The Passenger

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**In case you remember this story, I had recently posted this one, but then asked to have it removed because I wanted to fix some problems.

***All characters are over 18. Just like in a previous story, this is based on a few situations that happened to me the last few years, and I put them together for a story, with some basic changes and embellishments of what actually happened. The real events never resulted in sex, but it’s fun to fantasized that it could’ve happened.

In the early days of the pandemic, the economy took a big hit. A lot of people were panicking about what to do for the next paycheck. The first stimulus check and other covid-19 relief from the government helped but it wasn’t going to last forever. A lot of people started signing onto money making apps to make some extra cash on the side, mostly in food Delivery. Alan was one such person who had to do that. His job was on furlough, which meant that although it wasn’t gone, he couldn’t go back to it until it was safe to come back to work. So, for the time being he had taken on those food delivery apps for some extra cash.

He had plenty of savings, but he didn’t want to dive into it all. He used to drive people with uber on the side, one day a week on the weekends, but it wasn’t it wasn’t safe to do that anymore. So, he switched over to uber eats and took a couple of other apps just to be safe. Also, it was a good way for him to get out of the house; he didn’t like to be cooped up in there for so long. He did talk to his friends and family on zoom chats, which was good but not enough. The food delivery, besides giving him extra money, was a good enough excuse to get out of the house and to make the time go by. And it was safe to do also; he mostly had to just pick up the food and drop it off on people’s door steps. He rarely had to make contact with the customers, so it was a safe thing to do.

But he missed actual Uber driving; it was only one day a week and more on certain holidays or events, but it was a lot of fun. He met all kinds of interesting people, been to new places he never been to in his own city, and he had some good stories to tell about people had given rides to. He had thought about just getting one of those plastic partitions that separates the front and back seat much like a taxi cab, but eventually decided against it. He was starting to know too many people getting sick from it and was putting them out of commission. Fortunately, he never knew anybody personally who died from the coronavirus, but some of his friends had family members or knew other people who did die from it. So, he decided that he just wasn’t going to drive people, no matter how long it took.

Then one night, after a few months into the pandemic, he was going to pick up an order from an Italian restaurant, but they were extremely busy and it would’ve taken an extra half hour of waiting for the order to be ready. He decided to cancel the pickup and let someone else take that order instead. Down the road there was a convenient store he stopped by at to pick up a snack and an energy drink. Inside, he got his stuff and stood in line behind a young blonde woman who was getting herself an energy drink as well. She paid for her drink and left and Alan paid for his stuff soon after went outside. He saw the woman he just saw looking at his car and then she saw him walking up to it.

“Are you an uber driver?” she asked.

“Not since before the pandemic,” Alan replied.

“I know this is crazy, but can I pay you in cash for a ride?” she asked. “I really need to get somewhere. A friend of mine was going to pick me up but he just canceled on me.”

Alan got a good look at her; she was very young, blonde with a very nice figure. She had a jacket on and a purse, and she was wearing jeans and a pink shirt. She was very attractive, but wasn’t sure if he should be looking because she looked too young for him.

“I don’t know if I should,” he told her. “Don’t you have an uber account?”

Although Alan wasn’t doing it, he knew it was still around and enough people were out there driving for uber.

“I don’t have the app anymore,” she said. “I had a credit card problem. But I can pay you in cash, I can give you $40 to take me somewhere that’s about half hour away.”

Alan thought about it for a moment; even with uber he wouldn’t get $40 for that kind of drive unless there was a major surcharge going on. He did miss driving people, but he wasn’t sure about the woman. She looked healthy, so he was sure she wasn’t going to get him sick with coronavirus, but it was still an unusual situation. Plus, he was not sure about her age which gave him a concern. If she was underage, it might be a problem for him.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“I’m 23, I swear, I’ll show you my ID.”

