The Lake House Lessons 08

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I was awakened on Wednesday morning by a text message from Dana, at exactly 8 a.m. All it said was, “7 hours.” Attached was a picture of her lips, with shiny red lip gloss, which she didn’t usually wear, but, in this context was very sexy. I realized that she had a test at 9, so I probably wouldn’t hear from her again until about noon. There was no way I could get back to sleep, so I went downstairs. It was quiet, and I read the paper, had some coffee and relaxed. I did a little reading for my Friday tests–my last high school tests—and decided to finally clean the pool.

At 11 or so, I started to watch TV, and Sarah came downstairs.

“What are you doing today?” she asked. “Any tests?”

“Not until Friday,” I said.

“What about you?” I asked.

“Nothing much, she responded.

“You O.K. about the Dave thing?”

“Yeah, the guy was good in bed, but a jerk ultimately,” she said. “What’s going on with you?” she asked.

I told her that I was going over to Dana’s at 3, because she had passed her physics test and wanted to celebrate.

“That should be fun,” Sarah said, smiling.

You have no idea, I thought, but I just grinned back. “And,” I said, “on Friday, I have a date with Natalie, that girl I met at Dana’s party.”

“Good for you, and Dana is O.K. with that?” she asked.

“Dana and I have talked—we aren’t a couple, its sort of a friends with benefits thing.”

Sarah looked at me. “Be careful,” she said. “My experience has been that kind of thing never works out long term. Someone always gets hurt. I don’t want that to be you, and my guess is that you don’t want it to be Dana.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean,” I said. “Bottom line is that Dana is the hottest girl I have ever met and I really enjoy being with her. In some ways, she mesmerizes me, but I don’t think we are a long term thing, and she basically told me the same thing.”

Sarah said, “Let me see if Ariel knows anything—I don’t want you to have problems with Dana down the road.”

“Don’t do anything until after tonight,” I asked.

“Understood,” Sarah said.

My phone buzzed. It was 1:00 and there was a text from Dana. “2 hours”.

I downloaded the picture. It was a closeup of her pussy with her fingers holding it open so I could see the pink lips inside. It looked like she had a manicure, and had bright red polish on her nails.

“Who is that?” Sarah asked.

“Dana,” I responded, “just reminding me of our date this afternoon.”

At 2:00 sharp, my phone rang again. “One hour” was Dana’s message, and there was a picture of her left breast, with her hand cupping it. Her texts were having what I suspected were their desired result. I was dying. This girl really knew how to make a guy crazy. I went upstairs and showered and dressed.

At 2:30, the phone rang again. “30 minutes,” Dana had written. The picture was her right nipple being bitten by her white teeth, showing her red, glistening lips. I ran out to my car, afraid of what would happen, or more to the point, what wouldn’t happen, if I were late.

At 2:45, I got another text. I pulled over and read it. Not surprisingly, it said “15 minutes. You’d better be driving.” The picture was of her ass, lifted up in the air to show me her outer lips between her thighs. In addition to being super hot, she was quite the photographer.

At 2:50, I pulled up in front of Dana’s house. My phone beeped. “10 minutes. You’d better be in front of my house.” The picture was of Dana, naked on her bed, holding her tits.

I parked the car and ran to the front door and knocked. Dana came to the door wearing a robe and high heeled boots. I wondered if she was naked underneath. My cock was trying to rip though my shorts. She was wearing the red lip gloss and leaned up and kissed me, hard, on the lips. It tasted strange, but pleasant.

She looked at her watch. “Early,” she said, smiling. “Good boy.”

Dana took my hand and silently led me upstairs into her room. She handed me a man’s robe and told me to get undressed as she left the room. She came back in and took my clothing and left again. I didn’t understand why she left, or the robe thing, but I figured it was part of the scenario she had planned, so I complied. I realized that must also be a fantasy for her, and I knew that if I played along, it would be great for both of us. Dana had already proven to me to be incredible when it came to sex, and maybe even better at teasing.

I was in the robe, naked, sitting on the edge of Dana’s bed. Waiting. I waited for what seemed like a long time, but I noticed that Dana had removed all of the clocks in the room, and my watch and phone were in my pants, which Dana had taken away. This must have been part of her plan to ratchet up my anticipation. After a while, I was on tenterhooks when there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I asked, worried that it might be Ariel, or even Mrs. Angelo.

