The Massage

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Jojo stretched luxuriously. The warm summer sun brightened the room but the the cool wind off the ocean helped make her stay everything she expected it to be. She rolled off the bed and strolled across to the window, leaning against the frame as she watched the windsurfers slide quickly along the shallows not 50m from her room. Perched up amongst the sand dunes, the airy quiet hotel complex was perfect location for her and her friends to take their “girl time”. Maggie was due to get married the following week but had disregarded tradition, and ordered her friends on a sabbatical rather than the traditional hens night. Jojo wasn’t complaining; the food, ambience and lifestyle were perfect here, she didn’t know if she could even go back to her mundane life after this.

She heard a quiet knock at the door and strolled across to open it, her warm bathrobe wrapped loosely around her. Jackie (Maggie’s maid of honor) had recommended a massage if Jojo got the chance, and so she had begged off windsurfing for a leisurely treatment. As she opened the door she was stunned; the build on the tall clean-shaven masseuse temporarily took her breathe away. Dressed in a tight white tshirt, white pleated pants with slicked back dark hair and a twinkling smile, he looked like something out of the glamour movies of the 1940s that she loved. He held out his right hand immediately and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Dan, you must be Jojo, are you ready for your massage?” Jojo just nodded as she felt the firm callused hands, wondering how they would feel on her skin. She reluctantly slid her hand out and gestured into the room, not yet trusting herself to speak. Dan walked in and setup the massage table he carried. “Is here okay?” Jojo nodded again and cleared her throat, which sounded abnormally loud to her.

“That’s fine, wherever you want”. Whilst he setup the table Jojo had a leisurely look at his strong shoulders and trim waist, his firm thighs and bum flexing as he bent to straighten this support and that. She felt herself becoming flushed, her pulse quickening. “Seriously, its just a massage, calm down” she told herself. Dan finished and stood, patting the top of the table.

“All done. Up you go. You should undo your robe first though.” Jojo looked down at the robe which had parted slightly, showing more cleavage than she was used to.

“Damn,” she thought, “I really should have put something on underneath.” Still, she undid the sash and carefully laid on the table face down. Dan dutifully turned away but she saw a flash of that cute smile as he did. As she settled herself he turned back and reached for the collar. She had her arms down the sides as he pulled down the back of the robe, baring her skin as he helped her pull her arms through. She covered each breast with her hand as she leaned back, only removing them when she laid back down. Still, she noticed how his eyes lingered on the swell of each as they rested on the table. She hoped he didn’t realise how swollen her nipples were, she could feel them pressing against her hands as she had held them. “Get a grip woman, he’s just doing his job.” She hadn’t cum for some time, and even the smell of this toned handsome man was doing nasty things to her tummy, little sparks running up her arms whenever he had touched her.

As she laid there he started on her feet, strong fingers rubbing the stress away. She almost moaned at how good it felt. This man was an artist, and as he gently moved up to her calves she could feel herself melting, sinking deeper into the table as her body relaxed. She realised she was holding her breathe as his fingers smoothed over the back of her knee and touched her thigh for the first time. She squirmed a little, and with a sharp crack, she felt one of the legs of the table give way, down by her feet. The table started to topple and she started to slide down. Too stunned to react, she felt strong hands around her waist arrest her slide as she half turned. Just for a moment everything was still, as she realised that he was holding her and that her robe had slipped wide open. His right güvenilir bahis hand was behind her, supporting her back as the other laid on her stomach. Its amazing what she could feel in that instant, how his hands were strong and firm and yet soft and tender. How his face was just inches from hers, concerned. How one eye had these little flecks of grey in the blue. How his bicep felt hard against her hip, electrifying. Then she breathed, and it was broken.

“I am so sorry Jojo, are you alright?” he asked as he gingerly put her down. She grabbed her robe and pulled it up around her, but he could already see her breasts waving around in front of him, nipples hard as rocks. Still, she hoped she had a shred of dignity left.

“I’m fine, just a little shaken” stammered Jojo. She sat down on the edge of the bed as he stood over her, unsure.

“I am really sorry, let me just run this table back and get another.” He folded the table up as best he could but before he could leave Jojo stood up.

“No, its fine, really. We can just use the bed, just put down a towel.” He still looked a little uncertain.

