The Massage

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WARNING: If you are not 18 or older, please leave this page immediately.

Incest—a word that has extreme negative connotations. The image that most often comes about when the word is mentioned is that of a father forcing himself on his daughter. Any forcible sex act, especially done by a parent to a child, should result in the parent being punished in legal and non-legal ways.

This is a fantasy of consensual incest between adults. It is intended for adults who are interested in reading about consensual sex between relatives. If this offends you, do not continue any further.

Also there are scenes of unprotected sex. Again, this is just a fantasy. We live in the age of AIDS. This writer is not responsible for any actions of the readers.


“How often do you masturbate?”

“Heidi!” Maria exclaimed.

“Well?” the Latina persisted.

“Aren’t you getting a little personal?”

Heidi backed off for a moment. ‘Soft sell’ she rebuked herself. ‘This one is going to need some gentle prodding. She is not as aggressive sexually as you are,’ continued her own mental dialogue. And Heidi was aggressive sexually. She was, 38, Dominican and was built accordingly: 36 size breasts which made for a hell of a profile and could get a rise out of a corpse when she wore a white sweater which contrasted nicely with her tan skin; 27 ½ in waist—she would admit she slightly overdid it at Christmas with her family’s and friends’ dinners; and 37 inch hips—she was Spanish…say no more about flaring hips. She continued.

“Maria, hon, all I am saying you need to be good to yourself. It’s been almost a year since the divorce, not to mention the years of separation. And unless you’re keeping from your best friend—yours truly—you haven’t been dating which means you aren’t getting any. And if you’re not doing it with someone else, you’re doing it with yourself and to yourself.”

The redhead, who was in the kitchen removing coffee cups and dishes from the dining cabinet, stopped in mid-motion. She shot a slightly angered glance to her girlfriend through the archway which leads into the living where Heidi was reclining on the sofa. Maria knew she was right but she hated to admit it. If she lost her hands, she’d loose her sex life. It had been that way since splitting from her ex. She definitely didn’t want a relationship; she didn’t want to get her hurt again. Yet she did have needs. During the years of separation, she was able to block out sex. But when the divorce became final a year ago, she could no longer block of The Need. Her hand hands took care of The Need 3-4 times a week. She didn’t like a vibrator or dildo. She just let her hands and fingers work their magic on her 41 year old body. In fact she just recently started tasting herself. Her fingers would ply open her slick pussy petals, slipping between them, entering into her most desirous and eager opening…pumping slowly and then rapidly while her other hand massaged her (literal) hot button. She then would remove her syrup-covered fingers and quickly put them into her mouth to enjoy her own tart wetness…licking, sucking. She had developed this taste for her own nectar from when her ex would kiss her after eating her out. Sometimes when she self-pleasured, she would remove her gooey digits from between her spread thighs and rub the juices on her erect nipples. She would then cup one of her massive breasts and bring the glistening teat to meet her out-stretched tongue. She would then provide the same pleasure to the next breast and nipple. Maria discontinued looking at her friend and turned around to reach upward for the Folgers.

Speaking of masturbating, Heidi was headed in that direction. When her friend turned around to get the coffee, Maria stood up high on her right tippy toes to reach the cabinet door above the sink. Maria’s other leg bent into a backward L; her left calf and foot were straight and parallel to the floor. Her bottom left foot, incased in a conservative pump, pointed at Heidi. This caused the redhead’s skirt (also a conservative item) to hike upward just under her luscious ass cheeks. This resulted in the Latina’s long legs to quickly uncross and become slightly spread.

“Ewww,” she quietly hissed to herself as her right hand also moved quickly…up under her beige miniskirt and rest on her pink bikini panties. The flats of her pointer and index finger began drawing circles on her awakened mons. This was nothing new for Heidi.

