The King’s Chamber Ch. 01

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“Oh, yes, Your Majesty.” Ellian heard a woman giggle in the Northern bed chamber. “I’d love to become your queen. But, I’m afraid the peasants wouldn’t like me.”

Once she reached the top of the winding staircase, Ellian tapped on the door.

“Who is it?” The woman sighed exasperatedly.

“Ellian, Lady, your chamber maid,” She replied as loud as she could muster.

“Well, then, come in!” The woman shouted back.

With a slight creak, the door was opened to reveal a room littered with wrinkled papers. When she got closer, Ellian could see they were all of a man with short, black, wavy hair; dark stubble around his chin; a chiseled jaw line; and piercing blue eyes. Each image had the man in a different position, from a straightforward profile to a full body crouch. Ellian recognized the man as the young King. She smiled at the stunning accuracy in the drawing.

With her hands on the waist of her long, royal blue skirt, the woman laughed. “Do you admire my artwork, Maid?” And in a much fiercer tone, “Or do you admire the king?”

“Lady, you have a well earned gift which rightly matches your features.” Ellian smiled.

The woman’s body agreed with Ellian’s broad statement. She had a slender build, and long hair which reached past her waist. As she laughed, her white teeth shined.

“You flatter me, Maid. But, I am ugly,” She turned to a mirror behind her and spat. “What did you say your name was?”

“Elian, Lady.”

“Ellian, your meaningless praise will get you nowhere, so stop trying.”

“Yes, Lady.”

Ellian closed the door behind her and got to work. She gingerly placed each drawing in a pile next to the door. The carpet was dusted, as well as the table which held the mirror. She knocked on each stone around the windows, inside and out. Lastly, she straightened the covers on a bed in the corner, and fluffed the pillows.

“Would you like me to take these, Lady?” Ellian asked, gesturing to the pile of drawings on the floor.

“Yes, and burn them.” The woman waved her hand as if to dismiss Ellian.

With one graceful stretch, Ellian gathered the papers on her arm, stepped out, and pulled the door closed behind her. She rushed down the stairs with a newfound excitement. At the base of the winding spiral, she selected one image which had the King lying down in a framed bed, without any clothes, and looking lustfully up at her. This one was folded up and stowed away in her apron pocket.

Ellian trotted away as though she hadn’t a naked image of the King in her keeping. She was halfway to the kitchens when she heard a yell.

“Oi! You there! Stop!” A man shouted from behind her.

Ellian came to a halt, and quickly spun around. A guard briskly walked toward her. She felt her face flush when the guard removed his helmet to reveal a smile.

“Gavin, you frightened me. I thought I was in real trouble.” Ellian punched him in the shoulder, and quickly regretted it.

Gavin laughed. “I’m sure punching metal gave you more pain than I.”

“Shut it. What do you want.” Ellian glared at him.

“First of all, I’ll need to see what you’re carrying; we’re doing random checks after Mary was caught with a quarter of the treasury.”

“I thought that was Telin.”

“No, no, he only stole a loaf of bread. We let him go, though. The young King is kinder than his father.”

“Hmm, yes, I suppose you’re right. I’ll be off, then.” Ellian turned from him and was caught by his hand on her shoulder.

“Ah, ah, ah. You still haven’t shown me what you’re carrying, Ellie.” He walked around to face her, and put his free hand out. “Give it up.”

Ellian pierced her lips. “Before I do, I want you to know these are not mine, and I have no intention of keeping them. I was sent to burn them by the young King’s ‘guest’.” Once she cleared herself, Ellian passed him the drawings, except for the one in her pocket.

Gavin flipped through the pages, each one was met with an increasing amount of alarm on his face. He finally looked up at her and hoarsely whispered, “He’s naked in many of these, you know. I haven’t even seen them all. There’s bound to be at least a hundred in here! It’d be treason if I didn’t take these to the young King.” Gavin lifted his head and looked around.

“Gavin, no! I’ve seen many of those drawings, and, if King George finds out, I’ll be dead,” She shrieked.

“Don’t worry.” Gavin smirked. “I will tell the young King that you came to me with these pictures. That way, you’ll be fine.”

Ellian relaxed, “God bless you, Gavin.”

With another smirk, Gavin stole away to the King’s chamber. Ellian watched him until he was out of sight. She suddenly remembered the folded up drawing in her pocked and panicked. If she stopped Gavin then he’d be suspicious, and if she kept it then someone would eventually find out about it. Fingering her throat, Ellian thought of being hanged.

