The Protégé and the Mentor Ch. 02

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This story is a continuation of the adventures of characters introduced in The Reunion. The story makes more sense if that short series is read first as well as the first chapter in this story. All characters are at least 18.


When I woke up I washed up, put on my makeup, everything but getting dressed. I went down to breakfast naked. Susan looked at me, “Are you going to school like that?”

“Maybe. What are the societal norms concerning wearing clothes to school?”

“I think society expects you to adhere to your school’s dress code and to be covered up.”

“Just like you were for 4 years and Blanke Schande College?”

“That was different. The school established it’s own societal norm. And it was for all women to be naked.”

“Oh, I see. So these societal norms aren’t carved in stone?”

“Well, they can vary.”

“I see. And what is the societal norm about you and Dad and Ingrid living together in a manage a trois for your Junior year?”

“Well, society became accepting.”

“Ah, so ‘society’ can become accepting. ‘Society’ can change?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“But we can’t have one set of societal norms about a mother and daughter being lovers in this house and a separate set of societal norms outside the house?”

“No, not that norm. That norm is absolute. Look, will you eat your breakfast and get to school?”

I finished my breakfast with a smirky “I-got-cha” look that I hope made her have doubts about whether I would be able to convince her that we should become lovers. I went upstairs and dressed and left with I believe relief on her part that I didn’t decide to test societal norms today at school.

When I saw Kaley at school, I told her I wanted her to stay at our house this weekend. . .all weekend. She agreed and we went off to class.

This was the first day I was to report for work on my new job after school. It was an orientation for a fast-food restaurant. I went by to fill out a lot of forms, to get my uniform and to have a brief orientation. I really was proud of myself finally having my first line on my brand new resume.

When I got home, as proud as I was of my new uniform, I tore all my clothes off and went around completely naked. Susan asked how everything went and I giddily told her. She didn’t make any comment about my being naked. Dad came home and I repeated the story for him. He did sarcastically ask, “Is this the uniform you’re going to be wearing?”

“No, when I got home I just decided to conform to our new household societal norm for attire.” He and Susan glanced at each other.

Susan and I prepared our Blue Apron meal of Spicy Alaskan Pollock with jasmine rice and Broccoli. I tried to tempt her by putting some of the sauce on my tit and asking her to taste it. She didn’t go for it. We ate our meal normally, if you consider my sitting there naked normal. But maybe that would now be the new norm. I had no idea how long I would keep this up, but I was rather enjoying the freedom I was enjoying.

We retired to our respective bedrooms at the end of the evening. After giving Susan time to get into bed, I went into her room as I said “to give her and Dad a goodnight kiss”. Again, she wasn’t falling for it and gave me a rather motherly peck, albeit on the lips. Dad and I exchanged the same type of kiss. I went back to my room, but I didn’t cry nor masturbate this time.

The next morning, I was the first to the kitchen and I prepared blueberry waffles with bacon. Some of the hot bacon grease splattered on my breasts and I quickly donned an apron. When Susan came down she commented on my partial attire. I told her I was just acknowledging the benefits of clothing and explained the bacon grease incident. I doffed the apron for the meal. Again, at the end of the meal, I went upstairs to dress for school.

I told Kaley about my running around naked for the past two days, but I left out what prompted my actions and what I was trying to prove. She said she was really looking forward to spending the weekend with us and said she may not bring any clothes. Somehow that excited me and I suddenly lost the trepidations I’ve been having about getting closer to her.

I went to work for 4 hours after school. When I got home, I took off all my clothes and I did ask Susan if it would be alright for Kaley to stay with us this weekend. She had no objections, which I knew she wouldn’t. I asked Susan if we were going to have a pool party on Saturday. She asked why I was asking, since the pool was always available. I told her I wanted to invite the Dicksons from next door. She said she thought that was a strange request since they weren’t particularly close to Dad and her and really not to me with the obvious age difference. I said I just thought it would be a nice gesture to get to know them better. She said alright.

“Great, I’m going to go over and invite them.”

“Like that?”

“Sure, why not. They know we are a bunch of nudists and they shouldn’t be shocked to see me like this. This is how they are going to see me this weekend.”

I walked over escort ataşehir to their house and knocked on the door. Mr. Dickson answered and took a long time looking me over. “Hi, we are having a pool party at our house this Saturday, and I thought you and Mrs. Dickson might want to join us.”

