The Morrisons Ch. 23

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It is with profound thanks to Fat_Dad not only for editing this chapter of The Morrisons but for helping me when I experienced some difficulty with the inclusion of combining story characters. There are a couple portions of this chapter that Fat_Dad contributed, so I could move on.

We have now made more introductions of Fat_Dad’s characters from A New Life for Dr. Mitchel and Fat_Dad will be adding characters from The Morrisons into his story.

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Author’s Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you read the previous chapters prior to reading this one. There’s a complete list of story characters on the last page. Please enjoy!

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Before you read this chapter, be advised that it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex and/or love-making between two or more consenting people. IF such depictions upset you or make you lose sleep, PLEASE don’t read any further. You may not enjoy reading a particular portion of the story; that doesn’t mean other readers will dislike that same portion of the story. It’s a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of story.

For the sophisticated intellectuals who read incest/taboo stories on Literotica expecting to find professional authors with perfect everything, including but not limited to, punctuation, spelling, dialog, characters with only sophisticated actions, etc., please pass this chapter by, you won’t find that here! We do our best to correct all typos and spelling errors but some may still slip past us.

I appreciate hearing from readers, and I want to thank all those who took time to send me a public or private message. However, please don’t leave a derogatory comment, if you willingly overlook THIS WARNING.

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For the record: All characters engaging in sexual activities are of legal age!

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From – Chapter 22

Joanna finished her shower and dried off. She hung up her towel and walked into the bedroom. About three steps into the room she stopped and looked at the wide spread legs with a delicious looking pussy at the apex. Finally Joanna questioned, “I thought you had jet lag and wanted to go to sleep.”

Jenna smiled and said, “I took my shower and I was thinking how much fun I had tonight with you and I don’t want it to end. I’m tired and I want to cuddle with you before I go to sleep. In the morning, I want to be here when you wake up and I’m going to ravish your body, if you let me of course.”

“That what took me so long in the shower. I too was thinking how much fun I’ve had tonight and over the past couple of weeks and I came to the conclusion I’m going to be more spontaneous and try everything and then I’m only going to repeat the things I had fun doing. Being with you tonight was a lot of fun so I’d love to have you with me tonight and I look forward to waking up in the morning.” Joanna said with a huge smile spreading across her face.

Joanna crawled up on the bed and they pulled the top sheet down and lay down. They hugged and kissed each other for a few seconds before Jenna pulled back and said, “That’s a sample of what you’ll get in the morning. Goodnight my love.”

Joanna said, “Good night sweetheart.”

Jenna rolled over on her side facing away from Joanna so Joanna moved over to spoon up against her body. She reached across her and cupped Jenna’s small boobie and gave it a gentle squeeze and Jenna moaned softly. Within a few seconds both of them were in dreamland.


Chapter 23

For the first time in many days I woke up to the unbelievably wonderful sound of birds chirping and singing outside my open bedroom window. Traveling was fun but the small things in life still had a calming effect on me. I lay on my back listening to the birds for almost five minutes before I felt Beth stir. She moved her head over and put it on my shoulder as she mumbled, “Mornin’ sweetheart.”

I whispered, “Good morning to you too.”

Beth cuddled up next to me, kissed my cheek before she said, “Listen to the birds outside.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, they sound beautiful, I never realized how much I’ve missed them until a few minutes ago when I woke up, they were the first thing I heard.”

Kim stirred on the other side of me before she lifted her head and looked at us. She smiled saying, “It looks like I’m the sleepyhead this morning.”

“Only by about fifteen minutes dear.” I replied

“As much as I’d love to lay here with the two people I love, Mother Nature is telling me, I’d better move my ass or someone is going to be all wet.” Beth said quietly

“Do you want me to plug that for you so you can stay a little longer?” I asked

Beth quickly replied, “If you tried that right now, I’d really squirt all over us.”

“I’ve got to go too. Let’s get up.” Kim added

All three of us moved to the edge of the bed and one by one we stood up. Beth was the first one to disappear into güvenilir bahis the bathroom leaving Kim and me beside the bed. Kim pulled me into her arms and hugged me saying, “I’m a very happy woman.”

“I’m a very happy man. I have two exquisite ladies I love dearly but I also have a wonderful family and great friends. Life doesn’t get any better than that.”

