The Pool Table Spanking

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I watched as Joyce leaned over the table and set herself up for her next shot. This would make it 20 straight shots in a row. But this one was tricky. She turned and looked at me. “The five ball in the corner off the 7 ball.” I almost choked on my beer. “No way Joyce! That’s a two cushion shot. Remember what I told you.” she looked up at me and smiled. “I remember everything you taught me, Uncle Ralph.” I couldn’t help but admire the woman my little niece had grown into. At 18, she could shoot pool with the best of them. She had even won some of the junior tournaments she had entered. I watched as she slowly stroked the pool cue thru her fingers.

The shot was difficult but not impossible. I had taught her to take her time, line the shot up and then let her breath out slowly before she stroked. My mind flashed back to the first time I had put a stick in her tiny fingers. At 12, she could barely reach the rack. But now, she had the body of a full-grown woman. “Careful Ralph old boy! That’s your niece you’re looking at.” I shook my head as she leaned in to take her shot. The way her smooth round ass stuck up in the air was most distracting. I watched the way she drew her hand back. The way the cue laid on her slender fingers. I couldn’t help but smile.

I had taught Joyce to use any and every distraction to beat her opponent. No, I didn’t tell her to cheat. But in a game, you play to win. If some dumb sucker isn’t paying attention, then he or she should lose. The stroked the stick. “Shit!” she had aimed her cue off just enough to ruin the shot. “Tough luck! But live and learn kid! Live and learn.” I shook powder on my hand and stroked my cue thru it. Then I looked the table over. She hadn’t left me anything good to shoot at. Damn, but she was good. I lined up my shot. With a smooth stroke, I landed my ball in the side pocket. That started a run that left her shaking her head.

We were sitting down enjoying a beer after the game. “Damn, Uncle Ralph! You made some pretty tricky shots tonight.” I held up my finger. “No shot is tricky. You take your time, line it up and depend on your skill and ability. Hey! That’s your last beer. If your folks found out I was allowing you to drink beer they’d skin me alive. Besides, it’s about time you were off to bed.” Whenever her folks had to leave town, she came and stayed with me. Joyce sat sipping her beer. She drank it from the can the same as I did. I always thought it made women seem a bit more wanton drinking it that way. I have to admit, looking at Joyce’s body, I could tell she had all the guys going nuts over her.

At 18, she had a pair of tits to make a man drool. The way her waist drew, in only to flare out at her hips gave her a shape that could stop traffic on a freeway. And she had the cutest ass. So small and round and firm. I felt my dick begin to stir. Joyce was looking at me in a funny way. “What’s the matter Uncle Ralph? You look so strange.” I shook myself from my daydreaming. “Uhh, nothing! I was just thinking about something.” Joyce was a sharp kid and I doubt if she didn’t notice the look on my face as I gazed at her. She gave me a shy smile and lowered her eyes as she sipped her beer.

“Remember when you told me that when I thought I was good enough, you’d play me for money?” I smiled. I had told her that when she was 15 years old. She had seen me play for money and wanted to play me. “Yea”, I laughed. “That was a long time ago.” She reached into the pocket of her too tight jeans and pulled out a wad of cash. “Here’s $500.00 that says I can beat you now.” I looked at the money and then at her. “Kid! The best thing you can do to save your hard-earned cash is put it back in your pocket. I don’t want you crying to mommy and daddy that Uncle Ralph took your money.” Joyce stood up and used her hands to smooth her blouse over her tits. Then she ran her hands down over her bare stomach to her hips. My eyes followed her every move.

“Do I look like a little girl who’ll go running home cause I lost? You told me when I was ready; you’d play me. Put up or shut up Uncle Ralph.” She stood with her hands on her hip and her chest jutting forward. My eyes took in every inch of her. And my dick stirred anew. Damn! She was one hot looking woman, even konyaaltı escort if she was my niece. “Come on, Uncle Ralph! You’re not gonna back out on a promise, are you?” I never backed down from a challenge in my life. That’s how I got where I am now. I looked from her to the wad of money. Then I smiled. “Boy! Are you gonna regret this. Rack em!” I stood up and walked over to the table. “Oh no! My game! My rules! Meet me back here in 20 minutes. And bring the cash.” Smiling, she turned and walked off to her room.

Twenty minutes later, standing with a drink in one hand and my pool cue in the other, I watched Joyce come thru the door. I almost dropped my beer. She had changed clothes on me. Not only that, she was now wearing a see-thru nightie. I gulped my beer and almost choked. “Joyce! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she smiled and came up to me. She took the drink from my hand and tilted it up to her mouth. She had put on lipstick also. “I’m about to take your money. You did tell me to use every distraction, didn’t you?” I could only nod my head dumbly. If I thought she looked good before, the raging hardon that poked out my pants said she was a knockout.

“My break?” Joyce picked up her cue stick and shook powder in her hands. “Close your mouth, Uncle Ralph, you’ll catch flies. Is this the way I should stroke it?” Joyce was slowly working the stick up and down her closed fist. “You taught me just how to stroke it.” I swallowed hard. The stick I was thinking about her stroking wouldn’t have been good for shooting pool. I could see her hard nipples right thru the thin material. And there was no hiding her hairy bush either. “Joyce! This really isn’t fair. I mean, I’m your uncle and you shouldn’t be dressed like this around me. You’re not a little girl any more.”

