The Mystery Woman

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I am not sure how much I will be revealing here about my relationship with my mother, but a start is always good. The woman who had the most influence on my life was my mother, now isn’t that true for almost everybody? She quit work after she gave birth to me. I have heard that she used to be a career woman. Ours was a happy family and I was proud of the fact that my parents had a good relationship. Dad used to make frequent trips all over the country and these trips used to be around a couple of weeks to a month long. And mom and I were often the only two left at home. So we grew up very close to each other. But now, we didn’t have anything unusual between us, it was really a simple mother son relationship. Though I had started having these thoughts about her at a pretty early age, I had kept them to myself and mom never suspected anything of that nature.

Now my mom was a lady in truest sense, she was very social and good-natured, and she was quite a popular person in our small town community. She was very active in various kinds of activities like organizing cultural shows, club family picnics and was also a good hostess at home. She was proud of me too. She had done a good job bringing me up. Her looks were pretty decent and she somehow managed to maintain a good figure though she was no supermodel but she had a pretty face. The slight weight that was added around her waist after I was born was there but it made her more adorable and gave her a classy look irrespective of whatever she wore. She always wore pretty decent dress when she went out. But at home she would be wearing comfortable cotton dresses that weren’t transparent at all and went down to just below her knee. I have often ogled at her when she stood against the sun or any strong light in those dresses, which would reveal not much but the outline of her body.

She had helped me in my studies all throughout my school and now I was waiting to go to college after I finished my high school with impressive grades. She was more than happy and gave me the biggest hug when I broke the good news to her. Even in that moment of joy I could not resist the thoughts that were coming to me triggered by her soft body that was pressing against mine. She didn’t even care that her breasts were pressing hard against my chest, her arms around my neck and her lips pressing against my cheeks. Well even that event didn’t worry me too much and I continued in the same train of thoughts that I have had for a long time now, nothing new, needless to mention here that she had been major inspiration to my daily (beating the monster) activity. I never had any girlfriends at all. I was really a typical geek at school, though there were girls from my school who had contributed to my imagination. Mom was still the major contributor, but I had realized that it was normal on my part but as long as I kept it to myself. I guess all guys have more or less the same kind of experience.

Now I have never seen her naked till now. I had all in my imagination. I have glanced up her skirt in numerous occasions and admired her milky white thighs and wondered what the trail up between them might lead to. On certain occasion she carelessly gave me brief views of her panties but they were never long enough. But so long I have always fought those thoughts away.

Dad was out on one of those trips for a couple of months now. I called him up and gave him the good news. He was a good father too, except that I missed him a lot, but I guess I got used to the fact. Being around mom was good enough for me.

A day later I started to get a feeling that mom was kind of sad that I was going off to college though she tried hard to hide the fact and acted as if she was enjoying every moment of my success. I had a month left before my college started. “Leo, so are you looking forward to college, aren’t you excited?” She said at the breakfast table that morning. “Yep mom and I am kind of nervous about quite a few things.” I said, “This is the first time I am going to be on my own and that too in a totally new place, I hope I like the place.”

“Don’t you worry my boy, you are going to be alright. You will make good friends, have frat parties, believe me these would be the best years of your life.” mom replied, “ And don’t forget that you are there to study and not just waste your time, just make sure. And who knows, you might find the right girl for yourself.”

Mom was sitting on the sofa in front facing me reading a newspaper. I was at the dining table having my breakfast when suddenly I froze at what I saw. I couldn’t see her face behind the news paper that she was holding but she had her left ankle resting on top of her right knee and her skirt had ridden up enough to give me a heavenly view of what I had been longing for all my life. She was wearing blue cotton panties and it was kind of bunched at her crotch and not revealing much though her thighs were spread apart. I could have spent days savoring the view and right there it was. God I wished I could freeze time. güvenilir bahis Her thighs were smooth, round and soft, they were opened up and inviting me to dive in between them. And the blue bunched strip of cloth between them still hid the mystery from me. It was hard to believe that I was not dreaming, considering the length of time I was getting this view. She was relaxed and continued to read her paper as I had my breakfast. She was reading the headlines out loud for me as she has always done every morning when we had breakfast. And I replied with a yes or a no as it was hard to concentrate on what she was saying. I have never even had the luck of seeing her in bikinis, forget about seeing her in underwear. I was already feeling uncomfortable with my cock strained against my pajamas.

