The Herbal Remedy

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This is a slower-paced, “tamer” story about a mother and son developing a sexual relationship. If you want something faster paced, or if incestuous content disturbs you, please find a story to read that will be more to your liking.

Thanks to Literotica member, Smoothed for his editing help and creative input.


“Sign here, and here…and here. Done! That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

Diana’s divorce attorney smiled and arranged the paperwork to be submitted to the court. After a very long year in negotiation, her divorce from her husband, Robert, was finalized.

“If you consider a year of bickering and airing-out all my dirty laundry as being ‘not-so-bad,’ then no, it wasn’t terrible. The most important point is that I can now move on with my life.”

“This is true, Diana.” He affirmed.

“Here, this should take care of the balance that I owe you for your work.” Diana handed him a check, shook the lawyer’s hand firmly then walked down the corridor, away from the court’s lobby area.

Her lawyer watched her as she walked away in her tight-fitting business skirt with jacket. He wondered about her curvy body. ‘Professional, yet hot as hell.’ He shook his head. He’d probably never see that ass again.

Diana felt his eyes as she walked away. She was accustomed to the attention she received from men and knew she was gifted with a beauty that few could surpass. Her features were noteworthy: five-foot eight inches, long, brown hair, light brown eyes, DD-cup breasts, hour glass figure, and an I.Q. as impressive as her measurements. She had the kind of looks that men would fight for, and that young men would remember at night when they were full of hormones and couldn’t sleep. She’d been masturbation fodder for men young and old, for practically her whole life.

But all of this faded in her mind as she walked back to her car. When she reached it and got inside, the dam burst and she couldn’t help but cry. What an ugly situation she had been in. Thank God it was all finally over. She let herself cry it out.

A few of Diana’s friends and two of her family members had been through a divorce. In most cases that she was familiar with, infidelity was the reason for the permanent split. In Diana’s case, it was just the opposite. For her entire life, Diana had no sexual appetite to speak of. This was just always how she was; asexual in a way, despite her physical attractiveness. She often did not enjoy the clunky, biological, violent act of sex and had difficulty achieving orgasm from intercourse. Heck, she even had difficulty bringing herself to an orgasm. Diana simply didn’t enjoy sex. Plain and simple.

All of this obviously created intimacy issues within her marriages. She’d been married twice now, and her second husband of three years, Robert, divorced her because of her refusal to engage in “marital intimacy” as his attorney so snidely put it. She was done with that fool. But even with her first husband, Brian, the father of her only child, lack of sex was an issue. The only reason that marriage didn’t end in divorce was that Brian had passed away in an automobile accident.

Despite this, Diana saw benefits to her lack of sex drive. She channeled her energy into other things. Her career, for example. She operated a successful software company that she started twenty years ago at the age of twenty-five. Her other top priority was her son, George. She held on to some guilt about his father’s death, so she poured herself into being the best parent she could be for him. He was her world. And he was now maturing into a wonderful man. He’d just recently been accepted to every college he applied to.

George, her sweet, loving son. Diana loved George like no other. He was her pride and joy, and her spitting image in a male. He was her six-foot two-inch angel. Diana smiled at the thought of the strapping young eighteen-year-old; captain of the lacrosse team, member of his school’s high-honor roll, overall nice guy, George was everything Diana could ever want in a son.

Little did she know that her perfect son was the exact opposite of his mother where sex was concerned. As was typical for boys his age, George filled his mind with sexual fantasy nearly every moment of every day. Oddly enough, his fantasies always involved his non-sexual mother. They just always had. She was so sexy, so… perfect to him. George had to navigate his sexual energy carefully, however. He could never be too open, for he was aware of his mother’s aversion to all things sexual. He simply fantasized and masturbated whenever he could. Internet and other varieties of porn were rare indulgences. His mother had a keen knack for computers and anything related to digital technology. It was risky for him to explore the web for masturbation material, so whenever he did, it was at his own peril.

