The Honey Dew List Ch. 06-09

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Chapter 6

Damien awoke Tuesday morning to clear evidence that he had been used all night long in his sleep. He looked to his right on the bed and there was Tara, naked as the day that she was born and quite stunning as ever. Since she had to get to work, too, he tapped her on the shoulder and she woke up, rather groggy, limping to the nightstand for her glasses. The dried cum on her thighs told more than a tale, as did the lipstick on her buns. Realizing that she had been intimate with Damien and his other women, Tara leaned over and gave him a “good morning kiss” that left nothing to be desired for passion.

“Where is Cassidy?” Damien asked aloud before looking over to clock … it said 5 am … it was much earlier than he thought!

“Oh, I think that she’s the other sleeping beauty next to you on your left, babe,” Tara pointed out Damien’s fiancee, who sure enough lay on there in all of her Middle Eastern splendor.

“Shower? I took one last night, but I don’t quite feel fresh and it will help wake me up,” Damien observed.

“You’re the king of shower sex, hon,” Cassidy spoke up as she awakened, “Give Tara the pounding that she needs, please. By the way, I think that Mom and Tammy are still on the sofa. Last I checked, Tammy was in Mom’s arms, nestled against her bosom. I couldn’t disturb such a lovely scene, so I left them alone to sleep together. Naked, they look even more peaceful and angelic together. It’s something out of Pre-Raphaelite art, if you ask me.”

“And you, what will you do?” Damien asked as he prepared to shower with Tara.

“Lie here and fall back to sleep for a bit longer, dreaming of more of last’s night festivities. Like how I literally kissed Tara’s ass? She still has the smears, doesn’t she? If I could pick a tattoo for her, it would be of my lipstick on her butt. What would you think of that, sweetie?” Cassidy giggled, making Tara laugh as well.

“Well, I wouldn’t object, as long as you kept kissing me that way. I love how you make love to my booty with your lips and tongue! Mind you, I enjoy pleasuring you gals that way as well. I’m going to so fucking love our wedding night, you know. All of us, together in bed, our bodies entangled as we worship our Damien the way that he deserves,” Tara licked her lips as she almost dragged Damien to the shower now to virtually rape him there.

“God, woman … you could make a eunuch horny!” Damien grinned as Tara and he washed and then fucked each other under the hot water jets.

“You’re not so bad yourself, you know,” Tara pulled her best Groucho Marx as she made out with him while they dried off.

“Well, we still have time before we have to get ready for work, you know,” Damien winked at Tara.

“True, but it’s Cassidy’s turn. Let’s wake her so that we can service her better,” Tara licked her lips, already envisioning Cassidy’s crack on her tongue.

“You just want to rim her, don’t you?” Damien accused Tara playfully.

“Guilty as charged, but I also want to see you make her scream so loud that she’ll wake up Maryam and Tammy as well,” Tara answered as they returned to the bedroom, to find Cassidy already awake and ready to pounce.

Damien was flat on his back before he knew it, Cassidy riding him like a bronco, while Tara started rimming her with a vengeance. Since he had just cum inside Tara, Damien was good for a half to full hour before he was ready to cum again, buying his fiancee plenty of time to use him for sex. She even pinned his wrists a few times while bouncing up and down on him, while Tara alternated between rimming her and sucking his balls. It was one of the most intense sexual escapades they had together, far better than the traditional Sunday sex that he used to almost schedule with his girlfriend before the list started. By the time that Damien came inside her wonderful pussy, Cassidy had peppered him with kisses, too, and she made full use of the lipstick for that as well.

“Please wear that to work. Not only will it deflect suspicion from Tara, but it will also mark you to the women of the office as a stud. Trust me. You’ll have to fight them off after that,” Cassidy urged Damien, who laughed and blushed.

This was especially true after Tara gave him kisses of her own, also with lipstick … a different shade, too, which she replaced on her own lips to avoid raising questions about herself.

“They don’t need to know which women pleasured you all night and this morning, just that it was more than one. You’ve got a reputation to build, honey. Also, try and remember, please, that I’m your work wife now. You need a quickie … Well, don’t rule out other women, of course, but know that I’m available for that. That’s all. I’m going commando today, by the way, with a miniskirt that just barely follows dress code. I want to keep your mind keenly aware that you have easy access to my pussy and my ass. On tap, of course.

