The Jig is Up Ch. 02

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Anri Okita

I would like to apologize to my readers for the last installment. Unfortunately, I wrote this story with a format that Literotica doesn’t accept. When the computer translated it to its present format, it didn’t translate the punctuation correctly. I can’t see this because it appears correct on my screen but apparently nobody else’s. My find and replace doesn’t recognize the punctuation so it has taken me awhile to go through it manually. Hopefully I have changed every bit of punctuation so this chapter will read a lot better. Literotica rejected it once and advised me of the problem. It was my fault that I didn’t change the apostrophes. This is the first story I ever wrote.

I didn’t publish because I was unsure whether I liked the language I used and I’m still unsure. Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated. There is a third chapter so please forgive me if there are punctuation errors. Phsssst

* * * * *

The girls walked into the bedroom hesitantly, not knowing what to expect. What they found was Paul’s mom’s succulent gorgeous, well-rounded hairy bottom thrusting up and down on her son’s hard glistening dick. They watched, not without a twinge of jealously, as Paul’s mom rode her son. Even though they had helped him achieve his goal, they knew how important it had been to him. They were female; another woman loved their man. His mum started to moan and yelp, then began to describe to his sister and Beverly what was happening.

“I’ve your man’s cock deep in my cunt,” she moaned, “I know you helped him get here so for now you’ll watch me fuck him. You’ll watch as I take his fuck pole and jam it into my incestuous cum bucket. Hear him grunt as he unloads his incestuous spunk into my pussy. Watch as he drives me to my orgasm. When he comes I want one of you to lick me until I’m hot again then we will all work at making him hard.”

True to her words, she increased the speed of her thrusting, started to quiver as her ass smacked against his thighs her orgasm descended upon her. Paul feeling his mother’s impending spasms felt his own balls’ tighten as his cock spat into her quim.

“Feel my cock spit, cream your cunt, mother,” he groaned as he unloaded his second load of love into his mother’s receptive hole. “Watch her shake girls, isn’t she wonderful!”

His mother did indeed shake as she felt the bliss roar through her body and the disappointment as her son shrank from her inner folds. Fortunately, her daughter Dagmar was right there to help her find her heat again. When she finally opened her eyes she found Dagmar sucking away, unloading her cum bucket of her son’s cream. Beverly was licking her juices off her son’s dick.

“Oh you taste so good Mrs. Anderson,” Beverly said as she licked the cock of her affection.

Mrs. Anderson laughed and said, “I think it’s time for you to call me Kate, Beverly or maybe mom because I know how much you love my son.”

They spent the night slowly making love to one another, woman on woman, man on woman, or anyway they could that would help them to orgasm. Paul enjoyed the heavenly aroma of pussy, overwhelmingly strong, emanating from the gushing pussies of his loves. Finally, they feel asleep in each other’s arm’s exhausted by their lovemaking.

The next morning when they woke up Paul reached for both his mother and Beverly. He carefully felt them up while he watched his sister stroke him. Soon things started to heat up but as he moved to take his mother, much to his surprise, she stopped the play that was taking place and said

“I think its time to talk; believe it or not, get to know each other better. We need to understand why we have arrived in this bed together, because I’m sure you’re aware that this kind of thing is uncommon. I think we can start when we three girls first started to notice Paul had gone through puberty beginning his quest. Beverly of course knew Paul watched her body undulate and consequently undulated all the more for him. Dagmar could see Paul was going to become a very horny man, and to begin with, wanted him for herself. I had not allowed my husband in my bed for years so I was in a constant state arousal, especially when I would give Paul a small kiss and he was instantly aroused. Paul I know you were not aware of all this because you were the youngest and the only male in our family group so you enjoyed none of the confidences shared amongst us women. But we girls started to notice each other’s interest in you. Beverly, would you like to start?”

“Sure Mrs. a, err mom. When I first began to come to your home, I began to notice you and Dagmar were very sexual people. My mom had always taught to shave all that “dirty” hair from my pubes, but you and Dagmar were just as hairy as I am. When you wore bathing suits, I could see you didn’t follow my mother’s dictates. My mom is a very cold person. I just didn’t follow in her foot steps. So naturally, I asked Dagmar why you didn’t. She sent me to talk to you .That was the first time I came to you Kate with a question about sex. Anyway, that’s when I learned about your theory about hair or the lack of it. You explained that you husband had gone bald at twenty-five and that he was sexually güvenilir bahis driven. You had asked a doctor about it. He said it was because your husband produced an excess of bad testosterone, which burnt his hair away. Because your husband was the way he was you were sure that as night follows day he over produced every kind of testosterone. You had then watched other men, discovering, that generally it confirmed your suspicions no hair on top with lots on the body was a sure sign of an over sexed male.