The Latina definitely liked men and the hardness they brought, but she had no hesitations about “pitching for the other team” occasionally. She often enjoyed the touch…the kisses…the caresses…the licks…the sighs…of another woman. Maria had become a frequent fantasy for the Dominican. Heidi knew that Maria wasn’t really aware of how hot she still was. Maria looked like the redhead from that Raymond show. At work she sometimes wore a skirt just above the güvenilir bahis knees or had an extra button on her blouse undone but it was never intentional. The girls worked as executive administrative assistants in a law firm and it was this unintentional sexiness that had some of the attorneys—and Heidi—going bonkers over. Maria and Heidi shared adjacent offices and could visually see each other like now, through a doorway. Over the past three months Heidi had begun to notice Maria at the office. On an occasion she would see her friend’s sexy thighs and legs when she was sitting crossed legged while on the phone thanks to a hiked-up skirt. Or when Maria was in Heidi’s office standing over the front of her desk, the Latina would be treated to her breasts…which still stood proud with little sag. Sometimes during these moments, Heidi would also get a glimpse of Maria’s cleavage that seemed to have depth like the Grand Canyon. During one occasion Heidi saw Maria’s profile as the redhead was standing straight and bending forward to get copier paper from a bottom drawer. Speaking of bottoms: this bending over while standing straight caused Maria’s skirt to become tight over her ass which formed into a succulent letter C. With her well-toned calves and the heels she wore that day—it was an incredible profile shot for Heidi, whose nipples immediately hardened. Many of these little occurrences caused Heidi to touch herself. Discreetly and quickly, she would stroke her pussy under her skirt (like now in her friend’s living room.) Thank God Heidi’s desk was one of those old wooden ones where you could not see under it. Or sometimes Heidi would give her breasts a quick pass-over with the palm of her hand. One time when Maria was sitting on her chair and pulling out folders from a bottom draw, her legs here slightly parted…giving the astounded Heidi an unobstructed view of her white panties. This caused Heidi’s own panties to become moist and her mouth open. Fortunately (or unfortunately) she was knocked out of her trance by the ringing of her phone. On the way home that night, Heidi thought about Maria’s cunt. Was it hairy? Bald? Did it have a little pubic hair? Whether hairy or little hair: oh the redness of that pubic hair! How meaty were the lips? Did she cum a lot? Was she a screamer when she did? That night Heidi was so horny she fucked her boyfriend at the time so hard, the area below his penis head bled slightly.

Maria had gotten the coffee and was descending from her ballet-like pose. Heidi gave her sex one more fast swipe and pulled her hand from her under her skirt. Her legs hurriedly returned to their crossed position. Maria turned to her friend, smiling. As she did, her great breasts jiggled slightly. Heidi returned the smile, thinking how she’d like to suck her friend’s breasts til the next morning.

“Coffee will be ready in a couple of minutes.”

“That’s fine.”


As the ladies enjoyed the coffee, Heidi resumed her “sale.”

“It’s a massage parlor ex—”

Maria cut her off. “A massage parlor? You want to take me to a massage parlor?”

“Let me finish. Yes, it is a massage parlor exclusively for upscale ladies. It’s very classy. The atmosphere is Park Avenue. And the way they pamper you? —absolutely incredible: Champagne, Jacuzzi, silk towels and robes, imported scented oils—the list goes on. You can go there strictly for a massage…or more.”

Maria’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“The massage,” Heidi paused for a second before reiterating the other option,”or the more can be either with a guy or a girl.”

Maria’s mouth dropped open.

“I kindda knew you wouldn’t go for that but I figured I’d paint the whole picture.”

The redhead, surprised at such an establishment, sat back in her chair. “How did you find out about this place?”

The Dominican just grinned. Maria rolled her eyes and asked, “Can you tell me how long you are going there.”

“Two weeks. And I have been enjoying this luscious young guy. His name is Gio; he’s Italian like you. Can’t be no more than 22, 23. He just started there about the same time I began going. Good looking, muscles, six pack abs, well-defined legs, and a cock you would die for. Gotta be 8 inches. He has some girth but it’s the length. And when he’s slippin’ and slidin’ out of me, I see stars.”

Maria’s gently bit her lower lip at this X-rated description. A tremor of excitement ran down to her loins. Then she returned to her hesitant self. “Oh I don’t know Heidi…”

“What do you mean you don’t know? This kid is perfect for you He’s Italian and basically also a newbie in this environment. He told me. He’s never done this professionally. He just returned to New York. He grew up in your borough: Queens. Maria, he’s young, which means his six-shooter can lock and load in no time. He’s handsome, built, hung like a horse AND he’s a real sweetheart. Very pleasant and sweet to talk türkçe bahis to. He’s also interested in pleasuring…not just getting pleasured like most of the male gender is. At least go for the massage. ” Heidi could see Maria was mulling this over. The Latina went in for the kill.