“Come on in, and we can ask her. Olivia, Sara from next door is here.” Mrs. Dickson came into the room and, maybe it was just my imagination but I thought she took just as much time as Mr. Dickson to look me over. “Olivia, Sara wants to invite us to a pool party at her house this Saturday.”

“Well, I don’t know. Who is going to be there?” I told her me, Susan and Dad, my friend Kaley and, I hope, them. “Aren’t you going to have any of your school friends there, or your parents friends?” I told her it was just going to be us and no big production.

“That’s good, I don’t think I would feel comfortable getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers.” Mr. Dickson looked at her and then looked at me, but didn’t say anything. I glanced back and forth at each of them.

I asked her, “Does that mean you would feel comfortable being naked in front of the four of us. . . .and Mr. Dickson, of course?”

She thought about it for a few seconds, “Yes. Why, yes, I think it would be fun skinny dipping. . . .do you kids still call it that?”

Mrs. Dickson is in her fifties. She looked like a “typical” 50 year old woman, if there is such a thing. I was trying to imagine her naked. I had more luck in imagining her naked 30 years ago. She was probably a very attractive woman, not glamorous, but attractive. I guess i really hadn’t thought my idea through. I never dreamed she would be joining in the nakedness.

“Sure, I guess that’ll be a lot of fun. Mr. Dickson, Dad probably won’t be naked, and I’m not sure about Susan, uh, Mom. But Kaley and I will certainly be completely nude all afternoon. This all started from our reunion at Blanke Schande a while back. I guess the exectation there is that the men will not be nude, only the women. And we’ve kinda adopted that as the expectation in our house. But you can do whatever you feel like.”

“Well, I guess I’ll just roll with the flow.” I said goodbye and returned home. I told Susan and Dad about our conversation. They didn’t act shocked.

“Frank, how long do you think it’ll take before Sara converts the whole street to nudity?”

That night, Stacy skyped me again. It was early morning. We got caught up, I told her about the upcoming pool party and the conversation with the Dicksons. She just laughed. “You really can be a persuasive young lady.”

“Stacy, how would you feel if Kaley and I . . .uh, you know, did it?”

“‘It’? Is ‘it’ what I think it is?”


“Do you find her that attractive?”

That question struck like a dagger. I was stunned and didn’t respond for a minute or so. “She’s convenient.”

“Are you saying you are going to use her? Do you just want to satisfy your, uh, I don’t know what to call it, your carnal pleasures?”

Again, her question shamed me into silence.

“Stacy, the next time I see you I want to be good at eating your pussy. I think I need some practice.”

“You don’t need any practice. You have great natural instincts. I can tell. At BSC they don’t have a course “Cunt Eating 101″. The girls here, everyone here just develops that skill naturally. Having sex with her just for practice, I don’t know. Do you have any feelings for her?”

“We’ve been best friends since elementary school.”

“When did you first start developing this feeling for her, the desire to have a lesbian relationship?”

“Oh, I don’t know. You’re making me feel like such a jerk.”

“If you’re asking me how I would feel if you had a lesbian relationship, any kind of sexual relationship, with someone else, I don’t know where this is coming from. We had, we have, something special, but we haven’t vowed fidelity to each other. Do you think I’ve been celibate since you left?”

“Well, I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Would you be upset with me, would you think any less of me if I told you I was in a three-some Sunday night?”

“Oh, that makes me hot.”

“You do what you’ve got to do. But examine your motives. If it is to use someone sexually and then discard her, well, no, as your mentor I wouldn’t like that. As your lover, I would have to accept that. Maybe you need to find someone that you have sincere affection for and get your hormone level released.”

“There is someone I have sincere feelings for, but they. . .”

“They?” She stopped me mid sentence. “Did you mean to say ‘he’ or ‘she’? Or were you deliberately trying to be evasive?”

“She. She let me know she wasn’t interested.”

“Would it be her first lesbian experience?”

“No. I know she had a lesbian lover when she was in college.”

“In college. So she’s older? How much older?”

“She’s old enough to be my mother.” I was proud of myself for making the clever evasive remark.

“Is it one of your teachers? That can be tricky. You kadıköy escort might get her into a lot of trouble.”

“No she’s not my teacher.”

“Tell me more. How did you meet her?”

“I’ve know her all my life.”

“So she’s friends with your mother?”

“Not exactly.”

“Well what exactly?”

