The Pleasure Addicts Ch. 01

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This is an incest story, in two chapters. I will complete chapter two and post it here soon.

This first chapter features a mother and her son, starting out on a sexual relationship. It also describes some in-law sexual shenanigans.

This first chapter also touches on some fetishes, kinks and some S&M themes.

Dramatis personae:

Mike — Jon’s father

Karen — Jon’s mother

Jon — Mike and Karen’s son

Lisa — Jon’s maternal grandmother

Dana — Jon’s maternal aunt

Peter — Dana’s husband

Sandra — Jon’s paternal grandmother

Darren — Jon’s paternal grandfather

Other assorted party guests


Karen couldn’t believe it: Jon had the biggest set of balls. How did he find out? How could he just stand there, behind his Venetian mask and not even be recognized by any of her guests?

The large group of people, in Karen and Mike’s home, were all standing in the lounge room, whispering and giggling together. A beautiful glass bowl sat in the middle of the dining table, at one end of the room. The bowl was filled with sets of keys.

The group in Karen and Mike’s home, apart from Jon, had been all carefully chosen and invited. They were all regular guests, known for their maturity and discretion. They knew each other and they trusted each other. Karen had gotten everybody together to have a few drinks, some nibbles and some laughs. She was the leader and the group’s social planner. She had started organizing these parties, as soon as her son Jon went away to college, and she never stopped organizing them, even when Jon’s studies were concluded and he had started renting an apartment 20 minutes drive away from his parent’s home.

Getting together was nice. Having a few drinks, some nibbles and some laughs together was good. However, everybody knew why they were really there — they were there to get laid.

It was like a cliché, Karen thought. Everybody appeared on time. They were all beautifully dressed and wore their masks to disguise their identities from each other. Each male, who arrived, approached the glass bowl on the dinner table and dropped his keys in the bowl.

The group then mingled. They talked to each other. They sipped champagne. They ate canapés and other tasty finger food. They laughed. It was all so silly. Everybody knew who everyone else was. How could you drink champagne and eat caviar without removing your mask in front of everyone?

At the end of the evening, the guests would stand around the dinner table. Each female would step forward, while everyone waited. Each female would then reach down into the bowl and pull out a set of keys and hold the keys aloft, while the other guests burst into laughter and cheers. The man who owned the set of keys, which the woman was holding, would step forward and take back his keys and then claim the woman, who was holding his keys, as well.

And then the man and woman would vanish into the night, amidst more cheers. The man and the woman would spend the night together, making love. On many occasions, the man and woman would spend the whole weekend together in bed.

It was a cliché — some silly swinger’s tradition from the 1970s. It was, however, fun.

Karen loved the parties and so did everyone else. Karen got to sleep around on her husband Mike, with his knowledge and his approval and he got to sleep around on his wife, with her knowledge and her approval. Karen got to sleep with her husband’s boss and her brother-in-law and Mike got to sleep with two of Karen’s best friends. Both husband and wife relished the freedom. They loved to stir the other one up. It was an ideal arrangement for a pair of good looking middle aged sex addicts.

Karen couldn’t imagine how her son Jon discovered her secret. There were, for sure, a lot of people involved, who knew Jon. But, everybody was sworn to secrecy and it was a vow everybody took seriously — nobody wanted outsiders intruding, nobody wanted rumors spreading around town and possible media scrutiny, and nobody wanted the sex to end.

How did Jon find out?

Karen couldn’t figure out how Jon knew, but he was there. Jon was at the party. She had noticed her son’s car parked discreetly at the end of the street, some 2 minutes walk from her home. She had noticed the young tall man in his elegant suit. She knew the shape of him. Moreover, she had seen the suit before. Karen had recently bought the suit for him.

Jon was wearing a mask, but Karen recognized him. She noticed that he drew little attention from others, as he kept mostly to himself in the corner. He didn’t eat, nor did he drink. Karen assumed he didn’t want to remove his mask and be exposed, and that was the reason he ignored the champagne and nibbles.

What should she do, Karen wondered, as she ran her eyes slowly up and down him.

She could just leave him there and ignore him. Jon could then take a woman back to his apartment and enjoy her for the night. He could end up konyaaltı escort with one of his old schoolteachers or one of his mother’s friends. Karen, however, didn’t like that option, so she curtly dismissed it.

