The Live-in Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Ana Meets the Cousins

That weekend Susan’s brother, David Clark, and his family arrived for a visit. Ana, wondering what they—another family into incest—were like, came out to see their arrival, but she hung back, waiting with Tanya like good servants to be called upon if needed. The meeting between the two families seemed perfectly normal. There was lots of hugging and chaste, familial kissing. It was just like any other sets of American cousins who hadn’t seen each other in a while.

David Clark was a few years older than his sister, a bit shorter than Michael with a bit more gray in his hair. Rebecca his wife looked like a model. She was almost supernaturally thin, not an ounce of fat on her, with pale skin and long, black hair. Two of their children were in college, like Amanda. Daniel was a slimmer, younger version of his dad, and Ashley was small, like Susan and Amanda, but like her mother fair and raven haired. Kayla, the youngest at eighteen, was still in high school. She had Susan and David’s olive complexion, but was curvy, naturally busty and with big hips.

The two families settled into the living room talking and catching up. Tanya and Ana served drinks and snacks, and Ana was introduced to the Clarks, but none of them tried to engage her in conversation, except for Rebecca who said, “I’ve heard good things about you, I hope to find out if they’re true for myself.” That was the closest anyone came to acknowledging that something out of the ordinary was going on among the family members.

Ana mentioned to Tanya that she had expected something different, and Tanya replied, “Just give it time.”

Sure enough, after about half an hour Ryan and Kayla slipped away and headed upstairs to the bedrooms. After waiting a discreet interval, Ana discreetly followed them. The door to Ryan’s bedroom was ajar, and Ana took up her usual vantage point outside of it.

The two teens were already naked, standing in the middle of the room, and kissing. Ana watched as Kayla dropped to her knees and took her cousin’s cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth, taking the entire penis with ease. Ana was more than a little impressed with that ability to deep throat Ryan’s cock; she knew from experience that she couldn’t do it.

After a few minutes of fellatio, Ryan picked his cousin up and pushed her onto her back on the bed. Then he knelt between her legs and went down on her. Kayla was soon moaning, and Ana remembered what Ryan’s tongue felt like.

She then heard some people coming up the stairs. Her first instinct was to hide, but she realized that she had nothing to fear. Just the same, she pressed her back against the wall of the hall, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. It was Amanda and the other two cousins. Amanda winked at Ana as they passed, and Ana heard Daniel say, “Are you sure she’s okay?”

“Oh yeah. She just likes to watch,” responded Amanda.

The three went into Amanda’s room, leaving the door open. Ana peered back into Ryan’s room, where the boy had stood up and, with his cousin still lying on her back, ankles around his neck, was pounding her quite hard. Ana continued to watch, her hand slipping down inside her jeans, rubbing her clit.

After a bit more, Ana moved down the hall until she was standing outside Amanda’s room. Amanda and Ashley were on the bed locked in a sixty-nine. Daniel was standing nearby, watching his sister and cousin go at it, stroking his dick, which was already hard. Ana was a bit disappointed that it was only six inches or so, then she checked herself. She was becoming spoiled. Daniel was hardly inadequate in the size department—at average size he was bigger than some of the guys she had been with—and he only suffered in comparison to his cousin and uncle. And the rest of him was just delicious. He was slim, with a tight stomach and six-pack abs and well-muscled but wiry arms and legs. He wasn’t a big guy in any dimension, but he was well built. Ana imagined what he could do to her, and the smaller cock could be an advantage in hard pounding. She continued rubbing her clit, but only to relieve the most intense need. She didn’t let herself go over the falls.

She turned her attention to the two girls. Ashley was bit bigger than Amanda, who was quite tiny, but she had smaller tits. They looked, as far as Ana could tell with the two cousins locked in the oral embrace, perky and lickable.

Daniel moved in behind his sister and started rubbing his cock against her slit, then pushed into her and began sliding in and out of her cunt. For her part, Amanda shifted her oral attention to his balls, moving her hand up to keep attending to Ashley’s clit. Now and again Daniel would slip out of his sister, allowing Amanda to take his dick into her mouth for a while, before returning to his thrusting.

Ana began wondering what the parents were up to and headed downstairs. She found Susan and her brother still in the living room. They were talking. She listened for a minute, and they were just güvenilir bahis chatting about the kids, how Amanda and Ashley were doing at college, that kind of thing. It sounded like any brother and sister in America getting caught up with other’s doings.