Today, he attempted to do just that. As his mom left the courthouse and drove back home to take a nap after a stressful morning, George sat in the office güvenilir bahis chair, masturbating fervently. He focused on bringing his huge dick to an orgasm as soon as he could. He was taking a big chance and he knew it. He preferred tall, dark-haired, busty women, and he had just found one on an online website that fit his criteria.

Her website name was “Denise”, but to him, she was Diana, and she was just his type. Huge, hanging breasts, pale skin, mature… she was just right. He scrolled through her gallery, just on the edge of orgasm, and found a very exciting picture.

“Denise” was in the kitchen, wearing only a chef’s apron. Her large, bare breasts were pulled out and exposed. She was smiling wickedly, a smile similar to his mom’s, and she was licking a thick dollop of whipped cream from her finger.

‘I’ll give you some cream,’ George thought, gripping his massive erection. As looked over her curvy body, he noticed she was wearing bracelets. His mom always wore several bracelets and something about a mature woman with huge breasts wearing bracelets set him off. He felt his precum surge out, onto his hand.

“Oh yeah,” he grunted quietly. “Get ready Diana…” He felt the approach of a massive orgasm. “Oh fuck!” George cried as his cock burst with a stream of semen that shot through the air and covered his chin and chest. He pumped his big, hard cock until the cum stopped and he was finally sated.

“George? Are you home?” Diana burst through the front door and walked right into the office before George could pull his pants up. Porn on the computer monitor, dick in hand, cum on his shirt, Diana saw it all.

“What the hell is this, George?! Good Lord!” His outraged mother walked over to the stunned boy.

In that moment, everything seemed to move in slow motion. Diana noted the tall, buxom brunette on the screen. She looked back at her son, then at his fully aroused penis in his hand. It throbbed visibly and his head was hot and red. There seemed to be a clear liquid dripping out of his tip, semen coating his shirt in two, thick lines.

Oddly enough, she stared at it for a moment, realizing that it was the biggest penis she’d ever seen. She could also smell the cum in the room and was more than a little surprised at how much of it there was.

She was speechless and very disappointed in her son, but also a little aroused at the same time. Rather than continue to make a scene, she turned on her heel and left the office with an exasperated gasp. She needed to lie down.

George couldn’t believe his mother’s timing. ‘Now what?’ he thought. He couldn’t follow his mom into her room to explain, so he instead retreated to his own room where he lay down and began thinking about what to say to his mom when the inevitable lecture took place. ‘Shit! I should have waited.’ He crossed his arms and sulked.

Diana collapsed on her bed and wept. Her sobs echoed throughout her luxurious master bedroom as she cried for the second time that day. Normally, she was a rock, but the divorce, and now catching her son jacking off just sent her off the emotional deep end.

“I am so alone!” she cried. Her tears tired her quickly and she was soon curled in a fetal position in the middle of her bed fast asleep.

Early the next morning, Diana awoke. She was still wearing her, now wrinkled, business suit from the day before. Her head in a fog, she needed to shower and dress herself for her Saturday around the house.

‘Shit. I have to deal with George and his porn, don’t I?’ she reminded herself.

After her shower, Diana dried her lithe, toned body and smoothed lotion into her soft skin. She wore her usual yoga pants and sweatshirt around the house on weekends. After applying a bit of make-up, she set out to find George.

Diana didn’t know a lot about George’s private life. She rarely went into his room other than to return clean clothes or personal belongings he left about the house. She assumed that at the age of eighteen that he was experiencing some sort of sex and engaging in sexual experimentation, but the mother and son had no occasion to discuss sexual matters, so they never did.

George was a brilliant, high-achieving, handsome, conscientious boy who had never caused his mother any trouble. Catching him viewing pornography was a first. She had never suspected George of having any specific interest in girls. She recalled him going on a few dates here and there, and there were a few times when she thought she caught him staring at her breasts like when she tried on a tight shirt last year for Christmas, but other than that, he gave the impression that he was all about his studies.

She thought back to the image she saw on the computer and couldn’t help but draw a comparison between the woman in the screenshot and herself. ‘I guess he thinks I’m his type…interesting.’ She smiled. ‘But what am I going to say to him? I recognize that although I don’t feel sexual, that most men are very sexual, so there is no reason türkçe bahis not to assume that George is any different than any other man.’

