The Loving Husband Ch. 18

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Big Tits

The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.

This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, Barb had stayed and spent the night with specific instructions to wake me with a blowjob. My wife had positioned cameras to capture the event for her to keep on DVD. They woke me and I started with a blowjob, but pushed my “sleeping” wife to join in and do a little playing, too. Then, the next weekend I found out that Mary, my former assistant, hated her new job and wanted to come back. She had learned that my current assistant was moving one. She also came to the house and let it be known that she liked being submissive to her boss, well, at least me. So we play-acted at my house as I told her that I would let HR know that I was hiring her back.


I went to work on Monday and discussed the situation with HR. They made the arrangements and sent her the offer letter. It came with a 5K raise. I figured she would be happy about that.

Later that day, Mary called, almost in tears. She said that she had told her boss that she wanted to give her two weeks’ notice and her boss had gone ballistic. Evidently, her boss was quite the bitch and had yelled, screamed, and cursed at her and told her to leave immediately. I commiserated with her and helped her see that this was a good thing. The offer letter could be changed to have her start on Wednesday instead of waiting for two weeks, and I could have it ready when we got together. That cheered her up.

On Wednesday, I got to work about 7am and was just finishing some editing on a letter I was preparing when my phone rang. It turned out to be the Senior VP of our Marketing Group, Stephanie Talbot. She was looking for an assistant. Not an administrative assistant, but a full assistant to travel with her to her marketing fairs and other events. This assistant would help her make all the arrangements with hotels, the organizers of the event, the providers of the marketing materials, schedule meetings, etc. She said she had had a meeting with the HR manager who had provided her some personnel recommendations, and it had including Mary. She wanted to sit down and discuss it with Mary. I agreed. I really wanted Mary to work for me, but this would be a great opportunity for her and she would probably be good at it.

It was about 7:45 when Mary rolled in, dressed professionally, and looking delectable.

She walked in and I motioned for her to shut my door. She did and then, giving me a grin over her shoulder, locked it.

“Unlock the door.”

Mary looked at me quizzically. “But”, she started to protest.

I held up my hand to stop her before she got started. “Just a second. I got a call from Stephanie Talbot, the VP of Marketing and she wants to see you first thing this morning to discuss you becoming her assistant.”

“Ms. Talbot? Isn’t she the Senior VP of Marketing?”

“Yes. She’s heard great things about you and needs an assistant. And this is not an administrative assistant like you are for me. This is a true assistant who will travel with her, make sure all the personnel and displays required for the trade shows or recruiting seminars are arranged and present, and stuff like that. So you need to go see her and show her your best side. This would be a great opportunity for you.”

“But I thought I was coming back here to work for you? I’ve been looking forward to that.”

“I know. Me, too. It’s just that this is an opportunity not to be missed. Not only will you be working for a Senior VP and meeting so many other people, but your salary will be commensurate with that. You can’t pass this up.”

Mary looked at me for a few moments and then smiled. “Oh my God! I have a chance to really move up and get a great new job, don’t I?”

I nodded and she started pacing.

“What should I know about her? What should I say? I mean, how should I answer all her questions? What is she going to ask me?”

Mary was getting worked up quickly and I could see that she was going to get too nervous too quickly. I walked up to her and ran my right hand up the back of her leg, under her skirt, and onto her ass. She jumped slightly and then turned to me and stared. She suddenly broke into a grin. “Thanks, güvenilir bahis John.”

Mary kissed me and walked out to go to Stephanie’s office.

I went and sat down and edited a couple of documents and decided to call my wife. I rang her and it was now about 8:45. The kids would be gone and she should be cleaning up after the mess they usually left.

“Hello?” It took a while for Ann to answer.

“Hey. It’s me.”

“Well, good morning. I was just thinking about you.”

“Yeah? Well, I just wanted to pass on that it looks like Mary won’t be working for me after all. She is upstairs seeing Stephanie Talbot about her assistant position. Stephanie heard about how good we all thought Mary was and when she heard that Mary was coming back, she asked me if Mary would consider that position. I told her yes and then sent Mary up there this morning. It should be a great deal for Mary.”

“That’s great for Mary, but too bad for you. You won’t have an admin assistant to take care of the occasional office boner.”

