The Little Minx Ch. 01

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Where to begin? It’s hard to write up about an impossibly complicated fling that began two Springs ago that made my life very tricky. It started with the visit of my wife’s sister Monica and here daughter Michelle on a warm Southern California Spring day. I opened the door after hearing the buzzer go off and found Monica with her delicate green eyes and auburn hair and all smiles waiting on the other side. She was dressed in a sleeveless milky linen blouse and rustic brown corduroy jeans. A golden necklace loosely bounced around her collar with golden emerald earrings dangling from her soft lobes whose faint hairs caught the sun’s rays.

“Sid! How wonderful to see you!” She exclaimed as she pressed forward with a warm hug. Her hair falling into my face and my chin brushing against her ear.

“Sam!” Monica practically bellowed in my ear as she pressed her next hugging attack on my wife. Sam closed here eyes in a loving sisterly embrace with her lighter, nearly blonde, straight hair falling onto Monica’s shoulders. Sam wore a soft vanilla single piece nylon suit that balanced between athleisure and fancy.

Standing shyly behind Monica was the taller and slender Michelle. Similar green eyes and auburn hair to her mother. Freckled sunspots on her shoulders and nose in her smooth skin. Her face uniquely feminine with big eyes and long eyelashes and full red lips. A beauty still in her cocoon of teenage adolescences but nearly fully blossomed into her young womanhood. She smiled at me with an almost ravenesk sharpness as if she just noticed me for the first time. I reached forward and pressed my strong arms around her for an embrace.

“Welcome to our place, Michelle!” I said as I hugged her. I could feel her slender frame pressed against tight at first and then relaxing; Her body was firm and well toned like a volleyball player.

Sam turned towards Michelle. “Look at you all grown up!” She said as they embraced. “I can’t believe you turned 18 this year. I remember when you were just a slender little girl. Always tall though!”

“Oh Sam, cut her a break. She’s not a little girl anymore,” I said.

Michelle flashed me a warm smile.

“Well wonderful to see you two!” She exclaimed.

We all convened in the leaving room chatting with Monica and Michelle’s luggage hanging out on our rug. Monica and Samantha were in a fast catch-up conversation leaving Michelle and me to pleasantly stare at each other trying to catch up awkwardly. A slow banter began.

“How’s school going for you?” I asked. “Almost done!”

“Oh, it’s boring,” She sighed. “Dreadfully boring.” Like she was a 1950’s movie star.

“But college will change all that,” I responded.

“Sure, and there will be new people to hang out with. New boys to meet,” She said said staring off with a smile.

I’m sure she was tired of all the boys looking how she did. Drop dead gorgeous.

“Do you workout, Sid?” She asked asked after a pause and eyeing my arms with a smirk hiding behind her lips and eyes. A strange question that made me shift uneasily in my chair.

“Yeah, I have a routine. But look at you!” I said trying to change the topic. “You must be doing some athletics in school. Are you on a team?”

Her long legs, bare below her emerald pleated skirt, displayed strong calves, smooth and almost shinny. They didn’t get like that just sitting around dreaming of boys.

“I used to do gymnastics for my first three years of high school, but I find myself just running these days,” she said as she stroked her left arm softly with her other hand’s long slender fingers and toned slim arms. She was still filling out in that teenage slender quality where she shot up faster then she filled out. Still she had those womanly curves already present.

“I still have the flexibility of course,” She remarked with a smile to the side. “Still able to reach my legs behind my head or do the splits.”

I smiled unsure of how to respond.

“Impressive! Wish I had that kind of flexibility. Well you look great, don’t quit now! There’s really nothing better then physical movement. I try and keep up with yoga and the gym. Moving the body keeps me happy.” I felt really silly saying such generic things, but it was hard to talk with teens sometimes.