Michael and Rebecca were nowhere to be found. They couldn’t have gone up to the bedrooms without Ana seeing them. She realized that they were probably down in the dungeon, so she headed down that way.

Sure enough, that’s where they were. Michael was almost hanging by a pair of handcuffs attached to the ceiling, arms extended above his head. His feet were on the ground, but his ankles were separated by a spreader bar. His cock was semi-engorged and his sister-in-law was thrusting a good-sized dildo in and out of his ass. She was evidently a dom as well.

Ana touched herself again and realized she was sopping wet; her wet panties had soaked through to her jeans, and it wasn’t all that comfortable. She realized that she needed to change before she became badly chafed in a region which would make sex uncomfortable, so she reluctantly headed upstairs. On her way she passed Susan and her brother David heading down into the dungeon to join their spouses. David gave her an appreciative once over. Susan winked.

Ana considered turning around and joining them, but that would be a bit too much. This was all too new, and she was just getting used to the Harrises. She didn’t think she was ready to add the Clark family into her sexual mix. She might be up for a discreet tryst with David or Daniel, but a dungeon orgy wasn’t a good idea for the night. Then she remembered Tanya. But unfortunately, Tanya had packed up the kitchen and gone home, leaving some cold platters and reheatable items for everyone’s dinner. It looked like another night with the vibrator. She could play with the others tomorrow. She left the kitchen and made her way to her apartment without revisiting the kids in the other bedrooms.

She threw open the door to her apartment, entered and quickly stripped out of her wet pants. The delay had taken the immediacy out of her urge to orgasm, but her horniness was still there. She reconsidered her plan with the vibrator and opted for a bath. A nice relaxing session with her fingers in warm, soapy water was just what she needed. So she drew a bath, and just as she slipped into it she realized that the door to her apartment was open. No matter, she thought, no one was likely to come into her apartment. Besides, everyone else was engaged.

She settled into the hot water, just lying there for a few minutes trying to think of nothing but how nice the water felt. Then she cupped her breasts with her hands and slowly kneaded them, rubbing her index fingers around her nipples. She felt her pussy spasm and contract once. She was ready. Her hands slipped down to her belly and then down further, forcing her legs apart and rubbing her inner thighs. She was in no hurry. She was in the mood for a slow sensuous session.

A thought of Ryan and his father both taking her, the older man in her pussy, the son in her ass, flashed across her mind. She moved her right hand over her pussy, spreading her outer lips with her fingers. Then with her left index finger she circled the ring of her vaginal opening, just brushing past the nub of her clit. It felt very good.

“The door was open. Would you like some company, or are you set on a solo session tonight?” Rebecca’s voice interrupted her. She had been standing there with Kayla, watching the maid pleasure herself.

Ana jerked her eyes open, and seeing the mother and daughter instinctively moved her left arm to cover her breasts, keeping her right hand over her pussy. Then after a moment she relaxed, knowing there was nothing to be embarrassed about, not with this family.

“I had planned to be alone,” said Ana, “but company is welcome.”

“Good, that’s what we were hoping,” said Rebecca. And the two women knelt at the side of the tub. Kayla leaned down and started sucking Ana’s nipple, while her mother took over the task Ana’s hands had been performing. Ana arched her back slightly, giving the two women better access.

The pleasure was exquisite. Ana was just starting to work her way toward a climax when Rebecca announced, “I think we can have a bit more fun if spread out on the bed.”

Ana reluctantly stood up and the two women helped her out the bath, bringing her towels and drying her off. Ana had never felt so pampered. When she was dry, Rebecca took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom, with Kayla following.

The three lay down on the bed, Ana in between the mother and daughter, with Rebecca casually running her fingers over Ana’s breasts and whispering in her ear, “What kind of things do you like? Do you like it rough, to be dominated?”

“This is all so new to me,” said Ana. “I’ve never been with a woman before this week. I think I like to be dominated, but I don’t want it rough, at least not tonight.”

“So you’re in the mood for something slow and sensual.”

Ana türkçe bahis nodded yes.

“We can accommodate that.” And with that Rebecca and Kayla each started sucking on a breast, their hands finding their way down to Ana’s crotch. Ana put her head back, closed her eyes again, and just enjoyed the ministrations of the two women.