“Yeah, that’s too bad. She should be back in a few minutes. What are you up to?”

“I’m about to break out my BOB and put on that movie of you, Barb, and me. I’m going to drag it out as long as I can before I have a great, big, fucking orgasm.”

“Shit, I want to be there and watch that.”

“Too bad. Do you want to listen?”

“For a couple of minutes. I won’t be able to take it for long.”

“Well, just put the phone on speaker and let me listen to the video and you playing to it.”


I heard the phone go to speaker and then I could hear the voices from the recording as I spoke to Barb about fucking her. It was already at the point where I had awakened Ann so that I could get her to play along. I wondered if it turned her on to see how I made her stick her finger in Barb’s ass as I fucked her.

At that moment, my door opened and Mary came back in. She was bubbling with energy and excitement. She saw me on the phone and didn’t say anything, but she could barely contain what she wanted to say. I nodded toward the door. “Lock it.”

Mary jumped to do that quickly. She came back over toward my desk and I motioned for her to come over next to me. She did so and I put my phone on speaker and set it on the desk. Mary looked at it and then heard Ann speaking.

“Oh, god. I got my vibe up my pussy while I’m watching you fuck Barb so hard. You are making me stick a finger in her ass while you play with mine. I’m going to cum soon.”

“Ann, Mary is back and standing next to me.” I ran my hand up her skirt over her thigh highs to that bare ass. “She is getting ready to suck my cock while you watch me fuck Barb and you cum to it.”

“Mmmmm. Suck his cock, Mary. Make him cum while I do, too.”

Mary grinned and knelt. “Okay, Ann.”

I smiled at Mary. “More descriptive, please.”

“Ann, I’m going to pull you husband’s nice cock out of his pants and suck it until he cums down my pretty little throat.”

“Do it! Suck that cock you little cum slut.” Ann was getting into it now.

I lifted my ass up and just pulled everything down to my ankles for Mary. I sat back down and she grabbed my almost ready cock.

“I’m about to.” Mary then started sucking and bobbing on my cock.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum already.” We could hear Ann thrashing about to the sounds of fucking on our Barb video. She was really getting into it.

I decided she could use a last push as Mary sucked my cock so well. “Mary is sucking my cock so well, baby.” I then narrated what I wanted Mary to do. “She is kissing and sucking my balls.” Mary went down to pay attention to my balls. “Now she is licking up both sides of my cock.” She complied. “And now she is slowly going up and down my cock, sucking it like she can’t wait for my cum to fill her slutty, submissive little mouth.”

“Oh, fuck! Cumming!” Ann thrashed and we could hear the little gasps she makes when she’s having an orgasm. Finally, she stopped while Mary still sucked my cock. “Oh, that was amazing.” She stopped the recording and now all we could hear was Mary sucking my cock.

“I tell you, Ann, Mary can really suck cock. She’s almost as good as you.” Mary grinned around my cock, but didn’t stop bobbing and licking under the head. “I’m so turned on, I think I’m just going to grab her by the hair and face fuck her.”

I grabbed Mary by the hair and there was no protest from her. I started slowly pulling her up and down on my cock in a rhythm that I wanted. She just let me. “I have her by the hair now, Ann. I’m fucking her pretty little cock-sucking mouth, getting ready to fill it with cum.”

“Fuck her good, honey. The little bitch needs a good face fuck for sucking my husband’s cock.”

“Don’t worry. She’s getting one right now.” I continued to pull her up and down my cock by her hair.

“I love fucking your mouth, Mary. I love fucking your pussy, too. I’m going to do that next week when you can get away from Stephanie. I’m going to bend you over my desk, lift your türkçe bahis skirt up over your back, and fuck the shit out of that tight pussy.”

Mary just gave me an agreeing hum. Then I noticed that she was rubbing her clit and pussy.

“Mmmm. Mary, I can see you rubbing your clit and pussy. Keep going until I cum. Oh, baby, you suck cock so good. I’m going to decorate your tonsils with my spunk.”

Mary continued working on my cockhead as I pulled her up and down. The urge to cum was coming on quickly. I started moving faster and she just let me fuck her face hard. I was plunging in and out of her mouth and she was trying to use her tongue, but I just fucked her face and watched her do it.

