The Kitty Kat Ch. 02

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David sat around with his friends drinking beer and thinking about his sister Kat. More than one of the guys had brought up how mature she was looking. She was progressing into “GIRLS I’M GONNA FUCK TERRITORY, instead of, GIRLS I WANT TO FUCK, BUT MY BUDDY WOULD KILL ME TERRITORY”. Basically, she was too good to pass up and David was beginning to think they were all right.

He’d gotten a pretty good look at her today and she was irresistible. Hell, even his old man’s fuckstick didn’t stand a chance against her fuckable body. Although, slightly shocked, he couldn’t blame his Dad for realizing what a great piece of eye candy Katrina is. He really wanted to get her on her back and shove his cock between those two bouncing cock warmers she called breasts. He wanted to feed her his cock inch by inch and watch her gag on it.

David could only imagine what she would look like with a good size cock stuffing her tiny beaver. He bet she’d squirm and beg and plead for release just like all the sluts. The only difference would be he would have complete access to her, at least while he was home. He could fuck her whenever he wanted. She would love having her box stuffed with some good homegrown fuckmeat.

The rec room Jim “Goofball” Watters invited his buddies to hang out in was a big space. It was filled with two old coaches, a washer and dryer, a big television and two cardt ables. The card tables were currently holding up thirty bottles of empty beer. A small cooler sat nearby, chilling the rest of the liquor and he had plenty of dope taped to the bottom of one of the sofas. He didn’t live at home anymore than the rest of the gang did, but it was Christmas holidays and they had lots of laundry for their mothers to fuss with.

“OK, OK, I got a good one everybody. A little boy asks his mum, “Why am I black and you are white?” “Don’t even ask” she replied. When I think back to that party you’re lucky you don’t bark!” Jimmy laughed and yelled, “Get it, get it! She fucked a dog!” Two sheets to the wind and red-eyed, the guys hooted and hollered good-naturedly back.

“Hey D, tell a joke!” Jim hollered. David grinned and waved his hand in the air, “Nah, nah, I don’t remember any.”

“C’mon! Tell one,” Jim insisted thumping him on the back. His beer bostancı escort bottle narrowly misses the back of David’s head. Jimmy is your basic garden variety jackass that every guy knows and loves and every girlfriend wants to smack.

“OK you idiot. Sit down before you fall down! Gimme a minute. OK, I remember it. A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Protestant Minister are on a cruise. Suddenly the boat begins to sink. The Protestant Minister yells, “Abandon ship! Women and children first!” The Rabbi says, “Screw the children.” The Priest then replies, “Do we have time for that?”

Everybody roared, even his friend Mathew, who happened to be Catholic. Thank goodness some people can take a joke.

“You know who I’d like to screw?” Robert, the big, black, college footballer of the group, commented. “D’s sister Katrina. Now she’d be a good fuck, no offense Davie,” he smirked at his longtime buddy.

“None taken,” Davie grinned back, taking another slug of his bottle.

“Yeah, she’s little but she’s got great tits! You ever seen her naked Davie?” Joe, the runt of the group asked. Joe was currently a Chemistry major on his way to a teaching job he hoped would bring him in contact with a lot of nubile young teenagers. He was a self-professed pervert and proud of it.

“Yep,” he smirked wickedly, “just this morning I caught a glimpse of her juicy little body. She’s got nipples you’d beg to suck on Joey.”

“Sweet!” Mathew groaned. Most of the guys seemed to sound like Homer Simpson when he’s in the presence of a tasty donut.

“Man, you have the life D. Fucking a horny bitch like Mrs. Betty and having a full-fledged fucking hottie in your house. If she was my sister, I’d be all up in her business,” Jim leered, jumping up and grabbing his crotch.

“You’d have her running down the street screaming with laughter once she got a look at the size of your cock, Einstein!” Rob joked, shoving back Jim onto the coach. “Seriously though man, you should call her up. Invite her over for a drink?”.

“Yeah! Do it man! Call her David, see if she’ll come over,” Joey eagerly agreed, his head bobbing so fast he almost lost his glasses.

