The Long Weekend Ch. 26

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Early Sunday Evening

Danny had become infatuated with Annie. On the drive over he made polite conversation and paid special interest to everything she said. He found a parking spot and in what seems like the blink of an eye, he ran around and gallantly opened the door for her and extended his hand to help her out. Annie, shifted her weight on the leather seat and extended her right leg out, exposing a hint of thigh to his young eyes. He assisted her out of the car and with a soft touch to the middle of her back, directed her toward the restaurant. He stayed as close as her shadow to her. He walked in step, and his arm guided her elbow with a light but confident to touch. Letting her enter the small restaurant first, he casually steered her to the side, while he went up to make a reservation for four. Annie watched with fascination at his confidence.

“It’ll be 20 minutes, do you want to wait here or we could go for a walk, since you have not been in town before.” Danny asked with an easy smile.

“I didn’t see much around here, only the bowling alley, on the drive in. Why don’t we wait and maybe they will seat us early.” Annie replied before asking, “Should we wait at the bar area, out of the way?”

“Yeah, that would be great. Sorry, I should have thought of that.” Danny apologized.

With the number of couples waiting the bar was crowded but they did find one open stool. Danny extended his arm offering her to sit while he stood. She stretched up to sit on the stool and Danny moves in closer to talk to her over the din of the crowd. In order for this to happen Annie realized that sitting at an angle to the bar, she will have to open her legs. Danny saw the invitation and stepped between her legs to rest his right hand on the bar.

“Shall we order a drink?” he asked gazing into her eyes.

“I’ve had a lot of wine today, so I better have a glass of water, ’til your mom arrives.” Annie answered as she feels his left hand rest on her right thigh.

“Ok then.” Danny agreed as he turns to lean over the bar to attract the attention of the barkeep. “Two waters while we are waiting please.” he calls out as his left hand takes a firmer hold of her thigh to keep his balance.

The hem of her skirt rose up as she splayed her legs to help him balance which meant his hand was half way on her skirt and half way on her naked thigh. Feeling her partially uncovered leg, his pointer and index fingers, slid under the green jersey material, to lightly caress her nakedness. His little finger kept the fabric in place so as not to be too blatant.

The waters arrive and Danny sidled more between her legs to reach for the glasses. In order to keep her balance on the stool, Annie hooked her right heel into the back of Danny’s knee, pulling him inadvertently even tighter to her. Danny felt the physical connection and his youthful cock which had been at rest began to wake up. He hands her one glass, they clinked rims.

“I’m so glad I met you and that you and my mom became friends.” Danny offers, as his left arm quietly returns his cold fingers to her right leg. He feel bring goose bumps begin to form on her upper thigh as he gingerly strokes the smooth exposed flesh.

Annie drops her right hand on top of his to slow his actions. The bar was crowded but she was worried about making a scene. Looking around, she saw that no one was paying attention as the ball game was on the large flat screen and the diners were busy eating.

Danny was surprised and felt maybe he had gone too far, too quickly and that she wanted him to stop. Instead after a moment’s hesitation, he felt her nudge his hand to the center of her sex. His talented small boyish fingers felt the tiny wet gusset of her thong stretched taut over her vulva. Using his index finger to stroke her labia, he spread her lips apart with his thumb, allowing the thong to cut into the red gash of the wet swollen entry to her vagina. The satiny hairless lips were slippery with excitement as he used his thumb to press the fabric into her silky orifice. Annie contracted her pelvic muscles to tease his thumb and pull the thin fabric inward. Danny rotated his thumb upward to caress the hood of her clit through the fabric. The hood began to recede and the clit protruded searching for his touch. Feeling the swelling bud respond to his touch he quickened his pace and drew smaller circles. He felt her left foot move behind his other knee drawing him tight to the stool. With the back of his hand on the stool, his fingers played long strokes on her cunt lips while he rode her tingling love button. The furrow caused by the wedged in thong was turning a dark red from the excitement and her thighs were becoming lubricated with her perspiration and her juices as she urged his fingers to continue.

Putting his glass down he rested his elbow on the bar and let his finger secretively touch her nipple that was straining to break free of its confinement. With a gentle touch he outlined its shape güvenilir bahis and stroked its length. He slowly leaned in and nibbled her ear and ran his tongue around her ear lobe.

