The Hay Mow

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Female Ejaculation

There comes a time when you just want to get away and enjoy each other with no distractions. My wife and I wanted to be alone, away from the siblings, parents and friends to explore each other if you know what I mean.

The chance came when my neighbor was having a party next door and since I live on a farm, I planned a little hay mow rendezvous point unbeknown to my sexy wife Karin. There were enough people and drinks around that no one noticed we had left as I whispered to her I had a secret place to go. She gave me that mischievous look that she was on board.

The hay mow was warm and fragrant with fresh cut hay as we found the secluded spot with a big blanket rolled out under the guise of a flashlight while shaking off some particles of grass. We could just make out the sound of the music next door as we shared some wine and took in deep long kisses. Her hair was soft and fragrant as I caressed her face and lips taking in every sensual moment.

She unbuttoned my shirt slowly as her mouth and hot breath cascaded around my wickedly sensitive ears and down onto my shoulders. My cock was steadily straining against my jeans as we kissed and lightly caressing each other’s body. Her sweater was tight as her güvenilir bahis breasts wantonly pushed against my hands as I cupped them and softly pinched around her nipples. As I moved my hand down passed her waist she turned enough so I could feel the smoothness of her sweet ass.

With no light, it was time to explore each other with tongues, mouths and fingers. Her hands worked their way down my waist, slowly and methodically unzipping my jeans and gripping my engorged member. Slowly she grabbed the end of my penis and pulled it down towards her mouth and suddenly in an instant it was inside. I enjoyed the warmth from her tongue and lips as she wrapped them around my bell-end and ran her long tongue up and down my shaft.

I placed both my hands onto her head and ran my fingers through her hair as I just followed her rhythmic bouncing backward and forwards as she increasingly sucked on my wanton hard-on until she could taste my sweet pre-cum. I pulled her off and drove my tongue into her mouth as her ass frolicked against my manhood. I wanted to return the foreplay favor before we got too carried away.

I slowly pulled off that pesky sweater and caressed her wanting breasts as I unbuttoned her blouse with türkçe bahis my teeth while she rocked that hot ass against my straining cock. I unclipped her bra to reveal a beautiful pair of supple tits. I licked and sucked her nipples which got immediately erect. She grabbed my head as she moaned and pushed against me.

I ran my free hand in her jeans until I placed my finger inside her thong. With one finger I slowly slid deep inside her, feeling the hot moistness. She clung to me with her arms and lifted a leg up to the side so I could get deeper. I slipped another finger inside her hot wet pussy and started sliding them back and forth as I enjoyed her breasts. As my fingers darted in and out, she came heavily.

Sensing a change in the action, I oriented myself in a 69 position so I could taste her pussy and stimulate her clit for another mind-blowing orgasm as she stroked my cock over her nipples and caressed my balls. Hungry to fuck my hot mate, I rolled her on her stomach and pulled her back to me doggie-style so she could feel my cock massage her silky pussy lips.

Putting my cock in that steaming pussy was ecstasy as I furiously went back and forth pounding against that sweet ass. I could hear her breathing güvenilir bahis siteleri get fast and heavy with each thrust and movement as her juices soaked the blanket. I pushed her over and laid her on her back and slipped between her legs and started kissing her nipples while my cock found her hot slit again. Being a deviant an all, I had stashed a cock ring with a vibrating anal rabbit by one of the bales and in a NY minute placed it around my member and slid the vibrator into her ass.

We bucked against each other like horny rabbits as I wanted to fulfill her every need and make this night memorable. Karin had one more surprise in store. She sensed I was going to cum mightily and took to slowing me down. “I want to eat you and taste your cum”, she said. She too had hidden a bottle of flavored oil in her purse. She proceeded to pour a licorice smelling substance on my hot and slippery cock and began licking my head with a vengeance.

She took my whole shaft in her mouth as her warm tongue got me moaning for relief. I could feel my helmet engorge as she scraped her teeth along my extended foreskin. She grabbed my balls and shaft as I shuttered cum profusely into her mouth and she pulled me out so she could feel some of my orgasm between her tits. I honestly thought I would pass out from her oral skills and hot love-making skills.

The hay mow adventure never gets old. I’m hard just thinking about it or smelling any fresh cut hay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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