She reached into her purse to find her driver’s license. He was going to protest to it, saying it was ok, but then thought it he had to just in case. She gave him her license and took a good look at it; he could güvenilir bahis tell if it was real or not. The license was defiantly real and it was definitely her in the picture and it definitely said she was 23. He also saw that her name was Zoya, followed by long Russian last name, and he could tell that she was definitely born and raised here from the way she talked.

“If you have a license, why don’t you have a car?” he asked.

“I never had a car,” she said. “I only got a license because I need an ID for when I get carded for stuff.”

It did make sense to Alan, even if you don’t have a car, you do need an ID to do somethings not just buying beer or cigarettes.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” he told her. “Cash up front.”

She gladly gave him the $40 and jumped into the front seat with him. She gave him the address shew as going to and he entered it into the navigation app on his phone that he had mounted on his dashboard. She asked if she could smoke a cigarette, he said it was ok as long as she opened the window. He introduced himself as Alan, and she gave her name, not knowing that he already saw it on her license.

“So, what do you do now that you’re not driving uber?” she asked.

“I had a job that’s now furloughed because of the pandemic,” he began to tell her. “I used to drive people for uber on the weekends but that’s not safe to do right now. So, for now I’m doing those food delivery apps; that’s what I was doing before I met you.”

“Thanks for driving me, at least,” she said.

“You looked healthy, so I thought it was ok,” he told her. “So, what do you do?”

“Before the pandemic I was a stripper,” she said. “But they shut down because it was a non-essential business.”

Alan, didn’t expect that answer. Although, from what he could see from her body he was sure she made good money. And he wasn’t going to judge her for that, he has spent a lot of money at strip clubs since he was old enough to go to them. He asked which club she used to work out, he knew which one it was; that club was too far out of the way for him to drive to so he has only been there a few times in the last few years so he had no way of remembering if he had saw her dance on stage or not.

“That’s too bad about your club,” he said. “it sucks not having to work regularly. I’m enjoying the food delivery apps, but its not as good as my regular job or driving people. Are you doing anything until your club opens back up?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m also an escort.”

That really surprised him, he was not expecting that as an answer. He gave her a strange look before turning his eyes back on the highway that they had just got on.

“I hope that’s not a problem” Zoya asked.

“No, it’s not,” he assured her. “I just wasn’t expecting that answer.”

“I thought I might as well be honest, I’m tired of lying about that to other people,” she told him.

He had no problem with her job, but he was concerned about how had just picked up an escort. He thought he should’ve questioned her more before they drove off together. But he figured he wouldn’t be in trouble as long as he doesn’t get pulled over for anything and a cop starts questioning who she was.

“Are you sure it’s ok?” Zoya asked.

“Yes, its ok,” he told her. “I was just surprised. And to be honest, I can’t judge because I once paid for an escort before.”

He told her how it happened, a few years ago. He met a stripper at the club that he goes to, not the one she used to work at. At first it was just regular couch dances, nothing special, then one day she told him about her side job. She wanted to wait to see if he was trustworthy enough to tell him to see if he was cool about it. Even if he said no, she wanted to make sure he wouldn’t tell the clubs manager. He didn’t pay her right away, he wasn’t comfortable about it back then, but a month later he asked and they arranged exchanged numbers so he can text her about it. The first two times it was at a hotel, the next few times it was at his place. Then he got a girlfriend and he ended it. Even after he broke up with his girlfriend several months later, he never paid that stripper again for sex, just saw her for lap dances, and a year later she left the club.

“It’s good to know you’re cool with it,” she told him. “As soon as I told you, it was a relief to admit, but then I was afraid you were going to pull over and kick me out.”

They laughed at that, he assured her he would never do that. They changed the subject and began talking about different things. They talked about other stuff, she turned out to be a baseball fan like him. They topic kept going back to the pandemic as a lot of people’s conversations kept being about, but they eventually went on to talk about other things.

When we were about ten minutes away from her destination, she got a call on her phone. She was speaking Russian so Alan had no idea what she was saying. He was surprised at how her voice changed when she began speaking another language. türkçe bahis He didn’t know what she was saying but she looked really annoyed by the end of the call.