Kim hooked my arm with hers as she said, “I’ve got to pee, let’s go buster.”

We walked into the bathroom; Beth was taking a seat on the bidet. Kim sat down to pee, as I started to squat down Kim said “Don’t bother; I’m going to douche when I get done peeing.”

I walked over to the shower and started the water. I turned on the shower heads and then walked back to the toilet and took a leak. I joined Beth in the shower and Kim followed me a couple minutes later. We washed each other’s body thoroughly. When we finished, we dried each other and the two girls headed over to the sink area and began the process of making themselves “more” beautiful. I only had to brush my hair, shave and brush my teeth.

I walked into our closet and selected my suit along with the additional clothes I needed for the day. I brought everything out and hung up my suit in the bedroom and put my other clothes on the bed.

While I waited for Kim and Beth to finish their personal styling, I walked to the room Joanna was using to wake her up. I saw two bodies in bed under the sheet so I walked over to the side of the bed so I could see which body belonged to Joanna. I saw her head and walked around the bed and tapped her lightly and called her name. After a few moments she opened her eyes and sat up all at the same time. I stepped back and immediately said, “Joanna, I’m sorry to disturb you but I needed to wake you so I can talk to you.”

Joanna rubbed her eyes as she said, “It’s ok Dan, what do you need?”

“I need for you to get up and get showered or whatever you do in the morning; I have a job for you to do today. We’ll talk down in the kitchen when you’re ready, I don’t want to wake up your partner over there.”

Suddenly the sheet started talking, “I’m already awake daddy. Your quiet is the same as a herd of elephants.” Half way through her little speech Jenna lowered the sheet off her head.

I said, “Good morning sweetheart, I love you too.”

“Oh daddy, you know I love you but you know I’m a light sleeper, even when I sleep until eleven on weekends.” Jenna replied

Joanna asked, “What do you need me to do Dan?”

“Why don’t you get up and get through the shower and meet me downstairs. Oh, most likely Ted will be down there too. We can talk over coffee.” I said

“Ok, sure no problem. I’ll be right down after I take a shower and get dressed.” Joanna added

“You don’t have to rush to get dressed if you don’t want to. You’ll have some time before you have to leave.” I told Joanna as I turned and started to walk towards the door.

I walked back to my room and noticed Beth and Kim were still in the bathroom. I turned around and walked down the hall, headed for the kitchen. As I started down the stairs, the wonderful aroma of coffee filled my nostrils. I walked into the kitchen, Terri had her back to me so I tried to sneak up on her. When I was only a couple of feet behind her she said, “Good morning Dad, have a seat and I’ll pour you a cup of coffee.”

I walked over to Terri and hugged her from behind and she turned in my arms and threw her arms around my neck saying, “You can’t sneak up on me mister.”

“I only wanted to show you how much I love you.” I replied quickly

“Daddy, I know how much you love me. Since the first day I arrived here, I’ve felt like I was part of this family.” Terri said with a beautiful smile on her face

I held Terri in my arms and I kissed her with a meaningful passionate kiss. We were still kissing when Kim and Beth walked into the kitchen. They stood and watched us until we finished our kiss, before Kim said; “Now that would have made a perfect picture for our family album.”

Without looking at them, Terri replied, “Go get your camera and take your picture because we’re very comfortable in our current position. Ain’t that right, daddy?”

I kissed Terri passionately again and there was a flash. While we were still locked in our kiss, I turned us sideways, another flash shone brightly. This time when I broke our kiss both Terri and I looked towards Beth and Kim. We were momentarily blinded by another camera flash. Kim chuckled saying, “Got it! You two look simply marvelous, but let’s get some coffee and we’ll talk some more.”

Terri put her hands on my chest and pushed lightly as she said, “Go sit down, I’ll bring you some coffee.”

Beth walked over to the refrigerator and picked up the cream. She brought it back and set it on the breakfast counter. As we were getting ready to sit down, Ted and Marion rounded the corner and came into the kitchen. Kim said, “Let’s move to the dining room table, there’s more room.”

All of us who had coffee cups picked them up and moved to the dining room, with Beth bringing the cream. Kim picked up türkçe bahis the sugar along with her coffee. Ted and Marion waited for Terri to finish pouring their coffee. As we were ready to sit down, Joanna and Jenna followed closely by Mary and Shelly walked into the room. Everyone exchanged morning greetings and the final four headed for the kitchen for their coffee.

