The Obscene Call Ch. 03

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Alice called and wanted to see me. She was one of our newer girls and was certainly one of the most willing, eager to service every client she could. Andy must have seen her drive up in her mother’s VW as he came bounding down the stairs to open the door for her. Alice was into paleontology and I’d never met a boy who wasn’t fascinated by dinosaurs.

While they were transitioning from Triassic, through Jurassic and into the Cretaceous Periods I went into the kitchen to transition it from a post breakfast mess toward cleanliness and order. Fifteen minutes later Heidi arrived and started drying and storing the pots and pans as I cleaned them. She said, Alice signaled me that she wanted a few more minutes with Andy. She called me this morning to ask if I could take him for a few hours while she was ‘talking’ with you.” She giggled. “Horny little wench!”

In a few minutes Andy ran in. He asked Heidi, “Are you ready? You’re still taking me to the beach, right?”

Heidi leaned down ’til her face was an inch away from his. “I said I would and I always deliver on my promises.”

Alice sat in my lap. “I’m having trouble deciding on the order of business. Sex first or conversation?”

I pretended to be deep in thought, “I can’t decide either. Why don’t we go up to my room, get naked, slip under the covers and think about it some more?”

She stood and held out my hand to lead me. “Great idea!”

Forty five minutes later the covers were on the floor and we were spooning with my dick shrinking back to normal still deep in Alice’s ass. She held my left hand against my breasts as she began, “I need some advice. You know I’ve been taking as many clients as possible so I can accumulate some money for school next year, right?

Well I just got an e-mail from Jack Horner himself offering me early admission if I enter this year and do my summer field study this summer. I thought of continuing my career as a whore while I was going to school but trust me, there aren’t all that many prospective clients at or near the Museum of the Rockies or the campus at Montana State. At least if you eliminate professors and other students! I just can’t get comfortable with the idea of going to class where I’ll be studying with people who’ve hired me as a fuck toy.”

“I see what you mean but I can’t see you passing on the opportunity Horner’s offered you either.

So, here’s what I suggest. Go to Montana, study hard, don’t fuck anyone unless you like him and then don’t accept money. Whatever school costs your parents can’t cover I will.”

I could see the hope rising in her eyes but still held in check. “I haven’t earned enough to cover those kind of expenses!”

I ran my fingers through her hair. “Alice I’ve no doubt you’ll be spending all your summers and Spring Breaks spreading your legs for us but even if you can’t, you’re family and we take care of our own.”

“I haven’t even packed yet but I miss you already.” She lowered her head and started circling the head of my cock with her tongue.

We were both startled when I heard from behind me, “Are you still as good at sharing your toys as you used to be?”

I didn’t even turn around. “Your flight’s not due ’til two o’clock.”

“Yeah, I know but the slut I was with last night was also my ride to the airport and she had been called in to her work for an early meeting. When I got to the airport the earlier flight was about to take off half empty so I grabbed it.

Speaking of grabbing, while she’s giving you head do you mind if I lay some pipe in that whore’s pussy?”

I sighed. “Alice, my brother Jarrod; Jarrod, Alice.”

Alice, my cock still in her mouth, raised her eyes to meet mine and nodded. I said, “Sure Bro’, fuck away. Alice loves to be kept busy.”

Jarrod wasted little time on preliminaries so he spit on his hand, wiped it on his cock’s head and jammed it fully into Alice driving her open mouth further onto me. I’m not like my brother, have no respect for the manner he treats women but the more he used Alice like a street whore made me want to do the same. After I’d emptied my balls down her throat all her attention was on my brother and I began to feel jealous. I grabbed my cell and called my neighbor.

“Hey Ben, its Andy next door. Are you busy? Well we’ve got a gangbang going on over here and I thought you might enjoy joining us. Really? Well bring him along, this little tramp can’t ever have too many dicks.”

Alice got quite the workout that day. By late afternoon the neighbors had left, Jarrod was upstairs unpacking and I had walked Alice out to her car. She talked me into going for ice cream. After we turned right on Cedar she finally broke the silence. “How did you know?”

I reached over and held her right hand. “Know what?”

“Know how I’d react to being abused, treated like trash and gangbanged? I had no idea how hot that’d make me. That was probably the most intense sex I’ve ever experienced. I just got passed around and fucked by five guys and came canlı bahis şirketaleri at least twice with each of them!”

