The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 02

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Recapping the characters:

My Ma, Pa, older brother Jethro and younger sister Trixie

My Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Shirley, and their 2 sons, Stan & Billy

My cousin Dirk

My boyfriend Bobby


Chapter Two

When I opened my eyes I was slumped on the sofa. My parents and Trixie were looking down at me with concern.

“What on earth is wrong with you, Jen?” Ma enquired. “Are you ill?”

“No. I’m fine,” I tried to reassure her. “I just can’t believe we beat McNeese.”

“Isn’t it great,” Pa added excitedly.

I couldn’t contain my emotions anymore. Tears began to roll down my eyes. I hid my face in my hands and sobbed.

“Jen, what on earth is wrong with you girl. You have been a bundle of nerves for the past two days.” Ma sat down beside me and placed a comforting arm around me.

I was too emotional to speak.

“She had a bet with Uncle Jimmy, and lost.” Jethro decided he needed to speak up.

“Jen had a bet with Jimmy?” My Ma was astounded. “Regarding what? Surely not over a game of basketball?”

I sobbed even louder. My parents looked to Jethro for an explanation. He gave them an abbreviated and sanitised account of the bet Uncle Jimmy had offered me. He told them that since I had lost the bet I had agreed to travel with the team on its away games and be their cheerleader.”

“I think they have the picture, thank you Jethro,” I suddenly interjected loudly, startling everyone in the room.

Fortunately it distracted my parents from what Jethro was saying. I could not stand the humiliation. By losing the bet I was going to be a bloody one-girl cheerleader squad. Just the thought of it made my eyes well up again. Suddenly I came up with a way out of my predicament.

“You won’t let me travel away with the team, will you Pa? I am only 18, and I can’t travel away with a bunch of boys. And you know what Uncle Jimmy is like?”

I almost smiled at my stroke of genius, but started to become concerned when my Pa took his time to weigh up the situation.

“I’ll be the only female travelling with them, Pa.” I further pleaded my case. “I can’t go.”

“Call me old fashioned, Jen, but a bet is a bet. You really should have thought of the consequences before you dived into the bet,” my Pa finally pronounced.

“No,” I groaned. I turned to my Ma. “Ma, please say I can’t go. Tell Pa I can’t.”

“I am sorry Jennifer. I support your Pa. You need to face up to your actions. And you are a good girl and I know I can totally trust you with the boys. Besides, Jethro and your cousins will be there and I know I can rely on them to look after you. I am sure you will actually end up having a lot of fun.”

I stormed out of the lounge and upstairs to my room, where I threw myself on my bed and cried. What had I done?

I had only been indulging in my self pity for a few minutes when Pa yelled upstairs that Mr Stanton, our orchestra conductor, was on the phone for me. I groaned out loud, even though no one could hear me except myself. I had been so sure McNeese would beat our team I had asked Mr Stanton to ring me this morning as I would have some good news for him. Dejectedly I made my way down the stairs to pick up the phone. I didn’t know how I was going to explain myself without sounding like a total fool.

“Hi, Mr Stanton,” I spoke tentatively into phone, trying to think of a suitable explanation.

“Congratulations, Jen. You did it,” my conductor blurted excitedly down the phone. “You managed to persuade that stubborn Uncle of yours to change his mind.”

“I did?” I had no idea what he was on about.

“Oh, come, Jen. Don’t be so coy. Your uncle just phoned me to say the two of you had a little discussion and now we can use the stadium for orchestra rehearsals.”

“He did!” I was dumbfounded.

“He certainly did. But he made some comment that I was not sure what he meant. He said he was changing his basketball practice times so they didn’t clash with the orchestra cause he needed you to be able to attend his basketball practices.”


“Yes. Something to do with you having to practice your cheerleader dance routines. I had no idea you were planning to be a cheerleader, Jen. I don’t mean to be rude, but I didn’t have you figured as the type of person who aspired to being a cheerleader.”

For the umpteenth time today I groaned again. If our conductor, Mr Stanton, knew of Uncle Jimmy’s intention to try and make me be a cheerleader, then I had no doubt the whole orchestra would soon know. This would include my boyfriend, Bobby. OMG. How humiliating. I couldn’t think of a suitable explanation to give to Mr Stanton, so I didn’t even attempt one.

