The Initiation part one

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Every year to get into a certain fraternity new members must go through a pledge task or week…and I was no exception. Being a freshman I wanted to get into one so I had to do a task that would gain me entrance and the one that was given to me was a daunting one. To pledge my loyalty to the fraternity I had to give a blowjob to a person of said fraternity’s choice. So the fraternity found a Junior in our college to be the one.
So there I was waiting in the pledge room wearing briefs and shirt waiting why everybody else left to go drinking. Then suddenly a black man wearing a pair of tight black boxer briefs entered the room. We looked at each other…he smiled as he continued over to me. I noticed his bulge in his boxer briefs show through as he did. He was fit but yet real in his body size. His light dark skin glimmered as he stopped just a foot away from me. His and my eyes were staring at one another. He held out a piece of paper and read it to me. It was a note from the fraternity telling me before the Blowjob that I had to give this person in front of me was to be given me and said person had to kiss for ten minutes. I said to this man in front of me that I have never kiss another man before…only women I have. Then I said to him that I have never went down on another man before but when I was younger me and two of my friends challenged each other to banana jobs but other than that no experience in sucking cock. He looked at me and said,” Don’t worry you will do fine, just relax and it will be over soon. So he spread my legs open and came in between them, we were face to face just then. I felt his legs touch mine…his smell was seducing. I started to feel weak as he began to touch me…my heart started to race as his hands grabbed mine and our fingers entwined. I closed my eyes as he pressed his lips to mine. The sound and the softness of his lips kissing mine done me in…before we knew it we were tongue kissing. I was in his embrace. We kissed for the ten minutes and I was all hot and bothered. My cock was now hard and ready. When the black man got up his was too.
I watched him pulled his cock out of his briefs and my eyes lit up…It had to be 7 inches minimum. I knew I couldn’t do this. He began stroking it in front of me…enticing me on. He said to me I know you wont take all of me but I know you can take some of it…just relax your hot mouth and throat and we will be good. So he bent down and kissed me several times and I grabbed his black cock and started playing with it. How smooth skinned his cock was and how sensitive it felt in my hand. He moaned as I began stroking it harder and faster. Finally I got the nerve to wrap my lips around it and take it in. It was amazing how his cock felt in my mouth as my lips slid up and down his shaft and he was correct I couldn’t take all of him. I must of started to make him feel good cause he reached around my head and held it in his right hand as I sucked on him. I was lost in his grasp…I was sucking this black man’s cock and enjoying it. In fact I was so turned on that my hands started stroking mine to which was out front and center. The Black man looked down to see mine and said that I had a nice one myself with a smile. He slipped his cock out of my mouth and removed his briefs and pulled me up to him. Our bodies began to rock together as we kissed…he began kissing my neck as his cock and mine started to rub together. From then on our moans, the sounds of our kisses was all we spoke.
I dropped do my knees and began sucking the black man’s cock again…I was really making him feel good. I began to tease his cock head with my tongue, swirling it around and flicking it against it. Suddenly he motioned me to sit on the floor so I did and then he stood above my face. He then grabbed his cock and squatted down and put his cock back into my mouth. He began to ride my face…his black cock sliding down my throat. He squatted up and mouth taking his cock in deeper. He pulled his cock out to pump his shaft his hand…my thoughts in my head said that he was about to cum. He looked down to me and then took his balls and pressed them against my mouth…I took them in and sucked on them fiercely. I couldn’t believe that I was about to make another man cum!
Then as his balls popped out of my mouth and his hands pounded his cock shaft his cock began to spasm. He looked down to me and said that he wanted to cum in my mouth so badly. So I thought about it and I wanted it too. So just then he lowered his cock down to my mouth and my lips partied open and my eyes saw the first white gob of cum shoot out of his cock and onto my tongue. My eyes closed after that and the rest of the black man’s cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed his cum hungerly as he squeezed his cock of every drop of cum and then softly smacked his cock against both of my cheeks. So I licked my lips as he backed up off of me…his cock was limp and ready to be put back into his briefs. Just then he looked down at my hard on and said to me that a encore performance was in order so he helped me up and then sat me down and then spread my legs again.
His hands quickly took my hard cock out and immediately his mouth sunk down my shaft of my cock. My head and body flew back feeling the first blowjob that another man was given me. It was incredible! His mouth and tongue knew my cock in and out. I have had several blowjobs from women but nothing like this! I watched the black man’s lips slid up and down my shaft with masterful techniques…the way he teased my balls with his tongue and mouth drove my mind crazy. I wanted to cum all over him! Just then my body thrusted and he took my orgasm in him…I was spent!
Minutes later after we came down from our passions…he welcomed me to the fraternity and said that if it was up to him he would take me back to his dorm and fuck my brains out. We both smiled and at the last moment I gave him my phone number and he gave me his. It wasn’t long until I was in his bed on all fours and him behind me smacking my ass with his hips but that’s for part two.

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