The Prom Date – Jack , Aunt Julia

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No one likes to go to prom alone. This is the case for 18 year old Jack Lawrence, a senior at Parks High School in rural Iowa. He had gone alone his junior year, but desperately wanted to have a date for his senior year. He had asked several girls, but each one had already secured a date for the dance.

Jack is your typical farm boy. He’s a little lanky, but strong as steel. Getting dressed up was not his favorite thing to do, but he made exceptions for certain occasions. However, he had decided he would rather stay home than go solo to prom this year.

About a week before prom he sits down to eat some dinner.

“You know Jackson,” started his mom, who always called him by his full name. “I think I know someone you could take to prom.”

“Oh yeah?” responded Jack, half listening.

“Yes. I think you could take Julia.”

Jack looks up from his food. “Julia? As in… Aunt Julia?”

“Sure, why not? She’s only 8 years older than you, but doesn’t look it. Besides she lives a couple towns over and I doubt anyone knows her anyway.”

“Mom, I hate to break it to you, but no one wants to bring their aunt as a prom date.”

“Jackson, I don’t want you to miss your senior prom. I’m quite sure that Julia can pull it off and that you will have a good time. Besides, I already asked her.”

“You what?!” exclaims Jack, nearly spitting his food out. “Geez, mom, thanks for the heads up.”

“It’s not that big of a deal Jackson! It isn’t like she is a blood relative anyway, she’s adopted.”

“Oh, yeah, that makes me feel all better,” he says, shaking his head.

“She is kinda looking forward to it. She didn’t get to go to her senior prom because she was at home with a broken leg, as you might recall.”

Jackson recalled that alright. In fact, it was his fault that she had that broken leg back then. A careless ten year old had left the gate unlatched on one of the horse stalls in the barn. Julia had come over to help clean out the barn to earn some extra money. Bad luck struck her that day as the horse in that stall kicked the gate as she was standing just outside it. The gate had flung open and caught her square in the shin, making a clean break. Julia wasn’t able to walk on it for a few months.

“Man that was a long time ago. So, I’m supposed to take her to prom because of something I did when I was a little kid?”

“No, but it would be nice.”

Jack takes another big bite of food and doesn’t say a word as he finishes his dinner. Finally, he sits up in his chair and looks at his mom who hasn’t stopped looking at him through the whole meal.

“I guess I don’t get a vote in this?”

“Sure, but I will sweeten the deal.”

“Ok. Let’s hear it.”

“You take Julia and I’ll let you take the Mustang.”

Jack got a big grin on his face. His father had died when Jack was very young, and had left behind a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. His mother had never sold the car, but kept it covered in the barn.

“… and I’ll even pay for dinner.”

“You’ll let me drive the Mustang?”

“No, I’ll let you have it. It is about time I get that old car out of the barn anyway.”

“Holy shit!” Jack yells. He mother scowls. “Oh, I mean, wow!”

“I’ll take that as a yes, now go call Julia and tell her.”

Jack jumps up and runs to his room, grabbing the cordless phone along the way. He hits speed dial number 2 and closes the door behind him. The phone begins to ring.


“Hey, Aunt Julia, its Jack.”

“Oh, hi Jack. How are things?”

“Great! I mean, really good.”

“So what’s up?”

“I just wanted to see if you are free next Friday night.”

“Maybe. What do you have in mind?”

“Oh, come on, Mom told me she already talked to you.”

“Yeah, well, I want to hear you say it.”

“Aunt Julia, will you go prom with me?” he says in a goofy voice.

“Uh, no.”

“Aw, come on!”

“I don’t go on dates with silly boys. I only like men.”

“A date?!” thinks Jack. Then he remembers the car.

“Alright,” he says, with his normal voice. “Aunt Julia, will you go to prom with me?”


“You’re killing me here.”

“I will only go if you start calling me Julia, not ‘Aunt Julia.'”

“Fine, fine,” he says, no exaggerating his words. “Julia, will you go to prom with me?”

“Yes! I’d love to.”

“Ok, well, it is next Friday at the Golden Estates Country Club.”

“Oh, fancy.”

“Yeah, whatever. Anyway, I guess I need to know what color dress you are wearing.”

“I’ll have to let you know when I get one. What time are you picking me up?”

“Well, what time do you get off work?”

“I took the day off so I have plenty of time to get ready,” she answers.