The next orchestra rehearsal was scheduled for Tuesday in the stadium, with Uncle Jimmy rescheduling his team’s basketball practice to commence straight afterwards. I had not personally heard from my uncle since our ill-tempered encounter last Thursday, and to be honest I was deliberately avoiding him. I hoped he had at least a skerrick of decency in güvenilir bahis him and he would realise he had behaved despicably towards his niece. I was family, after all.

I should have known I was hoping against hope. On the Tuesday morning as Jethro and I were preparing to head off to college he turned to me with an embarrassed look on his face. He informed me that Uncle Jimmy said he was expecting me to be at every one of the basketball practices as I had a lot to learn before their first scheduled away game in three weeks time. I was to be sure to bring my gym gear along with me.

“Jethro. This is madness,” I responded. “Can’t you please talk Uncle Jimmy into changing his mind?”

Jethro had an incredulous look on his face. “Jen. You know as well as I do that Uncle Jimmy answers to no-one but himself. He is certainly not going to care what I have to say. And he is just as likely to kick me off the team if I say anything.”

My first instinct was to call him a wimp, but deep down I knew he was right.

At orchestra rehearsal that evening no-one except Mr Stanton seemed aware of the bet I had lost, and I had no intention of mentioning it. My boyfriend, Bobby, was upset with me because he had text me several times over the weekend and I had not responded. I had been so distracted by events I had not even checked my mobile. I apologised and told him it had been a crap weekend, and being the kind hearted person he is he quickly forgave me. I only hoped he would be so understanding when he found out I was going to be travelling away with the basketball team and was going to be a cheerleader. I desperately wanted to tell him the truth but was too embarrassed to do so. I promised myself I would definitely tell him soon.

As orchestra rehearsal finished everyone packed up and left. No-one was surprised when I hung back as they assumed I was waiting for Jethro to have basketball practice. With trepidation I watched the players trickle into the stadium. Several of them looked over at me and I saw them nudging each other, making comments and then laughing. I wished the stadium floor would open up and swallow me.

Jethro had got a ride with our cousin, Dirk. A couple of the other players made comments to them as they arrived, and they all turned to stare at me cowering at the far end of the stadium. Whatever they said, Jethro was not amused and did not laugh along with them. I think he was both angry and embarrassed that his younger sister was going to be causing an unwanted distraction to the team.

Uncle Jimmy was the last to arrive, accompanied by his two redneck sons, Stan and Billy. He glanced around and saw I was standing down the far end of the stadium but ignored me. He organised his boys into some drills and then walked over to the grandstand and began talking to someone seated there. I paid no attention, and continued to nervously fidget with my violin case and the small bag containing my gym gear. When I looked up again a couple of minutes later Uncle Jimmy was beckoning me to come over to him. Reluctantly I took the long walk down the length of the stadium to where Uncle Jimmy was standing. I heard a couple of the boys snigger as I walked passed.

It was not until I got beside Uncle Jimmy that I realised who he was chatting to. It was the pert, diminutive figure of Sonja. I did not know her personally, but knew about her by reputation. I won’t bore you with the details, but she is the sort of gal that gives Southern belles a bad name. In other words a total slut who has slept with many of the jocks from around the college. She was also one of the cheerleaders who performed at our home championship games. I had seen her a few times when I went along to our stadium to watch Jethro play. You could just tell she was the type of girl who loved to strut provocatively in front of a crowd wearing only a ridiculously skimpy outfit. She was shorter than me by several inches but had the power-pack body that gymnasts have. She was so flexible she could get her body into positions that would crack bones in the average person.

“You know Sonja, do you Jen?” Uncle Jimmy asked, unable to hide his smirk.

“Hi,” I responded frostily.

“She is one of our best cheerleaders.”

“Is that so,” I responded with an air of indifference.

“Yes, it is so,” Uncle Jimmy’s smirk grew larger. “And you will be pleased to know she has kindly agreed to train you up on some routines before our first away game in three weeks.

“You are so lucky,” Sonja purred. “I wish I was the lucky one able to travel away with the team.”

I knew why she wished she could go along. It would give the slut the chance to bang every male on the team, including the coaching staff no doubt. Plus she would no doubt just love being the centre of attention when she strutted around as a solo cheerleader.

“Well you are in luck,” I quickly retorted. “I am more than happy for you to take my place.”

I quickly picked up my violin case and bag and made to move away.

