The Homecoming I Desired

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I slid up behind Amy as she was washing her hands in the vanity sink within our bathroom. All the way home I had been thinking of her and her delicious body, my desire for her and the homecoming I was anticipating building uncontrollably. Now that I was home, I could hardly wait, and certainly couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I reached up to pull her soft hair away from the left side of her neck before replacing it with my lips. I placed my hands on her hips as I softly, yet eagerly placed my hungry lips on the tender skin under her earlobe. I kissed her with a sucking of my lips as I pulled her hips back into my own. I knew she could feel my already growing excitement as I whispered into her ear, “Amy, my love, I have been wanting you all day. I can’t wait to taste your delights and bury myself deeply within you.”

Amy giggled at my words, but could tell by the rise in the tone of my voice, along with the rising pressure against her backside, that I was serious in my stated desire. I reached out the tip of my tongue to run it slowly along the ridges of her ear as I slid my hands up under her sweater. My fingertips danced across her flat belly, stimulating goose bumps to rise in their path. As I lightly blew across the wettened ridges of her ears, I cupped Amy’s breasts in my hands. I was very glad that she had not put her bra on before putting her sweater on. I rested the weight of each breast in the palms of my hands as my breathing quickened and I began kissing Amy’s neck with eagerness. I slid my hands upward allowing my palms to feel the luscious softness of her breasts and then the rising points of her swelling nipples canlı bahis run across them.

With circular motions of my hands I felt Amy’s puckering nipples graze across my palms, pressing a little harder with each circle of my hands. I began to suck at her neck, alternating between little sucks, tender nibbles and sensual kisses, as I grasped Amy’s left nipple between my fingers and began to roll it between finger and thumb. Stretching her nipple outward, rolling its rubbery texture between my fingers and pinching lightly, I could hear Amy’s moans of pleasure begin deep in her throat. I loved hearing her moans and cries of pleasure and my already burning desire for her increased with fervor as I heard her now.

As I continued kissing and nibbling at Amy’s neck, I slid my right hand downward, back over her belly to the top of her shorts. Flattening my hand, I slid the fingers under the waistband, under the cloth and over the soft downy patch of hair I knew I would find there. I hesitated only for a moment to run this hair through my fingers before sliding my fingers further, until I could feel the softness of her mound. My breathing got huskier as I pulled Amy’s bottom into my now very hard member and ran my fingers softly over the soft inviting lips of her pussy. As I slid one finger down each swelling lip and my middle finger along the slit, I could feel the wetness that indicated that Amy too was feeling her own passion igniting.

I continued to pinch and pull at her nipple, as I moved my lips to the right side of Amy’s neck and slid my fingers further along her lovely pussy lips, finally sliding my middle finger between bahis siteleri their wetness and plunging it deeply into her warm inviting depths. I curved my finger upward, knowing how Amy loved it when I could reach her g-spot and I stroked it passionately as my breathing continued to deepen and I growled into Amy’s ear, “I can’t stand it. I need you, I want you, NOW!”

I slid my hand out of Amy’s shorts, releasing her nipple from my other hand and quickly grasped her shorts on each side of her hips. With one, fluid movement, I slid her shorts and panties downward, pulling them down over her hips and released them to fall at her feet. Amy started to turn around, but, I reached back up to grasp her hips and hold her in place. As I let go of her and quickly began undoing my belt, unzipping my jeans and sliding my own pants and underwear over my hips, I huskily whispered into Amy’s ear, “No, please, I want you like this, so that we can both see ourselves in the mirror. I want to see the pleasure of both our faces being reflected back at us.”

My erection was now iron hard, throbbing and dripping a thick stream of slick pre-cum as I stepped closer to Amy. She bent slightly over the vanity and spread her legs invitingly as I grasped my shaft and slid it easily between her quivering pussy lips. As soon as I felt the tip of my cock begin to stretch the opening of her delicious pussy, I grasped her hips and pulled her backward, plunging myself deeply into her wondrous depths. With a deep groan of delight, I held myself there for a moment, pulling on Amy’s hips, feeling myself buried deeply within her, but also ensuring that she bahis şirketleri was comfortable and desiring this as much as I was. I looked into the mirror in front of us and saw Amy’s lips form an “O” as I heard a mewling escape her throat. She then smiled and squirmed her bottom deeper into my thrusting hips, indicating that she too, desired this. With that encouragement, I began to thrust myself in and out of her, pulling her hips back with each thrust. It wasn’t long before I was grunting out with each deep thrust, feeling my pleasure building. I was lost in desire and could barely hear Amy’s own moans and passionate cries of my name, as a fog seemed to swallow my mind in the raw passionate coupling we were engaged in.

With a cry that seemed to come from the very depths of my soul, I felt myself erupt in climax, pulling Amy tightly into my hips, feeling my spasming cock thrust deeply into her sweet pussy. I could feel her own spasms, her pussy lips clenching at me as Amy experienced her own orgasm. I cried out as spasm after spasm hit me, feeling electrical waves run through me. My knees nearly buckled as I cried out, “Oh God, Ameeeeeeeey!”

With that last spasm, I slumped slightly over Amy’s back, quickly placing my hands on the side of the vanity to keep from pressing my weight down on her. I panted with the pleasant aftershocks of my release and felt Amy shiver beneath me as she whispered out in a tight voice, “Oh Jack, that was soooooooo good. I’ve been wanting you so badly while you were gone.”

With my member still embedded in her warm embrace, I wrapped my arms around my love, pulling her up into my embrace, placed my cheek to the side of her face and looked into the reflection of her glowing face in the mirror. “Mmmmmmm!” I murmured. “You are so incredibly, deliciously, desirable and lovely. And I am soooooo glad to be home.”

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