“It gets bad enough at work, call me in, lock the door, and take canlı bahis a ‘break, ‘ by which I mean … hike up my skirt, bend me over, and hump me like it’s Wednesday, okay … please? That’s part of the fun of being your work wife, after all,” Tara urged him, while fondling his butt, even as Cassidy gave him a hummer.

“Don’t forget lunch hour. I’m going to drop by your work today and take you both out for a date at the cafe. That way, we can all speak to Trish together,” Cassidy assured him between licks to the head of his dick.

“Maybe we can tag along for that,” Maryam announced her presence while holding hands with Tammy.

“Yeah, imagine the looks from your colleagues as they see no fewer than three women pop up at work, looking for you. Besides, I want to get to know this ‘Trish’ girl, anyway. Make sure that she’s worthy of our Damien,” Tammy told them, while her mother and she got to work servicing Damien, adding their tongues to Cassidy’s in the business of oral pleasure.

“Don’t worry, babe. It’s only 6:34. We still have plenty of time to serve you,” Maryam reminded Damien as she locked lips with her daughters and with Tara … and that was when not sucking Damien’s cock and balls.

“Yeah, gotta send our man to work with an empty sack, you know. It will have plenty of time to fill up as it is. There’s no reason for him to have blue balls at work. You know, of all the gifts that you’ve ever given me, sis, your boyfriend was hands down the best!” Tammy winked at her elder sister, who winked back and put a hushing finger to her lips.

“He’s OUR boyfriend now, sweet sister, and don’t you forget it!” Cassidy reminded her while starting to eat her sister out.

“Yep, he’s ours,” Maryam agreed as she spread Tara’s ass cheeks to rim her like crazy.

That was when Tammy pushed Damien onto his back and began riding him with a fury, her pussy a silky, velvety trap that enclosed his cock. She wanted another turn with the family’s new husband (and that’s pretty much how she thought of it … he was husband or boyfriend to the whole family now) and she was going to have it, by God! She also swore to herself that she would legally change her surname to Martin, to make it more obvious than ever that he effectively had at least four wives now … and that was just a start … she decided to convince her mother to do the same thing, of course … and Tara, eventually.

“Very much ours, girls. Let’s make sure that he remembers that before work, so that he can look forward to coming home most nights of the work. We don’t want him out partying all the time when he could be at home with us, fucking us all into an early grave,” Tara agreed as she started rimming Tammy now.

“Oh, no need for me to go to a lot of parties. Certainly not alone. Most of my happiest moments are with you ladies. It was different when I needed an escape from the honey-do lists and stress, but quite another now that the list has changed … quite a bit, in fact,” Damien groaned shortly before the intensity of Tammy’s climax affected him and squeezed the last drops of his cum from his balls.

“Okay, time to eat some breakfast, I think. I need to recover some major calories, don’t you? It’s still just a little after seven, after all,” Damien smiled as he kissed Tammy fiercely and she knelt to thank him by kissing the head of his cock.

“See? That’s the key to turning a man into a homebody … giving him more sex than he could ever imagine, from more ladies than he could ever find at parties and bars,” Maryam playfully lectured them, even as she heated up the pizza in the oven for breakfast, “I hope that you don’t mind pizza for breakfast. It’s just plain one of my favorite things to eat this time of day.”

“I can see where Cass and Tam got it, then. A woman of great taste,” Damien teased her, licking his lips to make his double meaning clear, which made her giggle, as did his tickling.

“Oh, you devil! I’m going to love living with all of you, I can already tell! It’s not just the sex, though that helps a lot … it’s moments like this … playful happiness. I haven’t had that with a man in a good while, in fact. I love the sheer potential of nudism, too, plus the more relaxed atmosphere that it creates. Most of all, it’s having a man of the house to take care of, that much is clear. The sooner that I can retire and really enjoy my role, the better. He needs at least one Susie Homemaker around here, probably two or three, who can focus on pleasing him. I love to serve a man. I really took that for granted with my husband, but no more of that. I’m going to be a much better wife this time around,” Maryam declared, apparently determined to do a better job and make her man happy.

