The Mystic Adventure Ch. 05

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[This is part 5 of the Mystic Adventure series. Thanks to all the people who have commented and rated the previous installments so highly. If you are new to the series, please consider starting at part 1 since the various parts don’t necessarily stand on their own.]

I gradually became aware of the clanking of the halyards on the mast and realized that, once again, I’d slept more soundly than I ever had on a boat. And, once again, I had that slight panic that I should have been more aware of my surroundings. I looked to my left to see Kelly, looking like a centerfold with the sheets artfully arranged to seductively cover her but give a hint of the sexiness that was just beneath.

There was that feeling again. It was a totally hot scene but I found myself wanting to simply drink her in and just *be* with her.

Right. There was still a part of me – a growing part of me – that wanted to pull the sheet down past her ass and slide my hand between the cheeks. Focus man. Even though we were on a mooring, I really should get up and check our situation.

I got out of bed as quietly as I could, pulled on some shorts and went topside. The day was glorious already – as usual, and everything was fine. Exhale.

I went back below and made coffee. I had no idea where Kim and the guys were but I made enough for everyone and went back up on deck to sit and enjoy the morning.

Kelly was the first one to join me on deck. She had pulled on a tank top that ended about halfway down her belly, and a pair of bikini bottoms that only left a little to the imagination. She stood, framed in the companionway, smiling at me, turning me into mush yet again.

She came over to me and, just as naturally as you please, climbed on top of me. “Morning.”

She smelled delicious. “Morning Kell.”

As she sat straddling me, she looked up and around the harbor, taking in the serenity and beauty. I, with my face in her chest, took in her smell, her tits, and the feel of her back and ass as my hands traveled up and down. She pulled back and looked at me, then grabbed my head – not the one straining in my pants – and kissed me in another one of those kisses that she does.

I heard someone coming up the companionway and looked over to see Kim, pulling a T-shirt over her bare tits as she came on deck. She was wearing a tiny little micro-kitten bikini bottom that barely covered her. A couple of days ago, I would have done a double-take and my jaw would have hit the floor. Now, it’s just Kim in yet another sexy outfit. Fuck.

“Hey guys. Some night huh?” She took in the breaking morning and didn’t wait for a reply. “Wow, I think it’s even more beautiful in the morning.”

“Hey Kim. There’s some coffee if you want.” I pointed to the pot on the cockpit table.

She poured herself a cup and sat down. “Well, what’s next Brad? How are you going to top this?”

Kelly snickered, “I think you are providing the entertainment Kim. Frankly, I’m a little worried how you might top yourself!”

Kim smiled and looked down demurely, “I know. Shit.” She looked back up, “I’ve always been kind of wild but this place just amplifies everything you know? I should probably try and tone things down a little.”

“Don’t listen to Kell. I, for one, would love to see what you can do to top yourself.”

Kelly punched me in the arm.

Kelly looked over to the companion way, peering in, “So are Steve and Jerry still alive or did you fuck them and eat them?”

Kim spit her coffee back in her cup and chuckled, “I swear, they were both still alive when I left them.”

On cue, Steve climbed up from below and poked his head into the sunshine. He looked at the two girls in their skimpy outfits and, no doubt, replayed last night’s escapades. “So, let me get this straight. Did we, or did we not, all perish in a freak storm and this is all just a dream.”

Kim started talking in an ethereal voice, “Well Steve, what is reality anyway? Who can say what is real and what is imagined? Maybe we are all part of the dreams of some larger consciousness who…”

I threw a small cockpit cushion at her – being the first only because I was closest to one.

We all broke out laughing. It was just a small example of how we all seemed to be on the same wavelength and were able to tease each other and feed off of each other’s comments and humor.

Kim moved over to Steve and wrapped her arms around him. I couldn’t really see but from past experience, I’m assuming she stuck her tongue down his throat. He reached down and cupped her ass in his large hands in response.

“Coffee Steve?” Kelly said matter-of-factly. I cracked up. It was the perfect non sequitur. Like a porn parody where Marsha Brady is getting pounded by the Star Quarterback and ponders, “Do you think I should wear the red dress or the green dress to the prom?” – or something like that.

Steve and Kim got the humor as well and broke off to join in the laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Jerry, looking like he’d been through that freak storm that killed bağcılar escort us all, crawled up the companionway steps.

