The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 32

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 32

Deirdre’s Tales — Part 2

With the summer recess in full stride by the second week of June, Deirdre Sullivan had already enjoyed a ten-day vacation with her husband on Catalina Island. They had been offered the use of one of the three condos owned by the University Board of Directors at Casino Point on the island. Geoff Sullivan had long ago developed a fascination for the sea, in particular under-sea engineering, as well as SCUBA diving. Deirdre had taken up the sport at her husband’s insistence and found that she was a natural at it, even though she had never been a swimmer before then. This had been the seventh time she and her husband had used the university’s condo, and along with the two other faculty couples, they had enjoyed a wonderful vacation.

Unfortunately, their vacation came to an end and Geoff returned to work. As a naval engineer, he spent many weeks away from home, attending to issues either at the New London Naval Base in Connecticut or at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Washington. Deirdre seldom inquired about his work, knowing well that most of it was classified and he wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it anyhow. Still, she knew full well that he enjoyed a lover at each facility, and very well may have another in Pearl Harbor, where he seemed to spend a lot of time during the winter months as well.

Deirdre didn’t mind her husband’s infidelity. After all, when the men are away the wives do play, as she and many of her fellow Regal Bay Matrons sang. Usually, Deirdre’s primary source of sinful extra-marital fulfillment usually came from her youngest son Conor. This was not to be this summer, however, as he had left shortly after classes had ended that spring for a three-month program in Europe to study the history of classical music as well as perform under the tutorage of some of the more prominent conductors and directors Europe had to offer. It had been an expensive program for him to enroll in, but Deirdre thought it very worthwhile. In the end, her husband agreed to her wishes. They just wouldn’t be replacing her six year old BMW anytime soon.

With Geoff and Conor both away, Deirdre discovered that she was quite lonely in her home. After just two days, she ended up back at the university in the music hall. For hours she would either sit at the piano and play some of her favorites, often with a wandering student or janitor in the audience. Other times, she would sit in silence staring at sheets of music, working to improve the opus she and her son had been tinkering with during the spring.

It was during one quiet afternoon while sitting at the electronic keyboard she had in her haphazard office that Deirdre received a call from her sister Teagan.

“What are you doing this weekend, Deir?” Teagan asked after their usual greetings. “Specifically, Saturday, late morning or early afternoon?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I have something of a date that’s come up,” her younger sister explained. “And he wants to take me out on his yacht for an overnight cruise.”

“Oooooo, that sounds sinister!” Deirdre teased. “Anyone I might know?”

“I doubt it. His name is James Fitzgerald, and he’s the Director of Operations at the Casino,” Teagan explained.

“A Fitzgerald, is he now?” Deirdre replied. “I hope not related to the Kilkenny Fitzgerald’s. You remember that bunch of rogues, don’t ya?”

“I doubt if he’s related,” Teagan answered. “He’s got a very thick South Carolina brogue. That’s where he’s from, by the way. Savannah.”

“You do know that Savannah is in Georgia, don’t ya? Didn’t you take geography in school?”

“Yes, I took geography, and passed it, ya bitch!” Teagan laughed. “And I know Savannah’s in Georgia. James is from Savannah, but grew up in South Carolina living with his grandparents on their plantation.”

“You seem to know an awful lot about this gentleman, dear sister,” Deirdre pointed out.

“Ah, well, we’ve had a few dinners already,” she explained. “I met him a few months back, but only recently started seeing him. He was with another woman at the time. Now he’s free.”

“And how did you meet this wonderful Southern Gentleman, might I ask?”

“I was introduced to him one night out at the casino. I was with Felicia and her husband, and friends of theirs. We took in the Huey Lewis concert back in April, remember?”

“I do, and I’m still sore that I didn’t get to go,” Deirdre replied. “You know I’ve a crush on Huey.”

“Anyway, James came over to our table after the show and Felicia introduced his to everyone. I think James and Felicia had already been introduced, if you get my hint,” Teagan giggled. “I could tell just by the way they touched and looked at each other.”

“And what did Randy have to say about that?” Deirdre asked, referring to Felicia Coleman’s brawny husband.