She could grab him by the scruff of the neck, pull him aside and expose him. That would be rather embarrassing for Jon and it might ruin the party atmosphere. She put that option out of her mind as well.

She could approach him and discreetly whisper in his ear. She could tell him to get lost – hmmm…

Karen stood there in the middle of her lounge room, half listening to Mike’s horny brother, Ken, sipping her champagne, and watching her son. What a pair of balls, he had on him.

“I’ll give it to you nice and hard tonight, if you choose me Karen,” her brother-in-law whispered in her ear.

Karen grinned and nodded. She watched Jon out of the corner of her eye and sipped her drink, as her son’s uncle crudely propositioned her. These sorts of invitations and negotiations, between the men and women, were an intrinsic part of the pre-selection process — the drinks and nibbles were all about arranging who was going to sleep with whom, prior to the actual picking out of the keys, at the end of the night.

“Well, I don’t know Ken,” Karen said, “I know you like sleeping with me, because I’m your brother’s wife, but you can’t have me every time we all get together.”

“Ouch,” Ken said. He then tried convincing her again.

Finally, Karen turned to her brother-in-law, assured him she would pick out his keys from the bowl, and then she excused herself. She discreetly approached her husband and tapped him on the arm.

“Can I talk to you about something,” Karen asked, drawing Mike’s attention away from Kelly, one of Karen’s best friends.

“Of course,” Mike said, noting the serious tone in Karen’s voice.

Karen’s friend smiled and vanished into the crowd. Karen took her husband’s arm and drew him away into a corner.

“Have you noticed that guy standing in the corner, over there,” Karen asked Mike, not looking in Jon’s direction.

Mike started to look in Jon’s direction.

“Don’t look at him Mike.”

“Yes, I have Karen. Why don’t you want me to look at him?”

“Have you tried talking to him Mike?”

“Yes, I tried a couple of times, but he seems to be avoiding me. Who is he? Did you invite him Karen?”

“Darling, it’s Jon,” Karen said.


Karen stood there grinning at her husband. He looked baffled for a moment and then his eyes grew wide.


“Shoosh honey,” Karen hissed, “people will hear you.”

“How on earth,” Mike hissed back. “Did you invite him Karen?”

“No, of course not Mike, but I’m sure it’s him. I bought him that suit last month for his birthday.”

Mike discreetly turned his head and looked at the man in the far corner of the room. He turned back to Karen.

“Oh my God — okay, now what?”

“Well, I was thinking Mike,” Karen said softly. “Maybe, we should just leave him be. I’ve seen his keys in the bowl.”

Mike raised his eyebrows. He shrugged.

“I suppose. There’s not much we can do now. I’m sure he realizes what this party is all about.”

“Yes indeed,” Karen said, then she bit her bottom lip, “and we all need sex.”

Mike nodded slowly. He studied his wife. She continued to bite her lip and she was looking at Jon.

“You know I was thinking Mike…”

Mike kept watching Karen. She looked up at him with a smile playing on her lips. Her eyes looked bright. She reached out and gently drew circles on his arm with her finger. She dropped her eyes and then looked up at him again a moment later.

Mike gasped.

“Oh my God, no Karen,” Mike stated, wide eyed. “Forget it.”

Karen reached out and stroked her husband’s shoulder. She stepped in, placed her lips against Mike’s ear and whispered:

“Why not Mike. It would be so much fun. You know Jon would love it.”

“No Karen,” Mike whispered back. “It’s too much. We would all get into so much trouble, if you got caught.”

“We wouldn’t get caught,” Karen continued, exhaling softly into Mike’s ear as she spoke. “You know how discreet I am.”

Mike closed his eyes as his wife breathed into him. He slowly shook his head.

“No Karen. It’s a crazy idea.”

“You know I’ll make it worth your while Mike,” Karen whispered. “I’ll invite my mother and my sister to a party. I’ll get them to come along as well. I might even be able to convince your parents to come.”

Mike gasped.

“I will Mike. I’ll convince them. I won’t give up. You can rely on me Mike.”

“My parents, your mother and your sister,” Mike asked.

“Absolutely,” Karen said, smiling.

Mike stood there. His heart was thumping in his chest.


He stared at her. Then he nodded. She smiled.


“Yes, okay Karen,” Mike whispered, “but for God’s sake be discreet and remember your promise.”