I wanted this to last forever but finally she uncrossed her legs, stood up and went on to do her chores. She started to do the dishes as I watched her back. Her round ass was perfect and her shapely calves looked as if they wanted to be bitten. I knew I had to do something. I had something turning in my head. I think this was quite a turning point in my life. I needed to solve the mystery that was my mother. Now I was sad that I was leaving her alone. I had just around a month time to solve this mystery.

I knew my mother was a tough mystery to solve. But I had to plan and act real fast.

That afternoon she went out to grocery stores and asked me to do the laundry while she was gone. I collected all my clothes and went in her room to get her basket. I had an idea in my mind and I went straight to her drawer. There was some fresh under garments in there. I put all of them in the basket. I took the clothes to the washing machine and began feeding her clothes. I have done this before and smelled her underwear on many occasions. Now I spotted the same panties that she was wearing this morning. I was hard as a rock. I smelled and licked the blue panties for a while and jerked myself off. I completed the laundry within a couple of hours. I put her clothes back into her room. But kept them in a corner where she wouldn’t look for. It was a very big room. I was still pondering on what I really wanted and what was really possible. I wanted to see her naked, that was my immediate goal.

So I set off to achieve my immediate goal. I have always had a pair of pet spiders that I kept in a jar hidden away from mom. She knew that I had already gotten rid of it. It was a harmless one but mom used to freak out every time she saw them. I knew that mom was going to take a shower after she comes back from the grocery. The spiders were very lazy, they got used to staying in the jar and didn’t move much even when I brought them out. I just left them on the wall just next to the shower outlet. I just hoped that she wouldn’t see them until she stepped into the shower.

She came back soon and after finishing off with the groceries she went back straight to her room as I sat and watched TV. She complained about how warm the weather was and said that she would go in for a quick shower. As per my plan she would undress, put on her robe, go to the bathroom, take off her robe, and step into the shower. I was already having an erection thinking of all this. I kept waiting impatiently until I heard her scream from her bathroom. I knew I had succeeded to some extent and rushed in to see the results of my experiment. The bathroom door was still shut. That was something I did not expect. Why didn’t she run out? I heard her scream my name. I knocked at the door. “Mom, are you alright?” She managed to speak out in a shaking voice, “Leo, there’s a deadly spider in here. Can you come and get it?” I would be more than happy to do that. My pets Wrinkly and Brinkly (that’s what I called the spiders) had carried out their job quite responsibly. I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door in, I had never expected what I saw. Mom was standing there all naked and wet. She stood against the corner of the shower. The curtains were pushed to the other side. She was too terrified to move. Her face had turned white and she was evidently shaking. It seemed that she had already taken her shower. She didn’t hear me come in and was staring down at the floor without even blinking her eye. I couldn’t miss this lifetime opportunity, I took a good look at her naked body. She even didn’t bother to cover herself with her hands, and was gripping the walls to steady her self. Her breasts had shiny droplets of water on them and were much more ample than what they had seemed like from outside. They had sagged a very little and the sag wasn’t noticeable at all. Her nipples were brown and pointy though they were not hard at this moment. I could imagine how nice it would be to hold them in my hands. I so wanted to hug her now. I slowly glanced down her body past her small belly and saw the thin black wet patch of hair between her round delicious thighs that were slightly apart.