“It’s Susan.” I just blurted it out.

“Oh, wow!” Stacy gasped and fell back but caught herself by putting her hands in back of herself. “Where is this coming from?”

I gave Stacy a quick version, about how the French kiss in Maddie’s English class, watching her parade around campus the entire reunion weekend began to gnaw at my libido, about the pussy-shaving, the drunken walk back to campus from The Absolute, about trying on the labia dangles, about sleeping in her bed and spooning. But more importantly about developing a genuine bonding relationship with her than I had never previously imagined. About how she suddenly wasn’t just my mother but she was a friend, a companion, someone that I loved in more than a motherly way.

“Wow, that’s pretty profound. Have you told your mother, Susan, how you feel?”


“And what happened?”

“She told me she wasn’t interested. Actually she said she was very interested, but we couldn’t do anything. Something about ‘societal norms'”.

“But she said she was interested.”

“Definitely. But society wouldn’t let us.”

“I didn’t know you had to get a note from ‘society’. I guess I’m in a lot of trouble; I’ve never gotten a note from ‘society’. So you’re really interested in pursuing this?”

“Oh, yes. It’s driving me crazy. When I parade around naked and I see her naked. Although she’s really been covering up a lot lately.”

“Didn’t you tell me that your mother, Susan, grew up in the South?”

“Yes, a very rich suburb of Atlanta called Roswell.”

“Did your ancestors own slaves?”

“I don’t know. No one in the family ever talks about that.”

“That would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it? And when did your your great great grandmother and even your grandmother first vote? Did your grandmother have a job, outside the home, I mean?

“You need to get acquainted with your family history. And when she answers these questions, why don’t you ask her what the ‘societal norms’ were about owning slaves, or women voting, or even working outside the home.”

“Yes, you’re right. ‘Societal norms’ have changed a lot over the years.”

“I want you to do some research into the incest taboo. See if it wasn’t related to concerns about producing abnormal children. I don’t believe you and Susan can have any children as a result of doing a little muff diving.”

“Muff diving? What a funny term considering neither of us has a muff.”

“Well, how about ‘eating some clams’ or ‘dining at the Y’?”

“That’s funny. I like those. My vocabulary has really expanded since we became friends.”

“I don’t think that’s the only thing that’s expanded.”

“You’re a great teacher, a mentor.”

“Well, if you’re serious about about becoming Susan’s lover, you’ve got to work on how to approach it, and give it some serious consideration if that would be a wise idea. And what are you going to do with Kaley.”

“I dunno. I guess I can put that off. But in the meantime we can have some fun playing around. She asked me about my shaved cunt, my bald beaver. I think she needs me to shave hers this weekend. She’s staying here this weekend.” We talked and laughed about a few other things and then signed off. It was time for breakfast so I went down and started making some waffles.

Susan and Dad came down just as I was taking the last one out of the waffle iron. We sat around talking and eating breakfast. I was naked but I told Susan, who was still in her sleeping camisole, “Take off your top.”

She glanced at Dad, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get sexually aroused?”

“Oh, I’m not afraid. That’s exactly what I want. Take it off.”

“I don’t know. After our conversation Sunday night, I’m not so sure that’s such a good idea.”

“What a prude you’re becoming, Miss-Naked-in-the-San-Francisco-and-Denver-airports.”

“No. We’ve had our fun, but I don’t want things to get out of hand.”

Dad chimed in, “Come on, Susan, add a little spice to breakfast. Take off your top.” Susan had no choice but to comply.

“That’s how I remember them. Nice. I just hope mine develop that nicely.”

“Check with me after you’ve had a child.” We finished our meal that way and then I got dressed and started to leave for school.

“I’m working tonight and I’m going there straight from school. I’ll get home about 8:00.” I kissed Dad gently on the cheek and kissed Susan on the lips, lingering a little longer than she expected but not longer than she enjoyed. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll give you a little tongue.” Susan leaned forward and renewed the kiss extending her tongue into my mouth, a move which of course I reciprocated. “I’ve go to go now.”

When I got home that night, Susan was completely dressed, casually, but still dressed. maltepe escort bayan She told me she would warm me up some supper. I told her I wasn’t hungry and I would just fix myself some ramen soup, strangely one of my meals of choice. I put some water in the microwave and got undressed, right there in the kitchen. Susan came over and just gently caressed my body as i did so, not in an arousing way, although I was aroused, but in a loving motherly way. She sat down with me at the table. “Tomorrow is Thursday. I think we should try to capture the companionship we had, the bonding we did during the weekend by making every Thursday Blanke Schande day. I guess it won’t be hard for you, but I’m going to stay naked all day.”