She decided she would not say much if anything. Mostly she was upset that she had to see him in a private moment and would prefer it if he would be more discreet. This is the approach she decided to use.

Diana began her day by making herself a cup of coffee and sorting through a pile of mail from the previous two days. George came in wearing his pajamas.

“Morning, Mom.”

“Hello George. How did you sleep?” She continued sorting without looking up.

“Okay. You?”

Diana stopped what she was doing and looked out the window.

“Like a baby. It’s so nice to finally get that divorce out of the way. Robert said some horrible things about me during the process.” Diana continued her stare. She felt her tears returning.

“You’ve said that before. I’m a little surprised by that. He was always nice to me, and I didn’t see that he treated you badly.” George never understood why his mom and Robert got a divorce and was now curious as to why.

“He must have treated you poorly when the two of you were alone, I guess, right?” George asked in a concerned tone.

“It’s a little more complicated than that.” Diana wiped tears from her eyes and tried to resume folding the laundry.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” George put his long arm around his mother to console her.

Diana patted her son on the shoulder and moved toward the coffee maker to retrieve her cup of coffee.

“I guess you’re old enough to deserve a full explanation.” Diana sat down at the kitchen table. George sat down with her.

“He wanted more intimacy from me. He said I wasn’t…physical…enough for him. That this was a recurring issue that pissed him off. We would have fights about it…”

Diana’s face began to turn red. She looked out the window, clearly upset.

“I’m sorry. You don’t need to know all of this. It just feels nice to be able to talk about it with someone who knows my situation.”

George had no idea any of this was an issue, but as he thought about his mom and his ex-stepfather, it occurred to him that he couldn’t think of a single time when he saw them openly express any physical affection toward each other. Add to that the several times he tried to listen-in on them after they closed the door to their bedroom at night (to determine if they were having sex) and heard nothing but conversation. At that moment, he pitied his mom for the situation she was in.

“Well, at least now you can find someone who is a better fit, right?” George was trying to raise his mother’s spirits.

Diana smiled at her son. “I don’t think I’m going to be dating any time soon. In fact, I think I need to see a therapist or a doctor or someone to help me. Maybe Robert is right. Maybe I am not affectionate enough in general.” Diana got up from the table and resumed folding and sorting laundry.

Diana was quietly searching for the words she felt she needed to say.

“I am not very sexual, George. I don’t really think about sex, nor do I typically ever want to have sex. It’s just the way I am. The way I’ve always been. I know this had a lot to do with my problems with relationships.”

After she spoke these words, something curious happened. She felt a tremendous relief having told someone of her struggle. Even though it was her son, she felt like at least part of her weight has been lifted from her. George was the perfect confident as he would accept her unconditionally.

“Wow, Mom. It’s just…” George trailed-off.

“What, George?”

“It just seems like such a waste for a woman as beautiful as you are not to enjoy that part of your life. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!”

Diana walked around the table and gave her son a firm hug. “Thank you, baby,” she said softly. Holding her son, feeling some catharsis from their conversation, her emotions overcame her. She started crying again and her son comforted her by turning and fully embracing his mom. They held each other as Diane sobbed quietly, her shoulders shaking.

“It’s ok mom. It’s over. Let it all out,” George consoled her. Even as his mother was crying in his arms, she turned him on. He needed to break away before she felt his growing erection.

Diana’s tears trailed off and her body relaxed. She sniffled and George kissed her cheek. She picked up a tissue and blew her nose, then settled back at the table. She held the cup of coffee, comforted by its warmth.

After a brief period of silence, George began his pre-planned confession.

“Mom, there’s something I need to talk to you about. I just wanted to say about, you know, yesterday when…”

Diana interrupted him.

“Yes, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that, George.” She looked up to face her son again.

“Mom, I’m so embarrassed. I never do that,” he lied, “And the one time I do, you walk in on me.” George shook his head.

