The Hedges Pt. 04: The Scarpelli Method

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Authors Note: This story brings together characters from both the stand-alone story, “Family Fortune”, “Sam’s Journal” and the series “Out of the Dark Wood” (incomplete at the time of this publication — 5/28/21012


The Scarpelli Method

Author: Dr. Marc Scarpelli

Case Study

: Transcript of Private Interview Occurring August 2012

The Sex-Positive Family

Our previous five case studies have explored Dr. Scarpelli’s experiences with dysfunctional families of various kinds. In the study of sexual disorders it is important to understand that extreme dysfunction is the exception rather than the rule. Of course, sex and sexual behavior has been de-legitimatised in our culture for centuries and so very few of us can be considered entirely healthy in regards to the reproductive act. As Dr. Scarpelli has said, the sexual revolution is really only just beginning.

In the following example we will examine how a remarkable family has come to understand sex and sex education as a vital part of the family experience. What appears below is a transcript of an interview that Dr. Scarpelli conducted with the Hedges family who live in an unnamed Southern state. For reasons of privacy their names have been changed but everything described here, including the family’s own testimony, is a faithful recording of that interview. We think you will agree that it provides some fascinating material for thinking about what the Hedges themselves describe as the ‘Sex-Positive Family’.

To better illustrate the interview the editor’s comments describing any pertinent locations, behaviors or appearances will appear in italics.

The participants:

Dr. Marc Scarpelli;tall, darkly tanned, a lapsed body-builder, large in all dimensions, but softened by age, especially hairy overall, with a shaved head, large, hawk-like nose and piercing dark eyes.

Tom Hedges, the father;a rangy man, tall and tanned with large hands and powerful arms, a trim, blonde beard and deep brown eyes, his hair curly and short.

Brenda Hedges, the mother;short, soft layer of deeply tanned skin over a small frame, grapefruit-breasted, short-cropped, curly auburn hair with blonde streaks, hazel eyes with gold flecks and nails painted red.

Their daughter Janie;pale,smaller even than her mother, skinny, bony even, with a blonde ponytail and tiny hands and feet, her blue eyes intelligent, her small breasts with puffy, pink nipples.

and twin sons Michael and Sam;tall like their father, but dark haired, with the tanned and lanky bodies of runners, and sleepy-eyed. Mike has a goatee.

The interview takes place in the Hedges home somewhere in the suburban South, in the “play room” as they describe it. Tom Hedges is a building contractor and has designed this room as a family retreat. One enters through a standard single door from the end of a hallway into a space with 9′ ceilings. Clerestory windows and a central skylight bathe the space in soft sunlight. Immediately to the left is a wet bar with sink and under-counter fridge. On the right a bathroom with shower is concealed behind another door. A small shelf by the bathroom door holds cloths, oils and a collection of candles, one lit, smelling of vanilla.

The floorspace just inside the room is about 5′ deep by 8′ wide. (enough room for a Twister mat, for example). Just beyond that is a double bed sized platform raised about 20″ off the floor. Flanking that on three sides are single bed sized spaces that encircle it at another 20″ elevation creating a ‘C’ shape; an arena for family play. The levels are each well upholstered and the vertical as well as the horizontal areas are covered in a soft, green flannel. The space feels enclosed and intimate.

Dr. Scarpelli is seated on the right on the second level facing (from left to right) Tom and Brenda Hedges and son Mike who is lounging in the corner. Both Janie and Sam are seated cross-legged on the lower platform facing the Doctor. Janie is leaning back between her father’s knees.

Dr. S: First, thanks for allowing me to talk with your entire family today. It is a privilege and an honor to be allowed to share this time and to hear your ideas. I’ve heard remarkable things about your family and your philosophy.

Tom: Oh, it’s no problem, Marc. We’ve been following your work for a number of years, starting with your book, “Are You Fucking Crazy?”.

Brenda: Yes, absolutely, I’ve really been looking forward to talking with you.

Dr. S: Would you give my readers some background on how you developed the idea of the Sex-Positive Family? Wait, first I should let the readers know that you are sitting here mostly naked. Tell us about that first, please.

The Hedges all glance around at each other and Janie giggles. Several talk at once, but finally the mother speaks.

Brenda: Well, Marc, we adopted a “clothing optional” policy in our house when the kids were little. As you see we can wear what we feel comfortable in at any time.Spreading her arms wide,I’m wearing panties and ataşehir escort bayan Sam has his boxers on but the others are in the buff entirely. You, I notice, are still in your pants and polo shirt. That’s fine, of course.