This of course led you to think of what the signs would be in women. Knowing your own inclinations to be over sexed, you examined your own body finding them. A luxuriant growth between your legs, the fact you had to remove hair which grew around your nipples, and, I am going to give away our secret to Paul, all three of us have light mustaches which we constantly eliminate. You then told me it made you laugh to think your husband wore a very expensive toupee to cover up the sign that would tell women the very thing he wanted them to know about himself. It was then you stopped shaving between your legs exhibiting your bush only to those you wanted to. When you explained it to Dagmar she too stopped shaving as did I. There was an added bonus, you told me. A very aroused woman would spill her moisture onto her hair sending the scent of her arousal to whom she wished. This had to be managed carefully you explained, kept clean at all times, so only the scent I wanted would come through. You don’t know what a pain that is sometimes but I wanted to do it so I could attract you, Paul.”

Beverly then looked over at Paul and shyly said, “since then I have only worn a bathing suit in front of you. I know for a fact your mother and Dagmar have made that view exclusively your’s as well. We felt safe in the fact you didn’t know your mom’s views. When I started showing my crowning glory to you, in my thong, allowing my scent to arouse you, your mother realized I wanted you to be my lover. She said she’d love to have me as a daughter but I was not to chase you but to allow you to grow into your love for me. In that she give the best guidance of my life. She then talked to Dagmar, because Dagmar was showing her hair to you as well. Dagmar confessed her love for you, and then in front of me, to my shock, your mother explained her lust for you. She then took your sister into her arms held her tightly, then explained that although they both lusted after you because of societies views and a thing called recessive genes their love was not to be .Your sister and she could hurt you very badly. Your sister promised your mother her love for you would not allow her to hurt you. I know how hard she struggled with herself to keep her hands off you. I encourage her when you began kissing her. I was pretty sure she eventually would send you to me.@

“It was excruciating for me waiting for you to mature. I told your mom how sexually aroused I was. She told me, Dagmar and I should help each other much to my indignation. She laughed at me and said that because we both loved you we’d better get use to the idea we’d be around each other a lot. She went and told Dagmar the same thing that it wouldn’t hurt to become acquainted with each others bodies. That night we started our ritual of loving each other. We learned each other’s bodies’ wants, as we only thought of you.

Beverly blushed with this revelation and ducked her head as he watched the pink glow spread over her breasts and face.

“While I’m being embarrassed,” she said, “I also want you to look closely at my pubic hair which I grew for you. Up until now you have been to close to really see it.”

Beverly spread her legs and for the first time he really looked at her. Her hair was so thick and luxuriant that even with her legs apart he could barely see her sex. He looked closely seeing for the first time it began at her navel with a thin small line, which ran down her abdomen until it flared out over her pubic bone. As she spread herself even wider, he saw it narrowed slightly as it covered her sex, but spilled down her thighs slowly lessening and stopping after almost two inches. As she had described, her moisture wet her hair sending the aroma of love to him. She then rolled over on her stomach and lifted her bottom and again he could but faintly see her sex with the dew forming upon it. The hair ran up until it reached her brown wrinkle hole, where it surrounded it before continuing on up a little further. Dagmar after watching him examine Beverly insisted he look at hers’ as well. The hair was even longer than Beverly’s, but so light in color that it only formed a thick veil over the lips of her very wet and swollen sex. Her scent was heavenly. She had the same hair on her inner thighs as Beverly, which she began to scratch as he watched.

“Do you like our sideburns?” She asked.

In answer, he buried his face in her hair and kissed the inner thighs where it grew. His mom laughed at their antics and said

“You’ll be seeing so much of mine you’ll be sick of it by the time I’m through with you.”

“Never,” he said, as he spread her legs and give a long slow French kiss deep into her heated, drenched, sex türkçe bahis that started the games again.