“Of course and I won’t forget kültür escort honey. I’ll convince my mom and sister to have a threesome with you Mike. And I’ll set it up, so you have a chance with your mom and I’ll sleep with your dad.”

Mike gasped again. He cleared his throat. He nodded.


“Okay, ladies and gents, it’s time to make sure your masks are on,” Karen declared, later on in the evening, walking out into the middle of the room. “It’s time to begin the selection.”

There was a roar of approval from the guests and people began closing in around the dinner table, where the bowl of keys was located. Soon everyone in the house was there waiting and watching.

Karen was intending to go first, pick up the keys and claim her man, but a couple of women had beaten her to the front of the queue. She had quickly recognized her son’s keys sitting amongst the pile on top, earlier on in the evening, when she first realized he was there, and she had buried them in the bottom of the pile. She assumed Jon would be safe, at least for a while.

A woman stepped forward. She looked from left to right as the room erupted in applause and cheers. She then looked down into the glass bowl and reached in. The woman trawled through the keys, while the crowd watched in sudden silence. A moment later the woman dragged a set of gleaming ringing keys from the bowl and held them over her head.

“Those are mine,” a man shouted, while the woman with the keys jumped up and down on the spot and shook them. The guests broke into cheers. The woman with the keys looked in the man’s direction.

“Oh really — are they yours Jason,” the woman with the keys asked, with a wide smile on her face.

“Sure are.”

“Oh wow – I’m sorry Matt. I didn’t mean to pick your best friend.”

There was an explosion of noise from the guests. Everybody clapped. Jason had been flirting and seducing Matt’s wife for most of the night. She had very deliberately chosen Jason’s keys from the bowl.

Jason stepped through the crowd. He softly brushed past Matt, slapping him on the back, as he passed by. He emerged into the space where the woman stood. He took his keys from her. He took her hand in his. She looked in her husband’s direction, blew him a kiss and batted her eyelashes at him, as Jason led her away towards his waiting car. They left. They walked past the cheering audience and deserted Karen and Mike’s home.

“Don’t you worry Matt,” Jason’s wife Kate called out, “I’m choosing you for sure. You’re all mine tonight.”

There was more laughter.

Then the next woman advanced towards the dinner table and the glass bowl. She rummaged around in silence and then pulled out a set of keys. The crowd cheered and a man came forward and claimed his keys and his prize.

Jon’s keys were still safe in the bowl and it was Karen’s turn to choose.

Karen cleared her throat as the crowd began to urge her on. She turned her head and looked at her husband. Mike stood there. She had no idea how he was feeling. His mask said nothing. Karen was acutely aware of Jon, but she refused to look in his direction. He stood at the back of the group, directly opposite his mother. She looked around the crowd.

“C’mon Karen,” they all shouted.

Karen laughed and stepped forward. She reached the end of the dinner table. She leant in and peered down into the glass bowl. Her husband’s keys were there. Her brother-in-law’s keys were there and her son’s keys were there amongst the pile. She knew what everyone’s keys looked like. She had slept with all the men at the party, apart from Jon, at one time or another.

For a long moment Karen didn’t know what to do. She was in a quandary. She could just choose her brother-in-law’s keys and spend the weekend with him. She could be even more tame and pull out Mike’s keys. She could choose anyone. They all wanted to sleep with her. She had Mike’s permission though.

What was she going to do?

“C’mon Karen,” they all shouted again, growing impatient.

Karen took a deep breath. She reached in and took Jon’s keys in her fingertips. She pulled her son’s keys free of the pile. She looked at the crowd. She shook the dangling keys.

“Well, who do these belong to,” Karen asked as the room burst with more noise.

Karen refused to look at Jon for a moment. She turned this way and that.

“C’mon, don’t be shy, mystery man,” Karen continued, looking at her son directly.

Jon slowly raised his hand. People turned to him as his arm went up. Karen watched him. He stepped forward, while a number of people slapped him on the back and others moved aside. His mother was waiting for him as he approached her. Neither of them had taken their mask off. The crowd cheered.

“C’mon, come and get me mystery man. I’m all yours tonight.”

There were more cheers.

Jon entered the clearing where Karen stood. He stopped in front of her. She took his hand in hers and dropped his keys into his palm. His father was right there, just markantalya escort feet away, watching the whole thing.

