The Girl is Trouble Ch. 02

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Thursday night came and I brought the heat for our first date. I got us a table at a trendy but not too fancy restaurant (it IS a college town, so not much risk of that). I even got the to reserve a table on the open roof with string lights. It was actually pretty cool.

Jessica looked stunning when I picked her up. She was dressed in a short, flowy blue skirt with a lavender and teal flower pattern and a teal t-shirt with a plunging neckline. A wide woven leather belt that had a bow shape at the clasp separated the top and bottom. Her legs were bare and she wore 2 inch nude colored pumps. Her hair was soft and light and large white teardrop dangle earrings glanced out from beneath her locks. Five or six bangle bracelets clicked lightly on her heft wrist. The teal of her shirt made her blue eyes pop and she wore a large teal ring on her right middle finger matched her shirt. She wore a small silver pendant on a thin silver chain and it was easy to see that she wore no bra underneath her light shirt. I really wanted to know what she had on underneath that skirt, because I definitely saw hints of the bottom of her ass when she twirled slightly. Couldn’t have more than a thong. Or maybe less.

We had a great time. As we talked, we found out a lot about each other and our likes. They aligned quite well. One thing the nerdy side in me really dug- we booth loved sci-fi movies. For her, it was a bonding thing with her dad. We also both liked rock climbing, which certainly sets us on a course to do that as a date sometime soon.

The one topic we both avoided was past relationships. I could tell that this was a taboo subject with her, and truthfully I wasn’t to keen to go there as well.

As we were leaving the restaurant we ran into a couple of friends of mine, Sarah and Jim. To be honest, I think they were a little dumbfounded to find me not only out on a date but with some like Jess. They recovered quickly and greeted her warmly. We chatted briefly about classes and then went our separate ways as they had a later reservation at the same restaurant.

We took in a movie. After our discussion during dinner, I scrapped my original plan to take her see a romcom and go us tickets to the latest space epic which neither of us had seen yet. There was a part of me that got pulled into the movie but I had a constant thought about sitting so close to this amazing woman. Shortly after the movie started, she slid the fingers of her right hand across the back of my left hand and I instantly turned my wrist and took her hand in mine. A quick glance left to look at her found us looking in each other’s eyes. She brushed the swish of bangs to the side and gave me a smile that melted me completely.

“This is stupid,” I whispered to her.

“I’m enjoying it,” Jess whispered back with a confused look.

“No, I mean yes the movie’s good, but I don’t want to be here. It was a bad idea. I want to be with you somewhere else,” I said close to her ear.

“Oh,” she got what I was saying and the sly smile re-emerged. “We don’t have to leave to… have fun.”

She leaned in and kissed my lips softly. There was nothing that was more important to me in this world than the feeling of her lips on mine. It really was ridiculous how hard I had fallen for her in such a short time. Her hair brushed the side of my face and I smelled raspberries and mint.

Our kisses became more passionate. The movie was forgotten. I broke off our kiss (against nearly ever fiber of my being) only to move the armrest between us up and out of the way. I slid my left arm behind her and pulled her closer to me to resume our kissing. With my right hand, I brushed my finger through her hair, so light and fine.

I felt her hand touch my chest and begin sliding downward. While I have not much in the way güvenilir bahis of definition, I have no fat so I wasn’t embarrassed. But I got really hard and she soon found it. She pulled away from our kiss and, looking around to see no one was near enough to see anything, she undid my belt and opened my jeans while staring me in the eyes. It felt like she was daring me to stop her.

There was no fucking way I was going to stop her.

Jessica pulled my pants and boxer briefs down with my help, putting me in a position where I was much more exposed than just pulling me out through the fly of my jeans. I was already hard as a rock and her doing this, taking this risk, made my hardon throb with a bit of pain as more blood sought to push into it. With one more glance around, she lowered her head down on my cock, easing her soft, thin lips across the spongy head as she tightened her fingers around the base. I quickly felt her tongue tickle my pee hole, lapping up the forming precum that was already coming out in a significant amount. She eased back off of my cock, never releasing her hold around the base, and even in the dim light of the theater I could see a string of my precum connecting from my tip to her mouth. As she came up closer, the string broke and she kissed me on the mouth, swirling her tongue with mine. She was sharing my own precum with me.