He then asked his sister to center herself on the bed and asked his mom to straddle his sister with each of their pubic regions presented to the other face. He then crawled up onto the bed behind his mom and with a steady stroke entered her exceedingly wet and swollen sex. Beverly he said

“I want you to tell all of us in the nastiest words possible what you’re seeing. Would you do please sit on that chair, where I can see you, and pleasure yourself.”

Bev moved to the chair and sat slowing lifting her legs over each arm until she was spread eagled as wide as she possible could. Even with all the hair her gapping swollen sex showed through as she inserted one finger then two.

“I see your cock incestuously filling your mother’s cum bucket,” she said as she rubbed her twat. “Your sister is lying beneath you with her mouth open catching the drops leaking from your mother’s swollen cunt lips as you draw them back and forth with your fucking motion. Now your mother is moving her mouth down on to your sisters’ snatch. She is sticking out her tongue, lapping the juice, which is flowing from your sister. Your sister is reaching up and rubbing your balls with one hand while she rubs your mother’s clit with the other Now your mother is burying her face into your sister sucking and pulling on her clit She has expose her own cunt even more. Now you’ve driven your fuck rod even further into her now very red pussy. Your sister has grabbed your mother by the hips and has lifted her face up against you screwing muscle. Shes’ licking your mom’s clit and your fuck tool at the same time. Your mother’s starting to shake. Oh she’s coming. Fuck her Paul. Fuck her. Ooooooh That’s soooo incredibly hot. Oh your cum is squirting out of her cunt. Your sister is sucking it up. She’s coming I’m coming Oooooh!!!!”

Beverly had three fingers in her pussy with her thumb on her clit in a tight grip as her spasms over came her. Her body shook with the bliss that over took her. She crawled up beside Paul pulling his rod out his mother’s love hole, sucking on it, tasting the sweet honey of his mother’s love. The four of them collapsed on the bed falling, into a deep sexually satisfied sleep.

They were in bed with each other for three days only leaving to eat, drink and void. One morning Paul woke up with a massive erection. When the girls noticed and started to tease him he explained it only was because he had to go. Dagmar laughed saying she thought it was in their honor, but Beverly looked thoughtful following him when he went to the bathroom. When he started to go she slid up behind him, warped her arms around him and rubbed her pubic hair against his bottom. With one hand rubbing his stomach she asked if she could steer. He allowed her to. She missed more than she hit what she was aiming for,

“We’re sure going to have to clean that up,” he laughed.

“I promise I’ll practice,” she replied as she gently stroked the last few drops from his penis.

His mother then got them up and dressed because she had a few things to do in town and wanted his sister to help. Beverly was torn as to whether she wanted to stay with Paul or go with them. She finally decided it would be an unfair advantage if she stayed with him going with his mom. While everyone was out of the house he finally had a chance to remove the unused cameras which where still in place after his disastrous snooping. He had been thinking about them a lot, worried they might be discovered. He planned to come clean to his loved ones someday but he couldn’t stand the look of hurt he was sure would come if he confessed.

His electronic mind worked on the problem of miniaturizing the optics even more. When he suddenly realized it would better to digitally scan a room sending signals rather than try to look through a lens. That way he could avoid the size of the lens altogether. It was that day the seeds were sown for an invention, which would start him on his way to his own personal fortune .He worked in the basement well into the afternoon jotting notes to himself. He was formulating a spy device that would look exactly like a thumb tack. The pin of the tack would be the aerial that would send the signal to the translation computer he would build in the basement room. The translator would send the signal in viewing mode on to his T.V in his bedroom.

Late in the afternoon Beverly came to get him. His concentration was so great he didn’t notice her till she stepped out of her panties. The sudden smell of aroused woman registered on his brain. He picked her up and set her on his workbench with her legs spread so he could sniff at the source. She started to giggle telling him to settle down or soon all his loves would be down. He would ruin a perfectly good dinner when he could have what he smelled for desert. Paul laughed, but wouldn’t allow her to get back into her panties goosing her under her skirt all the way up the stairs as they went up to eat. His mother sat at the head of the table smiling at her loved ones as she severed an after dinner brandy. It was not her habit to drink. She certainly had güvenilir bahis siteleri no plans to encourage it in her children. Tonight she wanted everybody to be relaxed when they headed up to bed. She wanted to watch her son make slow love to his sister and his Beverly. She felt she could use her fingers to help herself. Soon they were headed up the stairs and stripped for bed. Kate told her children what she wanted and Dagmar drew straws with Beverly for first go. Dagmar won, and soon was happily full of her bothers manhood.