“No,” She whispered to herself before speeding off to the servants’ quarters, and slipping into her own chamber.

She güvenilir bahis smoothed a spot on her bed, and sat down. After a minute of mindlessly staring at the wall opposite her, she hurriedly slipped one hand into a pocket on her apron, and pulled out the last drawing. With unsteady fingers, she unfolded the paper and sighed at the young king’s body.

Suddenly, she heard rushing footsteps, and she shoved the drawing back into her pocket without folding it. Her door was pounded on, and she sprang to her feet to open it. When she did, she saw a pale and wide-eyed Gavin.

“I am so sorry, Ellian. I tried to make you sound innocent, but the young king is furious. He wants you in his bed chamber at once. It is all my fault, I am so sorry.” Gavin grabbed her hand with his and patted it.

Ellian stared blankly and touched her neck, her mouth was agape. The young king would surely have her hung, and he’d laugh as she struggled to breath. Her hand slipped from his and she turned away.

“Goodbye, Gavin,” She faintly whispered as she walked.

The hallway seemed to stretch ever farther as she trudged. The more she thought about hanging, the more her fingers stretched along her throat. At the end of the hall, she dropped her hands, and climbed down the spiral staircase. She passed the kitchens, and went up a second flight of stairs which led to a wide hall.

Ellian stopped and whimpered momentarily, before looking up at the grand doors to the evident wrath of the young king. She shoved the two golden doors aside to reveal a room —much larger than her own—which had two oak cabinets at each side. The cabinets were laced with golden embroidery, and freckled with all sorts of jewels.

The next set of doors, she merely patted on, were opened hastily. The room had many sheets hanging from the ceiling which all touched the ground, and hung from the ceiling on the other end. Each sheet was a different shade of a different color, and Ellian found herself forgetting about her troubles.

The carpet was soft and fluffy, and the walls were all light lavender. She stepped forward to one of the sheets and daintily reached out to grab it. Many times had she felt a sheet, but never as soft as this one. Ellian rubbed the sheet between her thumb and forefinger as she gazed around the room.

The doors were closed behind her, and she turned at them in fright.

“Hello, wretch.” Ellian faced the source of the voice, but couldn’t find one. “You’re the one who’s been exploiting my body.”

“I didn—” Ellian tried.

“Don’t interrupt me, pest!” The voice boomed and echoed. “Why did you not bring me the damned papers yourself?”

“I—um…” Ellian was suddenly pale, and she searched hopelessly through the sheets for the king.

“Instead you decided to share them with your little friends, and had respect nor thought of your precious king!” A dark shape appeared through the sheets, and was growing quickly. “You will pay.” The king whispered as he flung back the sheets, and threw a stack of papers at her feet.

Ellian looked down at the many different depictions of the king, and her eyes fixed in one. His face in this was calm, and not as intimidating as the one before her. A stab of jealousy shot through her at the idea that the artist was able to see a kind King instead of this cruel one.

“Look at me, rat,” The king slashed before bellowing. “Everyone, out!” Ellian turned to leave, but the king grabbed her arm with a firm hand. “Not you.”

Ellian cried aloud at the grip the king had on her. This only made him squeeze tighter, and she held in her next cry. She stared at him as he watched the guards trot out. He wore a long red cape which was fastened by two small, metal shields.

When the last guard reached the doors, the King pointed at him. “You! Get me a rope and rubber-stripped paddle.”

The guard looked shocked as he closed the door. Ellian grasped her neck with her other hand and whimpered.

“Are—” The King looked at her with the same harsh expression. “Are you going to hang me?”

He grabbed her other arm with the same amount of force, and pulled her so close that their noses were almost touching, and snarled. “I am not like my father.” With that he flung her around into the sheets.

Ellian tried to regain her balance after being thrown to the ground. When she stood up, she pulled aside one sheet, and saw a small writing desk with a chair tucked into it. Opposite from the desk, there was a circular bed that seemed to sit in a giant seashell.

“On your knees.” Ellian heard the King say behind her.

“What are you going to do?” Ellian’s voice quavered.

“On. Your. Knees.” She obeyed, and the King began to circle her.

They heard a soft tap on the door and King George barked a quick, “Finally.”

He left her on her knees and after the door opened and closed, he was back with a long rope and a wooden paddle. The paddle had rubber dips on the edges excepting the handle.

The King forced her onto her feet, türkçe bahis and led Ellian to his desk. “Bend over.” She did as told and planted her chest on the desk.