“Let’s see, how about 5:30, that way I have time to get us back over here for dinner at 6.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Ok,” he responds. “I guess you can just let me know about the dress and I’ll see you next Friday.

“Sounds good, Jack. Bye.”

“Later,” he says as he clicks the phone off.

He immediately runs konyaaltı escort out to the barn and slides the cover off the car. The dark blue paint looks really good, although he already is planning on a full detail and waxing before next week. He grins for a while at the car and then throws the cover back on it, knowing this is his car now.

“So, I take it she said yes?” asks his mother from behind him.

“Yep, and I can’t wait to get this car running again.”

“Shouldn’t be too tough.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, considering I drive it at least three days a week when you are at school.”

“What?! That’s just not right.”

“Hey, it was my car. Now it’s your car, so you can drive it when you want.”

Jack walks over and gives his mom a big hug.

“I know it reminds you of Dad, I’ll take good care of it.”

“I know you will, baby. Now let’s go back inside and have some dessert.”

They go back in and enjoy some pie before calling it a night.

Over the next few days, Jack would get the car cleaned up and get his tux ordered from the local shop. Julia had called and told him she would be wearing red.

Finally, the afternoon of prom arrives and Jack can hardly contain the excitement that has been building for the last week. He is absolutely stoked at the idea of taking his car for its first trip out of town. He also knows that he will have a good time with his aunt Julia.

His mom catches him on the way out the door.


Jack looks down at the rolled up money she is holding.

“Its ok Mom, I have some cash.”

“Take the money, Jack. You never know when you might need it.”

Jack just smiles and gives his mom a quick kiss on the cheek. He bolts out the door and jumps in his Mustang. Rocks fly as he takes off down the lane.

About 20 minutes later he cruises up in front of his Aunt Julia’s house. He hops out of the car and walks up the step, corsage in hand. He had decided to go ahead with the formalities if he was going to do this right.

He rings the doorbell and waits a moment. He turns and admires his car. The door opens behind him.

“Hello, Jack”

“Hello, Aunt Ju…” his voice trails off as he turns and sees her standing there in her red dress. Somehow he had never noticed what his Aunt Julia looks like. Her shoulder length hair rests neatly on her bare shoulders. The strapless dress is snug around her chest, leaving no doubt about the supple breasts hidden beneath the outfit. It then follows her narrow waist to her slightly flared hips. A slit up her right leg, seems to reach almost to her hip.

“I’ll assume you like the dress then?”

“Oh, geez, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s a compliment to an old lady like me.”

“You aren’t old.”

“Yeah, ok. Anyway, don’t forget I’m just Julia tonight.”

“Right. Well, Julia, you look fantastic, shall we go?”

“We shall,” she says as they walk down the path to the car.

Jack opens the door for her and helps her into the low riding sports car. He can’t help but stare a little at the exposed leg that comes into view as she gets situated. She catches him looking and smiles. He quickly breaks his stare, closes the door, and makes his way around to get in the car.

“So, where is this party?” she asks.

“The Ellis Estates,” he answers.

“Wow, I’ve never been there. It looks nice in the commercials though.”

“It should be, my class blew its entire budget on this thing.”

“Sounds great. Hey, we better get a move on, that looks like one heck of a storm off to the west.”

Jack glances to his right and notices that the sky has turned a menacing black color. He picks up his speed a little as he knows they have a good twenty-five miles to cover. As he turns to look back at the road, he can’t help but sneak a peek at those breasts again.

Fifteen minutes later, the storm crosses their path. It turns out to be everything they had feared and more. Lightning begins flashing all around them and the downpour reduces visibility to a few hundred feet. Jack begins looking for any sign of a place where they can safely pull over. He finally gets his bearings and remembers there is a hotel/restaurant just up ahead.

The old Mustang creeps along as the lights of the hotel come into view. Jack pulls the car in the parking lot and curses the crowd of cars blocking them from getting within a hundred feet of the hotel.

“I’ll run up and see if we can get a seat at the restaurant.”

“I’m coming with you,” says Julia.

“You’ll get soaked, and I’m not going to melt,” jokes Jack.

Julia chuckles a little. “Well, I knew that, but that doesn’t change the fact I’m not gonna let you run back out here just to get me. Besides, if we can’t get in the restaurant, we’ll just get a room.”

Jack had never imagined a girl actually telling him they could “get a room.” Although, he knows this is purely so they don’t have to sit in the car during this downpour.

“Alright, but we are gonna have to run fast.”

