We’ve already caught them up to speed and you were the only missing link!”

The man then gestures towards an empty spot on the couch and says, “Come on. Sit down and let me drop the deets!”

Not caring to hide your frustration, you reply, “Nah, I’m good. Just tell me what’s going on.”

The man returns his hand and answers, “Very well. No problem here. I’ll give you the quick and easy.”

The camera pans to him.

“You’ve been randomly selected as the next participants of a brand new show. It’s set to air in a few months, and we’ve nearly completed our promised amount of content. Yay!”

He squeezed his hands into fists and made a cheesy smile before continuing, “It’s called ‘How far can you go?’ and it’s going to be on a streaming service of course, because it’s a mature-rated show. Plus, we all know that streaming is in, and cable is out, am I right? It’s going to be a-maze-ing.”

Now things started to sound more interesting, as you wondered about compensation for whatever this “brand new show” is all about. Still though, it struck you as being odd. You weren’t sure you believed the comments about your family being randomly selected, and you wondered what mature-rated could mean.

Maybe because of curse words, you think.

“It’s super simple,” the man says while pointing to the leather-bound clipboard sitting on the coffee table with a paper on top, “You all sign this contract, then we play a game. The rules are easy peasy.”

Your step-daughter butts in to comment, “It sounds pretty harmless, Dad. He says we can quit anytime.”

Feeling more confident about the situation, you look to your wife for her opinion. She shrugs and says, “Yeah. It sounds like free money.”

You begin to speak, but the stranger güvenilir bahis cuts you off as if knowing your next question.

“Like I said, the rules are simple! I offer you amounts of cash-money, right here, right now… if you all agree to comply with whatever gets thrown at you. It could be me asking one of you to slap each other silly, or to shave your head, etcetera. The only condition after we begin, is that if you refuse, you lose!”

The man over-excitedly laughs and says, “Seriously. The game is over. However, you get to keep whatever cash you’ve accumulated up to that point, unless I mention any other stipulations. Not bad, right?”

He puts his hands out to either side while the cameraman pans the camera around the room to each of you.

“What do you say?” he says with a smile.

You see your step-daughter slightly bounce up and down giddily. Obviously, the money aspect is speaking to her. Your wife crosses her legs and waits for your answer. You happen to notice that a pen is already in her hand.

“Okay…. Sure,” you say, “Why not.”

After signing and more cheerful banter from what you surmise is the host of the show, your family goes on to complete the first three challenges.

The first is for your wife to eat food out of a family member’s shoe. It had to be food that the host chose, and he rummaged through a kitchen cabinet to pick out a can of chicken noodle soup. This earned the family 200 dollars.

The second challenge is for your step-daughter. She has to drink an entire cup that consists of different ingredients from the fridge that of course is chosen by the host. You lose track of all of the ingredients that were chosen, but you remember some of the worst being mayo, pickle juice, and orange juice. To your surprise, she completes it like a champ and nets 500 dollars.

The host drops a bombshell before revealing the third challenge. He tells you all that there is an upper limit to the game, and that if they reach 1 million dollars, that the game would be over and they would win it all. He mentions that it hasn’t been done so far in the show’s nearly complete season.

The third challenge is going to be for 100 grand, and it is for you. It is a tricky one, because it came with a passive condition that would continue for longer than just one challenge. This is one of those stipulations that the host mentioned that voids the fact that you could quit and leave with whatever is earned.

The host is swaying from side to side in excitement when he says, “For one-hundred thousand dollars… you cannot speak until the end of this show. Basically, that means that if you utter a single, recognizable word, the game is over!”

You look at both your step-daughter and wife in a confident smile, and as if to show immediate agreement, you don’t say anything and instead shoot everyone a thumbs up.

The host acknowledged and continued, “What a sport! Don’t forget though… ‘Dad’, if you speak before two scenarios here, the game is over and you lose everything! Scenario one being that you all make it to 1 million dollars in earnings, and scenario two being that one of your family members chooses to quit.”

All three of you exchange smiles and you can’t help but notice your wife and step-daughter’s eyes light up with excitement. Afterall, you all know that sort of money could be life changing, and that it seemed like a relatively easy challenge for you to complete.

“You guys are amazing contestants. I just have to say it,” the host says, “and I can tell that you all are in it to win it, so let’s turn it up!”

“Just to mess with you ‘Dad’,” the host says in a snarky tone, “this next one’s for 5 whole dollars.”

The man laughs and you smile, because you get the irony.

“Come on out here Rizzo!” the host raises his voice while he cups a hand to his mouth as if it were a loudspeaker.