“You sure? I mean, thats fine with me but only if you are good with it.” Jojo grabbed the blanket and top sheet and pulled them onto the floor, just leaving the bottom sheet. Picking up a new towel off the hospitality tray she spread it out near the edge. With a deep breath she undid her robe again, this time sliding it off her shoulders and loosely holding it around her waist, breasts swinging freely, open to his gaze. She noticed his eyes never left her nipples as she sank down only the towel, draping her robe over her bum. She rested her head on her forearms as she waited for him to begin. This time she felt the drops of oil as he applied them to the back of her thighs, his hand collecting them as he smoothed them out and began kneading the muscles in earnest. She sighed, as she felt that restful feeling come across her again, but it was different. Whereas before it was pure relaxation, now there was a part of her that remained charged and alive, and all she could think about was the way that his eyes had devoured her breasts, tracing every curve and contour as she had prepared. Even now as his hands gradually moved up the back of her legs she struggled to keep her breathing slow and even, denying the electricity that was shooting through her nerves.

As he reached near the top of her legs he stopped short, and move his hands back to her knees. A quick pang of disappointment was replaced with the realisation that he had placed his hands on either side of her left thigh, and started to move up, his fingertips working little circles into her sensitive flesh. She felt nervous and fearful, aware just how exposed she was with just the loose robe draped across her midsection, her pussy probably already exposed to his gaze. The thought brought a flood of juices, and she softly moaned. He stopped just for an instant, but then resumed, moving higher. Half way there his fingers softened, less massaging and more caressing now. Jojo though she would go mad as he drew ever closer, as her desire approached fever pitch. He was oh so close now, and she was sure that he could feel the heat from her pussy as she anticipated his first soft touches on her pussy lips, already swollen and wanting.

Just as she was sure that she could feel the heat from his fingers on her lips they were withdrawn and placed on her right leg, as he started at the knee again. This time, as he moved higher she was on fire, as she struggled to keep her breathing under control. Her nerves sang as his fingers again stroked the soft intimate skin of her inner thigh. He drew closer and closer, and without realising it she edged her legs wider apart. He stroked higher and higher, and her desire rose with him. She almost slid down on the bed, forcing his hand into her soft moist folds but just as she felt she could take no more his hands were withdrawn. For a moment she was lost, but then she felt them again, not on her pussy but on her shoulders. More oil followed as she gradually calmed down, her türkçe bahis breathing returning closer to normal as educated fingers worked every knot out of her tense back. She was still on fire, but now she smouldered where before she raged, deliciously savouring every touch. He worked wider, covering every pore until with a jolt she realised that he was touching the sides of her breasts.

“Sorry Jojo, did I hurt you?” She shook her head.

“No, not at all. Please continue.” She dropped her head again as he stroked her sides, from her hips to her armpits. As he continued the long strokes she knew that he was covering more and more of her breasts on each stroke, and she arched her back upwards a little to make access a bit easier, hoping he would take the hint. He was only millimetres away from her nipples now, as he stroked up and down, the small callouses on his fingertips only enhancing the delicious feelings. His hands moved away from her sides almost reluctantly to the centre of her back as he resumed the slow circling movements. He moved lower, until he reached the slopes of her buttocks but this time he did not stop. As he moved lower he pushed the robe down until it rested across the top of her thighs, and then he kneaded her buttocks in earnest. She almost cried out in pleasure as he smoothed the flesh this way and that, stretching her cheeks apart before squeezing them back together. His thumbs were so close to her pussy now as he stroked, and the way that it was applying pressure was almost making her delirious. She felt on the verge of cumming, and this without even having been touched. She spread her legs wider, then squeezed them together, trying to amplify the sensations but to no avail. All of a sudden, he stopped, and lifted the robe back so that it was covering her cheeks again.

“Okay, I think your back is done, please turn over.”

Jojo didn’t even think or pause, she simply threw off the robe and rolled over, her body lying naked before him. Just at that moment she didn’t care; she wanted him to look, to touch, to take her. He paused for a moment, admiring the wanting woman, while she looked back at him. Her breasts and chest were flushed, and droplets of desire on the hair covering her pussy reflected the afternoon sun. There was no mistaking her need.

Once again he started at her feet, only moving faster this time. Jojo closed her eyes as his hands slid up her shins, over her knees and onto her thighs. He slowed as he got to the top of her legs, still kneading as he squeezed her legs, admiring her trimmed snatch and the sensuous waves emanating from it. He slid past and up higher, over her trim stomach and onwards towards the slopes of her breasts. She was almost panting now as he savoured these last few seconds before finally sliding his hands up and capturing a breast in each hand. She sighed as she finally felt the deliciously rough fingers caress and squeeze, pulling her nipples gently this way and that. She dropped her right hand off the side of the bed and curled it around his leg as he leaned over her. Her breasts felt on fire as he continued to play and tease, nipples growing so hard she thought they would burst. She could feel the hard muscles of his thighs as he moved, and she started to stroke up and down his leg, all the way from his cheek to his ankle.