As I looked carefully I could tell the beginning of her slit beneath the shiny dark patch. türkçe bahis I had begun to solve my mystery now. What a day it is turning into. I pushed the door wide open and stepped in when she noticed me. She slowly raised her right arm and pointed to one of the spiders that was on the floor. Now I understood why she couldn’t run out of the bathroom. She couldn’t even get to her robe or towel. As I stepped towards Wrinkly it moved away from me, towards the shower and mom jumped and screamed at the same time. I saw her breasts jiggle from her jump. Apparently water from the shower has caused the to move away from where I had left it. I had no idea where the other one was. I moved in a manner to scare the spider away to the opposite wall away from mom. Then slowly picked up her robe and dropped it on the spider. I had no idea where the other one was. I reached out for mom to pull her out from the tub. Suddenly she jumped and screamed again. She pulled me towards her and I had to step into the tub. Turned my head to look at what she was screaming at. There was the other one just at the doorway. Suddenly I felt her warm wet body against me. She was grabbing and clinging onto me. I was just wearing a shirt and pair of cotton shorts and they were soaking in the water from her body. This was too erotic for me and I tried hard not to poke her with my tool as I put my arm around her waist and try to allay her fear. I pulled her gently but firmly against my body feeling her naked breasts press against my chest I stroked her hair gently and said, “Calm down mom, I will get it.” I pushed her away from me with great mental effort on my part, holding her by her shoulders and staring at her breasts that were heaving so close to me. This time I took the towel and dropped it on the spider. “Let me get you another towel” I said as I moved towards the door slowly as if as I was being very careful. “No Leo don’t leave me here, take me out of here”, she said. She was afraid that the spiders might come out of the towels. I reached out for her as she held my hand and stepped out of the tub. I stared at her black patch as she did so. Her inner thigh was in full view and I could see a little more of the slit spreading for a brief moment. She clung to me as we slowly move out of the bathroom. I could hardly resist myself from hugging her and start kissing her right there. She looked so desirable. Outside the bathroom she almost ran to her dresser and stood there stiff not knowing what to do as I closed the bathroom door behind us.

I congratulated myself. Here I had mom fully naked in her bedroom standing stiff for me to stare at her awesome bare ass. “Leo, can you get the towel out of this drawer. There could be more of them in this drawer.” Now she was covering her breasts with her arms as she turned towards me. Now I realized that mom would be afraid to touch anything in fear of being ambushed by one of those creepy and crawly creatures. Now was the time to get rid of her fear and solve my mystery completely at the same time. I said, “Awe come on mom, there is no such reason to be so afraid, they are quite harmless” as I stared at her crotch as if it was no big deal, she was already covering whatever she wanted to hide from me. She suddenly became conscious of my stare and blushed, “Now will you stop staring at me and please check the drawer for me, I am not at all comfortable standing naked in front of you.” “Mom, go look for yourself, this is too much, I had to get rid of my pets all because of you. You should have gotten over your fear by this time. Be brave and take out the towel from your dresser.”

She hesitated for a moment, turned towards her drawer bent over and reached for the lowest drawer as I watched her ass spread in the air and reveal the mystery, her pussy lips. It was a cute pie with a small cherry topping. The lips were tightly pressed. But were open to my gaze. They were have never open to any gaze all life except of course to that of my father in rare occasions. I knew I had to eat this pie. And I could imagine what a good time my father had every time he had the opportunity to have free access to these lips. Her breasts were hanging and I could see them from the angle I was standing. She was still not decided whether to go ahead and pull the drawer and was taking her time as I returned my gaze to her cute lips and the crack between her gorgeous ass. She stood up without opening the drawer. “Leo, please I can’t.” “No way mom”, I said “you have to” She walked to the closet as I watched her and looked for her clothes. They were not there and I pointed out to where I had left them. “But they might be hiding in your bunch of clothes mom.” I said and laughed. “This is no joke, I am all wet and naked” she complained. I said “Mom today you have got to learn to love these creatures, besides don’t worry you look good naked.” And I went inside the bathroom and picked up Wrinkly from under the robe.

