The Preacher’s Daughter Part 2

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The Preacher’s Duaghter Part 2

“Emi.” Mother said shaking my shoulder and I came out of the daze I was in. “Come, let’s get you clean for church.” Gently she helped me from the table and I saw the puddle of cum and blood on it and the floor. “Don’t look at it.” she said and led me from the office. When we were gone, he walked over portrait and looked up at Jesus.
“I will keep trying Lord. She is your child and must be saved.” he said and turned to go get dressed. Slowly I cleaned up and mother helped me dress. Together we went down to the kitchen and I made breakfast as she went to the office. Walking over to the table, she quickly licked up the blood and cum and cleaned the table and floor. Hearing him coming, she went back to the kitchen and together we ate breakfast.
“Emi,” Father said.
“Yes father.” I answered looking up at him quickly.
“After services, I am going to test you to make sure the evil is gone.” he said and I nodded.
“Thank you Father for saving me.” I said very softly, my throat sore from screaming.
“You are my child. I could not let the evil take you.” he said and hugged me, making the pain in my back flare again. Reaching the church a half hour later, we went into the chapel and mother and I greeted the rest of the parishioners as they came in. All through Father’s two hour sermon on the evils of masturbation and giving our bodies and minds to evil, I sat there trying to keep the tears from my eyes. Finally he finished and we split into the Sunday school classes. Taking my seat, I saw the other six students come in and sit down around the table with me.
“Lisa, could you come help in the nursery today?” Mother asked and the only other girl in the room got up. A couple minutes later Father walked in and said,
“We are going to move to the outdoor classroom today.” Together we all got up bursa escort and followed him out to a small trailer that was just one large room with a table and several chairs around it. Closing and locking the door, Father walked over to the table where we were all waiting for him.
“Let us pray.” he said and we all bowed our heads. “dear Lord, there is one among us today that does not have the strength to believe in your power to heal. Evil is taking this soul. We ask for your strength and power to save this soul. Lord, give the young men here with me the strength to save my daughter.”
“Amen.” the boys all said and looked up at me seeing the terror on my face.
“Emi.” he said as I backed away from them. “I couldn’t stop the evil alone. They are strong and can save you.”
“Please father.” I begged and he said,
“Simon, Paul bring her to the table.” Quickly they grabbed my arms and I fought against them. “It is the evil in you that is making you fight. It knows that it cannot win.” he said as they drug me to the table. “Keith, Jacob strip her.” Shocked they looked at him for a moment and then did as he said. Within a couple minutes I was stripped naked and Simon and Paul pulled me back against the table.
“Lay her down on the table on her stomach.” Father ordered and they did as they said. “Richard, hold her hands tight above her head. Matthew, her feet.” Together they held me stretched out on the table as I cried and begged them to stop. “Do not listen to the cries. It is the evil. Take your belts and help me. We have to beat the devil into submission. Pray with me.” As he led the prayers, the five of them whipped me with their belts all over my back, butt, and thighs.
“Please stop, AAAAAAHHH!” I begged and screamed over and over. Stopping them when there wasn’t a clear spot on my skin, Father ordered,
“Turn her over.” Together bursa escort bayan they flipped me onto my brutalized back and I felt hands on my tiny breasts as they turned me. “Here, each of you take a drink of this.” Passing a goblet around, each boy took a drink of the holy wine and handed it back to him. “This is very crucial. The evil is controlling her body. The only way to get it to leave her is to attack it with vengence.” he said as he washed each of their hands with holy water. “Unzip your pants. Wash your manhood with the holy water. We have to use everything in our power to save her, your hands, mouths, and manhood.”
“What do you wish us to do?” Matthew asked.
“Attack the evil.” he said. “You will have to take turns entering her body. Your seed is blessed and together all of us should be able to kill the demon. Fill her completely with our seed.” Immediately they fell on me, one at each breast, one pushing his cock into my mouth, as another held my arms still and the other two held my legs spread wide as Father moved between them. Pushing hard into my cunt again, Father pounded me hard for several minutes before he exploded inside me as Paul filled my throat. Switching places, they all took turns in my mouth and cunt as my nipples and tiny breasts turned an ugly red from all the bitemarks and pinches they had given me.
“Father Elijah, what about this hole?” Matthew asked. “Do we fill it too?”
“Yes.” he said, seeing that Matthew had the largest cock. “You may go first. Do not go gentle. The demon is weak now. Overpower it.” Moving between my legs, Matthew wiped his cock in the cum running from my cunt and pushed at my anal opening.
“It’s so tight.” he groaned.”It is strangling me.”
“Take it. The demon will gain your strength if you don’t.” Father said and Matthew grabbed my hips and slammed completely inside me with escort bursa his eleven inch length as a heart wrenching scream came from my mouth. Brutally he ripped through my ass and came in just a couple minutes. As soon as he pulled out, Paul took his place. Moaning at how tight I still was, he thrust into me for several minutes before he was finally buried to the hilt inside my ass. One by one they all rutted against me and Father was the last to fill me again, ripping deeper than the boys had. Exhausted they all dropped to their knees and prayed as I laid there unable to move and barely conscious.
“Thank you my sons. Drink.” Father said and passed the wine goblet around again. “You may go. I will call on you if your help is needed again.”
“Thank you Father.” they said and washed themselves up and then dressed. Letting them out, he closed the door again and walked back over to me.
“Emi?” he said. “Get up child and pray that the demon is dead.” Slowly I tried to get up and cried out hoarsely as pain ripped through my body. Catching me, he helped me kneel and we both began praying as I cried as the pain continued to throb through my body. Carefully I dressed when he handed me my clothes and I whimpered in pain as the crotch of my panties touched my swollen bruised pussy and asshole. “If the demon is dead, the pain will linger. It is the price you pay for letting the evil take you.”
“Yes father.” I whispered and he helped me to my feet.
“You must clean up the table. Anyone else that touches it will be possessed “ he said and I slowly went to the closet and got the cleaning supplies. Every move hurting I cleaned the table and the floor around it to Father’s satisfaction and then we went to the church. Finding mother waiting in the chapel praying, we knelt down with her and prayed again. Finally we went out to the car and I cried out in pain as I sat down on the car seat. As Father drove home, I wondered how many more times Father was going to rape and abuse me in the name of God.

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