I conspicuously avoided eye contact with her as I stammered, “I didn’t know… I thought…” I looked up and finally met her eyes. “I was watching you fuck my brother and it just set something off in me. I was so intensely jealous and I thought if I brought more guys in you’d have to divide your attention.”

She took my hand, “and maybe punish me a little? Prove to me how completely you owned me even as you were generously funding my education?”

I didn’t answer for a little while, thinking about what she’d accused me of. I finally said, while capturing her eyes, “Maybe; I honestly don’t know. I’ve been thinking of it as simple sibling rivalry but maybe there might be something to what you suggested. I know I did feel intense pride over being able to help you with school and I sort of felt like my good deed was being wasted as you allowed Jarrod to treat you like all the other women in his life. I’m sorry Alice.”

She pulled me down beside her on the mattress kissing her way around my face. “Don’t apologize any more. You’ve just proved you’re human. Someday I hope to meet a guy my own age with whom I can love and do the family thing but there’s no rush. The reason there’s no rush is because I’m one of Andy Reynolds’ whores and that’s a special thing to be.

By the way, I want to introduce you to my sister. She just got dumped by her live-in boyfriend just off campus outside Annapolis.”

My eyebrows raised. “She’s in the Academy, I’m impressed!”

“Yeah, Sandy always was the hardest worker in our family. She’s just got terrible taste in men. She’s been in three serious relationships and all three guys dumped her after admitting they’d cheated on her! I thought you could introduce her to the joys of anonymous fucking.”

“Is that what you think I do?”

Now it was her turn to ponder her answer. She shrugged her shoulders and laughed. “No you don’t and I knew that. But that is what she needs.

It’s funny. Sex with you is very personal yet if she wants a lot of cock you’re the way to get them.”

“I think it might be more fruitful if you left that part out when you’re introducing us. I’m just a guy who you thought’d be good to talk about her breakup with. By the way, are we to be a threesome or are you going to arrange for a date for yourself?”

She laughed, “Well I’m not seeing anyone right now… I suppose I could bring a client but if I don’t object to his hands being all over me Sandy’s radar will certainly go up. She’s never seen the whorey side of me.”

She laughed again, “OMG! Can you imagine if I showed up with your brother? Jarrod’s idea of subtlety would be something like ‘Hey Sandy do you take it up your ass like your little sister?’ That’d be special. I think we’ll remain a threesome.”

Sandy had made the reservation at a restaurant in Arnold, the Point Crab House. It was a little off the tourist trail and had spectacular views of the river as it flowed into the Chesapeake Bay. She took the offensive as soon as we were seated. “You seem a bit old for my sister but she seems thoroughly smitten. How’d you guys meet?”

I decided to be equally forthright in my answers. “I was introduced to her by the girl who sits for my son.”

Alice started to say something but Sandy brushed it aside. “Alice seems to treat you like most girls treat boyfriends. Why is that?”

“Shouldn’t you be asking her?”

“She might lie. I’m asking you.”

“Maybe she’s simply reflecting back a small portion of the affection I feel for her. She’s an intelligent exciting young woman who dotes on my son Andy.”

“Do the two of you fuck?”

“Sandy I have no idea what’s going on between you two but I’m put in a position where I want to apologize to your sister for your behavior but that’s not my place.”

Two sets of eyes began gazing at Alice whose attention seemed absorbed in the task of folding her dinner napkin in her lap.” She finally looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry for the way Sandy’s acting but it’s a sister thing I thought we could put away for one night.”

Her gaze shifted to Sandy. “Yes we’ve fucked several times. He’s an exciting lover but he’s already involved with my friend Heidi.”

“So he cheats on his girlfriend to be with you and you don’t feel any remorse about banging your friend’s boyfriend?”

Alice laughed. “No, not much remorse considering she was in bed with us the first time he screwed me. Which of course was very different from the last time he fucked me when I was joined in the bed by his brother and three other guys rounding out my gangbang cast to five guys.

You know I set this up because Greg hurt you and I thought meeting Andy would do you some good. That might still be true if you’d get your head out of your ass. Either way that’s between you two because I’m out of here.”

She tossed two hundred dollar bills on the table and turned canlı kaçak iddaa to me. “I hope the two of you continue with the meal ’cause underneath all the crap my sister’s a nice lady. I just don’t want to be around her now. Feel free to divulge anything about me. We’ve never had any secrets from each other.”