“Jerry!!” we all shouted.

“Dude. How you feelin’?” He had that “ridden hard and put away wet” look that I usually associate with women who have been well and truly fucked the night before.

I guess it can apply to both genders.

“Is there any-,” he spotted the coffee, “Oh, thank God.”

He shakily poured himself a cup. We all watched as he eased himself into a sitting position, took his first sip, and then, apparently now convinced that he was alive, looked up to take stock of the sitch. He looked at each of us with a “Whatcha lookin’ at” expression.

It was such a surreal scene that we all broke out laughing again.

Jerry just looked at us like – “what?”

Kim disengaged from Steve and moved over to sit down next to Jerry.

“You okay Hon?” She kissed him on the cheek and looked in his bloodshot eyes.

I don’t know if Jerry was replaying personal porno movies in his head like I had done recently or what, but it looked like he was slowly coming back to Earth and remembering what had gone down last night.

While Jerry and Kim talked, the rest of us went about grabbing some breakfast. I thought about Kim’s comments about topping this location, the restaurant, and the associated events. Ordinarily, I’d be worried. The Bitter End is a pretty high bar and normally, it would be a tough act to follow but this was the Virgins and I knew of a few more special places…

I grabbed the chartbook and motioned for Steve to join me on the bow.

“Hey, man. What do you think about heading to Anegada?”

Steve looked at me with raised eyebrows, “Seriously? I thought you couldn’t take the charter boats there.”

“I’ve chartered enough with the company that I can go there if I want. I just need to tell them I’m going. Have you been there?”

“No but I’ve heard about it. Supposed to be spectacular snorkeling right?”

“Yeah, but it’s really more about the remoteness of it. It feels like a whole different place.”

Anegada is an island about 14 miles North of where we were on Virgin Gorda. It’s unique in the Virgins because, unlike the rest of the islands, it was formed from coral and limestone instead of volcanoes. As such, it’s only about 20 feet above sea level at the highest and very much different from the mountainous islands in the main Virgin chain.

Because of it’s remoteness – the fact that you can’t see it from wherever you might start from – and the tricky channels you have to navigate to get through the reef that protects it, the charter boat companies normally don’t let charterers go there.

Charterers with enough experience and “frequent flier miles” with the charter company however, like me, are given a more “relaxed” list of destinations they can visit.

“That sounds great man but I can’t take Razor there.” Steve was excited but a little hesitant.

“No problem. We’ll all go on Mystic. I’m sure the girls would love to have you come with us.”

Steve did a little double take and caught the hidden meaning in my invite.

“In fact, you should just radio the charter company and have them come get Razor rather than just leaving her here. We may want to head to Cane Garden Bay after Anegada and it would be out of the way to come back here to get Razor.”

“You want Jerry and me to just join you for the rest of your cruise?”

“Um, I think we’d have a pretty good time don’t you think?”

We both looked back to the cockpit. Kim and Kelly were sitting on either side of Jerry. They had his shirt off and Kim was working on his mouth while Kelly was working her way down his chest and had her hand on his crotch.

I had wondered what I would think if I saw Kelly making out with somebody else after what had developed between us. Of course, I had no right to feel like she should only do me after what I had done to Kim but still…

Well, watching her make out with Jerry answered my question. It was hot.

I guess it’s along that fantasy line that lots of guys have about watching their partner fuck somebody else while they watch. As long as you are comfortable with her being *emotionally* attached to you, it can be wickedly erotic seeing her let loose for the sake of pure sex.

I keep going back to porno analogies but that’s what it was like. Watching your favorite actress get down and dirty with some random stud just for the sake of fucking – is hot.

Steve and I stood mesmerized as the two girls worked their magic.

Kelly worked her right hand into Jerry’s shorts and started rubbing his cock while she licked his left nipple. Kim had pulled up her shirt and was jamming her breasts in his face. Jerry had his left hand between Kim’s legs and a finger or two were slipped into her snatch. Wow. He learns fast!

Kelly moved around to kneel down in the cockpit between his legs and worked his shorts down to his ankles. She bahçelievler escort licked up the underside of his erect cock, paused, looked him in the eye, and swallowed it in her mouth.