“It is Dana. Can I come in?”

Playing along, I said, “Yes, you can come in.”

She entered the room and güvenilir bahis removed her robe. She wasn’t naked. She was wearing a black leather bustier and corset that pushed her tits up and forward and narrowed her already slim waist, along with black lacy split crotch panties, giving me a view of her now fully shaved pussy. And black thigh high boots with spike heels that made her legs look about 10 feet long. I literally almost came just looking at her.

“Oh my god, Dana, you look unbelievable,” I said.

“Thank you,” she responded. As I promised, today is about your pleasure, and I am glad that this pleases you.”

“Oh my god, yes,” was all I could say.

“Please take off your robe and lie down on the bed, on your stomach,” she asked, although it wasn’t really a request.

I did so, and she put on some new agey music “I thought you might be a little tense—O.K., I hope that I have made you a little tense–so I thought you might like a relaxing massage.

She reached over to her night stand and took a tube of some sort of lotion, rubbed it on her hands to warm it up and began stroking my back. I’d had one professional massage in my life, and although Dana wasn’t a trained masseuse, it felt marvelous. I closed my eyes and relaxed as she rubbed and kneaded my back, head, shoulders, legs and feet. When she was done, she asked me to turn over on my back, which I did. She still looked amazing in her bustier and panties, with the red lips and nails and black boots.

My cock was standing straight up as she got more lotion and massaged my face, my chest and stomach and my legs. Everywhere but my cock, which was throbbing and twitching wildly. I knew she saw it, but she studiously ignored it. Finally, she lubed up her hands again and began to stroke my rod, working her way up from the root to the tip. She kept rubbing me, but kept slowing down to control me and keep me from cumming.

She unlaced the bustier and threw it aside, so that I could see the full glory of her large, round breasts. “Do you want to cum on my tits?” she asked. I was surprised and didn’t answer right away, so she asked again, “do you want to cum on my tits?

“Yes, yes, yes,” I panted, out of my mind with desire.

She grabbed my cock, pointed it at her beautiful chest and kept jerking me until I shot an enormous load on her chest, on her face and stomach. She smiled at me and kept milking my cock until I was spent. There was cum all over her, and she rubbed it into her chest.

“Was that good for you?” she asked.

“Oh my god yes,” I panted, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Me, too,” she responded. She had a towel handy, and wiped herself off, and cleaned the cum off the bed. Then, she leaned down to the bed and licked off the cum that was on my body and cock. If that was the beginning of the day, I was looking forward to an unforgettable experience.

She stood before me, only in her panties and boots, and said, “You said you trust me, right?”

“Yes, I trust you.”

She kissed me, her full, pillowy lips pressing against mine as I tasted her lip gloss. “O.K., then,” she said, “lay down on the bed, on your back.”

I did as she requested, and she pulled a bunch of scarves out of a bag.

“Tell me if this hurts,” she said as she tied first my hands and then my feet to the bed frame so that I was spread-eagled on the bed. I was completely at her mercy, but trusted that she wouldn’t do anything to harm me. She let me watch her slowly and sensually remove the boots and then put a blindfold on me, so I couldn’t see anything.

I heard her leave the room and close the door. I lay there, tied up and blind. At first, it was a little scary, but after a few minutes, I found it to be kind of relaxing. Whatever was going to happen, there was no pressure on me to do anything. And I knew that Dana wouldn’t hurt me. Again, she made me wait. My body was virtually humming with anticipation.

Eventually, I heard the door open, and heard Dana come into the room. I was feeling very exposed, and my cock was limp between my legs. I heard Dana approach the bed and then felt something light tickling my stomach. A feather, I guessed. Dana gently moved the feather over my abdomen and then to my chest. I am ticklish, and writhed against the bonds. My skin felt electric and highly sensitive. She used the feather to tickle my nipples, which I felt harden. She kept teasing me with the feather and my cock started to rise. She ran the feather over my cock, brushing it over the head and shaft, and even on my sensitive balls. I started getting harder and harder.

