The Photographer

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Mary answered an advert in the local paper, ‘Wanted glamour models, no experience necessary.’ Well, she needed some excitement in her life, so she rang the number.

Her body was looking the best it had in years. A little thin but well toned and extremely good for woman in her 40s. She had small pert breasts and a flat stomach. The address given was in the smart end of town. He was a young guy, just starting out. He needed the practice and the terms were ‘trade for prints.’ Mary would get the experience and be given a set of prints to keep.

Mary rang the bell and the door was opened by a young guy n his early 30s. He was wearing dark flared jeans, a black t-shirt and bare footed. His hair was dark and cut quite short that showed off his cheeky smile. Mary warmed to him at once. “Hello, I am Mary,” she said. “I rang you earlier about the photo shoot.”

“Yes, hi, I am Mark. Pleased to meet you. Do come in,” he answered. Mary entered and Mark showed her through to his studio on the ground floor. It was sparsely furnished with a blue couch, floor cushions and assorted lighting. A screen was positioned at the far end of the room and Mark said she could get undressed behind that. “Would you like a glass of wine?” he asked. “There’s a robe behind the screen,” Mark said.

“Oh, yes please,” replied Mary. Mary was feeling very nervous as she went behind the screen and removed her clothes. However, this added to the excitement and she could feel a familiar longing in her pussy. She hoped that her quickening arousal would not be noticed, for this was a professional photo shoot and she did not want Mark to get the wrong idea!

Mary put the jade robe on and noted that it went well with her red hair. As she did the tie up she felt her nipples harden under the texture of the silk material. illegal bahis The material felt cool and sensual. Just as well, for Mary was feeling very warm by now.

Mark was back in the studio with two glasses of red wine, as Mary emerged from the screen. She felt herself blush from the unusual circumstances, and her nervousness increased as she thought about what was going to happen next. She was aware that her nipples must be showing through the thin material, as they were rock hard in anticipation! “I thought a glass of wine would help us relax,” Mark said, with a smile on his face.

“Thanks.” Mary took the glass and took a large gulp. She felt the wine flow through her body, which increased the heat but made her more relaxed. She smiled and sat down on the couch as indicated by Mark.

“I would like to do some shots with the robe on first, to get you used to the camera,” Mark said. He stepped over and loosened the tie, allowing the robe to slip off Mary’s right shoulder. Mark arranged the folds so that only her left leg was visible and just a glimpse of Mary’s right breast. He went over to the camera and shot a few frames. The next few minutes were a blur, as Mark directed her movements, adjusted the robe and took a whole role of film. Mary hardly noticed that the robe was now barely covering her at all! Her tits were exposed and she was reclining on the couch with her legs stretched out and slightly apart.

“Now, if you would just slip out of the robe and turn around, with your back to me,” Mark asked. Mary stood up and proceeded to pose as instructed. Looking over her shoulder, one leg on the couch, leaning forward and holding the back of the couch, and finally kneeling on the couch with her tits pressed forward and her bum in the air! She could hardly believe illegal bahis siteleri what she was doing! Perhaps the wine had gone to her head? No, that was not entirely to explain it. Mary knew she was really getting off on the situation and she could feel her pussy moistening. She hoped it would not show!

Mark’s voice broke through into her thoughts. “Let’s do some close up shots of your tits,” he said. “Can you firm up your nipples for me please?” Mark took a few shots as Mary squeezed her nipples with her fingers. “Here, let me,” he offered. “Nipples harden more if pinched,” Mark said, grinning as he pinched Mary’s nipples.

“Ohhh!” exclaimed Mary. That felt so good and she could feel the dampness increasing between her legs. Mark then sucked and licked both nipples, as he said that he wanted them to glisten in the shots! Mary’s breath quickened and her chest rose in anticipation of more. She had not expected this and was amazed at her response. She should really leave but her body was enjoying the situation and the excitement. A wave of pleasure swept through her and a flush spread over her face.

“Excellent!” exclaimed Mark. “Hold that look. Now you look as if you desire to be pleasured.” He moved in with the camera and took shots of her face, her nipples and then her fanny! Mark moved Mary’s legs apart as she sat on the couch and as he did he softly brushed the top of her inside thigh. “Mmmm. You are quite moist Mary. May I take some photos here please?”

Mary could only manage to gulp a yes in reply, for her body felt weak as Mark’s fingers were increasing the wetness on her pussy lips. He inserted his fingers in her mouth for her to suck clean. Mary took them deep into her mouth. Her head was spinning. What was happening? Mark had put his camera down and was canlı bahis siteleri undoing the button and zip on his jeans. He moved in closer and kissed Mary on her full red lips, as he slowly removed his fingers from her mouth. His tongue probed her mouth and she could feel herself weaken more. “Do you want my cock Mary?” Mark whispered in her ear, and she could feel his warm breath.

“Oh yes please,” Mary replied breathlessly. Mark removed his jeans, boxers and then his t-shirt. His body was still tanned from a recent holiday in Malta. Mary noticed his muscles were firm as she glanced over his body before lowering her gaze to Mark’s cock, which gleamed with pre-cum and had swollen to its full size.

Mark knelt on the couch and pushed his shaft into Mary’s mouth. It was wide and filled her mouth. She sucked slowly, using her tongue on the head. Mark’s hand had moved back down to her pussy and was exploring … pushing in two fingers, he was feeling for her ‘G’ spot. Mary was powerless to resist and she did not want to! He removed his prick from her mouth and slid it slowly over her body … between her breasts … over her tummy and then rested on her public mound, before sliding slowly into her fanny.

The pleasure was exquisite and as Mark entered her, Mary felt waves of such intensity ripple through her pussy and her body. Mark’s fingers pressing on her clit brought Mary to an amazing climax. As she screamed out with joy, she felt Mark shudder and groan out, “I’m cumming too!” They climaxed and lay together savouring the realisation that something amazing had just occurred.

“Well!” exclaimed Mark. “That certainly was an interesting photo session.”

“Mmmm,” murmured Mary. “I came here to do something exciting and different, and I certainly did!”

“I think we should call it a day, don’t you? I’ll develop the prints later and give you a call,” said Mark.

“Yes, that will be fine,” Mary agreed. Mary dressed in a daze and as she walked home there was a smile on her face. She couldn’t wait to see the prints!

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