“I bet it does,” She said slyly as she glanced at Sam. “Don’t worry, I don’t plan to stop being physical either. Of course I’m still learning all about it.” She went on. “Did you say yoga?” Her delicate thin eyebrows raised eryaman anal yapan escort in questioning.

“Yes, no better way to get to know your body.”

Why was I still in this part of the conversation. I felt weird talking with my wife’s niece like this. What if Sam or Monica took notice?

“There are some better ways I can think of,” She said as she glanced at my lower rift. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, or what she really meant. Was she flirting with me?

“Maybe in the morning you can show me some yoga.” She smiled at me with eyes digging deep.

Oh shit! What could I say. Somehow doing yoga with my wife’s teenage niece seemed inappropriate but I don’t know why. An image of this young girl in tight yoga pants and a tight crop top stirred up a feeling of lust. I could just imagine going red in the face accidentally staring down her tank top at her young perky cleavage as she pressed her butt to the sky in downward dog. Or staring at her long slender leg as she bent over in a forward fold. Did she say she could reach her legs behind her head? But perhaps my wife would join and it would all be a bit more innocent.

I tried to shrug off these thoughts. After all she was very young and related to my wife, and I was happily married. Sam was also a drop dead gorgeous women who usually had a health sexual vigor, so I was’t lacking in that department. Being married never stopped my stray mind though. How I pondered flings with the women I met or saw from a distance. Always imagining the dirtiest of encounters. I had tried to stop these thoughts for years. The guilt poured in, but they always came back. Eventually I felt that they were harmless as long as they remained in my mind. Although I always wondered what would happen if a beautiful women cornered me while my wife was out of sight or out of town. Would I cave if given the ability to fuck a stranger without Sam ever finding out? I always wondered.

“Sure, every morning at 7am,” I said to throw off this probably late sleeping teenager.

“I wouldn’t miss it!” She said smiling without missing a beat. “There are beaches here too aren’t there?”

“Of course, it’s California.”

“Hmm, perhaps you could take me one of these days. I’d love to get into a two piece and sunbath on the sand. Or maybe you could teach me to surf!” She said in a bubbly voice of delight. Her bare knees pressed together in her delight and her posture straightened as if she were more alert.

Again, I thought about her in a skimpy bathing suit. The things teens wore these days. The V shaped thongs with their ass cheeks hanging out. Always hard for me to peel my eyes off those young women bouncing their bubble butts down the beach like it was completely acceptable, not that I was complaining. Or the low cut tops with the perky upper breasts jostling back and forth. And me on the board with this drop dead gorgeous teen pressed into my crotch as I tried to teach her to paddle.

“Like this?” She’d ask bending forward and pressing her thonged ass into my groin and pretending to paddle. My dick rapidly inflating pressing against her tight behind. My hands landing on the soft folds where her hips and long slender legs meet. Her narrow teen midriff and exposed back in front of me just like doggy position.

“No, no, no. Let me show you.” My hands softly brushing along her shoulders to show her how to stroke.

All this flashed quickly through my brain I felt a small electric vibration in my groin. Had she meant to lead my thoughts there?

“I’m sure we could arrange a day for all of us to go the beach,” I replied.

“Hmm, shame. My mother just hates the sun and the sand. And Sam is so busy at that new job of hers from the sounds of it. I’d hate to miss out. You sure you can’t take me without them?” She asked innocently. Was it innocent? Her hand reached up and she chewed softly on her thumb like a little girl. Her big eyes fixed on mine.

“Well,” I started but wasn’t really sure what to say.

“Please uncle Sid!” She pouted. Her hand reached out and touched my thigh, “Can you take me to the beach?”

I felt her small but long fingered hand on my thigh. Again my groin lit up electrically. I patted her hand softly.

“Of course. Just let me know when you want to go. I can fish the boards out of the garage.” I was surprised at my own instant caving.

Her hand gave me a little squeeze before retreating with her nails sliding down my thigh cebeci escort causing my hairs to raise and my spine to tingle. She smiled at me in a knowing way that caused my dick to begin to stiffen.