“Fuck!” And with that every muscle in my body tensed and I pulled her down on my cock. “Ohhhh.” I spurted again and again and I could feel her swallowing and that just prolonged my orgasm. She must have pulled a quart of cum out of my balls. I couldn’t stop cumming.

Finally, I collapsed back into my chair and released Mary. She pulled back and cleared her throat a little. “Wow! That was intense. I’ve never been held like that and face fucked.”

Ann had been quiet for a while and chimed back in, reminding us that she was still on the phone. “That sounded like he fucked your face good and gave you a good load of cum.”

Mary spoke and was a little hoarse. “He did. He fucked my face real good and I got a lot of protein in that load.”

Ann laughed. “I have to go. See you later, honey.”

“Bye. Love you.”

“Love you, too, stud.” Ann clicked off.

“Wow! I really mean it John, I have never been so fucking turned on as I was when you grabbed me by the hair and took charge like that.”

“Well, that’s good. I’m glad that it all worked out with Stephanie, too.”

“Oh, shit! I almost forgot. She told me she loved my work and was going to offer me the position! With another big raise!”

“I knew you would move up. Now, however, I have to find a replacement for you.”

“Well, I’m sure you will find a good replacement. I just bet it will be hard to find someone who will suck your cock like I do.”

I chuckled. “That’s for sure. And it’s probably for the best considering that this is very dangerous and unapproved at work. Now, you need to go get everything ready and start your new job.”

“Yes.” She looked at her watch. “I have to go. I’ll have to come by now and then to make sure you are taken care of.”

“Yes, you will.” I reached out and pulled her in for a big hug. Then I kissed her hard, enjoying her pretty, young mouth. “See you later, sexy.”

“Thanks, John. You were a great boss.” And with that she was gone.

I straightened up the office and my pants and shook my head. Well, it was probably a good thing anyway. I wouldn’t get enough work done with that little minx outside my office.

The next two days were fairly innocuous. When I got home on Friday, I was expecting to be attacked by the munchkins. But it was surprisingly quiet in the house. I listened for anything as I checked out the living room and kitchen. Then Ann walked in.

“Where are the kids?” I was surprised they were gone.

“They are over at the Robertson’s having dinner and watching a movie. They will be home around 10 since it’s a Friday.”

I looked at my watch. It was only 5:45. I walked over to Ann and put my arms around her, my hands grabbing her ass. “Whatever shall we do for four hours?”

Ann kissed me and leaned back. “I have a little surprise for you to occupy our time tonight.”

“Yeah?” I was always interested in Ann’s surprises.

“Yeah. Come with me up to the bedroom.”

“Well, no guy ever says no to that sentence.”

Ann grinned and walked up the stairs. I patted her ass as she went and she wiggled it. It was a lovely, tight ass.

When we got to the bedroom, Ann and I walked in and she had something lying on the bed. It was our video camera. Ann picked it up and turned around.

“I want another home movie, so I have put together a scenario for us.”

I smiled. Ann was so fucking great. “Okay. And what, pray tell, is the scenario?”

Ann grinned. “I’m going to film you fucking someone.”

My eyebrows went up. “Someone? And that would be who? Not you?”

My wife turned toward the bathroom. “Come on out.”

Out walked Anita. She was wearing what appeared to be a V-neck t-shirt, which showed off her beautiful tits, and a pair of panties under it. Nothing else. I could see her nipples peeking through the plain white t-shirt. She was the first woman that my wife had set me up with to have sex with outside the marriage. She and her husband had trouble conceiving so it was mainly to get her pregnant. It was the beginning of her admitting her desire for me to fuck other women and even watching as I did so.

“Hello, Anita.”

“Hi, John.”

I looked her up and down, nodding my approval. “Nice look.”

She grinned. “Thanks.”

She turned toward Ann. “Now, for both of you, I have an announcement güvenilir bahis siteleri to make.” She took a deep breath and then smiled so broad I thought her face would crack. “I’m pregnant again!” She was practically jumping for joy.

“Oh my god!” Ann threw her arms around her. “And you didn’t have to borrow John this time?”