In such a public place she made herself come silently. She bit her lip and gripped his arm with her hand while her heels dug into the backs of his knees. He felt her release and with soothing murmurs and soft caresses he helped her gradually come back to reality.

“Table for four. Andrew’s table for four” was the announcement.

“Perfect timing, appetizer’s are over.” he said releasing her gently and stepping back slightly so she could compose herself. He noticed she had perspiration on her top lip and that her chest had become distinctly red from the heated exchange.

“Why don’t you take the table while I go and freshen up” Annie suggested as she fought to regain control of her body and her emotions.

“OK, I’ll also call my mom and see how far away she and Jr. are, while you do that.”

Joining Danny at the table, Annie looked at the young boy. How does he know so much about women at his young age, she thought? As she sat across from him in the banquette, Danny noticed the red flush had softened on her chest but had not completely left her. She seem to have a radiant glow about her, a renew energy. “Five minutes away they said, so they should be here any minute” Danny informed her. While she looked at the menu, Danny looked at her. He was smitten with this woman.

Moments later Kathy and Jr. came in, with big hugs and hellos all around, Kathy sat next to her nephew/son while Jr. sat next his mom and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. He noticed she had a glow about but thought the wine during the day was the reason. The small seats meant they were packed in close to each other. Annie moved her purse to the wall side to give them more room but she found that Jr.’s big body crowded her and she felt his leg press against hers. The boys, realizing they were the designated drivers, ordered sodas while the women decided to carry on with their wine binge.

The conversation was animated amongst the group. Kathy talked to Danny about this and that while Jr. and Annie talked about the work he was doing. When the meal arrived it seemed incidental as they appeared to those around them, to be more interested in each other than the food. As they approached the end of the meal, Annie looked diagonally across the table and notice that Kathy seemed to be looking intently at Jr. while discussing some TV show with him.

She noticed that Danny was looking at her but his hand seemed to have slipped below the tablecloth on a line toward Kathy’s crotch. In his other hand he held a french fry between his lips while he kept intense eye contact with Annie. Annie still alive from the mini orgasm on the bar stool, was enjoying Jr.’s company and the physical contact with his leg. She noticed that he too seemed more attentive and amusing than usual. She picked up her napkin to wipe her lip and when she replaced she felt his hand on hers. She let him pull her hand under his napkin and over to his splayed open thigh and took the invitation to extend her fingers. She gulped suddenly and caught her breath as she found that without her knowing it, he had opened the front of his jeans. Her fingers passed over the hard metallic zipper as he encouraged her to touch his uncovered cock. OMG, she thought, he has no underwear on and not only is he bare, he’s exposed and very much erect. She let him bring her hand to the swollen head where she cupped the spongy mass but when she felt him nudge it downward she got a real shock.

Annie felt Kathy’s soft female toes caressing the scrotum of her son. Her son. She had obviously taken off her sandal and stretched her leg out to molest his cock under the table. Annie, looked askance at Kathy, who raised her eyebrow as if to say – what did you expect he’s a gorgeous young man. Jr. boldly kept his mother’s hand on his stiff cock and encouraged her to touch Kathy’s toes. He gripped her small hand and placed it directly on the arch of Kathy’s smooth foot. He held her there until she relaxed her hand and fondled the toes massaging her son’s meaty cock.

Annie was alarmed at this turn of events. Danny was looking intently at her, Kathy enjoying the massage, and Jr. basking in the attention of the two women, who were now focused on his demanding shaft. Jr. looked at the surprise on her face and leaned in to whisper into her ear.

“I know mom. It’s ok. I know. Don’t stop.” Jr. beseeched her as he pulsed his cock to emphasize his point. The two women now knew what had happened and that it would be alright. “Look how excited Kathy is with what you are doing.” Jr. whispered.

Annie looked to see Kathy’s nipples and areola expanding the thin aqua latex that was straining to hold back her breasts. Kathy’s eyelids had closed halfway as she enjoyed Annie’s touch while she felt the power of Jr.’s cock along her instep. She pressed her foot türkçe bahis forward to work her toes over the sensitive head of his cock as Annie continued an erotic massage of her new friend’s foot as her thumb rimmed the head of his inflamed cock.