The door opens to your bathroom, and a large, muscular and dark-skinned man emerges. This is completely unexpected, and all of a sudden, things started to feel a little uneasy again. You were somewhat expecting things to get harder in the game, but what is most concerning about the situation is that the younger, dark-skinned man is completely naked.

“Oh my god…” you hear your step-daughter say while covering her face with her hands.

Your wife turns away to hide her eyes. She had always been somewhat shy and would get a little abashed whenever you mentioned dirty things.

“Okay…what is going on?” she asks.

As the athletic man known only to you as ‘Rizzo’ enters the living room and comes to a stop, you can’t help but notice that your step-daughter is still looking him over. She doesn’t necessarily give you the impression that she is enjoying what she saw, but more so that she is curious and can’t help herself to look away.

You have an enormous urge to tell her to avert her gaze, but you also remember that the game would be over if you did, so instead you just shook your head and kept türkçe bahis trying to get her attention away from the naked man.

“HA! Things just got interesting, am I right?” the host says while putting one palm across his chest as if he is surprised himself.

“For five…big…smackaroos, but more importantly, to continue on in the game…” the host explained while pointing to your wife and step-daughter, “you, and you, just have to…”

The host looks in your direction and says, “What do you think I’m going to say ‘Dad’?”

You shake your head and shoot back an angry look in response to his trolling.

He laughs and says, “You just have to…”

He finishes his sentence but pauses in weird intervals on purpose and strikes a weird pose during each pause for dramatic effect.

He says:

“get on your knees…”

“on either side of this gentleman…”

“take your hands and squeeze each of his thighs…”

“rest a cheek on his hip…”

The host finishes in his regular fashion, “And smile for a picture while saying, ‘How far can you go?'”

Jesus, you think to yourself. This is fucked up…

You hear your wife say, “for five dollars?!”

After some nervous laughter, your step-daughter replies, “I mean… It’s not like I haven’t seen one before… It could be worse.”

“Hey! I didn’t want to know that,” your wife replies.

They both laughed nervously some more.

You see your step-daughter look up at you from under her brow while her head is tipped in embarrassment. Afterall, you know that it can be embarrassing enough just to watch a sex scene during a movie with your parents in the same room.

“Come here big guy, you are the one taking the picture!” the host tells you. He gestures towards you to come over towards the floor in front of the naked black man and to grab a digital camera that is extended in the host’s hand.

Knowing that your family is tough enough to overcome the task, you start to shuffle your way towards the black man. Right after you begin to move, you notice that your step-daughter and wife took it as a sign of acceptance for the challenge, because they begin to move too.

You aren’t sure how you ended up in this situation, and certainly didn’t expect it after opening the front door, but there you are, patiently looking through a digital camera towards your wife and step-daughter as they took their positions next to the naked man. They both picked a side of the man, kneeled down and tucked in their lips in embarrassment. They chuckled as they got their heads into position, pressing a cheek against both hips of the man respectively. Not that you could help it because of the small frame of view through the camera, but three things are still etched into your memory from that moment. Your wife’s blushing face, your step-daughter’s blushing face, and the large, veiny chubby that is hanging from the black man. You felt awkward for even thinking about it, but it is obvious to you that the man is well-endowed. It is like a penis you had only seen in porn before. You notice that the length of it while flaccid is the same length as your wife and step-daughter’s faces, if not longer.

“Don’t forget the thighs, girls!” the host reminds them because it’s part of the challenge.

You are really beginning to despise his voice.

Your family members, already feeling awkward in their poses, grabs each thigh of the man that is closest to them and squeezes.

The host says, “Okay, good job. Now just take the picture, ‘Dad’.”

You forget all about having to take the picture during all of this. As you search for the button, you notice that Rizzo gently places a hand on each of their heads. You see your wife and step-daughter squeeze their fingernails softly into his black thighs, and for a second, you’re pretty sure you see his cock throb as if it were at the very beginnings of getting hard. You can’t help but feel a bit inadequate just by its current state.

“And the line?” the host eggs your family on.

“How far will you go?” They both begin to say unorganized but finish in sync.

“To the master bedroom!” the host shouts.

Why? You wonder. You don’t like where this is going.

“Well done,” he continues, “you’ve passed a threshold that many don’t in this competition. From here on out, the money gets much more… enticing. Just for fun, and for 1,000 dollars, let’s go to the wife’s underwear drawer!”

What the fuck? You think to yourself. This show is more perverted than you had anticipated.

At least there’s nothing special in th- Oh shit! You think, as you remembered what is hidden in there.