She felt him tying her feet to the legs of the table with the rope. When he finished, the King pulled her dress up so that only her stockings were covering her bottom. Ellian held her breath for the pain she was expecting, and was met with a quick slap of the paddle on her bottom.

“Count it.” The King said firmly.

When Ellian did nothing, he slapped her harder. “Count it, Maid!”

Ellian shouted in pain. “One!”

He smacked again and was met with a “two” almost immediately. He continued the beating, and her counting was slowly getting softer. The King gripped the desk, and smacked harder.

Ellian moaned out a blissful, “Ten.”

“Are you enjoying this?” The King stuttered uncomfortably.

“Mmm… Hes, Your Majesty.”

“Damn you,” He whispered.

Ellian stuck her butt up higher in reply. The King glared and pressed his crotch against her bottom and reached over her, she gasped and relaxed, but he was only doing so to grab a small knife. He pulled back, crouched down, and pulled her stockings off her bottom. Promptly, he cut them off her legs, so she had nothing to cover her.

The King flipped the paddle in his hand, and rubbed the bumpy part against her clit. Ellian moaned and went weak kneed. The King whacked her bottom once more before kneeling down to untie her legs. Ellian claimed a few seconds to stand up and stabilize herself.

The King covered the distance to his bed, and laid down on his back. Ellian followed him and stood at the food of his bed. He sat up and slipped off his trousers. When Ellian saw his bulging cock, she gasped aloud, and nearly tripped in her haste to undress.

The dress was tossed aside, and Ellian crawled onto the bed. She wrapped one hand around his cock when someone knocked on the door. Ellian perked her head up, and the King pulled himself onto his elbows.

“Who is it?” He thundered.

“Why, it’s just me, Your Eminence.” Ellian recognized this as the voice of the woman from earlier that day.

The King’s voice softened for the first time since Ellian had seen him. “Come right in, I was waiting for you, Lady Alexandra.”

Ellian tried to protest, but was quickly shushed by the King. “Go ahead,” He whispered, gesturing to his cock.

Ellian cocked an eyebrow, and the King shot her a threatening look, so she obeyed reluctantly. Once she did, he propped his knee up, and covered her with his cape. Ellian bobbed her head as she delivered her first blow job.

“Goodness, Georgie, I hadn’t believed you at first. Are you wearing any clothes?” Lady Alexandria gasped.

“Well.” The King sat up, nearly choking Ellian, and pulled off his white tunic. “Now that you ask, I am not.” Ellian stroked his abs with her hand, just for the sake of it, and the King bucked, forcing Ellian to silently gag.

Lady Alexandria laughed, “Georgie, I only meant to apologize for my doodles, but I can see that will have to wait. You really are turned on.”

Ellian sucked harder when she heard this, and the King grunted to disguise the sound. “Hmm… That might have to wait, too. You see.” He dramatically pulled off his cape. “You’ve been replaced.”

“But, Your Excellence, Your Graciousness, please.” The Lady stuttered, clearly shocked by the maid.

“Gua-Guard!” The King clenched his teeth at the pleasure he was feeling.

The doors banged open and three guards were at the King’s aid. One of the guards was Gavin, and his eyes lingered painfully on Ellian. She took no notice.

“What is it, King George?” The first guard said, as if accustomed to the King’s current behavior.

“I want—aaahhhhh!” The King shouted and grabbed Ellian’s head to keep it there as he came into her mouth, Gaven looked away as if hurt. Ellian tried her best to swallow it all, but was only rewarded with a ton of cum on her face, and pouring out of her mouth. King George panted for a moment, then continued, “I want Lady Alexandria in prison for exploitation of the King.”

The three guards grabbed the Lady and she fought them. “No! Georgie, you know I’m better than her. One more chance, please!”

The King contemplated this, to Ellian’s disgust, and agreed. “If you must.” He shooed at the guards, so they let her go, but stayed in place.

“Move aside, Maid.” She flailed her arms, and Ellian scooted towards the guards, unknowingly giving Gavin full view of her body.

The Lady took the King’s cock in one hand, and stroked expertly. She then licked along his shaft, and jerked her hand up and down. A drop of cum still poured down his cock, and she licked it, and stuffed his cock in her mouth. The Lady sucked on his cock, and King George groaned.

She smirked, and got up. Then, she pushed the King on his back, and slipped his cock into her pussy. Ellian watched as she humped his cock. Lady Alexandra wrapped her arms around the King’s neck, güvenilir bahis siteleri and kissed him deeply. He moaned and his eyes fluttered to see Ellian, watching dismayed.

