The Island of Three Ch. 01

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The Island of Three

Chapter 1 – Present day

Tobias awoke to the familiar scent of sand and sea. He stood up out of his bunk and stretched, relieving his muscles from the relaxing slumber. He made his way to the exit where the sunlight peeked through. Each step got easier as he woke up with every passing second. Finally reaching the outside, the sun beamed down onto his chest as he peered out to look for his sisters.

At first, Tobias couldn’t see anyone. He looked from side to side and took numerous steps forward hoping to gaze upon his siblings. With no one to be found, panic set in and Tobias began to move faster through the area. The beach was his first stop, hoping that was where they would be.

Just as panic set in, Tobias neared the shore where he heard the faint sounds of laughter and splashing. His panic faded as he reached the sand bank looking over the sea. There in the waves were his sisters, Sylvia and Lexi, playing in the water.

Tobias was twenty-four years old. His sisters were both younger than him; Sylvia at twenty-two and Lexi at twenty. Being the older sibling, Tobias felt like it made him in charge and his responsibility to keep his sisters safe. His whole life he had protected them from bad boyfriends, shady men and occasionally from their own father. Not that they really needed protecting. All three siblings had taken martial arts lessons at one point in their lives and knew how to defend themselves. However, Tobias liked to make sure they were ok. If he was hurt instead of them being hurt, then he knew he was doing his job right.

Looming down the beach to where his sisters were, he watched as they splashed each other with water and bounced from side to side, trying to avoid each other’s attacks. Tobias couldn’t help but notice their breasts, bouncing with every movement. Each sibling was blessed with fantastic shapes.

Sylvia had bigger boobs than her younger sister, but not by much. She had gorgeous shapely legs to match her perfect posture and the alluring gaze of a Siren. Lexi was also blessed with a large chest, not as impressive as Sylvia’s but more than what most men would want in a busty babe. Lexi had more of an hourglass body, being slightly shorter than her sister, but with more of a toned ass that made men, and some women, go crazy.

Tobias was a tall, muscular man. Growing up he had played many sports which helped him stay fit and healthy, while also helping him grow muscle. He wasn’t the predictable jock type, as he also played games and read books, but he did try to stay as active as possible by helping his local neighbours with their chores. If anything, being stuck on the island only boasted his muscles more.

He made his way down to the shoreline, hoping to avoid ogling his own sisters’ bodies as he walked. They didn’t spot him until he was close, and as he approached them, they both squealed and ran directly towards him. Both were bouncing through the waves sending their barely contained breasts into a frenzy. They didn’t realise the affect they had on their brother as he tried to avoid staring.

“Tobi!” They both shouted in unison as they ran towards him.

“Good morning girls. I was just wondering where you both were is all.”

“Aww were you worried about us?” asked Lexi.

“What? No I wasn’t.”

“You were! Who were you more worried about? Me or Syl?”

“I wasn’t worried about either of you. I just didn’t know where you were.”

“Whatever, you were worried I can tell.” Lexi started smirking.

Tobias sighed heavily. “Sylvia, can you tell your sister to be quiet please?”

Sylvia chipped in. “Lexi, be quiet. He wasn’t worried about you.”

“Thank you,” Tobias said.

“He was worried about me,” Sylvia added.

Tobias’s head dropped in annoyance. “I’m going back to bed.”

Both girls threw their heads back in laughter. A few moments later they wandered back up to the camp. Sylvia prepared some food for Tobias as Lexi grabbed him some fresh water.

“What’s come over you two? I’m being waited on. What do you want?”

“What? Nothing. You had your first good night sleep since we got here, and we’ve already eaten,” replied Sylvia.

Tobias was hesitant at first but decided not to think of the matter. He looked down at his plate to view his food. “Fish. Well at least its not coconut.”

“That’s the spirit. Now eat up before I get you a coconut.” Sylvia had always been the demanding type.

Halfway through his breakfast, Lexi returned with water and poured him some into a plastic bottle. Sylvia had gone to change at this point so Tobias and Lexi shared some idle chit chat güvenilir bahis about what they were going to do for the day. Tobias had decided that the S.O.S sign they had created should be made bigger and with more stone. Lexi was going to try and fix the nets that had ripped the day before so they could catch more fish.