Jerry pulled his head out from between Kim’s tits and looked at the sky. Kim took this as her cue to swing her left leg over him, stand up, and squat down on his upturned face. She didn’t bother to pull her suit aside to give him unfettered access to her pussy. She just slid it up and down his face – coating him with her spunk and pushing her suit inside. After a few back and forths, everything was so slimy that it didn’t matter if the suit was there or not.

Kelly, with her mouth still on Jerry’s cock, reached up and stuck her fingers in the junction between Jerry’s mouth and Kim’s cunt. She popped her mouth off of his cock and looked up to see what she had been fingering. I could almost see the light bulb go on in her head.

She stood up, dropped her panties, and climbed onto Jerry’s lap facing him (and Kim’s ass). She reached down between her legs, grabbed Jerry’s cock and sat right down on it. Jerry let out a moan – yeah, been there brotha.

Kelly’s face was now pretty much pressed up against Kim’s ass every time she slid it back down Jerry’s face. Kelly grabbed Kim’s ass and pushed it forward and attacked Jerry’s mouth – and all the associated Kim-slime – with hers.


Kelly pulled Kim back down onto Jerry’s mouth and they both licked her snatch and each other’s face where it all came together. It was a slippery, slimy, impossibly hot, mess. As I saw Kelly grab Kim’s butt cheeks and pull them apart, I though “The only way this could get any hotter is if Kell-“

Kelly dragged her tongue up along Kim’s ass and buried her face there.

Fuck. Me.

Kelly would alternately lick Kim’s asshole, push her forward on Jerry’s face and lick his mouth and nose, pull her back so they could both lick her – and she could lick his tongue as he was licking Kim – and then go back to her ass. Jesus Christ. How many “That’s the hottest thing I ever saw” can there be?

Kim was being driven wild by this dual attack and was desperately trying to hang onto the Bimini cover to hold herself up. Jerry, participating in a scene few porn stars have experienced and no doubt being milked by Kelly’s cunt muscles, looked like he was about to blow.

Kim went first. She started furiously sliding back and forth on Jerry’s face and then grabbed his hair with one hand and pulled him up into her. Her whole body was convulsing as orgasm coursed through her.

Kim stood up, off of Jerry’s cock and dropped back onto her knees in front of Jerry’s cock. She swallowed his cock back in her mouth – fuck – and started to suck him off again.

It didn’t take long. It looked like about two strokes before the train started rolling in Jerry’s balls. Kelly pulled her mouth off of his cock and started jerking him with her hand.

“Oh yeah, baby, cum for me.” It was the first words any of them had said. Kelly said it in her sluttiest voice and it almost made *me* cum.

It had a similar effect on Jerry because he *did* cum. The first blast hit Kim’s ass that was still sitting on his face. Two more followed and hit pretty much the same spot.

“Oh God yeah, shoot that cum for me.” More slut talk, more spurts from Jerry that landed on his chest this time.

“God Jerry, that’s a Hell of a cumshot. You don’t mind-,” Kelly moved her head up to his chest, “if I lick-,” she licked up a trail of cum, “this up a little,” she licked the underside of his chin to get the stuff that had dripped off of Kim’s ass, “do you?”

Holy fuck girl.

I looked over at Steve. He was mesmerized. He sensed me looking at him and looked back.

“So, coming to Anegada with us?”

“I’ll get our gear.”

We both laughed and shook our heads.

We made our way back to the cockpit. Back to the cum covered trio collapsed on the cushions looking sheepish.

“More coffee Jerry?” was the first thing that came to my head and out of my mouth.

I guess I should do stand-up because it brought the house down.

As the laughter subsided, I sat down next to Kelly. She looked a little worried.

“I hope that didn’t bother you. I kind of got-“

“Kell. It was unbelievable. You are amazing. I loved watching you.”

“I just want you to know I-,” she paused. “I – It was fun but I never – I never want to do anything that makes you think that I don’t love you.”

“Kell, I think that was the hottest part about it. Watching you do that and knowing that you are mine. Trust me, I don’t have any doubts.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her forehead. I think it may have been the only spot on her that wasn’t covered in somebody’s cum.

“You guys are coming with us!?” Kim sat up from her position between Steve and the slowly recovering Jerry.

Kelly looked up at me quizzically. “I invited Steve and Jerry to join us on Mystic. I hope you bahçeşehir escort don’t mind.”

“No, that’s great! There’s plenty of room. It’ll be fun!”