“I might as well tell you, since you know my job, I was going to client’s house,” she told him. “But I just got word that he had to suddenly cancel.”

“I’m sorry,” he told her.

“Can I pay you extra to take me to my friend’s house?” she asked. “It’s only about twenty minutes away.”

He told her it was no big deal and he would take her to her friends place at no extra charge. She kept insisting on paying him more, but he said he wouldn’t take it. He changed the destination on his navigation app and started the drive to her friend’s place.

“Can I get your number?” She asked .


“So I could call you right now and you can have my number,” she said. “I thought maybe you might want to get together some time, since you already did it before.”

Alan was surprised at how blunt she was about it. Sure, the thought crossed his mind when she said she was an escort, but he pushed it out of his mind because he thought it was a bad idea to ask. Now she was trying to exchange numbers and seemed very interested in making him a client. Alan eventually thought ‘why not?’ and gave her his number. She used it to call him and he now got her number.

“I was thinking,” he began to say. “It might be too late to ask, but since you have time now, maybe we could do this tonight.”

“Sure,” she said. “But we have to go somewhere else, not to my friends place. She knows what I do, but I definitely can’t take you there.”

He thought about it, it was a risky move but he figured his place was the only option. He also considered just calling it off and telling her he’ll call her for another day, but felt that he was already in to it and didn’t want to make himself look too nervous in front of her. He told her he could take her back to his place and she agreed. He again reset the navigation app to his place; It was another half an hour before they got to his place, during that time they discussed prices. She gave him a reasonable price; it was expensive but something he could afford. She said she usually charges more through an agency, like the person she was talking to before on the phone, but since she was doing this on her own, she gave him a good price so she could keep all the money.

Zoya also told him that she was texting her friend where she was going now and his address just to be safe; she said he seemed like a nice guy but she needed to be careful and hoped he wasn’t offended. He told her it was perfectly reasonable, he figured someone in her line of work had to take precautions whenever possible. He also told her he wasn’t sure about taking an escort back to her place, it took him a moment to think if it was a good idea, so both of their concerns were justified.

They got to his place which was a two-bedroom condominium. Alan wondered what would happen if his neighbors saw him bring Zoya into his place; but she was very casual, nothing trashy as one might expect for a prostitute, so no one who may have seen her would think she was one. In his apartment, he offered Zoya a beer and she accepted. Alan left her in the living room while he went to grab her money; she took it and barely looked at it before she stuffed it in her purse. He offered to give back her $40 that she gave him for driving her around because he felt awkward keeping it now that he was hiring her for her work, but she insisted he keeps it. They were spending some time sitting on the couch drinking their beer and Zoya sense that he was nervous.

“Are you ok?” she asked. “You said you did this before, I thought you would be ok with paying for it. That’s why I wanted you to have my number.”

“Yeah, but I knew her for months before she told me what she did. By then I kind of knew her a little.”

“You never had a random hookup? It’s much like that.”

“No, I never did.”

“If you want to call this off, I won’t be offended,” she assured him.

“No, I still want to do this, I just need a little time to be ready.”

Without saying a word, Zoya took off her shirt and was now in a black lacey bra that held up her d-cup tits.

“You’ll be ready,” she said. “Where’s the bedroom?”

Alan pointed towards the door that led to his bedroom. Zoya stood up from the couch and took off her pants to show him the thong she was wearing that matched her bra and walked into his bedroom. Alan didn’t waste any time and followed her. He thought how right she was just now and that he was definitely ready for her. In the bedroom he started to take off his clothes; he realized he was rushing and slowed down so he wouldn’t show how eager he was. She asked him if he had a condom and he went to his dresser to grab one.

“Just a couple of rules,” she began to say. “No kissing, no matter how much you ask, and nothing weird or it’s over.”

Alan agreed, he saw no problem with it. He would’ve liked güvenilir bahis siteleri to kiss her, it’s hard not to have sex when kissing isn’t involved. Even the stripper he paid for sex a few years ago let him kiss her. But he decided he wasn’t going to push the subject and just have to deal with it.