I signaled the waiter who brought Sandy and I fresh drinks. She took a sip and shook her head to herself. “A gangbang?”

I chortled. “Yeah. That took both your sister and me by surprise. She found she really got off being used and abused by a bunch of guys. That’s not my thing so when the fuckfest began I eased myself out of the pile. It’s not that I’m against group sex but I couldn’t sign on with the verbal abuse.”

“What happened to Peter, her boyfriend?”

“I don’t know of anyone by that name. She hasn’t been dating anyone since I’ve known her. She hasn’t the time, really. She spends most of her time working and saving for Montana.”

She finished her drink and signaled for another. “She told me she’d been accepted. A personal invitation from Jack Horner no less. Where does she work?”

“Alice has a personal service business, frequently babysitting. My son loves her.”

The drinks arrived while Sandy was digesting the data. Then she nodded. “Wow! Miss Goodie Two Shoes is turning tricks to pay for school? Color me impressed.

What are you supposed to do, pay me for a jump in the parking lot?”

“I doubt it, but then again I never paid Alice for sex either. I’m a friend.”

There were tears in Sandy’s eyes. She’d come to talk about her own problems not her sister’s. “I really thought Greg was the one. Here was the guy I was going to spend the rest of my days with and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

I took a sip of my scotch. “So how’s school going?”

That evoked a smile. “Really good but that doesn’t do much to keep my feet warm.”

“Are you ready for another relationship now?”

“God no! Greg makes three bust-ups in as many years. I feel like I need a break but that doesn’t warm my toes either.”

“You know what your sister thinks you need?”

“I hesitate to ask!”

“She thinks you need someone to come to your place, rattle your chain and then disappear from your life.”

“She’s probably right except those guys usually want to stay ’til morning and beyond. I’m not up for another ‘Mr. Right’, I need a bunch of Mr. Wrongs. Any way you can get a time machine and insert me into her gangbang?”

Even if I could I don’t think abuse is what you need. How would a dozen anonymous one-night stands sound?”

She thought for a minute. “Heavenly. That wouldn’t even interfere with my studying!”

I got out my cell and called Heidi. “Hey, is this too last minute for me to ask you to come up with a ‘date’ for tonight for a needy person?”

“Kind of! There are four clients that need company for tonight and I’ve already made all the arrangements… Is this important?”


“Is she there?”

“Yeah, here she is.” I handed the phone to Sandy and listened to her side of the call.

“Hello? Really? Are you serious, with who? Hold on I’ll write it down. What? Okay… and thanks?

She wants to talk to you.”

Heidi said, “I gave her my client so I might as well stay here with Andy. Am I going to get to stay the night?”

I smiled. “For sure.” I hung up.

Sandy had a dumbfounded look on her face. “I guess I’d better get home. In two hours I’m supposed to show up at the Holiday Inn Prince Frederick and go to room 214 and fuck whoever’s there.”

“I wish you all the best.” I kissed her cheek, paid the check and we left, she to fuck a stranger and I to my home and Heidi.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway I knew something was wrong. Not very difficult considering Heidi was sitting on my front porch without a shirt or bra. Her arms were crossed under her breasts but her eyes were locked on my every step. It seemed I’d done something wrong but I couldn’t for the life of me think of what.

Suddenly it all became clear when she said, “One, get me my fucking shirt. Two, if you want me to spend the night with you then he goes.” She paused, waiting for my eyes to join hers. Her voice dropped an octave when she continued, “Three, know that you will hurt me deeply if you ever try to share me with him.” She got up and stroked my face. “Please.”

My eyes never left hers as I dialed my cell. “Alice, Andy. Do you want… underline the word want to take on my brother tonight? There’s absolutely no pressure; I only want you to do what you want, but I wondered if you and your sister might get a little bonding done by either abusing or being abuse by Jarrod. She should be done with the trick Heidi sent her out on in about forty-five minutes.”

I chuckled on the phone, “And on a more personal note I want to spend the night with Heidi and I’m afraid I won’t be able to do so if I’m in jail for having murdered him.”

Alice said, “Put me on speaker.”

We canlı kaçak bahis walked into the house. Jarrod was sitting on the sofa with his feet up on the coffee table.