“George, güvenilir bahis siteleri I am not naïve. I know that teenage boys…young men your age… masturbate. That’s just where you are. There’s no need to pretend like it never happens. All I expect from you is to be more discreet about it. Keep that activity in the privacy of your room, not in our office.” Diana reached out her arm and lovingly pat George on the shoulder.

“God, this is so embarrassing,” he responded.

“Well, we don’t have to talk about it anymore.” Diana sipped her coffee and smiled.

“Thanks, Mom. I need to study. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” He walked off with coffee in hand.

In his room, George locked the door and took a deep breath, sitting down at his desk behind his laptop. ‘Fuck she is so sexy!’ he thought. To George, his mom was a goddess. She possessed the perfect body, face, and mind; she was the complete package. He secretly collected pictures and videos of similar models that resembled her on a free porn site he belonged to. All his sexual fantasies involved his mother.

Since the moment he began masturbating, George always had his mom in mind. This was not a simple feat, however, as she didn’t give him much to work with. She never wore sexy clothes and always kept the doors to her bedroom and bathroom closed and locked when she was in them. He had barely ever even seen any cleavage from what looked to be her DD or even E cup breasts. Mostly he jacked-off to mental images of her that he had to invent based upon how she looked in some of her tighter clothing.

Today he learned something new about his mom. Apparently, she is what he has heard described as “frigid.” He has read about “female impotence” on some website that had an article on it he was reading for school. Curious about his hunch, he went online and researched the subject.

He found a good site that described female impotence as: “Female sexual dysfunction. Avoidance of intimate situations, overly cautious about exposing body, lack of sex drive, etc.” George read the result of his research aloud. “These all sound like Mom.”

George continued to read.

Diana returned several emails as she sat alone in the home office. It was difficult for her to quiet the voices in her mind. She couldn’t shake the humiliating topic of past conversations: ‘Diana would be happier working on a crossword puzzle than to have sex.’ Robert’s words to her lawyer were so cold, so condemning. She couldn’t understand how he could be so superficial. Yet, they were true. And she hated that.

‘Three years of my life spent on that relationship. All he ever wanted was sex,’ she thought. ‘And part of my company,’ she reminded herself. That last bit made her feel a little better the outcome of the divorce.

Diana continued responding to emails for another thirty minutes then decided to take a long, hot shower.

Under the water, her body felt like it was melting. She was in a very difficult place emotionally and that frustrated her. She absently washed her soft, abundant breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen slightly. She moved on to lather her toned legs and smooth stomach. The water felt great. Relaxing. She reached down and rubbed soap between her legs. As her hands passed over her soapy pussy, she was surprised to feel goosebumps tingle her skin.

The thought of her son’s penis suddenly, and unexpectedly filled her thoughts. She remembered how smooth and thick it looked, throbbing in his hand. In her memory, she thought it shined as it lay there between his legs. She only saw it for a moment, but its shape was burned into her consciousness and she thought it looked marvelous. The last time she had seen it, was the last time she gave him a bath as a child.

‘He has really grown into a fine specimen of a man…’ she smiled.

She regarded it as a superior looking tool, much larger than his father’s or Robert’s. She would have expected nothing less from her son.

For the first time in recent memory, she became sexually aroused. Thinking about her son’s penis excited her.

Diana began rubbing her clitoris rigorously. She should feel shame, but her arousal felt totally natural. She’d had a normal, natural reaction to seeing an adult erect penis. This thought made her feel like she wasn’t so strange, instead of registering as deviant or incestuous. She just didn’t think of it like that. It felt okay to her. In fact, it felt better than okay.

She stroked her clit, then added more soap. It had been so long since she touched herself. After a few more rubs she thought, ‘What am I doing?’ and paused.

The moment slipped by her. It just wasn’t happening. She couldn’t drum-up enough desire to maintain a sexual thought for more than a few moments at a time. Emotionally exhausted and physically frustrated, she plopped down onto the marble tile of her shower floor. She was a mess.

“I can’t even masturbate!” She wailed aloud, then felt overcome again and sobbed for several minutes.

She finally collected herself and finished her shower. She rinsed, dried, and slipped her robe on. She had no idea that her crying was loud enough for her son to hear it in the next room.

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