Karen leant in and whispered in Jon’s ear: “don’t say a word and don’t take your mask off.”

He nodded. She withdrew and grinned around at the crowd.

“Okay honey,” Karen continued, more loudly this time, so her guests could hear, “I’m all yours tonight. Let’s go upstairs and get started.”

There were more cheers.

Jon reached out and took his mother’s hand in his. She giggled as he led her away, past his father and through the crowd. They went through the noisy lounge room and then up the stairs. They took them one at a time, neither rushing nor dawdling, as they ascended towards Karen and Mike’s bedroom and Karen and Mike’s bed.

Mike stepped forward. He watched them go. He felt a touch jealous, but then he remembered his wife’s promise — a night with his own mother and a threesome with his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law. That would be worth it – that would be heaven.

Jon and Karen reached the first floor, turned right and were at the master bedroom a moment later. Jon led his mother inside her own bedroom. She turned, closed and locked the door.

Karen approached Jon. She stepped right up to her son. She reached out and took his suit jacket off, without either of them making a sound.

Jon was breathing hard. His heart was pounding in his chest as she dropped the suit jacket to the floor, and then unbuttoned his shirt slowly. When should he start speaking and when should he take his mask off and reveal himself to his mother? What would she say and what would she do, when he did reveal himself to her?

Jon never expected this to happen, when he crashed his parent’s party and dropped his keys in the glass bowl. He just wanted to get laid. He never dreamt his own mother would pick out his keys, dangle them in front of him and invite him upstairs

“You’re a quiet one, aren’t you,” Karen whispered up at him, as she undid yet another shirt button.

With trembling hands he reached out, He placed a hand on his mother’s waist. She came closer. He took the edge of Karen’s zipper in his fingertips, inhaled, bit his lips and pulled slowly down. The dress opened at the back.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you at one of my parties before,” Karen whispered, as she finished the last button on his shirt.

She pulled off Jon’s shirt as she continued talking:

“I personally invite everyone, who comes here. I don’t remember inviting you.”

She waited for an answer. He cleared his throat. She laughed softly in the dark.

Jon’s heart continued to thump. He held his mother against him. He finished unzipping her and now his fingers were playing with her shoulder straps. She had dropped his shirt and was running her hands over his chest and shoulders.

“I hope you’re not going to be quiet, when we’re making love. I want to raise the roof with you.”

Jon gasped. He carefully removed the shoulder straps. Her hands stroked his spine.

He was actually panting as he pulled Karen’s dress down. The material slipped over her chest. He slowly dropped to his knees and dragged the dress down over her hips. It fell in a pile at Karen’s feet. He stared at his mother’s divine body.

“Come here, let me get in your pants, honey,” Karen whispered.

He stood up. Karen reached out and unbuckled him. She pulled the belt free, drawing the leather snake out with a whine. She held up the belt before him.

“You can spank me with this, if you want master.”

Jon gasped. Karen laughed.

She was enjoying herself. Her son had no idea that she knew his real identity. This was a turn on. She clearly sensed how excited and desperate he was, but also how anxious he was, should she discover his true identity, and then hit the roof.

She was right against him: Jon reached behind his mother and with fluttering fingers unsnapped her bra. She unzipped his pants. They slipped down his legs. Her bra came off and her breasts were revealed.

Karen extricated herself from his desperate clutches. She stepped out of the pile of clothing at their feet. She took off her beautifully made mask and held it in her hands. Jon gasped again when his mother revealed her beautiful features to him. Then she dropped the mask, reached down and peeled her underwear off. She dropped them.

“Oh my God,” he whispered, instantly regretting the use of his real voice.

“Do you like what you see, honey?”

Jon nodded. His mother was all soft creamy curves in the dark bedroom. Her strawberry hair was long and jam colored. He ran his eyes over her breasts and he stared at her dark merlot colored pubic triangle.

“Take your underwear off, honey.”

Jon nodded and reached down and pulled his underwear off. His large cock was revealed. Her eyes dropped.

“Nice,” Karen whispered.

She stepped up to Jon again. She looked up at him. She reached out and took the edges of his mask in her fingertips. He quickly reached up and held the mask in place, lest she remove it and discover his identity. Karen abruptly reached down and grabbed Jon’s cock. He gasped and let go of the edges of his mask. She ripped the mask away and dropped it to the floor.

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