The Inspector Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of The Inspector and it would be helpful if the first chapter was read first. It is the story of a young detective being seduced by an older, senior, female detective.


We booked out of the motel as we intended winding up our investigations during the day and then return home.

During the day, we reverted to our formal roles, Inspector and Constable as though nothing had happened, although we were very busy during the day.

It was about four o’clock when we had finished. We stopped for a coffee before heading back home. While we were drinking the coffee, Pam lightened up.

“I enjoyed the fucking you gave me last night. I am sure some of the guys in the squad would be surprised. I have heard them talk about you. They comment on the fact that you never talk about females. Some think that you don’t go out with females. I know different. I have seen you around town with the same girl. Once she was wearing a nurse’s uniform. Is she your girl?” Pam asked.

I told her about Marianne and that we were living together.

We started for home with me driving. Pam slept for a while. She appeared to have a smile on her face. I continued to glance in her direction from time to time. After the night with her, I saw her in a different light. While she slept, she appeared to be caressing her tits through her dress. This was getting to me.

The bra that she was wearing was almost sheer with no lining. It provided an almost natural shape to her tits.

Pam awoke and stretched. Her body seemed bahis firmaları even more inviting.

I knew the road along which we were travelling. It was a rural road and did not carry much traffic. I recalled there was a large grassed parking area further along the road. There were no amenities, just a large open area with some trees. The parking area was usually deserted. Darkness had already fallen. I decided to chance my luck.

I reached over and gave Pam’s right tit a squeeze. Pam moved closer to me, apparently to make it easier for me to massage her tit.

“Why don’t you take off your knickers,” I said.

Immediately Pam lifted her butt and commenced to remove her knickers. “There you are,” she said as she folded them and handed them to me. “Now what?” she asked.

We were approaching the parking area. It was deserted. I drove to the back of the parking area and parked the vehicle, pointing away from the road.

We both alighted from the car. I intended to fuck Pam on the bonnet of the car.

Pam met me at the front of the car, threw her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. She grabbed my balls and penis, which was fully aroused.

“I was watching you when you thought I was asleep. I could see you were aroused,” Pam said.

“Is that why you were massaging your tits?” I asked.

“I did not think you noticed,” she said. “And what do you have planned for me?”

I pushed her back so that she was lying on her back, on the bonnet of the car. “Can you wait a minute?” she asked. With that, kaçak iddaa she lifted off her dress and removed her bra so that she was naked. She moved to me, took off my shirt, trousers, shoes, socks and underpants so I was also naked.

“Now do what you will,” she said, as she returned to her position, on her back, on the bonnet of the car. She drew her legs back so that her toes were on the edge of the bonnet, level with her pussy.

I started with her tits, massaging and kissing them. I purposely avoided her pussy which appeared to make her more frustrated. When I finally zeroed in on her pussy, Pam let out a scream of pleasure. I placed two fingers into her pussy and licked her clit. She was quick to have an orgasm. As she did so, liquid squirted from her pussy. Most of it went on to my face. It had a slightly sweet odour. It was certainly not urine.

Pam pulled me up to her to kiss me. When she encountered the liquid on my face, she asked me what it was. I explained to her that it was from her. She licked my lips.

“I have never done that before,” Pam said. “I can’t remember an orgasm like that. You can have me any time you like.”

Pam reached down and grabbed my balls. “I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard,” she said. She then wrapped her legs around me as I used my erect penis to massage her pussy. She then pulled me into her.

What followed was a hectic session. Pam, after a while, turned over so that she was crouched on all fours, on the bonnet of the car. She wanted to be taken from behind. At times, I stopped kaçak bahis pumping so as to hold off the orgasm. Pam moved to the ground saying, “Fuck me like a dog.” It was one of the wildest sex sessions I had ever experienced.

I don’t know how long we lasted but when we both had an orgasm, it took some time for both of us to recover.

I lifted Pam on to the bonnet of the car, opened her legs and went down on her pussy which was saturated with semen and Pam’s juices. Pam held my head with both hands. At times, she ran her hands through my hair, sometimes holding my head in a position so I could direct my attention to where she desired.

Pam had another orgasm, locking her legs around my head.

After a while, she relaxed, pulled me up to her and began to lick my lips before she kissed me.

“Thank you. I have never enjoyed fucking so much,” she said.

We cleaned ourselves up, got dressed and continued on our journey.

“Have you any other surprises?” Pam asked.

“No, I am all out,” I said.

Pam reached across, undid my fly and reached in to my balls. “They do not seem to be empty,” she said as she gave them a light squeeze. She withdrew her hand and did my zip up.

“Is your partner expecting you?” I asked.

“No, tonight he has to go to a meeting and won’t be home till late. What about Marianne?”

“She is on afternoon shift and won’t get home until after midnight.”

I dropped Pam at her home. I arrived at my home at nine o’clock, had a shower and went to bed. I wanted some bed rest before Marianne arrived.

When she arrived home, it was almost two o’clock. There had been an emergency at the hospital. In spite of being tired, Marianne wanted to fuck and so we did.

To be continued…

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