“Uhh, you’re the best! All the other girls will be so jealous seeing you on the beach next to me with all that working out you’ve been doing.”

I didn’t know what to say, but my dick knew how it felt. I had to adjust, and Michelle’s eyes bulged and her eyebrows raised as she watched. Had she actually noticed? Part of me hoped she didn’t and part of me hoped she did.

Monica turned towards me and asked a question. I turned my attention to a new conversation with Michelle’s mother and my wife Sam. Eventually I stole a glance back at Michelle. She was biting down softly on her thumb staring off to the side. Her other hand was somehow discreetly raising her skirt, her legs were softly spread, and I could nearly see her white panties below. My heart skipped a beat. This was going to be a trying week.


Dinner came around and my wife invited four other friends of hers and Monica’s. The six of them were in deep conversations again with Michelle and me left to fend for ourselves. She sat next to me on one side, my wife on the other. I was trying to follow Monica’s story when I felt a hand snake its way onto my thigh. I instantly knew it wasn’t my wife’s as Sam had both hands on the table. I looked to my right and to my horror into Michelle’s eyes. She was smirking at me. I was unsure of what to make of this. Well I knew it was wrong, but was she innocently just being loving towards her uncle? Then, I felt her little hand worm its way up my thigh and into my crotch where she found my penis and gave it a tight squeeze. My eyes ballooned and unfortunately so did my dick which began to inflate rapidly.

What was a I to do? I quickly reached under the table and tried to peel her wrist off, but she grabbed on tighter. Was I to make a huge scene? My eyes stared at Michelle in disbelief but she only smiled back. I couldn’t believe how bold she was. 18 years old and already so confident that she was brazen enough to grab her uncle’s dick and at the table with her own mother and aunt. I was dumb struck. I was horrified and scared of the outcome. But I was also feeling electric shocks of pleasure and lust emanating out of my groin and coursing through the rest of my body. Part of me gave in. My dick wanted her touch. But part of me still struggled with the disbelief and the wrongness of it all.

Her fingers found my zipper and slowly unzipped my front. My fingers grabbed hers and they intertwined under the table as I tried to fight her off. My dick was at half mast but growing bigger by the second. She pulled my hand to the side and then quickly went back towards the zipper. Her little hand wormed its way inside until she was on the bare cock. My breath quickened, I began to sweat. Again, I tried to pull her wrist but she now held on tighter to my shaft. Her little fingers so delicate against my manhood. She began to rhythmically squeeze my cock. I couldn’t believe this. My penis began to ooze it’s drool onto my underwear. My wife and her sister at the table and their friends. But all of them too wrapped up in conversation to notice me getting a hand job from my wife’s little niece at the table. It was dirty and profoundly inappropriate.

Her slender fingers wrapped nearly all the way around my shaft kept squeezing. Her other hand reached up and begin to delicately trace her plate’s edge like she was bored. I placed both my hands on the table trying to figure out what to do, but my cock already knew what it was going to do. I looked again, a stolen glance at Michelle. My eyes roamed her beautiful young face and then flicked down to steal a glance at here exposed cleavage under her blouse. Such soft and perky young breasts. C cups I thought. Probably the perfect handful. I imagined sucking on them delicately.

Her hand let go of my dick for a second and found my balls and squeezed those tightly causing them to squirm before returning to my shaft. Michelle’s tongue darted out of her mouth as she slowly licked her upper lip and fluttered her eyelashes at me. Had anyone noticed this seductive glance? She began to move her hand slowly up and down my shaft. She snaked it to the top where I was beginning to leak precum. Her fingers squeezed out more precum like she was trying to get the last of the toothpaste from a nearly empty pursaklar escort container, and then she began to finger it in a motion around the crown of my dick before cupping my shaft and sliding down to the root again. She did this several times until my dick with sticky and wet with my precum. She began to squeeze and slide up and down. I couldn’t believe this teen was jerking me off at the table. I hated myself for loving this handjob and not stopping her. I couldn’t believe my luck that this beautiful slender teen was jerking me off in such a brash way at the table in front of her mother and my wife. I couldn’t believe she was my wife’s niece and mine for that matter. How many boys her age were dying for her touch?