“Either way we are getting soaked, kültür escort so you say when.”

“Let’s go!” Jack yells as they fling open the doors and take off running for the restaurant. He stays back a bit, not wanting to leave Julia behind. They finally reach the canopy in front of the restaurant and they are both laughing. That is, until they glance inside and see the waiting area packed to overflowing.


“Oh well, maybe they deliver too!” says Julia as she walks towards the entrance to the hotel. Jack begins following her, his eyes drawn to her swaying hips and ass. Its almost as if he has no control over watching her movements.

They step inside the hotel lobby, a simple little block room. The attendant is sitting at a little counter.

“I ain’t giving no room to no High School kid. I done told the rest of ’em the same thing.”

Julia looks up at Jack and laughs, giving him a wink.

“Sir,” she starts as she opens her purse. “I assure you I am no high school student.” She places her ID on the counter for his review. The guy looks surprised at her age and gives her the once over. He then looks at Jack.

“Awful dressed up aren’t ya?” asks the attendant.

“Well,” answers Jack. “We were headed for a wedding reception when this rain came up.”

“Alright then, you can have my last room.”

“Great,” says Julia.

“Its seventy-five bucks and it has one full size bed. Is that a problem?”

Jack looks at Julia, waiting for her response.

“That’s perfect, thanks.”

Julia hands him a credit card.

“We don’t take plastic here. Cash only.”

Julia knows she doesn’t have that much in cash and she looks at Jack. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out the rolled up bill his mom had given him. He quickly unrolls the single, $100 bill and hands it to the man.

“Emergency fund, you know.”

“Never hurts to carry good old fashioned cash I always say,” adds the attendant.

Jack is counting his blessings that he took the money from his mom.

“Here’s the key, room 170. You need something to eat?”

“Yeah, but that place is packed.”

“My hotel customers get served first. I’ll have them bring over some burgers and fries for you.”

“Thanks,” replies Jack as they head out the door.

They make their way along the corridor to their room. Their room is at the end of the hall. Jack quickly pops the door open and gets his first glance at the room. It is surprising clean, although outdated by at least thirty years. Julia closes the door behind her and scopes out the place.

The bed occupies one half of the room, while a small table with one chair sits along side it. The television is bolted to a low stand with the HBO program guide on top of it.

“Well, la ti da!” he says. “This place has free HBO!”

Julia just laughs and shakes her head at him. She glances toward the window and feels the air conditioning running. She crosses the room quickly and flips the thermostat to hot. The air becomes a little warm at best, but begins taking the chill off of the room.

Jack can’t help but notice that Julia isn’t wearing a thick enough bra as her hardened nipples are pressing through the dress. Both of them are soaked as they just stand and stare at each other.

“Well, as you’ve noticed, I’m freezing.”

“Oh, you are?” feigns Jack.

“Well, if you eyes were warmers, my nips wouldn’t be cold!” laughs Julia.

“Shit, I…well, you know…”

“Yeah, I know”

Jack is saved by a knock on the door and he rushes over to answer it. There is a kid with two Styrofoam boxes.

“Fifteen bucks,” says the kid as he looks past Jack at Julia. She smiles.

Jack gives him twenty and the kid disappears down the hall. They pull the table up to the edge of the bed and get ready to eat.

“Uh, Jack, you aren’t going to sit on the bed like that are you? You’re soaked!”

“Damn. Well, I guess one of us has to take something off.”

Julia just laughs at his comment.

“I have an idea,” she says. “Give me your shirt, its pretty dry I bet.”

Jack just pulls off his dress shirt, which is in fact quite dry under his coat.

“You take the chair and I’m gonna go change,” says Julia. “Go ahead and start eating.”

Jack sits down and begins devouring his burger and fries.

Five minutes pass and Julia calls to Jack from the bathroom. “No staring, ok!”

“Ok,” Jack lies.

Julia quickly emerges from the bathroom wearing Jack’s shirt. From his perspective, that might be all she has on. He can clearly make out her dark nipples through the white shirt.

“Uh, no staring!”

“Right, right,” Jack says as he looks back to his meal. Julia smiles after he looks down as she sits down, pulling a blanket across her lap. She begins eating and proves to be quite hungry as she finishes about the same time as Jack does. However, it wasn’t a fair race as he had to stop frequently to steal a glimpse of her nipples. Before he was even done he could feel his cock growing in his pants and hoped he didn’t markantalya escort have to get up at some point.