The pizza didn’t take that long at all, and pretty soon, the five of them dug into it with considerable appetite, having built it from so much sex already. The four ladies all gazed at each other and at Damien with undisguised lust and love, of course, their bahis siteleri passion for him inescapable as they thought of how wonderful a lover he was. They adored him and they hoped that their admiration was evident by now. He was their man … theirs and that of the others that they planned to add to his harem via this list business. He deserved the love of so many people and those lucky people deserved him, too.

As the Martin-Lassiter-Harmon clan finished their breakfast and three of them headed to work (Maryam took some personal time and was seriously contemplating early retirement as it was), a new family tradition took hold, where the ladies all gave Damien a very ardent kiss on the mouth to send him off to his labors with their love. They also did the same to each other as well, a kind of blessing to everyone involved that reinforced the idea that everyone really cared about everyone else here, but that Damien always came first in this household. They just hoped that it caught on and that Damien in particular could look forward to plenty of lipstick on his face from the women that he loved … and maybe a couple of men, too.

“Well, boss man, fraternizing has never been such fun,” Tara snickered as they pulled out of the driveway and drove off to begin another long, hard day of their noble professions … two of them reporting and other journalistic efforts, the other one in women’s health care and family planning.

Chapter 7

If Damien thought that his day would be even halfway normal, he was dead wrong, of course. Tara having gotten busy reviewing her material for her article about the mall Santa, Damien expected that he would be mostly left alone to do his editing, but that just wasn’t to be. Almost immediately, there was a knock at the door of the Volunteer’s office building, which with the Chief and other seniors still absent, resulted in an irate visitor showing his face, and he wasn’t alone. Lauren stood with her husband of just six months, Lewis Harris, attorney representing one Stanley Forrester, who just happened to be Cassidy’s ex-fiance. From the agitated and nervous facial expressions, Damien surmised that she would rather be anywhere but here.

“Alright, sir, where the fuck is Amos Clark and why hasn’t that stupid … boy listened to reason? I warned his sorry ass that there will be consequences if he doesn’t leave us alone! I will not have it, do you hear me? This is a new day and we don’t have to put up with his kind much longer, not once Barry leaves office!” Lewis clearly tried for intimidation, but just as clearly censored himself from being an obvious racist jackass as he had been on the phone.

“Amos Clark is a highly respected member of our team, sir, so I strongly urge you cease and desist harassing him, or else our own legal counsel might have to respond in kind,” Damien warned Lewis, confident that the Chief would back him up in that.

Lewis became livid and he pointed the finger directly at Damien, who currently served as the face of the Volunteer in the Chief’s and seniors’ absence, “You’re going to be sorry. Isn’t that right, Lauren?”

“Actually, it’s I that am sorry, Lewis … Damien. I’m sorry that I dealt and put up with this crap for so long. Lewis, bullying the press doesn’t work like harassing and intimidating your staff does. My apologies, Damien. I thought that perhaps he would try a more sensible approach. Clearly, he hasn’t caught on that the Fourth Estate can still hold their own and still have jobs to do, even in Trump’s America. I sometimes wonder how Lewis passed his bar exam or even graduated law school. Did you bully the administration into that? Perhaps you’re in the wrong line of work, honey. The incoming Justice Department could probably use a man like you, who is into pushing people around.

“As far as lawyers are concerned, get yourself one, because I’m so fucking done with this marriage! You have embarrassed me for the last time! In front of my ex-boyfriend, no less, too! Here, take back your damn wedding band, too! I want a divorce!” Lauren told her husband, right in front of Damien, much to the astonishment of both of them.

Lewis surprisingly became much more conciliatory now, “That won’t be necessary, babe. I’ll behave. I just got a bit … upset, that’s all, and I overreacted. My apologies, Mr. Martin. It won’t happen again. I promise you that. Lauren, please be reasonable! I’m trying to build our future for our family and all that!”

Clearly, it had occurred to the lawyerly side of Lewis, Damien thought with amusement, that if divorced from him, Lauren could be required to testify against him in court. That, far more than any other reason, sexual, financial, romantic, or whatever, judging from the man’s panic, was behind his attempt to mollify and placate the missus. Then again, if Lauren was as good in bed as she had been in the past, perhaps even better, her sexual talents would be very hard to replace. It was one thing for a lawyer to find bedfellows bahis şirketleri … those leeches always could impress a young woman with ambitions and dollar signs in her eyes. It was quite another to replace a woman who not only knew her way around a man’s body, but also gave herself to a man with as much passion as she had with Damien (it never occurred to Damien that Lauren would give anything less than her best to any man that she was with, so he didn’t realize that much of her enthusiasm in the bedroom was due to her strong attachment to him).

