The Mind Of An Incest Fantasizer Pt. 02

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I had a comment on my first story that, to sum it up, said “you’re horrible for thinking these things and incest can never be consensual” Fine. That’s their opinion and probably a fairly popular one at that. I didn’t expect anything I said to really resonate with anyone, but it was rather the first step in confronting my thoughts, fantasies, desires, and worries in a very real way for the first time. It was a scrambled mess of thoughts, as most of my posts probably will be, because I’m a strong believer in writing whatever I need to and not looking back.

I posted Pt. 01 on here because well, it’s easy to be anonymous. Nothing I’ve said, and nothing I will say, can be traced back to me. The chances of anyone reading my vague fantasies and connecting them back to me are near impossible. With that anonymity comes the possibility for judgmental comments, which I expected. Incest is a taboo topic to say the least.

For some reason, this commenter felt the need to bring up rape and abortions with no need for it at all. I’ve read it several times and can’t for the life of me imagine why that güvenilir bahis was necessary. The thing I found ironic though was that their reasoning for not agreeing with incest is that it’s illegal virtually everywhere. If morality should be the based upon laws, then should abortion be morally wrong because it’s illegal in so many places? Should slavery be legal because it’s still thriving and has a very long place in history? Of course, this is not to compare consensual sex with horrendous actions, but if they feel the need to oddly equate things then I guess it’s fair that I do too.

They then stated (summing this up again) that incest should be illegal because they were personally devastated by it. Though I have never experienced sexual assault, I do feel for them. It’s a situation and pain I can’t image. The thing is though, something terrible happening to you doesn’t mean consenting people should be punished. Should we avoid all forms of sex because some people are raped? Should we ban all forms of property because thieves exist? Should we not eat because people are starving? Should relationships türkçe bahis be illegal because of abusers? Your pain and your experiences shouldn’t take away the happiness others can feel. I’m not in an incestuous relationship and I never will be, but those who are brave enough to take those steps deserve the same freedom to love and other people do. Stigmas about relationships have existed since the beginning of time. People disagree with same sex relationships, interracial relationships, interfaith relationships, yet as a society we’re grown to realize that personal feelings shouldn’t overshadow their rights. I hope one day we live in a world where people can say “I personally believe it’s gross but it’s their life”

To move on from this topic… I had a glorious dream last night.

I was laying on the couch wearing jean shorts and a take top. My mother walked in and asked to have ‘the talk’ with me. We discussed birth control, condoms, and eventually, how to protect myself while having sex with a woman. The conversation turned into her admitting that she had had sex with a woman once güvenilir bahis siteleri in college and had regretted the lack of further experimentation. I told her I had one kissed a girl once and well, after a few drinks, I offered to kiss her. This dream wasn’t explicit compared to many of my other dreams, but it was sensual, sexy, and has kept me horny all day. We made out, lightly touched each other, laughed about it and promised to never speak of it again. Usually my dreams are more in depth fantasies, but this, it felt real. When she sat down on the couch to me this morning I thought I was going to melt right there. I guess one great thing about being a girl is that it’s very easy to hide if I’m horny.

I do want to confess to something. Last night, while we were watching tv, I had a blanket on me and I very softly rubbed my nipples while I was sitting between my parents. It was so sexy being that close to them, knowing that at any second I could be caught, while being smart enough to not make it obvious. I think tonight I may wear some shorts and gently rub my clit a few times above my shorts. Not enough to make me orgasm or squirm, but just enough for me to feel the horrified sensation of being caught. I’ve done it before, for years actually, without being caught. I wish one day they would catch me and punish me 😉

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