Tom:somewhat pedantically,It all started when Brenda and I were just teenagers and we met in a commune up in the pinewoods of Georgia. We’d both had repressive childhoods — to put it mildly. And we, like a lot of our fellow back-to-the-landers were looking for independence. There was a lot of free love and wild living in those years. But lack of discipline led to a predictable disintegration of the commune.

Brenda:sighing,We called it an intentional community. Tom was one of the founders. I’ve always been attracted to his idealism.

Tom: Yes, but what was the intention? We took freedom for license and so drove the car off the cliff, so to speak.

Brenda: Yes, it was a crazy time. There were a lot of broken hearts and broken lives, too. Drugs were freely available. We lost some good friends.

Tom: To make a long story short; Brenda was pregnant at 16 with the twins and we were homeless and starting over. Fortunately, I had my carpentry skills and we remained idealistic. Essentially we formed a commune of two, soon to be five because Janie’s birth followed quickly after Sam and Mike’s.

Mike: Tell the story about the campfire orgies, Dad!

Tom: Maybe later, son. Right now the Doctor wants to know how we raised you to be sex-positive.

Brenda: I was exhausted by the rapid, early pregnancies (I think that’s why Janie has always been so small) and was up to my eyebrows in raising the babies, so I was at home all the time. We lived in an old school bus for a while, then a cheap apartment. I had a chance to do a lot of reading on childrearing and psychology. We were trying, naively, to re-invent parenthood since our own childhoods had been so dismal. We made a few mistakes, of course, which don’t bear on this discussion, but on the whole I am really proud of our kids.

There is blushing uniformly among the three children.

Sam: I haven’t really heard this told this way before so I’m all ears.

Tom: It seemed to us that the dynamic that had broken the commune was, on the one side, too much secrecy and control on the part of our parents during our upbringing, and, on the other side, too much sudden freedom when we struck out on our own.

Brenda: If you think about it, our parents, having the best of intentions, set out to teach us about nearly every aspect of life by example. From dressing to cooking to balancing our checkbooks to driving they showed us how to be adults and, if we kids were lucky, they gave us autonomy as we could handle it. But sex was a secret and a taboo. There was nearly no instruction about it inmy family.

Tom:excitedly and emphatic,Mine, too, and what ‘facts’ kids get from the media today, though broadly informative, is all lurid and superficial. One reason Brenda got pregnant so young is that we got the cart before the horse. Our pent-up sex drive and ignorance overcame our poor discipline, you see. It would have been better, we thought, if we had been patient enough to learn to love each other first, then explore our sexual selves. Now, we wanted our kids to avoid this trap, so we thought long and hard about it.

Mike:snickering…long and hard…

Janie: Shush, Mikey.

Brenda: You kids could put in your two-cents worth here…

Sam: Yeah, so you and Dad stopped wearing clothes in the house and then what?

Dr. S:leaning forward with interest,Yes, I can see how you might have lifted the veil, so to speak, on the body, but sex is much more complicated emotionally.

Tom:raising his finger to make the point,Well, you’re right. The basic, and simple, philosophy we’ve hit on is this. If the sex act is not a secret and sexual urges are allowed to be expressed freely, then a person is free to use their own judgment about how to be sexual in the world. And it follows that when one goes out into the larger world armed with this self-knowledge a whole lot of mistakes are avoided.

Brenda: We determined to teach our kids about sex just like all the other things; by doing it hands-on.

Mike:waving his erection in his hand…Hands-on…

Brenda: So you see the horse is now in front of the cart. Our kids learn the sex act with someone they love first. It sets a pattern for later in life.

Dr. S: But aren’t you breaking some laws? Not just civil but religious and cultural? What about the incest taboo? Isn’t that ingrained in us from birth?

Tom:frowning,No, that’s not been our experience. Did any of you kids feel it was wrong the first time you made love with Mom or me?

There is a general shaking of heads.

Janie:bouncing pertly,Actually, I thought it was going to be icky. I mean before I actually tried it. You know, nudity and stuff was just so commonplace around here that there was no particular excitement about it — it didn’t seem dirty or anything, escort kadıköy just another thing our parents did together. But after I tried sex when I turned 18 I found out I like it. A lot! Mom and Dad did impose some pretty strict rules on us, you know, Dr. Scarpelli. We had to be legal adults before we could consent to it. Sex is an important responsibility like driving and voting.