“I’ll pay for your first session.” She could see in the redhead’s face she hit pay-dirt.

“Oh, ok. I’ll go. But just for the massage”

Heidi was overjoyed. She also thought, ‘Once she sees Gio, she’ll consider the massage the appetizer and go for the main course.’

“Wonderful! We’ll go Friday night, right after work.”

“But that’s two nights away.”

There were several sarcastic replies Heidi could respond with.

“Well, you have to just cancel your date with Mr. Clooney and tell ole Georgie-boy that

you have plans with a younger man.”


Friday evening after work Heidi and Maria cabbed it from their 5th Avenue law office to a brownstone tucked between 3rd and 2nd Avenues. When they walked up to the second floor there was a receptionist desk. Maria initially felt like this was a doctor’s office. That feel of a medical office was soon replaced with the feel of a high price bordello. The receptionist bore a resemblance to Beyonce only slightly darker and had on a sky blue halter which gave a copious view of her huge breasts and cleavage. There were was a woman, wrapped in a towel, walking by Heidi and Maria arm-in-arm with a 20-something guy who had the physique of Rambo and was wearing a speedo. New Age music played; the walls were a pastel blue; and a slight scent of vanilla hung in the air. To their right there was a lounge area where an attractive woman in a business suite was conversing with two brunettes and a blonde on a plush sofa. One brunette was wearing a thong bikini; the other was in a body-doll outfit. The blonde was decked out in a French maid outfit. All three were in stiletto heels. Business Woman, after a few seconds of deciding, tapped her hand on the knee of Bikini Brunette who at once stood up and extended her hand to the lady executive. The two, smiling, walked hand-in-hand, past Maria.

“I figured a bikini would be the easiest thing to get one of you girls out of,” Business Woman softly commented to her new-found friend.” The girl chuckled.

Maria was in shock…until Beyonce welcomed her friend.

“Heidi! Sweetheart!” she declared with a wide and genuine smile. “How are you?”

“Hey there, Angelique. I am good. How are things with you?”

“Any better, I’d be a sin.”

“I think you already are, Ang.”

The ebony knockout cast her eyes to the redhead. ‘Heidi wasn’t kidding. Her friend still can make a dead man cum. Or dead woman.’ “Good evening. You must be Maria. Welcome.”

Maria had been thrown for a loop, between Mr. Speedo, Business Woman’s decision-making and now this V-neck display of chocolate cleavage. She slightly regained her composure, only able to respond with a simple “Thank you.”

Heidi opened her purse and withdrew her American Express card, giving it to Angelique. The receptionist continued her conversation with the newbie while she processed the credit card. “You are so lucky you have a friend like Heidi. If I had a friend who treated me like this? I would never be able to pay them back. And with Gio, too? Jeez. I would do Heidi’s laundry for a month. I haven’t had a chance yet, but you can bet I would let his cream mix with my chocolate.”

The Italian was knocked for another loop. The double-entendre and a vision of this black sex kitten getting banged by a white stud sent shivers down her spine and lower region. She just smiled in response.

After Heidi finished paying, Angelique handed her two keys. “4 and 5”, she announced their rooms. “Enjoy” she offered to both girls, letting her stare linger a second or two on Maria. Heidi directed her friend to the left. Angelique watched the two lovely skirt-covered asses move to the private rooms. She concentrated on Maria’s. She already knew what Heidi’s rear looked like without clothes. She ought to, after having that Latin ass on her chin several times this month. The other girl’s ass looked just as delectable. Angelique had been with a few white men and women but never a redhead. She licked her lips. ‘I have serious case of jungle fever,’ she mused to herself.

The girlfriends first passed through another lounge area. There was a man sitting on the couch reading the newspaper.

“Hi, Rob” Heidi greeted.

The man put down the newspaper from in front of his face. He was white, bald, dressed in all black (two piece suit and T-shirt) and was built like a linebacker. Even sitting down, it was clear that this guy could give Hulk Hogan a run for his money. Muscles grunted in response, gave both women the visual once-over and went back to his paper.

The two friends proceeded toward a door. Heidi said, “He’s güvenilir bahis siteleri a Made Man. I don’t know which of the Five Families he’s with, but this place is backed by one of them.” She opened the door for her friend. They stepped in and the Latina closed the door. The sounds and smell of sex hit them both (more so for Maria.)