Jojo had had enough, her body needed something more than the endless caresses that she had been getting. She opened her eyes and looked at Dan as he stood over her. She reached up with her left hand and grabbed a handful of his crisp white tshirt, and slowly pulled his face down to hers. She lifted her lips and met his, tongues racing out to entwine. She savoured his flavour, so manly and sexy, as she put her hand behind his head to draw him closer. She was the aggressor now, and had no time for subtlety as she grabbed his right hand from her breast and pushed it down to her pussy, opening her legs wide. She held it there and moaned into his mouth as his fingers found her clit, moving down between her wet lips to the entrance, more juices covering his fingers. güvenilir bahis siteleri She bought her hand back up and raced her other to his pants zipper, struggling to get it down, reaching inside to free his hard cock. She quickly stroked it a few times before she bought her hands back to his head, her lips still playing homage to his. She lifted his head and looked into his eyes for a moment before moving his head down to her breast. She moaned as he captured her nipple and suckled, but she only left him there a moment before pushing his head down. He took the hint and bent further over her, kissing across her stomach until his tongue collided with her clit. She moaned and her back arched off the bed, eyes closed as euphoria washed over her. She grabbed his throbbing cock and leaned forward, taking the tip straight into her mouth, wrapping her lips around the crown as her tongue bathed it all over. She was rewarded with an answering groan from Dan as she sucked the stiffness further into her mouth. Dan’s tongue was stroking her clit up and down as he reached down and gently pierced her with first one finger, then another, coating them completely in her juices as he started to move them in and out in time with his tongue. She sucked harder in appreciation as his tongue travelled down to join his fingers, to push deep inside her. His cock felt like steel in her mouth, filling her. She loved his taste, the strength of him. All of a sudden she pushed him off.

“Now Dan, fuck me, hard.” She spun on the bed so that her legs were hanging over the edge as she guided his cock with both hands towards her wet pussy. As the head split her lips she leaned back, placing her hands on the bed behind her as her eyes closed, concentrating on the swelling invasion of her pussy. Dan pushed in, so very slow, first the head as it spread her wide, and then as the tight ring of muscle stretched around it, the veined length of him. With just the head inside he began a tiny movement, back and forth, not what she wanted at all. It was delicious, sensual, enthralling, but she wanted more. She wanted, needed to cum. She wrapped her legs around him and forced him in, until he bottomed out. Her mouth opened and closed, swallowing air as the pleasure radiated up her body. Dan moved back out until just the tip was inside and then plunged back in again, spearing her deeply. Jojo grabbed his tshirt and pulled it off over his head, she wanted to feel all his body against her as he plundered her pussy. He drew out again and rammed in hard as Jojo fell back on the bed, spreading her legs wider, surrendering everything. He was still kneeling at the side of the bed, upright as he plunged into her, watching her body as it rocked in time with his, her breasts rolling back and forth, her eyes closed, breath pulling in rapid gasps. He plunged again, over and over. He grabbed her breasts, squeezing roughly.

Jojo could feel her body building as it rocked in time to the thrust of the hard cock in her pussy. The pressure on her clit each time he rammed home was unmistakeable, quickly steering her toward her peak. She grabbed his head and bought it down to hers, kissing him deeply, urgently. His skin pressed along her body inflamed her, and she arched her back as she came, body rigid as he continued to pound into her desperate for completion. He drove deep and his cock swelled even more as she felt the cum explode within her. She came again, and again as she felt his seed gush into her wetness, finally coming down from her peak as he slowed and came to rest on top of her, breathing hard. His cock gradually began to recede, bathed in their juices. He placed his head on her breast and she wrapped her arms tenderly around him as she placed her cheek against slick hair, now covered in a sheen of sweat.

“Same time tomorrow?” she whispered. He nodded, and raised his head to smile at her. She smiled back. “Next time you can leave the massage table, I don’t think we will need it.”

Later that day when the girls came back Jackie remarked on how relaxed Jojo looked.

“Told you he was good. Pity he is gay, I would have loved to ride that!”

“What do you mean?” Jojo asked.

“I mean I tried everything on that boy,” Jackie exclaimed, “gave him every opportunity, he just didn’t want any of it. Oh well, his loss.” Jojo smiled.

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