She grinned her devilish grin and quickly went back down and fully engulfed my entire cock in one swallow. It took everything in my power not to cum instantaneously. I know I’m not large, but she completely took all 6 inches in her mouth and throat without any hesitation whatsoever. She pulled it out slowly, her tongue pressing on large bottom vein followed by a tongue swirl across the tip as she reach the top, and then back down to the bottom.

I couldn’t help it and I slid my fingers through her hair and slowly gripped her head by her hair. A moan from her vibrated my cock in her mouth and I tightened my grip a little more. I began to control her up and down motion. This was absolutely against my nature, let me assure you. But the moans that she was giving told me that she was enjoying the rougher treatment I was giving her. She slowly released her hold on my base and actually moved both of her arms behind her. I was truly fucking her mouth at this point and she was very into it.

I knew I was about to cum but I just couldn’t hold her down on it. That was a bit too far even as hot as I was. I released my grip on her head and tapped her on her back. Jess got the hint but instead of releasing gripped my base and went all the way back down on her own, taking all the shots of my ejaculate straight down her throat until she eased back and took the last two in her mouth. With a little lick she cleaned the remaining cum off my dick. She came in close to my face and gave an exaggerated swallow of the last of the cum in her mouth followed by a low moan. She gave me quick peck on my lips.

With the amount of motion we created in the process, especially since we went from her bobbing alone to me actually fucking her mouth, I knew we need to get out of there. I quickly pulled up my pants and then grabbed her hand and we dashed down the aisle and out the emergency exit at the front of the theater.

Once we were outside and the door closed behind us, I pushed her up against the outside wall and kissed her deeply. We kissed passionately for some time, although likely only 2-3 minutes, and then dashed for my car.

“That was intense,” I finally said after we stopped panting.

“I can’t believe you fucked my face.”

I looked over at her more than a little worried and she had that devilish grin.

“Let’s go back to your place and crawl naked into bed together,” she said as she put her hand around my right türkçe bahis arm. Her touch was warm and the caress was so invigorating.

We made it back to my place in probably record time. I rent a room in big house with eight bedrooms where my roommates and I each have our own room. As we came in the house I quickly introduced her to the four of them who were in that night playing NBA2k on our Xbox One: Paul, Stan, Reggie, the smile she gave me as I looked back into her eyes (you try keeping eye contact while a beauty like this was revealing her naked body to you) revealed her pleasure at my reaction to her. She looked down towards her panties and put her thumbs into the strings on the side.

“Wait,” I asked her.

I got off the bed and fell to my knees in front of her, putting my hands on hers.

“May I?”

A shudder ran through her body. “Yes,” was all she softly said.

I took the sides of her thong from her thumbs and began to pull them down. I had already been inside of her, but I really only briefly saw her pussy from behind and a quick glance from the front when we had sex outside the other night. As I pulled the panties down, I revealed to myself her sex. A small patch of downy red public her sat above her slit. I leaned into her and nuzzled her pubic her with the tip of my hose, eliciting a soft sigh from Jess. Her fingers gently slipped into my tousled hair as a sniffed in to smell her scent. A slight feminine musk with a strong note of sweetness.

I continued pulling down her panties, revealing to my eyes a tight, bare slit. Her inner lips didn’t protrude past her outer lips, although it was clear her outer lips were inflamed and beginning to part. A single droplet of moisture could be seen emerging between her inner fold. I wanted to suck that drop like you would a honeysuckle, but I wanted to be naked it with her. I pulled the thong the rest of the way down her legs and she stepped out of them. I took her hand and led her to the bed, where she sat back luxuriating in my clean fluffy comforter.

I began to reciprocate, drawing my shirt off of me, showing her my long slender torso. I didn’t have much by the way of chest hair, so I trimmed what I did have off. Again, I didn’t have much in the way of muscle definition, but I didn’t really have an ounce of fat. Basically, I looked like a slightly out of shape swimmer. I kicked off my shoes and only wore ankle socks that I got off fast (Yes, I gave much thought to this in my preparation). Lastly I unbuckled my belt, undid my pants, and pulled them off along with my jeans. I stood before her naked, my cock incredibly hard.

“Oh my god. Your dick is… so beautiful.”