When breakfast was done, Tobias made his way back into the man-made shelter to grab his clothes and trainers. As he walked through the entrance he was greeted with his sister’s rear pointing right at him. Sylvia was on all fours, facing away from her brother in search of something.

“Wow!” Tobias thought. Recently he had been finding it harder and harder to resist throwing his sisters down and claiming them as his own. Shaking any lustful thought aside, he tried to focus.

“Umm are you ok down there Syl?” He hoped asking a question would make her move so her ass wasn’t pointing right at him.

“Argh! I broke my hair scrunchy. I thought I had another one but I can’t find it.” As she spoke her plump butt wiggled, causing Tobias to look away.

“Oh. Don’t worry I’ll make you one.”

Sylvia got up off the floor and turned to look at her brother. “Make me one? How?”

“Well I’m not sure yet. I will figure it out. Besides, one isn’t going to wash up out of the blue unless we get really lucky. And we haven’t been very lucky thus far.” Tobias spoke with ease now that he wasn’t staring at his sister’s ass.

Sylvia bounded over to her brother and wrapped her arms around him, pushing her top heavy chest into his. “You’re the best, thanks bro. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t put my hair up in a pony tail.”

“Oh I don’t know. I quite like it with your hair down.” His words made her blush slightly.

Sylvia wasn’t sure if it was the closeness, the compliment or the fact that Tobias was the only man she had seen for months but something had an impact on her at that very moment. Her brother showed strength, ambition, confidence and kindness and with those qualities, mixed with her own ever growing need for sexual release, she found it hard to concentrate around her older brother.

The two siblings were close, mere inches away from each other, locked in an embrace in their own dimension, away from the island. They both stared at one another, heat in their eyes, like a primal lust was overtaking them. Tobias’s hands were on his sister’s hips while her hands were wrapped around the back of his neck. He had a direct view down her ample cleavage.

In that moment they didn’t seem to care what was happening, until Lexi called to them from outside the shelter.

“Guys. Are you coming back out or are you just going to lounge around all day while I do the work?”

Their sister’s words brought them back to reality as they shifted from each others’ grasp.

“Umm, yeah best go do some work,” Tobias spoke nervously.

“Yeah, work. Of course, there’s uh, work to do.”

Tobias grabbed his stuff and left the make shift room.

“Wow. What the hell was that? We just had a weird moment,” Sylvia thought, pacing up and down. “Pull yourself together, woman. He’s your brother. A strong, muscular, brave and dreamy brother, but still your brother. Oh God I’m a bad person!” Sylvia sighed.

“Syl, come on! What the fuck are you doing in there?” shouted Lexi.

Sylvia appeared from the entrance. “Lex, shut up! I’m coming. I was just getting my stuff together.” She looked around to see her brother but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. “Where’s Tobi?”

“He’s gone to make the S.O.S sign bigger. Want to help me fix the net?”

“Yeah ok. Do we need anything? I can go and scavenge the beach for supplies? See if anything new has washed up.”

“I think all we need is some fishing line, or sting of some sort.”

“Ok I will go and see what I can find.” Sylvia began making her way to the shore while Lexi started working on the net.

By about midday, Tobias returned back to camp to find the girls sunbathing. “Right, so I’m out on the beach shifting stone all day and you two get to relax and tan up.”

His sisters didn’t look up from where they were laid out. “We fixed the net thank you very much,” replied Lexi.

Tobias didn’t respond as he began to run his eyes over their near naked bodies. Both women were in bikinis that left very little to the imagination. When they first reached the island it was easy to avoid looking at them sexually, but as time went by Tobias found it ever harder to look away. Their skin bronzed a little more each day, which added an exotic look to each of the babes.

“Hey Tobi. Why don’t you come over here and put türkçe bahis lotion on us?” Lexi asked with a mock grin.

“What? Don’t be ridiculous Lex. He’s our brother.”