“Nice try, my darling niece. Sonja’s not going türkçe bahis anywhere with the team, but you are! Now before the two of you disappear down the other end of the stadium to practice you dance routines, here is your cheerleaders outfit, Jen. It has been made especially just for you so we need to check it fits.”

He handed a plastic bag over to me.

“Fine, I will take it home and let you know if it is suitable,” I responded sarcastically.

“No you won’t,” Uncle Jimmy responded tersely. “You will try it on now. And hurry up will you. We are wasting valuable time.”

Tentatively I opened it up and cringed when I saw what was inside.

“I am not wearing this!” I pulled out the skimpy outfit.

Uncle Jimmy’s eyes bored into me. “Jen! Our bet was that you would be our cheerleader. Now, in case you had not noticed, cheerleaders wear cheerleader outfits. What you have in your hand is a cheerleader outfit, and you are wearing it. Now if you are not changed and back here in four minutes I will ask Stan and Billy to come over and give you a hand. I am sure they would love to help.”

I held my ground, wanting to continue our disagreement when I noticed Uncle Jimmy was looking at his watch.

“You are rapidly running out of time, Jen. I think my boys are going to be needed to help you get dressed.” He turned and yelled out for his redneck sons to come over.

Angrily I snapped up the plastic bag and stormed off to the female’s locker room. When I got there the door was locked, and I spent several seconds stubbornly trying to force it open. I looked back across the stadium to Uncle Jimmy who was grinning at me and pointing to his watch. I sprinted back across the stadium.

“It is locked,” I breathlessly pointed out the obvious.

“Yes. The female changing room is always locked in the evening as only the men use the stadium after hours. You will have to use the male locker room.”

I could hear Sonja giggling behind me. Stan and Billy were wandering over towards us.

“I am not getting changed in the men’s locker room,” I vehemently protested.

Uncle Jimmy just shrugged and looked down at watch. “Suit yourself. You either get changed in the locker room or out here in the stadium. It is entirely your choice, but it would certainly be more fun watching you get changed out here.”

“What’s up Pa?” Stan and Billy had joined us.

“I think Jen needs your help,” Uncle Jimmy grinned.

“Like bloody hell I do.”

I quickly turned on my heels and stormed off towards the men’s locker room.

“Two and a half minutes left,” Uncle Jimmy yelled.

Panic set in. I ran into the locker room and quickly looked around the three aisles of lockers. Thank heavens it was empty. My fingers fumbled as I fought with the stubborn buttons on my blouse and flicked it off. I unzipped my jeans and pushed them down to my ankles before realising I needed to take off my shoes and socks first. Stumbling backwards I landed on the bench seat and kicked off my footwear before sliding my jeans off. I felt terribly vulnerable, sitting in the men’s locker room dressed in only my bra and knickers. I would be mortified if someone walked in now.

Realising I was wasting time by pondering my fate, I reached into the bag and pulled out the cheerleader outfit and held it up. Just looking at it made me feel faint. It consisted of almost nothing. Even though it was in the purple and yellow colours of our college, it was different than what our cheerleader squad wore at our home games. It was even briefer! I had not thought that could be possible, given how brief the cheerleader outfits already were.

I regarded the outfit I was holding in my hands as indecent. The top was like a full bikini top, yellow on one side, purple on the other, and tied together in the front with a bow. However it was the bottom of the outfit that was most shocking. It was a pleated yellow and purple skirt that could not have been much more than six inches long. At the rear it had a pathetically bimbo big yellow ribbon that hung down below the skirt.

I closed my eyes in despair, hoping that when I opened them I would find I had awakened from a terrible nightmare. However when I opened them again the nightmare had not gone, and all I had achieved was to waste yet more time.

“You have less than one minute, Jen,” Uncle Jimmy’s voice boomed out.

I quickly pulled the top over my bra and tied the bow at the front. Picking up the skirt I pulled it around my waist and tied the bow tightly at the rear. However when I looked down I noticed my pink knickers were clearly visible underneath. I looked positively indecent.

Reaching behind me I loosened the bow of my skirt, pulled it lower down my hips, and refastened it. The skirt was now so low on my hips it barely covered the top of my pubic hair. The top of my pink knickers were showing above the waistband of the skirt. Frantically I pushed the top of my panties down so they did not show. I quickly glanced at myself in the mirror above the hand basin. güvenilir bahis siteleri I stared at myself in horror, disbelieving of what I was seeing. I felt like I was almost naked. The only saving grace was that the crotch of my knickers was now thankfully hidden, although only just.