“Why don’t you start now?”

“But that wouldn’t make it special, would it?”

“No, I guess not. So should I put my clothes back on?”

“No, don’t. I enjoy admiring your young supple nubile body,” she said with a chuckle.

“So have you changed your mind about what we talked about Sunday night?”

“I’ve thought about it, but, no, I haven’t changed my mind.”

I didn’t take this opportunity to hit her with the ammunition Stacy had given me. I wanted to save that for Sunday night after she had spend an entire weekend with a naked Kaley, Olivia Dickson and me. “Kiss me”, I commanded her. “Kiss me passionately”.

“Yes, but that’s all I’ll do.” We kissed, we embraced. She caressed my small breasts. I moaned but she would not be baited to go further.

The next morning when I went down to breakfast, true to her word, Susan was completely naked. Well, she was wearing an apron with her ass hanging out. I walked over to the stove, kissed her gently, but made sure to rub her ass as i did so.

“Um, that feels good.”

“I’d still like to make you feel better.”

“Not until you change society”, she said with that patented Blanke Schande twinkle in her eyes.

“I’m working on it. Olivia Dickson is my latest convert.”

“Is she your new MILF?”

Funny, that thought had never even occurred to me. But I began to think. “Maybe I could have a taste test, Kaley’s young sweet honey pot, your more mature pussy, and Olivia’s musty old worn out cunt.”

“How do you know it’s musty, and how do you know it’s worn out. For all you know, she may not have used it in twenty years. I can’t imagine Mr. Dickson going down on her, maybe she’s an oral sex virgin. I think we should have a contest to find out. Let me think about it.”

“Let’s start with an easy one. You go over to her house Saturday, get her to walk over here naked and at the end of the party, walk back naked.”

“That’s money in the bank. What’s my prize?”

“You know that pair of ear dangles with the abstract spiral? I’ll give them to you.”

“With the matching labia dangles?”

“Of course.”

“You’ve got to take them off and put them on me when we are Skyping Stacy.”


The weekend couldn’t get here soon enough. Not that I was particularly interested in seeing Olivia naked, but the gaming aspect of the afternoon had me aroused. Having Susan play with my pussy while Stacy watched had me almost coming.

On Friday, Kaley came home with me after school. We both immediately disrobed as soon as we got in the door. Susan was home, clothed; it wasn’t Blanke Schande Thursday.

Kaley started fondling my breasts as we kissed passionately. Susan was in her studio, but when she came out and saw us, she said nothing and only turned into an observer. “Do you two need to take a cold shower?”

Kaley asked, “Will you join us?”

Susan turned around and walked away. Kaley took my hand and led me upstairs. Was this it? We went into my bedroom and I started to close the door. “No, leave it open. I want an audience.”

Somehow having Susan “catch” us would serve my purpose, so I left the door open. Kaley crawled onto the bed, “Come here. I want to eat your pussy.”

“I need a shower, and if I’m going to lick your clit, I want it shaved. So we have to shave your pussy. I want Susan to help me shave it, so this will have to wait until tonight.” Despite having established this barrier, we did caress each other, our breasts, our faces. She was a lot more expansive in her explorations, literally kissing every part of my body except for my cunt. I felt her lips on my ass cheeks but when I felt her fingers exploring my ass crack and my ass hole, I pushed her away. “No, I’ve got to clean that up. I don’t want you getting any surprises down there.”

We played around for about an hour. I was getting excited and started looking forward to what we inevitable would be doing later that night, but I wanted to keep the culmination in abeyance. Susan eventually came into my room, ostensibly to ask us if we were going to have supper. She acted so casually. “Come on, Kaley, we need something to eat besides clams.”

We went downstairs, naked, of course. Susan had prepared veal marsala. It was delicious, served on a bed of linguine. Kaley took some linguine and sauce and placed it on my breasts. She then proceeded to eat it. “Don’t you want any, Susan?” Instead of eating the linguine off my beasts, Susan took some from Kaley’s plate and put it on Kaley’s breast. Kaley reacted by saying, “Oooooh. I like that. Clean it off now.” That’s exactly what Susan did. “Help her out Sara.”

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