Lewis could be loathe to lose a lover with that much ardor, Damien thought to himself, not even noticing the way that Lauren looked at him, nor the way that her lump formed in her throat from being in his presence. However, once he broke himself away from his internal reflections, he saw some real steel forming in his ex-girlfriend’s jaw and exasperation in her eyes. She was so fucking done with Lewis, he could just tell. That was good for those seeking to implicate Lewis in his client’s organized crime activities and very bad news for Lewis himself. Amos Clark, Damien himself, the Volunteer editorial board and staff, and the authorities would all want a piece of Lewis’s hide to nail to the wall, and it was likely that whatever they didn’t get, Lauren would plunder in her divorce.

“Forget it, Lewis. Don’t ‘honey’ or ‘babe’ me! I’m done with you! You’ll be hearing from my attorney! I won’t ever be bullied or pushed around again! I’m going to make you pay for the Hell that you dragged me through, you racist, sanctimonious son of a bitch! Count on your own life going down the drain when I’m done with paying you back! You’ve treated me like the ‘little woman’ for the last time, you motherfucking thug!” Lauren slapped Lewis on the face, something that Damien generally disapproved of, thinking of it as abuse, but in this case, he was ready to make an exception just for Lewis Harris.

Lewis started to strike Lauren back, but Damien glared at him and waved his finger, “If you leave now, security won’t have to show you the door, but if you lay a hand on her, your ass is going to jail, buddy! Count on it!”

Lewis scowled at both of them, but he stormed off in spite of his rage, not even bothering to try to convince Lauren at this point. She had made it plain to even him that they were history as a couple. She had sent him packing, as it were, being tired of his bullshit and his viciousness, to say the least. The moment that he was gone, though, was the real shocker, as she didn’t hesitate to plant a lip lock on Damien’s mouth.

“Time to confess … I came along just so that I could dump his ass in front of you, and then give you a kiss that makes it plain where you stand with me. Shocked? Yeah, I was, too, when you had a revenge fuck with Marina. I didn’t realize that you could get so angry and vindictive, and it frankly scared me in ways. The truth was, though, that I was easily intimidated by Lewis, both to sleep with him, and then to dump you. It was a huge mistake, of course.

“That, in the end, was the true reason that we broke up … I was too easily pushed around and bullied by Lewis to do things like that. I should have stood my ground, broke it off with him for good, and sat down to talk it over with you. I was so … so wrong. However, I’ve made a decision, and I hope that it doesn’t sound too insane. No more … no more living without you. I’m done with it. I’m devoted to you … I might be a slut, but I’m your slut for life, whether you’ll have me or not. You own me now. Period. If that sounds like a stalker, so be it.

“This is a unilateral choice and I understand if you don’t feel comfortable with it at first. You don’t owe me anything. This is my personal decision. It is unconditional and I will never change my mind. I don’t care if you have a wife, a girlfriend, or both. I don’t care if you’re engaged. I don’t care about any of that. If you never take me up on it, so be it. I belong to you, sir, and you’re stuck with me. It’s like that Dido song, ‘White Flag.’ I’m in love with you and I’ll take the consequences, whatever they are. I’m yours. This is a standing invitation to do whatever you wish with me, too.

“So, deal with it, mister, because I already got all stupid and dumped you once, and I never make the same mistake twice. From now on, I’m your property for life and the only way to get rid of me is to kill me. Period. And I know that you’re far too good of a man to do that, sir! One way or the other, I’m going to win your love back. I don’t care how long or hard the road is, or how tough things might be, how many setbacks I might have, I will never give up on our love,” Lauren truly amazed him now, making him white as a ghost.

“Wow … I never expected this. Awkwardness, sure. Regrets. Nostalgia. Granted. But this … look, I won’t string you along, but I need to get back to you on this one. This is … mind-blowing, earthshaking, staggering, even. For now, give me your number, and I will get back to you. I swear it. Have I ever lied to you, Lauren?” Damien told her as he looked into the pools of her eyes, seeing the pain and yearning in them … for him, no less.

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