‘I can’t go out like this,’ I rationalised to myself. ‘The humiliation will be just too much.’

I jumped in fright as Uncle Jimmy’s two boys burst into the locker room. I cowered back into a corner and instinctively brought my hands up in front of me. When they spotted me their faces lit up with lust. One of them wolf whistled.

“That is a definite improvement. The stuck up bitch looks decidedly hot,” Stan leered.

“Get out of here,” I protested.

“Pa says we’re to fetch you out whether ya dressed or not,” Billy drooled.

They both advanced on me. In a panic I quickly sidestepped them and rushed out into the stadium, right into the middle of a jump and shoot drill the boys were running through. The chaos caused as I ran through the middle resulted in the whole drill disintegrating.

“What the hell are you doing,” Uncle Jimmy yelled out. “Get over here and leave the boys alone.”

I quickly scampered towards the side of the stadium where Uncle Jimmy was standing with Sonja. Most of the boys had stopped playing basketball and were watching my exit from their midst. I felt as if they were all staring at my barely covered buttocks. I blushed bright red and pulled the back of my skimpy skirt down.

“My gawd. I didn’t realise your little sis had such a hot bod,” one of the players nudged Jethro.

“Shut your face, pervert,” Jethro responded angrily

Uncle Jimmy looked me up and down as I walked towards him. The leer on his face seemingly indicating he was relishing seeing his niece’s lack of clothing and her discomfort.

“You took your time,” he barked. “I thought I told you four minutes.”

“I went as quick as I could. You try getting changed in four minutes,” I replied sarcastically.

He ignored my retort, but kept his eyes on me. I felt more exposed than I ever had been in my whole life. I hated the thought that I had so much bare flesh exposed, especially in front of my creepy uncle and all the boys in the basketball team.

“Are you wearing a bra?” Uncle Jimmy’s gaze was firmly focused on my boobs.

“Of course I am,” I snapped back.

“Well take it off.”

“What!” I responded incredulously.

“Cheerleaders don’t wear bras under their tops. Have you ever seen Sonja wearing a bra when she and the girls are dancing in front of the fans?”

Slowly I turned to stare at Sonja. Frankly I had never noticed.

“How the hell would I know,” I retorted.

Sonja grinned at me provocatively “We don’t. Not ever.”

I could not help thinking what a slut she must be.

“I am not removing my bra,” I yelled out in anger.

The whole stadium went quiet apart from a chorus of sniggering. Everyone’s attention was focused on me, and I felt my face flush even further with embarrassment.

Uncle Jimmy waved his finger in my face. “Don’t think you are too old for a damn good spanking young lady.”

Uncle Jimmy was playing to his audience, and most of the boys sniggered even louder. I doubted even Uncle Jimmy would dare try doing such a demeaning thing, but I was not about to push my luck. Furiously I stormed back across the stadium floor, the eyes of the players watching me all the way to the entrance to the locker room.

Once inside I removed my top, unfastened my bra and removed it. My firm titties sprung free. I kept furtively glancing around, expecting to find someone spying on me. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I knew Uncle Jimmy was just intent on humiliating me as much as possible. And unfortunately for me he was succeeding very well. I knew I had been a bit of a bitch to him in the past, but there was no way I deserved this.

I pulled the bikini-type top of the ridiculous purple and yellow cheerleaders outfit back on and fastened the bow in front of the cups. I moved over to the hand basin where the mirror was positioned. I groaned in dismay when I saw my reflection. The outlines of my nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.

‘Bloody hell’, I mumbled to myself. ‘This cannot be happening to me.’

The nervous tension meant I had goose bumps. And when I got goose bumps my nipples would become hard, which meant the pointed ends were poking against the fabric.

‘No, no,’ I reprimanded my own breasts, ‘don’t do this to me. Not now. Please.’

I actually tried to flatten my nipples with the palm of hand, but it made no difference.

“Jen,” Uncle Jimmy’s voice boomed out. “What the hell are you doing in there? Playing with yourself?”

Raucous laughter echoed from the stadium.

“Get out here now or I am sending the whole damn team in to fetch you out.”

More raucous laughter followed. Humiliation wept from every pore of my body as I made the slow and incredibly embarrassing walk out of the locker room and into the stadium. Everyone’s attention was focused on me. There were grins and snickering everywhere. The exception was my brother, Jethro, who stared at me briefly then turned away in disgust.

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