Once everyone had coffee in front of them and was seated at the table I looked at Joanna and Jenna saying, “I hope you two got enough sleep last night. How was the flight up and back? Did the two of you keep Jack entertained?” I asked

“Oh daddy, yes we had so much fun. Jack is a really great guy. We talked about flying all the way back. He answered all of our questions and explained to us, in detail, how he finds his destination without road signs.” Both Jenna and Joanna laughed when Jenna said that.

I want to learn to fly a plane; well actually both Joanna and I want to learn to fly. Jack’s friend is a professor over at the community college and he’s going to check with him to see if he teaches a non-credit aviation course. Jack’s going to call and let us know what he finds out.” Jenna said excitedly

“I’m glad you had a great time and if you’re serious about learning to fly then I’ll pay for it but you both have to promise me you won’t drop out of the class. You have to go and finish the school.” I added

Joanna and Jenna looked at each other and both of them squealed and giggled. Joanna said, “I hope Jack gets back to us soon.”

Ted cleared his throat and paused before he said, “In the meantime Joanna, I have a job for you to do and you’ll have to get dressed and leave here shortly. I want you to take the car and go over to the Simpson’s house and spend all day with them while the movers are helping them pack and move, to their new house. I have the address for the new house in the office.”

“Some packers will arrive early this morning and help Tina pack. I don’t want anyone to enter that house unless they’ve been checked out. The security crew in the van has a computer so they have access to our system and can run a check on the people. I want you to be inside the house and make sure everyone is cleared before they enter.”

Ted finished with, “Later in the day it’s going to be a little more hectic because the door will be open while the movers are doing their job. So, you’ll have to stay right on top of everything and if you need any help, you’ll have the radio with you and you can get the guys out of the van in a heartbeat. Do you have any questions?”

“Thank you! I appreciate you keeping me on this detail for another day. I wasn’t looking forward to going back to work in the jail. But I would have, mind you. No, I don’t have any questions, everything is very clear.” Joanna replied

“Oh one last thing, when it’s time to close up shop at that house, you’ll take Tina and her kids over to the new house and check it out before they’re turned loose in there.” Ted added

“If I’m going to be busy all day, I’d like to get my exercise in quick by taking my jog through the woods out back, before I get dressed.” Joanna said

I caught on to what Joanna said at the same time Ted and Mary realized what she meant. Only the four of us knew that Joanna would go out in the woods and leave a message with the unknown person watching our house.

Ted quickly added, “Yes, if you’ve been running each day, I don’t want to you break away from your schedule. Go ahead, finish your coffee, take your run then you can get dressed and head over to Tina’s house. I’ve got to get dressed soon because I’ve got to the office and see what’s happening.”

“Ok, I can do that. I really didn’t want to miss my morning exercise. Then I’ll grab something to eat on the way over there.” Joanna replied

“Joanna, I’ll leave some money for you on the counter. With them moving, Tina won’t have time to make lunch. I’ll see Jeff this morning and give him some money to stop and pick up dinner on his way home.” I said

I looked at my watch and said, “I need to get dressed soon. Terri, Joe Bailey will be at the gate in a little while. You’ll have to open it for him this morning.”

Terri quickly asked, “What would you like to eat and I’ll get it fixed while you’re dressing.”

“Don’t worry about it this morning Terri, I’ll have my secretary order something and have it delivered and I’ll eat while I work.”

Suddenly off to my left we heard Beth say, “Note to self, the boss is going to want breakfast ordered.”

Everyone started laughing and Beth looked around the table asking, “What?”

Joanna finished her coffee and went up to her room and put on her running shoes, picked up her cell phone and walked back downstairs. She detoured into the office by force of habit and turned off the alarm. As she walked through the dining room she said, “I shut off the alarm. I’ll be back in a little while.”

Kim, Beth and I finished our coffee and stood up, Ted also stood up. The four of us excused ourselves and headed towards the stairs. Always being gentlemen, we allowed the ladies to walk upstairs ahead güvenilir bahis siteleri of us. Beth was in front of Ted so she asked over her shoulder, “See anything you’d like to play with back there?”