I called over to Jerry, “How about it Jerr? You up for a little more adventure on Mystic?”

He sat up slowly and looked at me, “No Brad. I’d like to go back to Razor and wallow in my own self-pity please.” He grabbed a tube of sunscreen and threw it at me. “Are you fucking insane? Of course I want to go with you. Asking a question like that. Shit!”

We all laughed again and the deal was done. The girls went below and cleaned up, Steve took the dink over to Razor to grab their gear and button her up, and Jerry got on the radio to the charter company to cut short the charter and have them come get the boat since it was rented in his name.

At one point in the radio conversation, I heard him say “Well how much would it be if I just kept it?” I was on the bow so I couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation. “No, I mean if I just bought the boat instead of returning it.” More words from the other side. “Alright, just come get it. It’s at-,” he looked at me, “Where the fuck are we?”

I chuckled, “Gorda Sound.”

He turned back to the mic, “Gorda Sound. Listen, please have your manager prepare a list of boats that would be up for sale for when we get back at the end of the week. I may want to make some deals.”

After a few more exchanges, he put the radio down and came forward.

“Still thinking about this charter company thing huh Jerr? I don’t know man, a great way to ruin a hobby is to make it a job.”

He looked me in the eye, “A great way to enjoy your life is to do what you love,” and turned and went back aft.


Jerry had a perspective on things that kind of came up and slapped you in the face. I think we had seriously underestimated this guy. He certainly had seemed like a namby-pamby at first but I was coming to see that that was just because he was out of his element and dealing with some pretty heavy issues. Hell, he’s probably a whole different person in a high-powered business situation. Probably the one to have on *your side* rather than your opponent’s.

When Steve came back, we gathered in the cockpit to talk about the trip to Anegada. I explained that it would take a couple of hours and that we wouldn’t be able to see the island until we were just about on top of it. We had a GPS and compass of course but it can still be a little disconcerting heading off into what appears to be the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

When we were ready to go, Steve, Jerry, and Kim went forward to drop the mooring.

“Want to take us out of here?” I asked Kelly as I fired up the engine.

“You mean steer? Can I?”

“Sure. You seem to have a knack.”

“I want you with me though, okay?”

“Okay Hon.”

Kelly came back to the wheel and I moved back a bit to let her stand in front of me. Oh yeah, this is going to be nice. She was freshly showered and smelled like flowers. Now normally, I don’t give a fuck about flowers. They smell good I guess but I don’t go burying my nose in them to drink in the aroma.

I had a compelling urge to bury my nose in *this* set of flowers. As she stood in front of me at the wheel, the wind would blow her hair back into my face and her scent would wash over me. Her skin was so smooth, I couldn’t help myself running my hands down her arms and wrapping them around her chest. This, of course, pulled her ass back into my crotch and she didn’t hesitate to wiggle it against me every couple of seconds.

Concentrate man.

Steve looked back and I called up, “Drop it!”

“Okay Kell, we don’t want to go forward and snag the mooring line with our keel or the prop so we’re just going to let the wind push us back a bit.

“Check back behind you to make sure you’ve got room. I’ll run the throttle and gears, you just steer okay?

“Okay, I’m going to kick us ahead now. I want you to turn us to starboard-“

“That’s Right right?”

“Yup. Just a little turn. It takes a second to turn because we don’t have much speed. You have to give it some time or else you’ll over steer and go to far.

“See her coming around? Now straighten up slowly. That’s it. I want to take us right through there,” I pointed between a couple of boats on balls, “and then we can head out to the channel. You’re doing great.”

“Oooooh. Are we too close to those boats?”

“Nope. You’re doing fine. Little tiny corrections on the wheel and give it time to react. You have to anticipate the movement and start straightening out before you quite get where you want to head. Perfect. I swear Kell, you are a natural.”

“Thanks babe. It’s fun.”

The others made their way back to the cockpit and complimented Kelly on her boat-handling.

Steve looked at her, “You’ve really never done this before Kelly?”

She shook her head, still concentrating intently on the task at hand.


She beamed.

We made our way up the channel and out of the Sound.

“You might as well keep steering as we get the sails up okay?”

She was a little nervous but I could tell she was excited to be in control. “Okay. Just – just tell me what to do okay?”

Outside of the Sound, the waves were quite a bit bigger. These babies were coming from Africa and they had a bit of momentum.

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