“I … I don’t know guys,” David hedged, shaking his head, “She’s probably shopping ümraniye escort bayan with mom and dad or gone somewhere with her friends.”

Despite, what David just said, he felt his cock grow heavy at the thought of sharing his sister with his buddies. He could almost imagine her surrounded by a circle of cocks. Kimmy with her mouth full of meat, cum dripping down her chin. Every girl should learn how to suck cock. He would be doing her a service by teaching her to do it properly.

“C’mon, we give her a little weed and she’ll be nice and relaxed. Or, even better, we get her good and drunk. Call her man. I need a little pussy,” Jim begged. The rest of the guys started to whine as well.

“OK! OK! Jesus! Shut up! I’ll call,” he shouted, grabbing his cell phone out of his pocket. The guys started yelling and cheering in the background. David turned his back and started dialing. His cock was cutting into his zipper and he’d bet money there would be a mark.

“Hello?” Kat answered on the second ring.

“Uh … Kat? That you?” David asked, his tongue felt slightly swollen from drinking.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Kat frowned, wondering what he could possibly want. David was suppose to be having fun with his friends. Maybe he needs a ride home, she thought.

“Um … me and the guys were wondering if you wanna come over. They haven’t seen you in a while and thought you’d like to hang out with us,” he mumbled.

“What?” Kat was shocked. Her brother never wanted her around his friends. She was just a baby according to him. “You want me to come over now?” she asked doubtfully.

“Yeah, me and the guys want you to come over to Jimmy’s house. We’re all just hanging out in the rec room and we thought it would be nice to have a girl come over,” he explained quickly. He could barely speak, his throat felt so dry. He was silently begging her to say yes. Just say yes!

“Oh … OK, I can be there in about 5 minutes,” she offered.

“Sounds good hon. See you a few,” he took a big breath and ended the call. The guys went nuts when he turned around grinning and gave them the thumbs up.


Driving into Jimmy’s driveway, Kat couldn’t imagine what they would want her over there for. All they kartal escort did was sit around, drink, tell stupid jokes and brag about the chicks they fucked. The only girls that usually sat around with them were fuck buddies and hoochie mamas. Of course, considering what she’d done today with her father, she was probably in the same category as skanks and whores. The worst of it was she wanted to do it again … and again and again.

She sat on her bed for what seemed like hours after her parents left. Her father’s seed running down her legs, mixed with their cum and her blood. Her pussy still twitching and humming from the rough fucking her father gave her. She was a little relieved that her cherry was gone and thankful it hadn’t hurt as much as she feared. Maybe that was from all her pussyplaying, she thought. She fucked herself nightly and enjoyed trying to enter her asshole with the brush handle. She never got it in too far, but it was fun trying.

Eventually she got up and went down the hall to the shower to wash up for the day. She really hadn’t been doing anything other than getting hornier and hornier with the thought of what her daddy would do to her next. She was really thankful when David called.

Kat turned off the car and sat there staring at the house. Jim’s parents didn’t appear to be home. The house looked dark and unwelcome. She had the weirdest feeling that once she entered the house, her world would once again change. Grabbing the handle, she opened the door and got out. She had another moment of uncertainty, but ignored it and kept walking.

The door opened before she could knock. “Hey look who’s here!” Rob grinned, ushering Kat into the house. His big, tall frame filled the doorway and Kat smiled happily to see him. Of all David’s friends, she liked the big, gorgeous footballer the best. He had the greatest smile and his head was almost shaved of any trace of hair. She imagines rubbing his big, bald head between her legs. Feeling suddenly breathless, she just giggled helplessly and allowed herself to be lead to the basement.

The guys were all sitting around and the room had the strong stench of booze and weed. They were quick to greet her and shove a beer in her hand. She was laughing and having a great time with Rob seated next to her on one side and her sexy brother on the other. At one point when Rob was telling her something, he moved his hand to her leg and started caressing her. She was already turned on at the thought that he might want to fuck her.

To Be Continued …

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