The Italian Stallion Ch. 04

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The Chef likes to satisfy Mario’s Hunger

So Mario had been away on business for weeks, it seemed like years. I knew he was missing me and he was staying in Hotel rooms with coworkers so he couldn’t even masturbate to pictures of my tits and pussy.

His texts were getting more and more heated and desperate. I had had a three-way in the meantime but honestly it wasn’t thrilling because I am completely obsessed with his fingers, his mouth, his soft tongue and his huge hot Italian sausage. I was frigging myself every day to try to relieve the ache of not having him. FINALLY, he came home…

He came in the door with flowers and a wide grin splitting his sensual bearded gorgeous face. He was so excited to see me that as soon as he kissed me his manhood speared through his pleated pants like a warrior. He moaned low in his throat and I took him in the bedroom where my Den of Iniquity awaits…grins…

I slowly removed his clothes…exclaiming over his deeply tanned skin and I couldn’t stop touching his body with sinewy muscles gracing canlı bahis his long frame. I whispered, “I want you to relax and let me do all the work, this is for you baby!” He laid back on the bed with a smile of pure adoration and bliss.

I climbed on top of him and began to give him a massage with my whole body…rubbing my huge knockers all over his chest, and pinching his nipples, while giving them a light bite. I kissed and licked my way down to his straining cock with prominent veins throbbing with blood for me. Mmmmmm…

I knelt on the bed and began to lightly feather kisses all along his shaft while gently stroking and pulling at his nut sac. He was breathing heavily and tangling his hands in my long blonde hair. I took the head of his dick in the mouth and began to suck on it gently…so gently…and swirl my tongue around the opening of his urethra.

I was actually able to get the very tip of my tongue inside that tiny opening and he was loving it. I started taking inch by inch of his penis into my warm wet mouth that was sucking bahis siteleri him so good. I was pumping my mouth up and down his shaft. I was getting so excited by having such a delicious piece of man meat in the mouth that I had a quick orgasm and cried out. I was alternately sucking his dick like a seasoned whore and tea bagging his balls. I could feel he was getting very close, but oh no, my love…I have more in store for you…

The last time we made love I was playing with his asshole…and he liked it. Well, I had ordered anal beads in the mail in anticipation of our next lovemaking…I told him to get on his hands and knees and I turned the camcorder on. Very exciting to watch your lover losing his mind on camera, and to see you alternately being a Goddess and a Cum Slut…smiles…

I gently put some strawberry lube on my finger and worked it into his ass. While sucking his cock from behind and playing with his balls. I was humming and slurping that cock and moaning. It felt so incredible in my mouth. I was so wet I could feel my bahis şirketleri girl juice forming dew on my beautiful little petals. But I had more in mind.

I began to lick his asshole and jerk his cock…I was fucking his rectum with my tongue, I could feel that shiny little sphincter coming alive for my tongue. Then, I gently slipped the first anal bead in. It was buzzing and his cock became completely rigid.

He jerked backward and has his first anal orgasm. I continued to jerk his cock and lick his ass around the anal beads. I gradually worked a few more in. He was humping his ass in the air with complete abandon, screaming in pleasure. He yelled, “I’m gonna CUM! Oh my GOD!!”. I quickly got in front of him and stuffed his rigid cock down my longing throat and he blew a load of cum in my mouth The inside of my cheeks and tongue were coated. He was soooo backed up from not being able to have me or masturbate that he was fucking my face hard and crying out in ecstasy.

As per a previous request of his I drizzled a little bit of his man sauce in his mouth for us to share and then I just couldn’t hold it in my mouth anymore. I released his hot load onto my full 42DD tits and howled when that warm semen dripped on my huge areolas.

Then we fucked all night 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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