The Medical Exam Ch. 01

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He had the morning to himself no patients just paperwork, there was a lot to get done. He was so backed up, it was nuts. Before he can even start, his office manager knocks on the door.

“Russ, I got a call from the construction foreman. Their engineer is in town, and she is not feeling well. Any chance you could see her?” He was always willing to help, despite the paperwork, or maybe because of it, he says yes. “She is room 12”.

He knocked on the door and walked in. A woman about 50, short hair, with a full figure was sitting on the table with a gown on. He sat on the wheeled stool, opened his computer, and started the visit. He started with the usual questions regarding medical history, medications, etc. She was on a small dosage of sleeping medicine. He wasn’t really making eye contact, as his face was buried in the computer.

When he finally looked up, though never making it to her eyes, he realized that she was not wearing anything under her gown, and her legs were really quite nice, as he always noticed women’s legs. The stool he sat on was low enough that his eyes were on the same level as her knees.

“Ms. Clark, thank you for going through all of those background questions, it is important to get a complete medical history before any treatment can güvenilir bahis be determined. Now, tell me what is going on.” This time, he looks into her amazing green eyes and receives a signal his already hardening cock hears loud and clear.

“I am in town on business working on the expansion project for your clinic. I am so tired, but I am having trouble sleeping. The medicine I have been taking worked well enough in the beginning, but lately, it just hasn’t done the trick. I find myself distracted, irritable, unable to concentrate.”

“Is that the only symptom you notice?” the doctor asked.

“Well, there is something else, it is kind of embarrassing.” He smiled, warmly, reassuring her that he was willing to listen.

“Most nights, before I go to sleep, I, well, I masturbate.” she blushed and looked away.

He smiled. “You have trouble climaxing don’t you.”

“Oh my gosh, how did you know”.

“Your doctor should have told you. The sleeping medicine he gave you works for sleeping issues, but one of the side effects is that it can increase sexual arousal but keep people from climaxing. In fact, it is often used by men to help them delay their climax”

She giggled, “I wish my last boyfriend knew about it”, and they both chucked. “Seriously, I have türkçe bahis been going crazy. I was in the grocery store last night, and spent 15 minutes checking out the cucumbers, trying to decide if I should take one back to my hotel room”. She was so relieved to have someone to talk to about it, she really started to relax. She really had thought something was wrong. As she talked, her gown gaped open a bit, and he couldn’t help but check out her breasts.

He realized that she had stopped talking, and when he looked up at her, she was looking at him, and he realized that he was caught. “Sorry” he mumbled.

She opened her gown, lifted her breasts a bit, and gently pulled on her nipples. “It’s okay Doctor, I am flattered. I see that you are enjoying the view”. She looked at his lap, at the obvious tent there.

“Am I allowed to do this?” she said as she caressed her nipples and watching his eyes follow her fingers. “I mean, isn’t there supposed to be a nurse in her with us?”

“That’s only required for specific types of exams?”

“Oh,” opening her legs a little wider. “So, what kind of exam can you give me without calling the nurse in?”

“A breast exam is one option” the doctor murmured leaning forward to suck on a nipple. Cupping the other beast in his güvenilir bahis siteleri hand, squeezing, teasing… moving from one nipple to the next, her head falls back with a groan.

“OH, Doctor, I’ve been on the edge for so long, I may cum right now,” she whispers.

“No, I don’t think so, not yet.” he stands up grabbing her hips to bring them close to the edge of the table. Caressing her legs as he pushes them further apart he bends low and licks her clit, she groans, lifting her hips asking for penetration. He can taste her juices already flowing with the slightest touch.

“Please, I need you, now!! Please!”

He opens his pants and frees his hard cock, “oh yes,” she said, obviously pleased by his member.

He thrusts into her with one swift stroke, feeling her muscles contracting around him, it is his turn to groan.

“Shh, they’ll hear you!” she giggles “oh, but don’t stop, please, I need to feel you inside me.”

He begins to move, she was so tight, so wet…

Suddenly the door opened. “Hey, doc I wanted to check if you needed… Oh shit”. It was Rita, the young medical student he had been training, “I thought everyone had left for lunch.” He said stupidly.

Rita walked into the room and closed the door. “Uh Uh” was all she said, there was no mistaking what was happening. The room smelled of sex, the patient on her back, naked, gown fallen to the side, his face covered in juices, his pants around his ankles standing between her legs with his cock deep inside her.

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