Joyce looked at me and laughed. “You always told me to play to win. Now! Let’s find out just how good you really are.” Joyce leaned over the table to break. Her tits hung down and that was all I could see. From where I stood along side her, I looked down at her smooth back. The tight panty was lodged in the crack of her ass. I reached down and tried to straighten my hard dick. Joyce turned around just as I grasped it. She looked at my crotch then up in my face. “I like to go first.” I tore my eyes from her ass. I had taught her to use every distraction. I never even thought she would use them on me. But use them she did. But two could play that game. I sipped my beer as she stroked the cue.

Two balls dropped on the break. She walked around the table, making sure that she brushed against me as she went by. I smiled as I watched her ass wiggle. She had to lean way over the table to make her next shot. Her tits brushed against the green nap. Just as she drew the stick back, I smiled. “Nice tight cunt!” the cue jerked and the cue ball shot off in a direction opposite from where she wanted it to go. I laughed as I picked up the chalk. Joyce looked at me and the smile had been wiped from her face. “What’s the matter, sweetie? Didn’t expect me to play your game?” I set my shot and picked off the next 15 balls.

“You sure handle that stick.” I should have known better. But I turned to smile at her. Joyce was sitting on a barstool. In her present dress, that was bad enough. But, she held the stick in such a way, that the end was rubbing up and down her slit. Even from where I stood, I could see that she was getting wet. I stared at Joyce’s actions. “Nice try! But you can kiss that 500 goodbye. Better women than you have tried those tricks.” Joyce laughed. “I was talking about the stick poking in your pants.” I looked down and sure enough, my hardon was enormous. I set the cue stick down and went to the frig. I took another beer and even took one for Joyce.

I handed her the beer and she brushed it over her already hard nipples. “You can quit now and I’ll only take half.” She was taunting me and we both knew it. “You got a lot to learn if you think I’ll fold that easy. You’re a very beautiful woman. And you are making things very distracted.” My hand dropped to her lap. I pushed the stick aside and pushed my finger into her cunt. Joyce gasped. “Uncle Ralph!” I stood right in front of my young niece. I smiled as I worked my finger kültür escort in and out of her wet pussy.

I was surprised at just how wet Joyce was. I pushed another finger in and slowly seesawed my digits up her cunt. Joyce closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. I watched her tits rise and fall. “Not so funny now, is it?” I curved my fingers so that they would rub against the sensitive upper part of her pussy. Joyce lifted her ass off the chair. “Oh fuck, Uncle Ralph. I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.” I leaned in and blew my warm breath against her tits. I knew she could feel it thru the thin material. “Do you want me to stop, Joyce?” I pushed my fingers deep. “Do you?” Joyce was breathing hard. My thumb rubbed her clit.

Joyce was humping her pussy up to my fingers. “No! Don’t stop Uncle Ralph.” I watched her body jerk and her face grow intense with sexual arousal. And just when she was about to cum, I jerked my fingers free. “NO!” Joyce screamed. I laughed as I walked back to the pool table. “My shot, right?” Joyce’s chest was heaving. Her nipples were so hard and pointy. “Oh, that’s not fair! Damn, Uncle Ralph! You had me right on the edge.” I took my time and stroked the stick. The ball fell in the pocket I called. I ran the next four balls. Joyce was seething in her chair. Her plan had backfired. But she wasn’t about to give up so easy.

I racked the balls again to continue my run. A soft moan made me turn to look at Joyce. I figured that she was still gonna try and distract me but I didn’t know how far she would go. Joyce had both her legs thrown over the arms of the chair. Her panty was pulled aside and she was slowly easing her fingers in and out of her pussy. I stood up and stared at her. Now this was a distraction too good to pass up. Her head was thrown back and her lips were parted. Her other hand was pinching and pulling her hard nipples. “Oh that’s a good one, Joyce. Now that could distract me enough to make me concede defeat.”

Joyce didn’t hear a word I was saying. And I couldn’t take my eyes off her hairy cunt. She was moaning softly and whispering my name. “Oh Uncle Ralph! Fuck me! Use your stick on my cunt! Fuck me!” I knew that if I didn’t stop her quick, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. “Stop it Joyce! Stop it right now!” she opened her eyes and stared at me. “I can’t stop it! You put my pussy on fire.” I watched with my mouth open as Joyce pulled her dripping fingers from her cunt and sucked them clean. I swallowed hard. This was more than I bargained for. Joyce! If you don’t stop this instant, I’m gonna give you a spanking.” The threat of a spanking had always stopped Joyce from doing anything bad before. But not this time.

“You’re just gonna have to spank me! You started this when you fingered my pussy. You should have let me win.” Her fingers were stroking deep inside her cunt. And she was pinching and pulling her nipples even harder. “Ah shit! Oh fuck! My pussy is so fuckin hot!” I had never heard my young niece use such words before. “I mean it Joyce! I’ll bend you over that table and spank your ass red.” Her eyes bore into mine. “Yes! Bend me over the table. Then shove that big hard dick deep in my hot cunt.” That was enough! I pulled her out of the chair and pushed her to the table.