Suddenly, she stopped using the feather. I could sense her coming closer, and felt her kneel on the bed next to me. She started to gently kiss and lick my torso. She was careful only to touch me with her mouth and tongue, so that it felt like a disembodied head was probing me. She kissed and nibbled on my nipples, which caused my head to almost explode before moving up my neck to my lips and face. It was unbelievably, almost painfully, arousing, türkçe bahis especially after the feather had heightened my stimulation. She kissed me from my head to my toes, and finished by kissing and licking my throbbing cock. The anticipation of not knowing where her mouth would land next was excruciating. I began to writhe in the bed, pulling against my restraints. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped and got off the bed.

Dana then removed my blindfold and when my eyes were able to focus, I could see that she was now wearing a see-through lacy camisole that provided me with a view of her perfectly shaped breasts. Her shaved pussy looked soft and inviting. She was wearing black thigh high stockings.

“Amazing,” I said.

“Thank you,” she replied, reaching up and slowly removing the camisole, fully exposing her gorgeous tits. She slowly unrolled the stockings on first one leg and then the next, so that she was fully naked.

“Even better,” I said.

“Thank you,” she responded. Then she turned, showing off her beautiful ass, and strode to the end of the bed. She crawled onto the bed, between my legs and started sucking my cock.

When I was close to cumming, she stopped and undid my bonds. It felt good to be free again. She told me to get off the bed and stand up, so I did. She put the blindfold back on me, which was kind of annoying because I could no longer look at her, but it was exciting. I heard her kneel on the floor and slide under me. I realized that she was facing the same way that I was, and I felt her grab my hard cock and guide it into her mouth. I could feel her head tilt backward and she took my rod deep into her throat, until my balls actually were resting on her head. She began to slide up and down on my cock, and I began to squat and stand, driving my cock deep inside her throat. At the same time, she was grabbing the shaft and twisting it gently.

This was unbelievable and I couldn’t take it very long. I yelled out and blasted my load into her. She gagged briefly, then swallowed it all as my cock began to recede. I could feel her stand up and face me. She took off the blindfold and pressed her naked body against me. We kissed and held each other. Another surprise awaited me, as Dana lit a joint and took a deep hit, before passing it to me. We silently smoked together until it was gone. I began to feel lightheaded and giddy.

“Would you like to lick my pussy?” She asked.

“Actually, I really would,” I responded, and it was true. I was craving her taste. Instead of rolling onto her back, she rolled onto her stomach, and lifted her beautiful ass up in the air. I started eating her out from behind, smelling her pungent scent. She knew that doing this gave me pleasure, and I hungrily continued. Somehow, she was able to reach behind herself and began fingering her ass. I got the hint, and began to do the same. She was wiggling that beautiful butt in my face and I was getting hard again.

“Please open that drawer,” she asked, pointing at her night table. I did, and saw condoms, lube and a vibrator. “Would you like to use them on me?” she asked.

“Of course,” I responded.

I put some of the lube on my finger, and began teasing her ass with it. As she began to relax, I was able to stick my lube covered finger in a little. I picked up the vibrator and started teasing around her pussy while pressing my finger into her ass. She was panting and writhing. Her screams of pleasure were turning me on incredibly. I felt her asshole relaxing as I continued to work on it and stimulate her labia with the vibrator.

I put the condom on and lubed it up. I got back on the bed and slowly began to slip my cock into her asshole. She pressed against me, coaxing me into her tight ass. It was a little tight, tighter than Cara, but still felt good. I then took the vibrator and pressed it into her vagina and began to thrust it in and out, while doing the same with my cock in her ass. She began to wiggle, then shake, then shudder and she screamed my name as she had a thunderous orgasm. The tightening of her ass caused me to cum hard into the condom, as I thrust forward hard. I withdrew from her ass and removed the vibrator from her pussy as she collapsed on the bed.

She got off of the bed and brought back two bottles of water. We sat on the side of the bed and drank.

“Are you having fun?” she asked.

“Best time ever,” I responded, and she kissed me on the lips.

“Stay there,” she said, as she grabbed her vibrator and lay flat on the bed, her head propped up by the pillows.

Dana turned on the vibrator and began rubbing it over her body. She pressed it to her nipples, which hardened, and slowly lowered it to her pussy. She moved it around the outside, while she writhed and moaned with pleasure, before sticking it inside her. Dana was moaning and panting as she worked the vibrator in and out of her hole. Watching her pleasure herself was unbelievably arousing for me, and I quickly got hard. She noticed my erection, and stopped masturbating.