As I came out holding him in my cupped palms, she stiffened. “Noooo, Leo please don’t”, she cried out.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri motioned her to stand still and moved closer to her. She stepped back against the wall. I kept the spider on the top of the dresser. “Mom here is the deal” I said, “either you are going to pick up that spider with your own hands, or I am going to start tickling you.” I knew tickling drew mom crazy, even if I start moving my finger around her she jumps, I have always blackmailed her with tickling on various occasion, she had done that to me also, and this was a good occasion. She was now in a fix. She stood there as I moved close and pulled her arms with which she was covering her breasts. She began to resist, pull back, and giggle “Leo you can’t do this I am naked.” I knew a better way. I twisted her arms and drew them to her back as I turned her around, so she couldn’t resist at her will. I held both her hands at her back, holding both the wrists together with one hand so that I had my other hand free to roam around her body. She started begging “No Leo please stop. I would do whatever you tell me to do except pick up that spider.”

I planted a kiss on her neck and slowly started to tickle her stomach tracing light curves with my fingers. She jumped and giggled, “Stop, stop oh please stop!”

I couldn’t bear it any longer, “ Okay, I said I will stop only when you say that u will pick it up” and suddenly at the same time I cupped her breast and pushed my strained cock between her soft ass cheeks. She suddenly became still. “Will you pick it up now?” I asked as I began to rub my thumb over her nipple. “Oh no! Leo stop it, you don’t do that to you mother, now you are being really naughty!” She said as her voice trembled to my touch. I brushed my palm against her hard nipple and then cupped the other breast treating it the same way I said. “You know my condition” I bit ear gently, and started licking the inside. I started to squeeze her breasts as she gasped. She was trying to jerk out of my grip but I was too strong for her. I said, “Mom don’t make it more difficult, you know you can easily go free as long as you pick that lovely creature up in your hands and kiss it” I laughed, “Are you going to do that now?” “No I can’t Leo I am too afraid, and will you please stop playing with my breasts. This is going too far.” I stopped and said, ‘Make up your mind mom”, and moved my hands south over her belly and as soon as my finger touched her hairline down below she understood where it was headed for. “Oh come on now Leo, Okay you can play with my breasts but not there. Stoooop!!! Pleeeasssse!” Despite her protest I ran my fingers through her hairs which were almost dry now and ran them further down. I cupped her soft sex mound as she tightly pressed her thighs together to stop my intruding hand. Wow! I didn’t believe that I was touching my mother’s pussy, I tried to pry my hand deeper in between her thighs so as to palm her pussy completely. It was warm and so good to touch. I was rubbing the pie lightly and she was wriggling hard to get out of the situation. This caused her naked ass to rub my hard on which was still trapped inside my shorts. She finally gave up fighting maybe because I was actually not tickling her now but pleasuring her by this time by gently squeezing her pussy and rubbing the lips in a circular motion, she suddenly went limp in my arms. “So mom what do you have in mind now?” I asked her as I released her arm. She wasn’t resisting any more now and I took my liberty to pull her back against myself grabbing her by her stomach. Then I cupped her breast while I still grabbed and squeezed her pussy with the other hand. She had her hands on mine. But she didn’t try to pull my hands out from where they were. We stayed in that position for almost an eternity as I kissed and licked her all over her shoulders, neck and ears. She broke the silence, “mmmmmmm, Leo are you trying to seduce me?”

I didn’t speak another word. I release her suddenly. I picked her up gently and put her down on the bed. She giggled, as she lay there partially turned toward me, supporting her self on her elbows, her legs slightly folded together, and she was still trying to cover her breasts with her palms. “What are you doing?”, she asked. I bent down, sat on the bed beside her, “mom do know that you look really pretty when you are naked” I smiled at her, “You should stay naked all the time”. She giggled again, “Really Leo due you mean that? Do I look good even at my age?” She was at least much more relaxed now, still being naked in front of her own son. “Here let me see and tell you”, I pulled her arms away from her breasts slowly revealing the two wonderful white globes and the already hard brown nipples waiting to be touched. “Now you have had enough” she put her hands back to cover them up. I said, “I can’t tell mom until I have a little taste of them they really look delicious.” She giggled again, “You have already tasted them my son, what the hell, go ahead taste them one more time, if you want to.” I gently cupped one breast and bent down to take it in my mouth as much as I could and slowly pulled out till I had the nipple between my teeth. I teased the nipple with my tongue as I gently bit it. Then I went on to suck hard on it as she started to moan.

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