Janie reaches back over her head and gives Tom’s dick an affectionate squeeze.

Dr. S: Let’s back up a minute. Mike and Sam, you’re only one year older than your sister, so you would have first shared your parent’s bed about a year and a half ago, right?

Mike: Yeah, that’s about right, but not quite in that order.

Dr. S: You were also eager to do that? No reservations?

Mike: Well, we all knew that was the plan. I mean, we could choose to if we wanted to or not. But it was a reward, in a way, for good grades and staying out of trouble otherwise. Besides I really do love my mom and I just knew I wanted to share that with her when I was old enough.

Sam: It’s kind of like you know you are assumed to be going to college. It’s the next logical step after all the transparency they demonstrated about their love life. I was a little more reluctant than Mike, who is a real horn dog, as you can see.

Mike’s erection is still proudly waving. Sam has moved his hand to his sister’s thigh where his fingers trail down toward the yellow tuft of her pubic hair. Janie has wrapped her arms behind her dad’s calves and is rubbing his heels against her tummy. Her high, tight breasts are squeezed together. Her father tousles her hair. His rising erection sticks up above her blond head.

Dr. S: What made you reluctant, Sam?

Sam:looking up shyly from under his brows,It was my first time with a woman and I’m basically an introvert. I’m really different from Mike that way. He was all gung-ho from when he hit 18. I finally decided to join in only 6 months ago.

Dr. S: Mike, how did you manage to wait, then? Did you have sex with a girlfriend?

Mike:proudly,Oh, no, that wouldn’t have worked. I could see that sex with a girl I hardly knew would be something less than satisfactory. I didn’t want to be all clumsy and awkward the first time. Besides I had a really full schedule of sports and academics to keep me occupied. We’ve learned to, what-do-you-call-it? — sublimate. We have discipline. I really love my mom and I wanted to save myself for her. I think she’s beautiful, too.

Dr. S: You’re right about that, Mike. Your mom is attractive. I suppose you could describe her as a MILF.

Sam: Yes, and very bad taste, Dr. Scarpelli. We don’t demean anyone or the act of lovemaking in this family. We don’t call it “fucking”, for instance.

Mike: Right. And I’ll kick your ass if you are rude to any one of us. We’ve learned to be comfortable and even worshipful about lovemaking. It’s not dirty.

Brenda: You two make me so proud. But, Doctor, we also taught them that sex is playful. As you can see when Mike waves his boner around and laughs at our double-entendre. Still, we expect respectful behavior toward one another. And guests, too, Mike. So don’t kick the Doctor’s ass. We might have another use for it later.Giving a particularly meaningful smile to the Doctor and pointedly looking at his crotch.

Tom: I think our honesty and openness about sex has helped our kids make intelligent decisions about their bodies. We let them know all about it, but kept a strict boundary around the act by way of the age restriction. Perhaps it is counter-intuitive, but their interest in actually having sex didn’t blossom until after they were 18. I mean, the alternative would be to end up like the Palins.

Brenda: Yeah, what a clown show they are.

Dr. S: Brenda, just seeing your family interacting here today has nearly convinced me of the soundness of your philosophy. It only leads to more questions, though. Like, how do I put this delicately? …Is there any discomfort for you with the age difference between you and your kids? I mean, are you jealous of Janie, for instance, for her youth.

Tom:wrapping his arm around his shorter wife,I’ll answer that. I think one reason this works so well with us is that Brenda was pregnant so young. She’s only 35 and since she teaches Yoga she keeps in real good shape. Also, there is something to be said for teaching the kids to respect bodies of any age. They are all attractive in their own way. I see you can hardly keep your eyes off of my wife and Janie, but it looks to me like you are aroused by both of them equally, judging from the way your eyes have been darting and the tent in your pants.

The Doctor looks a bit uncomfortable and shifts in his seat.

Dr. S: That’s pretty perceptive, Tom. Thereisa nice fresh and taut quality to Janie, but Brenda has a very grounded, Earth Mother vibe to her. I do like the way her breasts are full and hang low. They look heavy. Her big brown areolae make a terrific contrast with Janie’s small pink bostancı escort ones.

Brenda:nipples crinkling,holding up her breasts,I’ve gotta give credit for my boobs to all the breastfeeding I did with these kids. It seemed best to let them decide when they should be weaned…And I think it’s time you took off some of those clothes, Doctor.