“No, I guess things just happened naturally this time.” She looked back and forth between us. “But it did start here. After having sex with your husband, I was more horny than usual, especially when I was pregnant, and once I had the baby, I started dressing up and acting out scenarios for Bob. Soon, he would come home horny and ready to attack me. We have been discussing fantasies and acting some of them out. I loved it and it worked in getting me pregnant.”

“That’s great.” I moved in for a hug, too.

“Okay, that’s enough of that.” Ann was trying to get back down to business. “I want you guys to do the following scenario.” She turned to me, mostly. “Anita and I discussed it and I wanted something where you are just using some woman as your slut. Anita has been play-acting that a little with Bob and I want her to do it with you. Can you do that? Order her around and use her as your slut?”

I looked at Anita. “You sure about this?”

Anita smiled and put her hand on my arm. “Sure.”

“Well, I think I can manage to do that.” I was a red-blooded male and they were asking me if I could role play using some woman for sex? They had to ask?

“Good.” Ann turned the video camera on and got it ready. “Use Anita as you would some whore or slut who is just here to service you. I want lots of dirty talk, okay? You know how I like hearing that.”

I looked at Anita and shrugged. “Got it. Although, I’m not going to try to be too dominating, just someone having fun with a slightly submissive woman. That okay?”

Anita agreed. “I think I can trust you.”

“Of course you can.” Ann pulled the video camera up and aimed it. “Ready?” She was having fun with this and I think I was going to as well.

I held up my hand. “Just a second. We’re going to step out of the room to prepare ourselves for our scene. I want you naked, too, even while filming.” Ann looked at me quizzically as I pulled Anita out of the bedroom and told her to strip. She took off the t-shirt and panties without question and stood there. I guess she had become very comfortable with being naked around the two of us. I grinned at her. “Gorgeous.” She grinned and I turned toward the door. “Okay, we are ready now.” I turned to Anita. “Follow my lead and we should have some fun. Whenever I ask you a question, answer it using what I asked to make a sentence. Understand?”

Anita nodded. I think she knew exactly what I meant.

“I will do most of the talking.” I grabbed Anita by the arm and pulled her into the bedroom. When we got near the bed, I stopped us and turned her away from me. I noticed that Ann had indeed stripped as well.

I ran my hands all over her ass. Wow, what an ass. It was not small, but not too large. Just a nice full bubble butt on a curvy, voluptuous woman. I turned her around suddenly by grabbing her upper arm. She spun around. Her tits bobbled and shook and it would be easy for a man to become hypnotized by them. You could become lost in those mammaries.

I stepped back. “Undress me.” As I said that, I toed my shoes off to make it easier, and kicked them to the side.

Anita went to my shirt and unbuttoned it. I didn’t help at all and she got it done pretty quickly. She pushed it down my arms and I let it slip to the floor. She undid my belt and pulled it out, flinging it out of the way. Then Anita tugged on my t-shirt and I ducked as she lifted and pulled it off over my head. I looked over at Ann and she was focused on Anita and what she was doing to me.

As Anita started undoing my pants, she looked up at me. I smiled and winked. She grinned and went back to work. She then opened my pants, undid my zipper, and yanked my slacks to the floor. She smiled up at me when she saw that I was wearing silk boxers. I kicked my pants to the side.

“Feel my cock, my pretty little slut.”

Anita reached out and wrapped her right hand around my cock through the boxers. It was rapidly becoming hard.

“Now remove my boxers.”

Anita reached up and grabbed my boxers. She pulled them down and let the waistband pull my cock down before releasing it. It slapped up against my belly, already about 3/4 hard. She grinned and I lifted my feet so that she could remove my boxers. She reached up and wrapped her hand around it.

“Show me how good you are at sucking cock with that pretty little mouth.”

Anita leaned forward and grabbed my cock by the base as she fed it to herself. She licked and slurped and bobbed and got my cock to full staff pretty quickly. She was great at this. I hadn’t experienced her full oral capabilities last time and she was excellent. She was one of those women who would make love to a cock and enjoy it. At least she was right now. I really had no idea what her normal sex life was like. I probably never would either.

Ann got in there pretty close with the camera even though she had a zoom. I guess it was the angle. I was hoping to give her lots to film.

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