“So? I bet he would enjoy it.” Lexi was clearly enjoying herself.

Tobias immediately imagined running lotion over their perfectly toned bodies. He shrugged the thought away. “Hah, you wish.” He wasn’t convinced his answer sounded truthful.

“Oh well. Maybe next time.” Lexi looked up and winked to her big brother.

Tobias couldn’t help but turn bright red. “I need another male on this island.” Tobias spoke more to himself than to his sisters.

“And I need a male to run lotion over my body.”

“Lexi!” Sylvia spoke with a shocked tone.

Tobias had no idea what to say so he decided to remain silent.

“I’m only teasing him. Besides, we don’t have any lotion to waste.”

Tobias grabbed his water bottle and made his way over to the shelter. He grabbed his backpack and a vest, along with his knife. He returned outside to see his sisters had rolled over onto their fronts. Taking a moment to appreciate their form he made his way to the beach. “I’m headed to the beach to grab some supplies. I’ll probably be a few hours.”

“Ok, but be careful,” replied Sylvia.

Once Tobias was out of ear shot, Sylvia scolded Lexi for teasing their brother. Lexi didn’t reply as she relaxed in the sun light.

Down at the beach, Tobias began searching for something to make a hair scrunchy out of. The chance of a rubber band popping up was slim, but he had hope that he would find something. At the very least the search would take his mind off of the lustful thoughts about his sisters.

About two hours passed without any luck. A few plastic bottle caps, fishing line, a piece of thin metal and a plastic bottle were all that he found. “Right, time to improvise,” he thought to himself.

“Ok I need some kind of elastic.” Tobias thought for a second. “Ah! My socks have elastic in them. Although if I ever told her that it was made from my socks then she would probably kill me. Oh well, what she doesn’t know, wont hurt her.”

Tobias began pulling out every strand of elastic from his socks, hoping not to snap them as the longer pieces would work better. Next he rinsed them in the sea, mostly for Sylvia’s sake as he didn’t want it to smell. Next he coupled the longest pieces together and swirled it around to make a single strand. Then he knotted each end together to create a loop.

“Right, I have my elastic. Now all I need is the fabric to go around it.” Tobias had already thought about how to approach the next step so he gathered some fire wood and kindling. He reached into his backpack to grab his lighter to start the fire. The lighter was to only be used in absolute emergencies as the lighter was nearly out of fuel, but Tobias wanted to do this for his sister, so he deemed it necessary.

He lit the fire and placed the wood on to burn. Next he grabbed the vest from his backpack and read the label. Satisfied with it being part polyester, he ripped a section of the fabric off. He then looped the black material around the elastic until it looked somewhat convincing. Next all that was left was to melt the edges together to complete the scrunchy.

Grabbing a stick from the fire, he did just that. Finally he had completed the scrunchy. It didn’t look too bad. Obviously man made, and certainly not professional quality, but he thought Sylvia would like it.

The only problem now was his other sister. Lexi was the jealous type, and she was definitely going to be jealous. “Ok, what can I give to Lex?” Tobias looked in his bag and found nothing but his earlier findings. “Hmm. I have an idea…

Tobias grabbed the metal strip from earlier and began to bend it into the shape of a clip. The metal was harder than he needed it to be and was rough around the edges which cut into his skin, but he managed to get it somewhat right. After tinkering with it for a while longer he managed to get it looking pretty good. Once satisfied he started rubbing the edges against a rock to get it smooth.

“Perfect. Now what shall I add to it? Ah! A sea shell!” After quickly looking around he found the perfect, dainty shell with a purple and pink colour. Tobias grabbed one of the plastic bottle caps and melted it to stick the lip and shell together.

Finally finished with his gifts he decided to head back up to the camp. Upon arriving back he saw Sylvia sweeping up the place with a large leaf. “Hey, where’s Lexi?”

“Oh, hey Tobi. She’s gone to put the net out. Hopefully we’ll have fish for dinner again. I don’t think I can güvenilir bahis siteleri handle any more coconut.”

“Hey guys.” Lexi appeared from across the camp as if she had been summoned.