“Well Sid knows that, don’t you Sid?” My wife said as she turned towards me.

I stammered and turned red. “Sorry what was that?” I said trying to focus but that little delicate hand was still squeezing my cock under the table.

“You remember the place we stayed in Newport last summer?” Sam asked. The little hand reaching for my balls again and giving those a squeeze causing me to squirm again.

“Oh yes, the little cottage by the sea.” The hand firmly squeezing out more precum to help coat my rock hard cock.

“By the sea, isn’t he romantic,” Olivia said warmly.

Michelle really began to pick up the pace of squeezing my dick. What if everyone noticed? Could anyone hear the soft sound of me being jerked off by my niece? My dick began enlarging with every stroke and my balls began to tighten. I was fighting to keep my breath regular. Oh no, I was going to blow midway in a conversation while staring at Monica or Olivia.

“Sid, always knows these lovely places to stay,” Monica said. “You flower my sister with love.” I stared at her and reveled at how much she looked like Michelle and Sam for that matter. A beautiful green eyed fox with voluptuous breasts, a slender neck, and sharp features. I couldn’t believe I could stare at her as her daughter was bringing me to orgasm. A sick twisted part of me loved the wrongness of it all.

“Well I try to be a good husband,” I said weakly smiling. I could see Michelle smirking in my peripheral vision. My wife smiled and reached her hand over to mine to warmly squeeze it.

“He showers me with lots of his love,” my wife purred.

“Oh you naughty thing,” Olivia laughed. I saw Monica’s eyebrows raise in astonishment at the coarse joke, but she held a little smirk that reminded me of her daughter Michelle’s smirk as she jerked me off.

“Dan didn’t you and Olivia go to Greece recently for a romantic get away?” I quickly asked across the table to try and pry all eyes off me. Almost out of breath as I spoke.

“Why yes! It was splendid,” Dan began. Olivia hopped into fill in the table about their get away.

I glanced back at Michelle. Her eyes were boring into mine. She was no longer smirking. She just looked dizzy almost orgasmic with red cheeks and her nose slightly red like she had been out in the cold. I could see her breast heaving up and down quickly like she was about to have a panic attack.

My cock started twitching and Michelle’s fingers stopped pumping and just squeezed tightly. My balls tightened up and down and I felt the boil of cum starting to erupt. I quickly grabbed my wine glass and drank and breathed hard into it as I felt my dick spasm in my pants with Michelle’s teenage hand wrapped around my cock tightly. I couldn’t believe I was going to cum at the table like this with my niece’s hand in my pants in front of my wife and Michelle’s mother. The cum burst through the tight lock and began to coat my underwear in a thick smear. My dick throbbed like it was trying to explode past Michelle’s firm grasp. Michelle gave my dick a few pumps to help the blasts explode more vigorously into my pants. A violent rush of ecstasy ran through my body from my toes to me head. My spine tingled in delight. My heart beat frantically like a mad drummer. The teen held on all the way through until my dick stopped spasming. Just weak dribbles of cum poured at this point.

She let go and ran her fingers through the cum before pulling her hand out. I watched her pull her hand from under the table. I could see the cum shinning on her fingers. I looked around but the others were laughing at something Dan had said. Michelle smiled at me as she licked off her fingers secretively. My cum slurped up by the minx’s little pink tongue. I could only imagine her doing the same off my dick after she just gave me head. I stared at her supple red lips and little pink tongue and promised myself I’d get my hard dick into that mouth no matter what it cost. But then guilt and fear filled my soul. What had I done? What if this minx was crazy and ruined my life?

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