The host throws open the drawer and sticks both of his hands into the sea of fabric.

“Oh… Wait!” Your wife shouts.

“What? Why? Were you thinking of backing out of the challenge?” the host asks.

Your wife bites her lip and tries to tell your step-daughter to turn away.

“Honey, don’t-“

“What’s this? Oh-la-la…” güvenilir bahis siteleri the host says while producing a lacey pink thong.

“Wow!” your step-daughter says while laughing. “Go mom!”

She is obviously having the best time with the entirety of the game show so far. You know that she had probably seen more than you would want to know, especially with her finishing her first year in college, having broken up with her first and only high school boyfriend long ago. You don’t like to think about it too much, but you suspected that with her tight, petite frame, beautiful face, and (as far as you could tell) perky tits, she don’t have a hard go at the world of Tinder.

“Oh my god!” your wife says, “That’s my private stuff!”

The host laughs while digging through the drawer and then suddenly gasps. “Hold the phone! What…is…this, young lady?!”

He then pulls out an odd, tapered egg-shaped plastic object. It’s immediately obvious to you that it’s the butt plug sex toy you had bought for your wife a few years back. Something inside would cause the tip to slightly rotate in a circle while the whole thing would vibrate a little. She had only used it a few times because she isn’t a fan.

You drop your head as your step-daughter covers her face again to cover her mouth that is open wide.

“The looks on your faces are worth one-thousand bucks to me!” the host says enthusiastically.

There is awkward silence until the host finds the button to turn on the movements of the toy. It emits a quiet buzzing sound. The host laughed and looks at each of you.

“How about you get naked pops?” he asks blatantly.

Everyone exchanges a shocked look towards you while you hold out your arms in a “what the hell?” gesture.

“For another one-hundred thousand, you just have to get naked,” the host reiterates “That’s getting you close to a quarter of the way there! To the million dollars, remember?”

You wait for your step-daughter or wife to say it. You wait for a moment, wondering if one of them will call it quits and end the game show. Instead, they turn away in shame and leave it up to you.

As you start to unbutton your jeans, you see your step-daughter turn around completely so her back is to you.

“Oh crap…” she says.

After taking off your clothes completely, it became even more surreal; the fact that you and Rizzo were two grown, naked men, standing in the room with your cock’s out for anyone to see. You look over at Rizzo, who is grinning back with a white, toothy smile. You give him an awkward smile as if you two could relate in that moment. Even without looking directly at it, you could tell that his penis is definitely wider, and hanging lower than yours is. In fact, when you look down, your penis looks smaller than usual. It is almost as if it had shrunk for the occasion. In all fairness, you don’t let it get to you because you know how awkward the situation is.

“Oh honey,” the host says in reference to your step-daughter, “you may as well just turn around and take a peek. I suspect it will be unavoidable if you continue the game!”

You still have to show a little common courtesy, so you try your best to cover your junk with your hands as your step-daughter turns back around.

“Ugh…” she says after seeing your naked body, “this is so weird!”

The host raises a finger and speaks again, “I just felt inspiration come to me! I think I know what the next challenge shall be…”

You all watch as he points the rotating butt plug in the general direction of your wife, then to your step-daughter, then to your wife again.

“Eeinie, meenie, mino, moe,” the host sings, “Which one of your insides, will this thing go?” He then laughs at his own rhyme.

As he keeps singing the song as if about to choose between your wife and step-daughter, you start shaking your head, and your eyes go wide again. You could deal with your wife having to do it, even though it would be humiliating, but after imaging for a second that your step-daughter would get chosen made you feel uneasy.

“to-pick-the-best-one-and-I-choose…” the host trails off, and then points the butt plug in your direction, “you! For another 100 thousand dollars. You must insert this into your rectum until the end of the game, or until otherwise told so by me!”

Your wife and step-daughter make the same, shocked expression as you were in that moment.

Is he serious? You think, there’s no way this is about to happen…

“What a twist!” the host says enthused.

You throw the serious eyes back at your family members and grunt in denial.

Surely, this will be the end of it, you think, we got at least one-thousand dollars out of this, so it is a good shot. I’d still have my dignity.

Your wife and step-daughter look at each other.

Your wife asks the host, “another 100 thousand dollars?”

He nods his head.

Your step-daughter sighs and says, “It’s okay Dad. I can handle it.”

You?! You think to yourself, What about me?!

You grunt again in denial while shaking your head.

The host asks you mockingly, “What’s wrong ‘Dad’? You don’t want the money as bad as them? If you want to give up, just say the words!”

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