“Great timing Lex.” Tobias walked over to Sylvia to give her the present. “Syl, this is for you.” He said as he reached out his hand with the scrunchy.

“You found one!” Sylvia’s speech was high pitch from the excitement. “I can’t believe it.” She looked at her brother in wonderment as she played with the scrunchy, stretching the elastic.

“Actually, I made it,” Tobias spoke with pride.

“What!? That’s not fair! Why does Sylvia get a gift?” Lexi said with obvious envy in her voice.

Her brother couldn’t help but laugh as he placed his hand on her head to mess it up. “You don’t even wear scrunchies. Why do you want one?”

Lexi fought her brother’s hand off of her head. “I don’t know.”

Sylvia laughed at her sister, then went over to hug her brother. “Thank you Tobi. You’re amazing.”

The closeness felt brilliant. Sylvia’s bust pressed into her brother’s chest once again, and he couldn’t help enjoy the situation. After a few moments they both let go to see an annoyed younger sister.

Tobias chuckled. “Do you really think I forgot you?” He reached into his bag to pull out the clip. “Here. This one’s yours.”

Lexi’s eyes lit up like a star. “Oh my god, it’s so pretty!” She immediately began to place it in her hair, sectioning one parting off to the side and holding it in place. “I love it. Thanks Tobi.”

“You’re welcome. But where’s my hug?” Tobias mocked his sister.

Lexi couldn’t help but smile as she embraced her brother in a quick hug. “Fine. But don’t be expecting them every day.”

With that Tobias told them to be careful with the new accessories as he wasn’t sure how strong they would be. Then he made his way to the waterfall for a much needed wash.

Later that night, all three of them sat around the fire in the centre and ate their dinner. Luckily they had managed to catch a few fish, much to Sylvia’s delight. Without any way of knowing the time, they usually had food when it got dark and then talked for a couple hours; usually about anything and everything. After that they would retreat to their shelter and say goodnight to each other before falling asleep.

Each sibling had a pretty poor make shift bed out of large leaves and wood. They weren’t comfortable, but with time they grew to accept them.

The nights were always quite warm so they didn’t often sleep in many clothes. For the girls it was mostly just one of their brother’s shirts and their bottoms, while for Tobias it was usually just his boxers. This caused numerous problems as Tobias would often catch glimpses of his sisters’ nipples poking through the fabric, and in turn his sisters would see the impact that had on his crotch.

Tobias had noticed his sisters had gotten more comfortable around him and weren’t as careful removing their clothes. Individually, they enjoyed the excitement, but they hadn’t spoken out loud about it yet. They all climbed into their respective bunks as Tobias watched his sisters sway around the room getting ready for bed. Their perfect bodies teasing him with every movement, it happened every night without fail and he never got bored of it.

“Tobi,” said Lexi.

“Yeah?” Tobias replied as he leant up on his elbow.

“We’re getting off this island right?” she asked softly.

“Of course we are. And as soon as we do, I’m taking us all to the nearest fast food restaurant to fill our faces with everything on the menu.”

“Can you promise?”

A promise made by one of the siblings is a binding contract. Growing up they decided to make promises official. They meant that if you promise something then you have to stick to it. If you don’t then it means that you don’t love the other two, you have to do their chores for a week and that you smell. It started off as a joke between them, but they found themselves carrying it on into their adulthood.

“I promise, Lex. We’re getting off this island.” Tobias spoke with honesty. He fully intended to get them home.

Happy with his answer, the girls both relaxed, tried to get comfortable and drifted off to sleep with happy dreams of home.

Tobias however couldn’t help but imagine ripping his sisters clothes off in raunchy scenarios. He scolded himself for dreaming of such things and forced himself to sleep. When it didn’t come he did the only thing he could think of and went for a walk along the beach.

“I can’t believe it’s nearly been three months since we arrived on this island.” Tobias looked out across the ocean. The moon reflected off the surface, it was a gorgeous sight to behold.

“Three months and I’m already imagining climbing into my sisters’ underwear. What is wrong with me?” How did this all happen?”

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