As the aura of the table became more sexually charged, Danny watched in silence as the countenance on Annie’s faced changed. He noticed the concentration in the lips and her measured breathing as the flush began to rise on her chest and neck. His left hand had found his mother’s toned naked thigh and found it extended out under the table. He saw how Mrs. Sullivan had moved her arm so as to allow her hand to slide more easily to her right. As he felt the rhythm in his mother’s leg movements he noticed Annie’s arm keeping time. He knew something was happening but could not work out what was going on.

The conversation at the table had been reduced to intermittently spaced single words. To Danny it was if something else had completely taken over. He was about to ask, when the server arrived with their bill.

“Everything OK? Can I get you anything else?” the young attendant offered as she looked down at the two couples.

“Everything is great.” Jr. replied and he took his napkin off his lap to place it on the table. When she saw the hairless naked skin of his young abdomen framed by the unzipped and folded back jeans, the middle aged woman’s eyes widened in surprise. Annie had no choice but to keep her hand on his elongated cock to hide the obscene sight of it. Kathy saw what had happened, and pushed her foot further out so the waitress could see her five red painted toenails come to rest beside the obscuring hand.

“Just the check please.” Annie added quickly, hoping to end the wanton display.

The waitress looked at Mrs. Sullivan, “I’ll leave it here.” before turning slowly away.

Danny looked with curiosity at the action on the far side of the table before turning to look at his mother beside him. He saw her slumped in her seat with her two nipples like small periscopes trying to break through the thin latex. With the server gone, the two ladies sat up and make arrangements to pay the bill. While they divided and added in the tip, Jr. sought to slip his throbbing fat cock back into his jeans. He did the best he could with the snake that wanted to stay out. Pulling his T-shirt down he stood up from the small banquette to stretch his legs. Standing beside Kathy while facing his mother he presented a fat package bulging in his jeans.

The server returned and as she handed the two women their credit card slips that split the bill she secretly slipped a small receipt into Jr.’s hand. Turning away from the group, Jr. read ‘876 2875, off after 8, Harriet’. With a smile, a raised eyebrow and an adjustment to his engorged cock he signified his acknowledgement of the invitation.

Harriet smiled back. Kathy looked at the bulge so tantalizingly close and smiled at Annie. Annie who was still feeling disturbed about what just happened, observed Kathy’s reaction to the Jr’s tempting offer. Danny was simply enthralled with Annie and failed to notice the going’s on. Upon leaving the restaurant the two couples appeared to be double dating. Danny held his mother’s hand while Annie gripped Jr.’s arm.

“It’s still early, does everyone want to do something?” Kathy asked the ensemble.

“Bowling, how about bowling? There’s are lanes just in the next block. Come on, it’ll be fun.” Danny suggested like an eager teenager trying to whip up support for his idea.

Figuring he could show off his athleticism, Jr. enthusiastically replied “I’m in.”

Testosterone, Annie thought to herself, do we really need more as Danny and Kathy took off apace to the bowling lanes. Annie hung back to speak to Jr. as they followed slowly behind both watching Kathy’s ass roll back and forth in the tight spandex skirt. “What as all that about in the restaurant.” she said directly but quietly to Jr.

“I’m sorry mom, I got carried away. Mrs. Andrews came onto me this afternoon and after you left she came into the bathroom where I was having a shower and gave me a blow job. She practically forced me to go down on her, when we getting into the truck to come here. She’s super horny and I was just not thinking. She has me so worked up I’m still hard” Jr. rattled off as if in the confessional.

“Oh, Jr. are you okay? That was traumatic. She is a wild one. I saw that last night, then at ladies day luncheon and now in the restaurant. I like her though. She is genuine and I don’t think she means any harm.” Annie says soothingly like any mother would. Looking up at him with her best smile, she gripped his arm even tighter suggesting that she understood.

“I’m okay. I love sex. I love sex with you. It is just that I never had someone come onto me so strong. I was taken aback and then super horny.” Jr. continued, rather enjoying the initial volley in a discussion about sex with one of his mother’s friends. güvenilir bahis siteleri He continued, “You know she deep throated me. She took all of my cock and I came deep in her mouth and she swallowed it all.”

“Jr., you’re making me jealous. Was she as good as I am?” Annie asked looking to be reassured.