After a few minutes Kayla’s mouth left her breast and made a trail of kisses down to her pussy, first kissing around the labia, then licking around the vagina, thrusting her tongue inside, and finally focusing on Ana’s clit. First one, then two, then three of Kayla’s fingers slipped inside Ana, searching for her G-spot.

For her part, Rebecca moved, straddling Ana’s head and slowly lowering herself down onto Ana’s awaiting mouth. For the third time in her life Ana tasted another woman’s pussy. Rebecca tasted sweeter than her sister or niece, but there was a pungent, sour scent of arousal. Rebecca had been excited for some hours now, and Ana could tell. She plunged her tongue deep into the older woman’s vagina as Kayla did the same to her. Still a little unsure of how to pleasure a woman, Ana took her clues from the girl. Whatever Kayla did to her, she tried to do to her mother. Evidently it worked, both women came at about the same time, with Ana spraying Kayla’s face with her juices, and Rebecca clamping her thighs hard around Ana’s head, driving her sex even deeper into Ana’s mouth.

Rebecca slid off the maid’s face, collapsing onto the bed, but Kayla didn’t miss a beat. She quickly swung around and scissored Ana, grinding their pussies together. Ana had just come down, but found herself rocketing right back into another orgasm.

After that one subsided, the urgency left her and, since Kayla continued her grinding, Ana took over the more active role, letting Kayla lay back and be driven to her own orgasm, which wasn’t long in arriving.

After Kayla had cum, the two women disentangled themselves and cuddled up to Rebecca. The three said nothing; they just lay there, basking in the afterglow.

“You three looking for company? Or are you finished for now?” It was Ryan. He was standing there with a semi-hard cock.

“I don’t know about you two,” said Rebecca, “but I’m done for the moment. I’m going to see who my husband has gotten himself into.” With that she sat up, gave Ana and her daughter a quick kiss each, slipped off the bed, and headed out of the bedroom. As she passed her nephew she gave him a kiss too, and his cock a squeeze. “Tomorrow night I want this all to myself, or maybe sharing it with my son.” Then she was gone.

Kayla beckoned Ryan onto the bed, and the boy lay down between the two woman. Ana and Kayla exchanged a look, and then the two of them leaned over and began to jointly suck Ryan’s cock. Kayla bobbed up and down on the head, while Ana took care of the shaft and balls. After a bit the two switched up. The two women exchanged kisses and both licked the glans and head for a bit, then Ana dove down onto the large cock and Kayla took each testicle into her mouth in turn and paid special attention to his perineum. As soon as she touched his taint, he exploded into Ana’s mouth.

The volume wasn’t all that much, as he had already cum several times that evening, and Ana had no difficulty keeping it in her mouth without gagging. She was about to swallow it, when she felt a hand on her chin directing her head upward. It was Ashley, who planted a kiss on Ana’s mouth, thrusting her tongue inside and scooping out some of her cousin’s cum into her own. She and Ana fell back on the bed together, kissing, exchanging what was left of Ryan’s seed, and entwining their bodies with each other.

Ana didn’t even notice Kayla and Ryan slip away.

She didn’t know how long she and Ashley kissed. They just kissed, occasionally running their hands along each other’s body, exploring the softness. There was no time, no goal, no pressure, just tongues, and hands, and bliss.

Eventually Ana felt another pair hands on her back. She stopped kissing Ashley long enough to see who it was. Amanda had joined them.

Ana returned to kissing Ashley, and Amanda began to kiss the back of Ana’s neck. Then Ana felt something hard against her thigh; Amanda was wearing a strap-on. Ana felt the girl rub the head of the dildo against her lips, and she opened her thighs, letting her slide the head inside. Soon Amanda was pumping it in and out, gently, not disturbing Ana’s and Ashley’s kissing.

Ana’s hand found its way down to Ashley’s crotch. It was wet. She slipped a finger inside, then two, and then matched Amanda’s rhythm, so she was fucking Ashley with her hand as Amanda was fucking her with the strap-on.

After a bit Amanda slipped out of her. Then Ana felt the girl spread her ass cheeks and her tongue circling about her anus. She shuddered, remembering what that stimulation led to the other day. Soon she felt the shock of cold lube between her cheeks and a finger, then two, penetrate her. Ashley’s hand dropped to Ana’s crotch, fingering güvenilir bahis siteleri her pussy as well. The two women kept on kissing.