“He was his usual half-lit by then and could barely see the drink in his hand, let alone his wife flirting with güvenilir bahis her boss!” Teagan said. “Besides that, he was more interested in his friend’s wife. I swear those two should have gotten a room.”

“Okay, we’re way off the subject here, sister,” Deirdre said. “How about you remind me again why you’re calling me to tell me all of this?”

“Oh, right,” Teagan laughed. “Anyway. I’m taking a trip with James on his yacht, with two other couples mind you, down to some small coastal village or other near Eureka where he has a beach house or something. Nothing too sinister about it.”

“Except that I’m sure he’ll be expecting you to put out,” Deirdre laughed.

“Oh, dear sister. I’ve already put out!” she replied. “Once or twice. For an older guy, he’s not bad.”

“Again, back on subject.” Deirdre was beginning to think her little sister would never get to the point of her call. She didn’t usually call just to brag about a date, or a fling, or whatever this was turning out to be.

“Sorry. What I’m getting at is that I’ve a schedule of tutoring sessions over the summer. You know, to make a little money on the side.” Teagan paused, and Deirdre could see where it was beginning to go. “I’ve got one of my students rescheduled, but one or two I’m having issues with. And I was hoping you could fill in for me?”

Deirdre at first wanted to rebuff her sister, reminding her that commitments should be met and not broken, or passed on. Instead, knowing that she didn’t personally have any plans over the weekend, Deirdre reluctantly agreed.

“Thank you, dearest sister!” Teagan replied. “I’ll text you their names and times. You can use my place, also. It’ll be easier, since that’s where we’ve been meeting.”

As it turned out, one of the two names given her was that of Davy Summers. Deirdre knew him to be the nephew of Dr. Marilyn Combs, the Fine Arts Department head at Regal Bay University. Deirdre knew Marilyn well and often spent her lunch hour with the older woman. She was widowed, and had no children of her own, but her late husband’s sister did, and one of these children was Davy Summers, a high school senior. Marilyn often bragged about his skills at the piano, and that he would play at family get-togethers.

“Davy is passionate about music,” Marilyn had told Deirdre over coffee in the faculty lounge. “His mother and father, they don’t see a future in it for him. They want him to go to work, to get a real job. He really has the passion and skills, I think, to get on here, on scholarship. It would really be the only way Davy could get into college. His family just does not have the money to put him through.”

Looking to the faculty directory, Deirdre gave Marilyn a call. After a brief explanation of her sister’s request, Deirdre asked, “If you’d like, I have no real plans for the summer. I could take him on and personally see to his development.”

Marilyn replied, “I would be so grateful, Deirdre, if you could at least help the boy.” She paused and then added, “I don’t want you to do anything wrong, you understand. I want you to give him no favors, none that any other student would not receive, in consideration of scholarships, you understand. I just want you to ensure he understands that he will be given a chance and if he performs, if he is good enough, then I will have a talk with my brother. I might be able to help out, financially, if it came to it. I just want the boy to have an opportunity.”

“I’ll take him on,” Deirdre agreed. “I can see him on the same days Teagan had set aside, ten o’clock until eleven. The same schedule my sister has for him. We can meet here at Rigby Hall, or at my home. Either is fine with me.”

“I think the campus would be ideal,” Marilyn said. “I’ll make sure he’s there, even if I have to drive him over myself.”

That first session, however, did take place at Teagan’s home, promptly at ten a.m., Saturday morning. Davy arrived delivered by his aunt. He was dressed as any eighteen year old, in jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, and a hoody, even though it was nearing eighty degrees by that time of the morning in mid-June. Herself, she wore a casual summer dress in pastels and low-heel shoes. Her hair was pulled up into a bun on the back of her head.

Deirdre welcomed him in and introduced herself. “Hello, Davy. I’m Deirdre Sullivan, Miss O’Riley’s sister. I’m the orchestra leader out at Regal Bay University.”

“Hello, Ma’am,” he responded, shyly. He was an average sized teenager, with short brown hair, glasses, and a slim, though un-athletic body. He carried his violin case in his left hand and a briefcase in his right. Inside, she found out later, was his sheet music.

“Please, come in,” Deirdre invited. “Let’s go to the library, this way.”