A little stiffly, Marc takes off his polo shirt, revealing a broad ex-weightlifter’s chest covered in a mat of graying hair that runs thickly down to his waistband. He stands and shucks his pants, showing his hirsute legs but stops with his boxers. It’s clear there is a vibrant and heavy boner in his shorts.

Dr. S:reddening slightly,In the interests of professionalism I think I should keep a little something on during the interview.

Janie:eyeing his stretched underwear,Aww, shoot. I was hoping to play with you today, Doctor.

Dr. S: What?

Janie:smiling, looking him directly in the eye,Yeah, I want you to be my first outside-of-the-family experience.

Dr. S:looking questioningly at Janie’s parents,I didn’t realize…

Tom: Oh sure, we told Janie that it was up to her. But let’s answer the Doctor’s questions first. Then we can play, kids.

Dr. S: You mean all of you?

Brenda:still cradling her soft breasts in her arms,Only if you want to. We voted on it earlier. We can’t think of a more appropriate candidate for Janie. Since you study this professionally and I think you really “get it”.

Mike: He’s going to get it alright…

Janie: Sush, Mikey.

Mike: Hey, we could play Holes versus Poles!

Dr. S:with a quizzical glance at the girl,The age question. So, you’re not as far apart in age as most families. But one day you, Tom and Brenda, will surely reach an age where it would feel inappropriate to have sex with your kids. Meaning no disrespect of course. I’m over 45 myself.

Brenda: You’re a good-looking 45, Doctor. I like a man with a little distinguished gray in his hair. Any of his hair.She runs a hand casually into the V between her legs and squeezes.

Tom: No offense taken, Doctor. We really see this as a voluntary arrangement and don’t expect it to last forever. It’s a transitional process. There is a natural time for the kids to move on and each will decide on their own. What would be unnatural is the secrecy about sex in the family in the first place. Sam, tell the Doctor about your girlfriend.

Dr. S:surprised,You have a girlfriend?

Sam:off-handedly,Yes. Blythe. We met when Mom and Dad gave me her email address. She lives in another state so we have to connect on-line but, yeah, she’s my girlfriend.

Dr. S: May I ask if you have a physical relationship?

Sam: We’ve only been together once. Two months ago now, I guess. I fell in love with her via Skype, really. I had a great visit with her and her parent’s, who are also in the Lifestyle.

Brenda:sighing,It looks like Sam will be the first to fly the nest.

She reaches down, her heavy breasts swaying, to pat him on the head. He smiles and blushes.

Janie: But til then we can still play and learn, right big brother?

She reaches into her brother’s boxers and fondles him. Sam leans over to her, and pressing against his father’s leg, gives her a sweet kiss, tracing a circle around her hard right nipple with his thumb. This goes on for several minutes while the others watch. Dr. Scarpelli is particularly rapt. Brenda takes both Tom and Mike’s organs in her hands and squeezes them gently, companionably. The older and the younger man are both perfectly at ease. Mike cups her left breast in his left hand and pulls at the fat, dark nipple.

Dr. S: Do you plan to bring Blythe home to “play”? Does she know about your, um, incestuous family?

Brenda: Sex-Positive Family, Doctor!

Dr. S: Right, sorry.

Sam:with Janie’s slim wrist pulling his distended organ from his shorts and jerking it slowly,Well, Mom and Dad met her family at a taping of Family Fortune that we sent them to last year, so they’ve had sex with her already.

Dr. S: What? Your parents had sex with your girlfriend before you did?

Sam: And her parents. And a few dozen other people. Don’t you watch Family Fortune?

Dr. S: I know of the show. But I thought it was faked, like Wide World of Wrestling.

Tom: NO, oh no it isnot. In fact, it is part of a movement, part of the Lifestyle.

Dr. S: I wasn’t aware you are swingers, too.

Brenda: It’s a natural extension of our philosophy, we think. But we are very prudent and really only have regular activities with two other couples. Remember, sex is for play, sometimes, too.With a quick glance at each of the erections in her hands and a meaningful look back at the Doctor,And we hope to go visit Blythe’s family soon. It’ll be the first time we include all the kids.

Dr. S:bemused,Family Fortune is real? I need to interview some of those people, too, then…

Tom:proudly,We’d be glad to introduce you. We’ll show you our complimentary DVD of the episode we saw in Toronto. You also wouldn’t know that the audience is having sex the whole time the contestants are screwing on stage then would you? And there’s a cast and crew and audience blowout after the taping that wore us clean out. It’s all on the disk.

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