“I do… I do… but all of us have to get dressed now. Ask me that question when we get home tonight and I’ll show you what I’d like to play with. I ain’t gonna start anything I can’t finish.” Ted replied.

“He’s a smart man.” Kim added

In our respective bedrooms each of us donned the facade we’d use to do our jobs. Kim and Beth of course took a little longer than I did because everything had to be just right for our first day back to work. We walked out of our bedroom and started down the hall when Ted came out of his room wearing his police uniform. Kim hurried right over to Ted saying, “I’ve always loved a man in uniform. If I get a ticket can we make a trade or something?”

Ted stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Kim before he asked, “Ma’am are you trying to bribe an officer of the law? If you are, I’ll have to detain you for questioning. Don’t worry; they’ll be easy to answer questions.”

“Ummm, that sounds so sexy. I could be surrounded by men in uniforms.” Kim giggled as she replied

Ted hugged Kim saying, “Part of the reason I love this house is because everyone can say whatever they want and no one takes it personally or gets jealous. This is truly a family.”

As we were walking into the dining room the gate phone rang. Terri picked it up asking, “How may I help you?”

She listened to the phone before saying, “Ok, Mr. Bailey, I’ll open the gate for you, please pull through the gate and pause for a moment for the gate to close before you proceed up to the house. I’ll inform Dan you are here.”

I smiled and said, “Joe’s password is on the desk in the office, I’ll be right back.”

When I walked back to the front door, Kim and Beth were waiting for me. Beth was holding her briefcase and laptop. Ted walked over asking, “May I ride to work with you too?”

I opened the front door and the four of us walked out on the porch and Joe stood by the back door of the car. When he saw us he opened the back door and said, “Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and you too Ms. Thompson.”

“Joe, I may have been promoted but I’m still the same Dan Morrison you met before. Please call me Dan, this is Kim my wife and you know Beth. Up there on the porch is my good friend Ted Johnson. I’d like us to take Ted to the police station this morning as well.”

Joe looked up at Ted, “Good morning Ted.”

“Joe, here is your personal gate password to use when you need to get in my gate. Don’t give it to anyone else. Secondly, we have to go within a block of where Kim works so I want you to drop her off before we get to my office. Here’s the address for Kim’s office. Ted will give you the address for the police station.” I said.

“Yes Sir, that won’t be a problem Sir. Will we be dropping your wife and Ted off every morning Dan?” Joe asked

“Unless she has to stay late to meet a deadline or I’m away on business, Kim will be riding with us. I think this will be a one-time event for Ted.” I replied

“Very good Dan, is there anything you wish for me to do when I come to pick you up in the mornings?” Joe asked

“No, for now I’m getting used to all this added attention, I can’t think of anything special I’ll need.”

I allowed both Kim and Beth to get into the limo before I stepped in and found that they left room for me to sit between them. Ted sat across from us. Joe closed the door; I looked at both ladies before I asked, “Did either of you ever imagine this happening?”

Kim was the first one to ask, “Can we fool around in here since there’s so much room?”

“I’ll have Joe come up to my office in the next few days and I’ll have a talk with him. If he can be discreet, I think we can do something.” I said

For some reason the ride into the city seemed very short. Soon we were pulling up in front of Kim’s office building. I watched as Kim slid the hem of her dress up until her panties were showing. She waited for Joe to open the door and then she leaned over and gave me a kiss. To make matters even more interesting, she really leaned over, past me and kissed Beth. Then she turned and gave Ted a passionate kiss as well. I noticed as she was sitting back down her legs had been spread very wide. Kim looked at me and winked before she slid her ass across the seat effectively tugging her skirt higher as she exited the car. Once she stood outside the door Kim adjusted her dress and walked towards her building. Joe swung by the police station next, and Ted climbed out of the car before Joe could get out to open the door. It only took a few minutes before we pulled up in front of our building. Beth said, “I want you to get out first and watch me get out.”

Without saying anything I slid across the seat and got out and then turned to wait for Beth. Moments later I saw all legs with a small “V” of white silk between them at the top coming towards the door. Joe offered Beth his hand and when she was standing outside the car, he waited for her to adjust her dress and step away from the door before he closed it. Joe turned to me saying, “If you need me at any time, I’ll be ready within a few minutes. It won’t matter where you want to go; I’m at your service.”

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