That first morning session went smoothly, and Deirdre learned that Davy was indeed talented and with very little polishing on her part he would easily earn a scholarship to Regal Bay University, should he pursuit it. During türkçe bahis their parting conversation, however, Deirdre learned that Davy’s parents were adamant he go to work, to help with the household bills. It was a shame, she thought as she waved to Marilyn, watching Davy walk out to join her.

The next weekday session was scheduled for Tuesday and went very different from the first. They met on campus at Rigby Hall, home to the Music Department, and after a tour of the facility they had little time to perform. Instead, Deirdre and Davy talked about music in general and composition in particular, comfortable in her office. He expressed his desire to pursuit music. Davy indeed was passionate about music, but with little support at home, he was losing interest. With his senior year approaching, he was fearful that it would be the last he spent playing.

“What’s the point?” he replied when Deirdre prodded him. “I’ll never play again, not after high school. My parents won’t let me. They’d rather see me working the drive-thru at McDonald’s for the next ten years. Bringing a paycheck home for them to spend.” Davy was really sounding down about his life.

“Your Aunt Marilyn promised to have a talk with them if I thought you could get a scholarship, and I do.” Deirdre leaned forward and held Davy’s hands in hers as she spoke. Their session hour was nearly over, and Marilyn would be back to pick him up soon. She had gone up to her office to wait, giving them privacy. “I want you to keep working, hard, and don’t worry about what your parents say. Not right now, okay?”

Davy looked into her eyes then and she saw a hint of a smile. He’d yet to smile for her. “I don’t think I really need to be wasting your time, Mrs. Sullivan.”

“You’re not wasting my time. As long as you come here and do your best, and always try to improve just a little bit each time, you’ll never be wasting my time.” She smiled warmly at him, and he finally gave a smile back, however slight it was.

The next session was on Thursday, and they again met at Rigby Hall. Deirdre had set up some basic music for him to play, a violin concerto that most students of hers could play flawlessly by the end of their freshmen year. Halfway through the piece, she realized that Davy was already well beyond this level.

Breaking him off in mid-melody, Deirdre said, “Let’s try something a little more challenging, she we?” She placed before him a Mendelssohn violin concerto. “Take your time. I’ll let you look this over for a few minutes, and then I want to hear you play.” Deirdre left him then and headed to her office. When she had returned fifteen minutes later, Davy was already working his way through the piece, albeit at a slower tempo than the great conductor had intended. Still, she sat by and listened as her young student played with few missed notes. As he finished, she applauded.

“That was wonderful, Davy. Absolutely wonderful.” She went to him and bent down to kiss his forehead. Why, she had no idea. She just did. And in that moment, she realized what passions this young man had brought up in her, passions very similar to those her son brought up in her when he played. Fighting back her emotions, she retained as much a business like composure as she could during the last of their session. The next session, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, went much the same way, with her presenting a rather difficult piece for him, his playing for her, and her feeling something sinful deep within her soul ignite. Even with small critiques and points being made, she felt not only a passion building within her for the boy and his musical talent, but she felt a desire to experience the boy in other, physical ways as well.

“If that’s what you want, dear sister,” Teagan laughed when Deirdre and she talked later that night. “Then I have to say, go for it! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t felt the same way myself at times about a student or two. Now, mind you, I only succumbed to those emotions the one time!” Deirdre knew her sister’s story well, and knew that the boy she had enjoyed just a year before had moved away with his family shortly thereafter. He had been a trumpet player, and was well known around town as a player of something more.

“Yes, I remember Rick Pope well,” Deirdre recalled. “And I’m still in amazement that you have a job.”

“Maybe it’s because our dear principal herself had been in similar circumstances with young Mr. Pope,” Teagan offered. “Besides, it didn’t take place in the school or on the grounds.”

“No, it took place in the backseat of his mother’s car, and you were caught by a copper on patrol,” Deirdre laughed. “A copper you had dated some time back as I recall.”

“And had to, again!” Teagan laughed.