Then Ana felt the dildo’s head pressing against her sphincter. Instinctively she tensed at first, then relaxed, and the head slid inside. It popped right out again, and Amanda reinserted it, pushing it about an inch deeper this time. Ana grunted her approval, and Amanda slowly slid it deeper. Soon Amanda was going at her with a slow and steady rhythm.

It was too much for Ana. Despite all the orgasms she’d already had, she felt this one build up and wash over her. It was intense. She wasn’t sure what happened to her. She remembered clawing at Ashley’s back and biting her shoulder—the marks were there later after she came down—the only other thing she remembered were the waves of pleasure. She thought she had screamed.

She didn’t pass out, but she kept her eyes closed and just lay there for a few minutes. When she finally regained her senses she realized that Amanda was still inside her ass and Ashley was gone.

In her place was Daniel, Ashley’s brother. He was looking into her eyes. Taking one of her hands, he guided it down to his crotch and placed it on his cock, which was already hard. She stroked it a few times and then guided it to her pussy for her first double penetration.

Fortunately the two cousins had some experience with DP. Amanda held still, wrapping her arms around Ana and playing with her breasts, while Daniel moved in and out of her. She was still sensitive from the last orgasm, and Daniel’s thrusting almost hurt at first, but soon the intensity wore off and she could enjoy the feeling of being stuffed.

This went on for ten minutes or so. Ana wasn’t building to another orgasm; she may have been spent for the night. But that didn’t mean that it was pleasurable, a cock and a dildo inside her, crushed between two young, firm bodies. What was not to like? She turned her head back toward Amanda, and the two women kissed.

Ana felt Daniel tense and sensed his breathing growing erratic. He came inside her and then slipped out. Amanda did the same. The three kissed.

There was more pressure on the bed. Ana looked up and saw that Susan had joined them.

“Do you think you’ve got another hard-on in you?” she asked her nephew.

He nodded, “I think so.”

The aunt dove down and engulfed her nephew’s organ, sucking it, trying to resuscitate it.

Amanda unstrapped her dildo, and she and Ana embraced and watched the show, cuddling, exchanging the occasional kiss, just enjoying the post-coital moment.

Soon Daniel was back in form, and his aunt climbed on top. She rode him for a while, then he flipped her over, and they fucked missionary, and then spooned. He came again.

When he slipped out of Susan, Ana slipped down and spread her employer’s legs, licking and sucking the semen out of her pussy. Then, knowing that Susan enjoyed cum-swapping, moved up and kissed her.

Daniel and Amanda got up and walked out of the room, hand in hand. Ana watched them go, and then returned to kissing Susan.

A moment later they were joined by Michael and David. Michael lay down next to Ana, while David lay down next to his sister, the two women turned and started kissing the man next to them.

She thought that she was too spent to fuck anymore, but when she felt Michael’s cock grow hard against her thigh, she realized that she could go one more round. He really was a handsome man with a big cock. He entered her, and David did the same with his sister.

Ana looked up into Michael’s eyes, locking onto them, urging him with her glances to pump faster and faster. He complied. Her hand reached out and grasped Susan’s next to her. David matched his brother-in-law’s speed, fucking Susan faster. Soon Susan and Ana exploded, cumming together, with the men both following shortly afterward. For Ana, it wasn’t as intense as before, but it was just as nice.

The two men slipped out and collapsed next to the women.

“God, I’m spent,” declared Ana.

“I can’t move. If you don’t mind, Ana, I’m going to sleep here,” said Michael.

“Me too,” offered David. “But who’s going to sleep on the wet spot?”

“The entire bed is a wet spot,” said Susan. “You’ve been really having a time of it in here, Ana.”

“Give me a few minutes to catch my breath and I’ll change the sheets.”

“Do it in the morning,” said Susan. “Our bed hasn’t been used. The four of us can go there. It’s less effort to go than to change the sheets.”

So after a few minutes, the four left Ana’s room, nakedly stumbling to the master bedroom, where they collapsed onto the king-size bed, falling right to sleep.

* * *

When Ana awoke she was curled up between Michael and David. Susan was lying on the far side of Michael. All three were still asleep. She glanced at the clock and it was ten a.m. Ana lay without moving for a few moments. She was gloriously rested despite all the exertions of the night before, probably because most of it had been slow and gentle, with very little hard pounding. But she was covered with dried sweat and other juices. Michael and David reeked of sweat and musk, and she must have smelled much the same. Plus she had to pee.

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