“Would güvenilir bahis siteleri you like to kiss my tits?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, and she held them out to me as if offering a meal to a starving man.

I leaned over and began kissing and sucking on them as she sighed and purred happily.

“How would you like to fuck my tits?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said, straddling her midsection and sticking my stiff cock in between her soft mounds. From her back, she was able to reach the tube of lube, and rubbed some on my cock, then pressed her tits against it. I began to ride her, rubbing my cock in her cleavage. Occasionally, she would use her tongue or lips to touch the tip as it came near her mouth. I rubbed her nipples as I thrust, and she moaned happily. After a while, I was ready to cum, and I yelled out. Dana opened her mouth wide. I aimed as best I could and shot most of my load into her mouth, but some sprayed on her face and tits. She swallowed and laughed. I rolled off of Dana, on to the bed. She cleaned herself off and then I held her in my arms.

After a few minutes of cuddling, Dana got out of bed and said, “O.K., shower time.”

We were sweaty with sex, and that seemed like a great idea. We put on our robes and went to the shower. I saw my first clock since I got undressed, and it was almost 7. We had been going at it for 4 hours, and Dana seemed to have limitless energy. Although her house was small, the bathroom that Ariel and Dana shared had a large stall shower.

Dana turned the water on, and when it was hot, she took off her robe and went in. I watched her beautiful face and body get covered by the water, and I took off my robe and got in with her. I got wet, and Dana began soaping me up all over, including my cock, which stiffened as she lathered it. She handed me the soap, and I returned the favor, soaping first her back and ass, slipping a finger between the crack to briefly tease her asshole. Then, I pulled her close to me and reached around from behind, soaping her glorious tits, her abs and her pussy. My cock was pressed between her ass cheeks and as I soaped her front, she wiggled her butt against me. I took the hand held shower head, and rinsed her off, paying special attention to her bare pussy.

When we were both clean, she turned to me and said, “The one place you haven’t visited yet is my favorite–that is why I saved it for last.”

She put her hands behind my neck and lifted herself off of the floor, wrapping her legs around me. My cock slid into her well lubricated hole, and I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her close. Although she was not a small girl, I had no trouble holding her up. Feeling the hot water from the shower on my back and the hot girl on my front, her tits pressing against my chest with my cock deep inside her, was heaven. I took a step or two forward, so that her back was against the tile wall of the shower, and began to pump my cock in and out of her. She squeezed and relaxed her legs in time with my thrusts.

The fact that I had been having sex essentially all afternoon and evening allowed me to stay hard for a very long time, as we continued to go at it, as steam filled up the shower, giving the scene a sort of dream-like effect. Eventually, however, I could not take it anymore and came violently, deep inside of her. Dana gasped, and I felt her shudder and yelp. She unclenched her legs, and I gently lowered her to the floor. Without hesitating, she dropped to her knees, and cleaned off my dripping cock with her mouth, stood up and used the shower to clean her pussy.

We hugged under the water, then separated as Dana turned off the shower and we emerged from the stall, dried off and put on our robes. We went back into Dana’s room and she picked up her phone and called a number.

“This is Dana Angelo, sweetie” she said into the phone. “Bring it now,” she continued, before ending the call.

I decided not to ask what that was all about. Each of Dana’s surprises had been better than the next, so I felt no reason to question. Still naked under our robes, she led me downstairs, got two beers from the refrigerator, and led me to the TV, where she turned on a baseball game. We sat and cuddled on the couch drinking beer.

I know I have said this before, but I can’t remember ever feeling better in my life, having been treated to a sexual carnival of delights by an amazingly beautiful girl. The doorbell rang, and Dana got up to answer it. She returned with a sausage pizza and Buffalo wings.

“How did you know that sausage was my favorite?” I asked.

“You really need to remember that I make it my business to know things about people,” she noted, as if slightly exasperated with my denseness, then continued, “I asked your sister.”

We ate the pizza and wings and watched the game, snuggling on the couch. Amazing sex, followed by pizza and beer, and a ball game. Pretty much, the teenage boy’s dream night.

But Dana wasn’t done. She went to the refrigerator and returned with a can of whipped cream. She opened her robe, exposing her awe-inspiring body, sat down next to me on the couch, shook the can and sprayed rings of whipped cream on each breast, leaving the nipple bare as sort of a cherry on the sundae.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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