The next Tuesday, after long consideration, Deirdre had made up her mind. It was a very risky chance she was about to take, but had her young student’s future in mind. Davy was dropped off again promptly at 10 a.m. by Marilyn and Deirdre met him outside güvenilir bahis siteleri Rigby Hall. She went to Marilyn and asked her, “I really don’t have anything this afternoon, so if it’s possible, I’d like to keep Davy over for a while. I think a little extra time with him might just help get his mind back on track.” They had discussed his attitude after their first Tuesday session at length and Marilyn knew that this would be very important for Davy. Marilyn wanted him to score as high as possible during the scholarship auditions that would be held in late September if she were to convince her brother of Davy’s future in music.

“Just call me when you’re through with him,” Marilyn smiled. She drove away, not realizing what Deirdre had in mind for that morning.

Deirdre joined Davy in the small conservatory down the hall from her office. He was already setting up his music on the stand, and had his violin out. Deirdre, however, had other things in mind for that afternoon. Thanks to the long conversation she had had with her sister, Deirdre decided that a session without music would be very convincing to Davy in his pursuit of a music scholarship.

Deirdre stood before Davy. She held her hands in front of her. She hadn’t realized how much nerve she would have to build up, and apprehension filled her. Finally, she said, “Davy, I am thoroughly convinced that you will easily earn a scholarship. You have all of the skills and all of the passion. All we need to do is straighten up your attitude. We need to work on making you believe that music is the path you must take in your life, and whatever else anyone might do to distract you from this course must be pushed away.” Deirdre stepped up and placed the sheet music for the violin portion of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero in front of him. She had previously placed a CD of the piece in the player at the foot of the music stand, and reaching down to start it, she explained, “Today, we work on your attitude. And we have a full two hours to do it in. When you leave here today, you will want to earn that scholarship. And I will do everything I can, in my power, to assure you of that.”

Deirdre moved her right hand in concert with the music, directing as she had on the evening the University Orchestra had made this very recording. She could feel the music begin to flow through her and as Davy watched, and the music began to slowly build, Deirdre began to unbutton her blouse. She saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop.

“What…?” he mumbled as she slowly opened her blouse, exposing the white d-cup bra underneath which contained her large breasts.

“Relax, Davy,” she told him. “It’s time for you to begin.” Davy looked to the music sheets before him and finding his place, began to play along with the orchestra’s CD recording. As he ran the bow along the stings, his eyes flicked from the music before him and his instructor just to the side. Deirdre still maintained the beat with her right hand, swaying to and fro. With her left hand, however, she reached up to cup her right breast. As the melody ended and the drums lightly tapped the bridge to the next, Deirdre met his eyes with hers and asked, “Have you ever seen a woman naked?”

Davy replied with a shake of his head. “Have you a girlfriend?” she asked, and again he shook his head. All the while, she slowly massaged her bra-covered right breast. She gave a casual gesture towards the stand and reminded him, “Continue.” With him again playing, and glancing between her breasts and his music, she stopped using her hand to direct the music, and began to sway her hips. She now used both hands to cradle her heavy breasts. And as the music continued to build, she brushed her blouse from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

“Oh!” Davy gasped, yet maintained the music perfectly.

Deirdre began to feel the music, imagining herself performing Bolero on a burlesque stage, or in a strip club. She let her eyes close and moved along with the music as it continued to build towards its distant, inevitable climax. As the next melody began, she tugged the shoulder straps of her bra downward, and the cups with them. Davy’s eyes were now wide and locked to her naked flesh. Her nipples, surrounded by her large, dark pink areola, quickly grew firm as she lightly stroked her fingers across and around them.

“That sounds wonderful, Davy,” she sighed as he again took up his portion of the music. “Do you like by breasts?” she asked, and he nodded, his eyes on her breasts as she lifted and presented them to him.

With again the ending of the melody and Davy having a moment’s break from playing, she leaned very near and whispered, “Touch them, Davy.” Without hesitation, Davy responded. He set the bow and violin in his lap and placed both of his trembling hands to Deirdre’s breasts. A moment later, as the music resumed without his accompaniment, she asked, “Would you like to kiss them?” Davy looked up into her face and nodded. She leaned forward enough to allow him to release her left breast from his hand and place his lips to her nipple. He kissed it, and then leaned back. Deirdre gently pulled his head back to her breast and said, “Don’t stop, Davy. Enjoy yourself. Suck on my nipple.”

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