Now, I don’t know that is exactly the reaction a man might expect (or desire) from a woman seeing his penis for the first time. In fact, I might have begun to lose my erection hearing that from anyone else. But you have to understand the desire I saw in her eyes as she said that. To her, my cock was one that she wanted very much and, perhaps, that reaction demonstrated to me that if our relationship endured it would be a big reason for her to actively seek out my member for her pleasure and to desire to bring pleasure to it. I certainly have overheard other girls talk very negatively about how penises looked.

I moved to her and helped her scoot back up on my bed as I laid myself next to her on the bed, our naked skin touching fully in multiple places. I leaned in and when our lips met, it’s like an electrical circuit was completed. All I could feel was our bodies touching as I wrapped my arms around her. I moved my hands down her back as I pulled her more into me. Our kiss was soft, yet passionate. It became like we were breathing as one. She was perfect. I broke the kiss and began nibbling on her neck and shoulders. güvenilir bahis siteleri I moved her arms up above her head, rubbing my fingers down the insides of her arms. I met my hand in her left armpit where I kissed the soft shaved skin there. I moved across her chest and kissed her right armpit. She started to move her arms back down, but I softly but firmly moved them back up and shook my head slightly at her.

“Leave them up. Don’t move them again until I tell you to,” I whispered. I would be in control for the time being.

Her eyes smoldered at me as she heard my command. That devilish grin came out and she whispered back, “Yes, sir.”

I continued down her body as I reached her tiny breasts. She was not flat chested, but, especially on her back, there was barely a mound of flesh. I knew with her breasts being so small that her nipples were likely very sensitive. This was absolutely the case with Jess. As I found my mouth over her right breast, I just lightly blew my hot breath on her nipple. I swear that alone was nearly enough to make her cum. Her legs wrapped around my right leg that was between hers and I felt the dampness of her pussy on my thigh. I kissed her nipple slightly, using my tongue to brush across the front of it, and then swirl and bump against her barbell.

“Oh fuck, Darren. Christ.”

I could easily have given her an orgasm that night from just nipple stimulation, which I would plan to do some time soon, but I wanted to edge her so I backed off. I kissed across her chest and ever so lightly licked at her left nipple.

“uhmmmm, ooohhh.” I made her forget her vocabulary.

I didn’t linger there. I continued down across her soft but taught belly, kissing across her skin. I did a loop around her belly button with my tongue, touching the piercing she also had in her navel. I kissed further down, across her pelvis and towards her pussy. Her breathing was shallow and faster than normal. I threw her for a loop when I quickly leaned up and drew her left leg up. With her foot at my face, kissed the bottom, moved up and sucked her big toe into my mouth.

“gahhhh, mmmmm.”

I kissed up her ankle, across her calf, to the back side of her knee, and up along her thigh. Slowly, inch by inch. I was now kissing her inner thigh and as I looked over her pussy was actually dripping. It looked like it was crying tears. I looked directly into her eyes. They were moist and her arms remained above her head. Her body was writhing beneath me.

“Please,” was all she said.

I kissed her pussy lips softly and she shuddered. My tongue extended and made contact with her clit. She came and it was as if a slightly dripping faucet was opened up and girl cum streamed from her pussy. Her toes curled and she trembled for more than a minute.

“oooooohhhhh, gooooooddddd. Darrrrennnn. Yesssssss.”

She couldn’t help it any longer and her hands came down to caress my head and pull me into her. For a second there was a flinch. I could tell she was worried she’d disobeyed me but I just smiled at her as I tongued down her slit and back up, licking in between her inner and outer lips. I licked into her and drew out her cum. I began fucking her with my tongue. Her fingers tightened in my hair and her thighs restricted my head. A second wave of her orgasm crested and her toes curled tighter.

Jessica pulled me up and spun on top of me. We kissed, her juices covering my face. I wrapped her in my arms and held on to her. I wanted her to be mine. I wanted to be hers. This felt right.

I entered her and we began slowly making love. We went for a long time, at least an hour, probably longer.. She had at least one orgasm this way, riding it out on top of me while we kissed through it. I couldn’t hold out any longer. The blow job at the theater help me last this long. When I told her I was about to cum, she nodded and held me inside her. It was a strong orgasm for me and I filled her up with my seed.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms with my nose in her hair.

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