Zoya took off her underwear just as Alan put on the condom. Her tits were better than he had imagined, he was excited at the thought of getting his hands on them. She got him to sit on the edge of the bed then got down on her knees in front of him. Alan thought she would play with his dick a little before she did anything, but to his surprise she immediately took his dick into her mouth. She was a total professional, she wasn’t shy about her job or anything she does for clients, so she had no problem with going straight into the work she was hired to do.

Zoya began bobbing her head up and down while Alan had his hand on the top of her head. He didn’t have to guide her head to do anything, she was doing an amazing job, he just liked having his hand on her head like that as if he had some sense of control over her. Alan’s dick wasn’t the biggest one that Zoya ever had in her mouth, but definitely a thicker one as she had to open her mouth wider to take it all in. Her lips were perfectly sealed around his shaft, giving it a perfect suction for when she was bobbing her head on it. She let it hit the back of her throat; she chocked on it only a little but made a louder gagging noise because she knew that’s what guys liked. She looked up at him as she did that and from the smile on his face, she saw how right she was.

When she was done, she got off her knees and onto the bed. She laid down o her back and Alan took his position on top of her. He grabbed one of her tits, they felt perfect and it was one of the best things he has ever felt. Zoya liked the way he was grabbing her tit; it wasn’t too rough like some guys would be when they grabbed at her, he was feeling her up just the right way to get her aroused. Alan began kissing and nibbling on her neck and he could tell from how heavy she was breathing that he was doing something right with her. He wanted to sneak in an actual kiss on her lips, but resisted the temptation. He began kissing her down to her tits where he spent some time burying his face between them. He kissed her tits all over, pinching her nipples or sucked on each of them when he could. Zoya was getting very excited as he did this, it had been a while since a guy played with her tits the way she liked, most of the guys she ends up don’t take the time to do any of these things.

Alan opened Zoya’s legs and moved his dick right to her pussy. He rubbed the head against her pussy, rubbing it against her clit, teasing her with it. Then he pushed it right into her body and Zoya let out a loud moan in his ear. It wasn’t as tight as he would’ve liked, he assumed it was due to her profession, but it was warm and juicy. He began fucking her; going slow at first like how he usually likes it. Then slowly picked up the pace until her pussy felt like it was being pounded by a jackhammer. She held him close to her as she began moaning hard into his ear, telling him how much she loving it.

After a while they turned around and he got Zoya to be on top of him. She was bouncing around his cock; her tits jiggled all around as her blonde hair was flying wildly. Alan had his hands firmly gripped on her hips as she was on top of him, he was loving how this woman was riding his dick. He couldn’t help himself as he reached up and grabbed one of her tits. Zoya grabbed his hand and held it there on her tits, making him squeeze it hard as she was getting an orgasm from riding his dick.

Zoya began to slow down and soon Alan turned her over to be on top of her again. He held her tightly as started fucking her more intensely. Zoya was screaming into his ear, begging for more. Alan had to slow down a little to catch his breath while still fucking her, she didn’t like that but saw the look on his face and understood he needed to take it easy; he was doing a good job, but she also wanted this to last as long as it could. Most of the time she hoped the guy she was paid to be with would finish faster just to get it out of the way, but she was loving every minute with Alan. After about a few minutes he picked up the pace again, back to the speed he was doing before as another orgasm shot through her body.

After nearly half an hour of fooling around, Alan started to feel that intense feeling that every man feels in his dick that it was soon to be over. He did his best to hold back, managing to get another couple of minutes before finally releasing his cum and soon after began to slow down and soon after he was completely done and got off of Zoya and laid next to her. Although Zoya wished it would continue, near the end she was getting so excited that she was afraid she would pass out from shortness of breath, so she was a little relieved to be done and able to breath normally.

They both went to the bathroom where Alan threw away the condom and they both washed up because of the sweating they were doing from their intense sex. Alan got some of his clothes back on and Zoya got completely dressed.

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