“No mom, you’re the best. I love the way you suck my cock. You know dad and I love the way you shave your pussy, it’s so much more beautiful that Mrs. Andrew’s hairy bush. I guess you saw that at Ladies Day didn’t you and maybe today at lunch.” Jr. said letting on part of what he had learned from Danny.

“I’m sorry Jr. I was going to tell you and Sr. when I thought the time is right. How did you find out?” Annie replied embarrassed.

“Danny pointed out the clothing optional place when we were in the boat and Jake called me during my drive over and told me that he knew and to keep it hush-hush so his mother’s church friends won’t find out. I just put two and two together.” Jr. explained without any recriminations.

“So, did you see her bush? What about you, did she see yours? Were you naked? Mr. Lumley, did you seem him naked last night?” Jr. continued his line of questioning.

“Jr., I’d rather not talk about it here and now. Yes, I did see Mrs. Andrew’s and her husband naked last night and Brice was naked from the waist down too.” Annie replied hoping to close the conversation.

“What about Danny? He was there last night wasn’t he?” Jr. persisted.

“Danny had his toga on all night. I might as well tell you before you ask. I kept my skirt on all night but I did take my top off to try and fit it a little with the crowd. I should have told you.” Annie admitted proactively.

“Wow, I wish I had seen that. You are so beautiful and I love you so much. It’s okay mom. Dad and I love how you look and I’m proud you are so beautiful and frankly, I like when people look at you. I would have loved to been there. Does Mr. Lumley have a big one?” Jr. asked.

“Yes, he does Jr. but can’t we talk about his later? Why do men always worry about size?” said his mother.

Already knowing the answer, but not letting on to his mother, Jr. persists. “Is he bigger than I am?”

‘Yes, he is Jr., but I love your dad’s and your cocks. They are truly beautiful, soft or hard.” Annie answered in a reassuring tone.

“Is he bigger than dad or Randy?” Jr. kept pressing the point. He loved the way the conversation was gong and he was starting to feel a tingle in his crotch. As they walked along Jr. wrapped his arms around his mothers shoulder and felt the red bra strap. Working his finger underneath it, he began to slide if off her shoulder and down her arm.

“Oh Jr., if you must know, you are bigger than your dad and Brice is much bigger than Randy. He didn’t get real hard at the party, but some Asian woman asked to touch it and it looked like a baseball bat in her small hand.” Annie answered truthfully. “Can’t we talk about this later Jr., I am embarrassed. What are you doing with my bra strap?”

“I’m still horny mom, I’m just teasing you. I can’t imagine anybody bigger than Randy. He must be a monster.” Jr. said, continuing to press the topic. “Did you touch him? I bet he wanted to touch you?” Jr. said as he began to stroke the smooth soft skin of her upper arm while continuing to push the bra strap lower to her elbow.

“Jr. nothing happened last night. He was real gentleman. I was terribly embarrassed at first since I was one of the only people dressed. I was excited, when I first took by top off and exposed my breasts. I felt everybody was staring at me, but it wore off as it became more normal. We just danced and enjoyed the party and the other people. On one slow dance, Brice did ask if he could put his hands on my ass. I said yes and he slipped his hands under the waistband of my skirt and pulled me toward him He was naked except for his open Hawaiian shirt I felt his big cock push against me. I know he was getting horny, because it was getting fat, but he never tried anything. I think I did want to touch him, but I didn’t. I knew you wouldn’t want me to, plus he never tried again. As I said he was a real gentleman. When I said I wanted to come home, he agreed to leave the party no questions asked.” Annie explained starting to feel a tingle grow in her vagina from Jr.’s fingers on her arm.

“That must have been quite a sight, your big tits and his big cock. I bet he wanted to finger you, tit-fuck or fuck you didn’t he? Jr. upped the ante with his coarse language as he slipped his fingers under her top and her bra to cup his mother’s breast.

“Jr., you all have. I seen you and Jake and Brice look at me all weekend, but no has penetrated me or to be even clearer, no has fucked me.” Annie replied choosing her words carefully. “Jake wants to. You want to. Brice wants to, but no one has fucked me. Even Kathy and Danny want to. Enough already!” Annie pleaded as she began to luxuriate in the feel of his hand on her nipple.

“Even Kathy and Danny want what?” Kathy called out hearing the last snippet of the conversation. As she looked over her shoulder she saw Jr. with his hand on Annie’s nipple and her she inhaled sharply.

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