“That’s quite enough, Alexandra.” The King stopped her.

“But-but, I haven’t even started, Georgie.” She smiled worriedly.

“I know. Don’t call me that.” He then looked to the guards. “Get her out of my sight.”

The guards obeyed, and left with her thrashing and screaming in their arms.

Ellian sat at the end of his bed, and looked up at the King. “What would have happened to me if you chose her?”

“Nothing, My Dear.” The King reached down and kissed her lips briefly.

Ellian noted this as the first kind thing he’d spoken kindly to her. He then pulled her up onto his bed, and laid her down on her back. The King wrapped his hands in her hair, and kissed her gently. He then groped her breasts in one hand, and rubbed her hard nipple between his fingers. His mouth found her left nipple, and sucked and bit on it.

If Ellian wasn’t moaning from pleasure, she would be from pain. He let go of her nipple and licked from her belly button to her wet pussy.

“Oh, God,” Ellian moaned as he rolled his tongue inside her pussy.

She grabbed his head, and slid her hands to his back; all that while moaning. King George smirked, and started massaging her clit with his hand to help her orgasm. She clawed at his back and he grunted painfully into her pussy. With one hand on her clit, and his tongue in her pussy, the King gave Ellian the strongest sensation of her life.

Ellian felt her stomach tighten, and she gripped his back harder. In response to this, King George nibbled at her pussy folds while eating her out. He suddenly got splashed in the face with her juices, and this was followed by a long, and deep, moan.

Licking up all her juices, he slowly stood up and arched his body over her’s. Ellian maintained eye contact as he progressively climbed onto the bed, and over her shaking, bare body. Her skin shone with a thin layer of sweat, and she panted as her pussy throbbed, but she never broke contact with his eyes.

King George bent down to reach her ears, and whispered, “Hello, there.”

“Mmm… Hello… Your Majesty,” she panted between breaths.

King George lowered his face into her neck, and kissed right under her ear. He sucked on her neck, and pulled his wet hands up to her breasts. Ellian moaned, and sighed deeply.

Knowing he had her distracted, the King grabbed his cock with one hand, her waist with the other, and pushed his cock in halfway. Ellian, just noticing, shrieked, and was met with a warm set of lips. She melted into his kiss, and let pleasure take over as he eased his cock the rest of the way in. When it was completely in, he pulled back out, and pushed in, again. Ellian gasped softly into his lips, and he stuck his tongue in her mouth.

King George worked up a rhythm of thrusting in all the way, and pulling out. He was just getting used to it when he felt Ellian moan into his lips, “Harder.”

Surprised at being told what to do, he stopped, sat up—with his cock still inside her—, and was met with a frustrated whine. “What did you say?”

Ellian blushed—though her cheeks were red already—and mumbled, “Nothing, Sire.”

Not yet satisfied, King George began thrusting into her pussy even more heavily than before, and he grunted, “Tell me, Ellian.”

She merely moaned in response; gripping her hands in the sheets, and squeezing her eyes closed. The pleasure she felt was too overwhelming to speak. King George bent back down, and kissed her shoulder. He grabbed her waist and shoved her into himself with each thrust.

After a minute, King George licked her ear, and repeated the question, “What did you say?”

“Oh, God, ‘harder’!” Ellian yelled loud enough for the guards to hear, not thinking he’d be able to oblige, anyway.

To her surprise, though, he could. King George readjusted his grip on her waist, sat up straight, and hammered into her. He was met with an even louder moan every time she was smacked up against him. She didn’t even notice her orgasm, and it only took three pumps for him to cum far into her. King George groaned with pleasure, and bent down to softly bite her neck as he came.

Ellian weakly grinned as she was filled with hot cum. As the last bit of his cum came out, King George sat up, and pulled his cock out of her. He leaned over, and gave Ellian an unhurried kiss on her lips.

“That was a-” King George started, but was interrupted by shouts, and nearing footsteps.

The first guard to reach the sheeted circle gasped, “Your Majesty, are you hu-“

“Berkum! You interrupted me, shut up for a moment.” King George snapped over his shoulder.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The guard muttered.

“Now,” the King said as he looked back at Ellian, “That was amazing.”

“Agreed, Your Majesty,” Ellian panted since she was still recovering.

With the rest of the King’s chamber guards, Gavin came into the area, and his heart nearly broke to see Ellian. As before, Ellian took no notice, and King George rolled over to her side. He pulled a blanket out over the two of them; though, his full on erection was still noticeable.

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