Holding my hand in the middle of her back, I pushed her face down on the table. I drew my hand back. SLAP! I drew back again SLAP! “So you think you can get the better of me, huh?” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Joyce’s smooth round ass bounced with each slap of my hand. But I was trying to punish her. Punish her for teasing me the way she did. “Oh Uncle Ralph!” It came out between a moan and a plea. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “This will teach you not to try and better your teacher. I taught you all my tricks.” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “How dare you try and win by using them on me.”

I was mad. But even more than being mad, I was turned on like never before. My own niece had used her young body to turn me on. And I was turned on like never before. I looked down at her tight ass. It was showing a red tinge where I had spanker her. I couldn’t help it. I started to rub and squeeze her cheeks. I could hear her soft sobbing. But as my hands continued to massage and work her markantalya escort cheeks, her sobs turned to a soft mewing. I grasped the material of her panty and jerked it tight. I know it cut into the soft skin of her cunt. “Ahh, Uncle Ralph!” I continued to pull on her panty and Joyce’s ass began to move.

I reached between her thighs and could feel the moisture of her juice. My fingers slid up and down her slit. Joyce opened her legs wider. “You want it, don’t you Joyce? You want me to take my dick out and fuck your young pussy. Fuck you like a hot wanton slut. Right here on this pool table.” Joyce humped her cunt against my probing fingers. “Yes! Yes, I want you to fuck me. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for a long time. Shove your hard dick up my cunt and make me scream. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I shoved my fingers up her cunt and her whole body shook.

“That’s right my sweet young slut! Fuck my fingers. Thought you could win with your body? I’m gonna make you beg me to fuck your pussy. ” I pulled my fingers free and drew my hand back. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “No Uncle Ralph!” I was glad that my playroom was soundproofed. Her screams would have brought the cops running. But she had worked me into a frenzy! I wanted to spank her to beat the frustration out of me. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Her ass was cherry red now. And her sobs were uncontrolled.

But my lust was even greater. I pulled her hips back and nearly ripped my pants open as I undid them. Joyce stood with her legs parted, bent over my pool table. And I stood behind her, holding a dick hard enough to drill thru steel. With a yell, I ripped her panties from her ass. “You wanted me to fuck you? Well Joyce, I’m gonna do just that.” I grabbed Joyce by her hips as I placed the tip of my dick at her slit. Then with a lunge I buried myself in her. Her scream filled the air. But I was beyond caring. I pulled back and lunged again. “Yes! Fuck me! Shove your dick up my cunt!”

I fucked her hard and long. And Joyce soon matched my thrusting rhythm. Gobs of her cum plopped on the floor as we fucked. Then I pulled out and twisted her around. I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table. Ripping off the rest of her skimpy outfit, I gazed at her naked body. Then I fell to my knees. Joyce’s pussy was sweet. I tried to drown myself, as I licked, sucked and tongue fucked her pussy till she came. Then I stood up and pulled her to me. This time she guided my dick to her hole. “Take me Uncle Ralph! Fuck me, I’m yours!”

Even as I felt my dick sliding into that soft young pussy, my mind flashed on what I was doing. Jeez! This was my niece! I was fucking my own niece. But the sucking of her cunt on my hard dick turned my doubt to lust. “Oh yea! I’m gonna fuck you good. You’re my sweet, cunt slut now, and I’m gonna fuck you all night.” Joyce’s body worked in perfect unison with mine. I couldn’t believe how good she felt. And Joyce withered beneath my pounding. Pulling and pinching on her tits as she tossed her head back and forth.

“Yes Uncle Ralph! Fuck me! Make me your slut! Shove that big fat dick deep in my cunt. Fuck me anytime you want.” I bent down and sucked on her delicious nipples. “Yes Uncle Ralph! Suck my tits! You liked spanking my ass, didn’t you? It made your dick so hard. You want to spank me again? Pull your dick out. I’ll get on my knees and suck it.” I pulled my dripping dick from her soaked hole. Joyce slid off the table, leaving a smear of her cunt juice. She knelt on the floor and took my wet dick in her hands. Looking up at me, she opened her mouth and licked the head. Then with a loud slurp, she sucked me in.

I watched as my young niece began to work her head back and forth. Twisting and turning her head as she sucked me. I could see right away that this was not the first dick she had sucked. I grabbed her hair and held tight. “Oh yea! You’ve sucked dick before. Look at you! Just like a wanton slut! Suck it! Take all my dick down your throat. Oh shit! You young slut! I’m gonna fuck every hole in your young body.” pulling her head off my dick, I pulled her to her feet. With my pre-cum and her saliva covering her face, I kissed her hard. Then as I held her, I lifted her in my arms. I lay Joyce down on my bed and removed the rest of my clothes. I spent the rest of that night and most of the weekend trying to fuck that young girl silly. Oh! We called the game a draw.

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