“Oh yes! Yes!”

“Jermaine, your hands are magic. I love it”

“Uh. Uh. Uh.”

“Ahhh, Jeanette, you taste like heaven.”

“A little to the left, please. That’s the spot!”

“Don’t stop, Paul! Don’t stop. Harder! Harder!”

“I’m cuminnnnggggg!”

Heidi could see the shocked expression on Maria’s face. “Don’t worry. This area is sound proof.”

They walked down a hallway with five doors on each side of the hallway. The pastel blue and vanilla scent from the reception continued in the hallway. One door opened. A matronly woman wearing a mink coat walked out hand-in-hand with a blonde guy dressed like a postman. He was behind her and whispered in her ear “Deliveries in the rear again next week? She said with a wicked grin, “Hmmm, perhaps you should try the front door.” They both laughed and walked through the door the girls just entered. Maria’s head was spinning.

Heidi, smiling all the while her friend was having her senses overloaded by the raw sexuality, stopped in front of two adjacent rooms with their respective numbers on the top part of the door. “Here we are. I’ll take 4 because I like foreplay and you take 5 because you’re going to come alive!” The Latina handed a key to her friend. “I’ve got Gio booked for both of us. I’ll go first. He’ll shower then take care of you. Speaking of a shower, every room has one. Go shower, relax, have some Champagne—there’s a chilled bottle in every room—and get ready to be pampered to the max.” Heidi gave her friend a quick peck on the cheek, said bye, and entered her room.

Maria stood next to her room. The aroma of fucking continued to roll through her nose and the moans and groans of passion continued going through her ears. She looked at the key. It was a card key that she needed to swipe like in a hotel. She swiped and entered the room. “Oh this is lovely,” she said with a smile. The room, a pastel pink color, was large with plush carpeting in a pink slightly darker than the walls. To her left was a massage table and next to that was a queen size bed. On the wall between the table and bed was a golden shelf with a variety of oil bottles and baby powder. Below the shelf was a chilled bottle of Don Perrion next to three glasses. In front of her was a small bathroom and closet. To her right was another door which presumably led to the next room, Heidi’s. Next to the door was a velvet chair. The room was relaxing and elegant.

The Italian undressed, hung up her clothes in the closet, and stepped into the shower which had a frosted sliding door. After adjusting the water levels, she just stood and let the water rain upon her. Maria was horny. She always had been, but since the other night when Heidi told her about this place she got even hornier. After her friend left Wednesday night, Maria dashed to her bedroom, stripped, and fucked herself into oblivion. She came two times. Then last night in the shower she gave herself such an orgasm she had to hold onto the metal shower guard. She now wanted to masturbate…to caresses her 37 inch breasts…tweak her aching nipples…send her fingers down into her hot hungry hole. No, she decided not to. She decided to get laid tonight. The sights, sounds, and smell of this place pushed her over the edge. The massage would just be a warm-up. She would let this young studster named Gio—who was old enough to be her son—lick and screw her brains out. She grabbed the bar of soap from the dispenser and quickly showered. She toweled off and lay on the massage table, naked.

“Aye, papi! Aye papi!. Oh papi!” Maria heard her friend as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom. She thought that in a place like this you wouldn’t be able to hear in the other rooms but she always had good hearing. She always figured her friend to be a loud senorita. The sound of a male grunting alternated with the Spanish cries of passion. It was starting to get to Maria. The horniness was returning.

“Aye si, papi!” Deme tu pene grande! (Give me your big penis!)

Maria’s breathing was getting heavy. Her nipples became turgid. Her legs opened, with her pussy starting to get moist.

“Oh, Gio! Deme tu pene grande! Demmmmmmeeeeeee!” Their bed started creaking. Maria chuckled to herself, ‘A massage parlor/whorehouse with a high-class atmosphere and hourly motel beds.’

“Me gusta tu pene grande, Gio!” (I love your big penis!) Maria’s hips started bouncing. She held onto the sides of the massage table. She did not want to touch herself and get off to the erotic wailings of her friend getting screwed. She wanted to get off at herself getting screwed.

“Oh Gio! Oh Geeee-oooooo!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” he cried.

Maria now clenched the massage table’s sides. Her teats were at this time aching. Her cuntal moisture was increasing, and her spread hips were bouncing even more.

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