Alice’ voice came out of the speaker. “Jarrod can you hear me?”

He smiled. “Right here darling.”

“I can hear that smile and you’d better wipe it off your fucking face if you expect any part of this pussy tonight bitch!

My sister just dumped her limp-dicked boyfriend ’cause I told her you occasionally knew the difference between my asshole and a tree knot. You’d better not disappoint her tonight or I’ll make you wish you were born with a vagina instead of the do-it-yourself kind I’m going to make out of you. 3247 South River Gardens.”

Jarrod adopted a smug face. “You’ll pay for that Alice, trust me, you’ll pay.”

Jarrod tossed Heidi’s shirt vaguely in our direction as he flew out the door. I reached out and took Heidi’s hand. Before we went anywhere I had to suckle those beautiful nipples. Still holding hands she pushed my lips away as we ascended the stairs. I looked in on Andy and once again was amazed at how beautiful he was. Elaine was such a fool.

Heidi leaned her head against my shoulder and whispered “He needs a little brother or sister.”

I was frozen as I absorbed the profundity of her words. It took me at least sixty seconds to ask, “Are you?”

“No but I want to be.” She smiled as she continued, “Everyone knows it. Last week I needed to drop off my car for an oil change and fluids and my Dad drove me.”

I nodded for her to continue. “When we drove back he said I had ‘nesting eyes’. He asked the same question you just did and I answered the same as I just did.

Then he asked if you felt the same way… I said I’d ask you.”

“He knows about us?”

“I guess! My Dad’s pretty smart and he’s always read me like a book. Five years ago I popped my cherry on the catwalks above the auditorium at school. That evening he came home from work and we immediately sat down to dinner. While Mom was getting something from the kitchen he reached over and squeezed my hand.

I asked what that was for and he answered, ‘I know fathers aren’t supposed to talk about these things but since we both know your mother I just thought I’d mention I could take the afternoon off tomorrow if you needed help with getting protection.’

I just kissed his hand.”

“I’d have to marry you. Do you really want to marry a man twenty years older than you are?”

She squeezed my waist. “If you’re the man I do. Do you want to marry a whore?”

“We already established early in our relationship that you were my whore and I could do whatever I wanted with my own property.”

We went to my room and undressed for bed. I proceeded to kiss Heidi everywhere before settling down with her legs hooked over my shoulders dining at her sweet triangle. I’d been feasting for about fifteen minutes (and four of her orgasms) when she commented while gasping for breath, “As much as I love what you’re doing you’re not going to create any babies with your tongue.”

While I was massaging her clit with the bridge of my nose I responded “Until the effects of your pills wears off I’m probably not about to create any babies period, but I’ll stop if you insist.”

I spooned in behind her and slid my cock into her. She began to moan but unfortunately her motor was already revved up to the point that we shifted to an aggressive doggy-style which flooded her with my baby juice rather soon.

Sunday had become Andy’s day at Bayside. All the girls expected him to be there and they all arranged their schedules so they could spend as much time as they could with him. Bonnie was teaching him how to sail, Kate was determined to turn him into an Olympic swimmer, May had him evolving into a pretty decent chess played and Nancy was his substitute for video games. What I mean by that is that although most seven-year-olds don’t really care, my son’s eyes never left Nancy’s tits. We’d all commented on it and Nancy went out of her way to be sure she’d make them jiggle whenever he was watching. I had to admit it they were a lot more fun than attacking aliens.

Often after the girls had been swimming or doing some other water sport they’d hang up their tops to dry and the view was truly spectacular. I’d make a silly joke about Andy learning to count to two but he could already do that.

The announcement of my pending nuptials created hardly a ripple among our association’s members. Kate shook her head. “Well ladies if Heidi’s trying to get pregnant by our fearless leader that means several more cocks to suck for the rest of us. I’ll take the three scheduled for this week but I’m going home to visit the folks next week. Any volunteers?” Grace took two appointments, Bonnie two and May, Alice, Wendy and Sandy one each.

Summer was turning to fall. Heidi and her dad held a meeting where they tried to sell the idea of me to her mother. We had the “In-laws” dinner at Morton’s and although her father’d accepted me into his only daughter’s life I was sure her mom thought of me as the pervert from down the block. We had a small wedding with a Circuit Court judge and Jarrod as my best man. Of course Heidi had fourteen bridesmaids.

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