“Remember how I feel about nasty words,” reminded Kate, “Never to be spoken anywhere else, but always in the bedroom.”

As her orgasm approached after a long slow fuck, Dagmar told him to speed up and fill her with hard thrusting cock that gave her the orgasm she wanted so badly. After she came he pulled out spewing his semen all over her trembling teats remembering her demands the first night they made love. Kate stood up sucking his cock rigid again, while Beverly rubbed his cock spit into Dagmar’s boobs. When he was ready, Beverly mounted him but instead of fucking, they lay there with his dick deep inside her soaking in the juices she was manufacturing for him.

He loved the feel of her ass in his hands playing with it as he occasional stroked to maintain their passion. He spread her cheeks, once again noticed the luxuriant hair she grew there. He took the hair surrounded her anus twisting it into a small tail he gently pulled as he stoked inside of her , She enjoyed the sensation he was causing in her bum hole telling him to do it some more. Little did they know it was to become a habit of a lifetime when ever any of his loves mounted him from above. During a slow fuck, he always twirled and pulled their anal hair. While twirling he remembered Beverly telling him about the hair they removed from their bodies. That his mother regularly removed the hair, which grew, around her nipples.

“Do you have nipple hair like mom?” He asked quietly in her ear. She nodded the affirmative and whispered back that Dagmar did too.

His cock started to cause his abdomen to tighten, forcing him to stroke into Beverly more vigorously, forgetting for the moment the new information he’d acquired. She replied with large thrusts of her own. As their humping intensified Dagmar who had up to that point been sucking on her mother’s clit turned to watch them. As Beverly began to shake Paul squirted his cum deep into her love hole while his mother and sister argued as to who would eat his cum from Beverly’s swollen sex. Paul fell asleep listening to the gentle sounds of three women loving each other’s bodies.

Morning came and with it a mother’s loving fuck as the other two women sixty nined beside them. After Breakfast Paul returned to his basement room and made a list of the supplies, which he felt, he would need for his new project. He asked his sister if she would help him and off they went. They soon had everything he needed or it was on order to be sent to the house. They carried the boxes and bags down into the basement, and then went searching for their mom. They found her flat on her back legs spread eagled by the pool. Her bikini top thrown to one side to enable Beverly to suck on a nipple while a hand was deep in his mom’s bikini bottom. The hand formed a mound over her sex. She clenched her stomach muscles sending her hips skyward forcing Beverly fingers deeper into her sea of warm moisture.

“Just a moment dears while Beverly finishes up.” She moaned as her whole body began to shake caused by the mounting orgasm Beverly was creating deep inside her body.

“Why don’t you ladies stay by the pool while I work on my ideas this after noon,” Paul said.

That was fine with them and Paul had some time to himself. As he worked, visible progress began to appear. The translator was beginning to take shape as three very naked ladies arrived to take him to bed. It was then he realized it was after midnight and he feel asleep almost immediately with Beverly laying on top of him, his hand on her bum. His sister and mother on either side of him each with one of his legs tucked between their thighs so he could feel their hot sodden pussies.

When they woke up in the morning his mother told him that just like Beverly it was time for her to tell her side of the story of their progress towards the communal bed.

“As you know, I kicked my husband out of the marriage bed because he had started to dip his wick almost anywhere. This left a very horny woman with only her toys to keep her company. You don’t know this Paul, but I caught you a few times pleasuring yourself. I never stayed to watch, except once, when I was so horny I fingered myself as I watched you come I apologize now for invading you privacy. When your sister promised me she would not hurt you, I joined her in that vow. I stuck to it until the night you took Beverly for the first time. I’m sorry loves but you made so much noise I thought you were fighting. I arrived in time to watch you take Beverly’s then Dagmar’s virginity. Your sister while she watched you deflower Beverly caught me looking but didn’t let on, then knowingly had herself deflowered right in front of me. You and Beverly were so enthralled with each other you never saw me. After a while I think Dagmar forgot I was there because she was so besotted with love for you both. The next morning after your loving, Dagmar confronted me.

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