Finally, they finish their meal and decide to check the weather. The local station is saying the storm could continue through the night.

“Great, I just hope the power doesn’t…” starts Jack as the TV goes silent when the hotel goes dark.

“Nice job,” says Julia in the darkness. “Well, I’m getting under the covers, its gonna get cold in here again.”

Jack just sits there in his soaked pants, thinking how horrible this night has gone.

“You know, you could always take your wet clothes off. It is dark now, so you’re safe.”

“Sounds like a plan,” says Jack as he stands and peels off his wet clothes. He begins picturing Julia in that bed, wearing just a shirt and some panties. His cock becomes rigid as he contemplates jerking it in the bathroom. However, he knows that is impossible as the sound would just resonate in this little room.

“I’ll guess I’ll just lay here on the floor then,” he says as he stretches out.

“No, that’s not fair. I’ll just lay on my side and you can have the other half.”

Jack can hardly believe his ears, but he decides to take her up on the offer as he climbs onto the bed.

“Do I get a blanket?” he asks.

“I suppose,” she says with a smile in her voice.

Jack slides under the covers and although he isn’t touching her, he can feel her warmth a few inches away. He can only imagine how soft her skin must feel and he begins to have carnal thoughts enter his mind. Lying there near her, he has no control over his ever hardening cock.

Jack knows there is no chance of sleep as his hormones rage with the thoughts in his mind. After about twenty minutes, Julia’s breathing reaches an even pace. Jack knows she has fallen asleep. Slowly, he slides towards her until he feels the head of his cock touch her shirt.

Carefully, he reaches across her and rests his arm on her side. She doesn’t react and he just enjoys the warmth of her body. His mind is still fighting itself over recognizing this hot woman in bed with him as his Aunt Julia.

A few minutes later, he slides his hand down her arm and takes her left breast gently in his hand. He can hardly believe he is touching her in this way. He is thoroughly enjoying it, but knows he wants to feel them with no shirt. Without any hesitation, he slips his hand down and quickly unfastens two buttons. Julia still has not moved, so he slips his hand inside the shirt, feeling her perfect nipple. The skin is so soft and he can hardly contain his excitement. His cock is making no attempt to hide its excitement as it presses hard against her back.

Hormones are completely overriding his rational thoughts now and he decides that having his penis digging into her back could wake her up. So, he grabs it with his free hand and pushes it down, thinking it won’t hurt anything to stuff it between her legs.

He scoots down slightly and lets his cock slide between her legs. Jack expects it to come to rest against some silky panties, but instead it comes to rest against her seemingly moist pussy. His excitement peaks, knowing that the only clothing in the bed is the shirt she is wearing.

Julia moans slightly and Jack freezes, hoping not to wake her and ruin this moment. She shifts a little, but Jack holds his position. Seconds later she relaxes and falls back asleep. Jack waits a moment and then slowly lets out a sigh of relief. Her new position has put some pressure on his stiff cock and he shifts in an attempt to make himself more comfortable. As he does this, the head of his cock penetrates her.

“Oh my god…” he exclaims under his breath.

“Ooohhhhhh….” moans Julia. She doesn’t move, but the penetration must have caused her to wake up a little.

“Shit,” he thinks, not knowing what to do next. However, his indecision is quickly solved as he feels her vagina begin gripping his penis. He feels as though it is pulling him in. His instincts take over as he pushes his hips towards her, shoving himself deep inside her.

“Aaaah….” he sighs, as the magnificent feeling washes over him. Julia’s comes up to cover his on her breast.

“Jack… it feels so good…” she says as she milks his cock her with her pussy.

He slowly eases his hips back and then thrusts again with force. They begin to grunt and moan in unison as Jack pounds into her. He rips her shirt off, wanting to feel her skin against his. He pulls her tight against him as he continues to fuck his aunt with abandon.

“Just don’t come inside me, Jack”

She might as well have told the wall, because his senses are focused only on the hot, wet pussy that he is invading. The sloshing sound echoes in the room as the juices from her pussy coat his thrusting cock. Julia screams as an orgasm rips through her. The tensing of her body sends a shockwave through Jack, pushing him over the edge. His hips push hard against her and work to keep his cock buried in her as his seed spews into her.

“Damn…” she says, but her thoughts are betrayed by her body as she milks every last drop out of his throbbing cock. Jack continues to massage her tits as he begins thrusting into her again, not wanting this to end. Julia continues moaning as he pounds into her for a few more minutes.

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