The Ravishment of Sheila

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Sheila Verona stood in front of her kitchen sink staring blankly out the small window above it. She was under a tremendous amount of stress at this time and it was beginning to show in the relationships with her family and friends.

She was short with everyone it seemed anymore and she couldn’t control her outbursts. Her Husband Victor had left months ago, her son’s friends no longer came around to visit him nor did any of Sheila’s old friends.

It was money, as it always seemed to be; Victor had lost his job at the local plant and things went downhill rapidly. She didn’t know now where the money would come from to pay the bills and she didn’t make enough herself to meet them.

She had a terrible fight with her son that morning about his going to stay with a friend that next weekend when so much needed done around the house. Things had become heated and there were terrible words exchanged between the two.

Sheila had said things to her son she now regretted and wished she could take back. She grabbed the checkbook from the counter and walked over to the table seating herself in one of the chairs. She would again try to see if she couldn’t juggle things around enough to catch the light bill up before they shut her power off.

Sheila was thirty-five now but didn’t look near her age, she had long luxurious dark hair and deep gray eyes. Her breasts were a little too large for her petite frame but not outlandishly so, and they were still firm and high.

She had great legs that ran up to a pair of beautifully curved hips that flowed into a nicely shaped thin waist. She had a beautiful ass and very shapely lips that enhanced a beautiful olive toned face.

As she sat refiguring her balance she was in contention with a splitting headache that never seemed to end lately. She sensed rather than consciously heard her son Douglas enter the kitchen area as she manipulated her scant account.

Douglas swung the appliance door open and reached in for the jug of ice water his mother always kept there and grabbed a glass from the overhead cupboard. Douglas filled his glass and leaving it there turned to place the glass container back in the refrigerator when it slipped from his hand and shattered on the floor.

Sheila was startled badly by the exploding sound of the near carnage and jumped up from her chair spinning around to find the scene of the crisis. She stood their, her nerves already unraveled by other distractions and as she surveyed the broken glass and water on the floor she began to cry.

“You stupid little bastard, do you think all I have to do in my life is clean up after your idiotic misfortunes,” she screamed as the tears flowed freely down her cheeks.

Her loud complaint caught her son off guard; he was shocked and then angered.

“If you hadn’t driven my father away with your constant complaining I wouldn’t be a bastard now would I, you cheap Spanish whore,” he spat back in retaliation.

“What … what did you call me you little shit,” she screamed at him as she advanced on him.

Sheila slapped her son across the face the sound of the hard impact reverberating through out the space of the room.

“No bitch, not this time,” he yelled at her.

He slapped her back and his five foot-eleven inch frame knocked his smaller opponent to her knees. She was dazed, but as she regained her senses she was filled with a fierce anger and rose quickly to her feet.

Sheila leapt like a lioness taking prey, her strong sharp nails peeling the flesh at the side of his face where blood sprang to the surface immediately.

Douglas grabbed the front of her frilly blouse and slapped her face hard once more. The force of his blow against the firm grip of her blouse ripped the front of his mothers blouse wide open.

There before his eyes were two perfectly formed olive toned globes of flesh beautifully shaped with full stiff nipples. Sheila grabbed the shredded garment and tried pulling it together to hide her nakedness from her sons’ eyes.

“Oh no you don’t whore,” he growled as he grabbed both hands and moved them away.

He wanted to humiliate her, here in her own home, for her hateful behavior toward everyone around her including escort ataşehir himself. He slapped her again with less force this time and noticed the beautiful fire in her eyes, the evident self-righteous anger she was feeling.

“You have beautiful breasts mother, how about letting me lick them for you and alleviate a little of that sexual tension,” he told her, his grin evil and menacing.

“Are you loco or just stupid Douglas, I am your mother,” she offered weakly.

Douglas leaned his larger frame into his mothers’ body and backed her roughly up against the table. He ripped her blouse completely off her body and then reaching down he ripped off her loose flimsy skirt as well.

“You fucking bastard get away from me, if you touch me I’ll put you away somewhere I swear to God Douglas,” she screamed at him, still crying as she spoke.

She stood there with nothing to do about it, exposed in her panties only, before the hungry ravenous eyes of her angry son. He pinned both her wrist behind her and moved his mouth to her nipple as she tried to avoid contact there.

“Please Doug, don’t do this to me … please,” she begged him!

But as his hot mouth covered her nipple to devour her sweet flesh there, a lightening bolt of pure unmitigated pleasure seared its way along her consciousness exploding in heat between her legs that made her flesh go dewy.

“Please don’t, please … please Doug, my God I’m your mom,” she pleaded with tears.

But in spite of her words her body wanted his tongue on it, wanted his hands between her legs touching her. She hated herself at that moment as she realized he was going to fuck her and she would likely orgasm beneath him.

“I hate you … do you hear me bastard … I said I hate your fucking ass,” she screamed.

Doug looked his mother dead in the eye … his own now cold, dead, uncaring things. His fingers vised down on her nipple and squeezed with all the power in his young body. She closed her eyes and screamed as her body trembled deeply with the pain of his abuse.

When he let go she opened her eyes and he found a storm of sorrow and pain there as he held them with his own. He pressed her lips with his and found no response at first but when he slipped his tongue into her mouth he thought he felt her part them just a little.

While he explored everything in her mouth his hand dropped and found its way between her legs. His young fingers slipped inside her panties and opened her cavern finding the firmness of her clit. He wooed her as they kissed, and gently, with ease of touch, he sat about the seduction of her will.

She was moist, but he couldn’t yet tell if she wanted him, she was not struggling as fiercely now and he enjoyed very much the warmth of her mouth. He broke the kiss and his mouth went immediately to his mother’s breast again where he pulled into his mouth one large erect nipple. She shivered as his hot member caressed the hard little rose of her breast and small waves of warm pleasure moved across the surface of her vulva.

Sheila considered another protest but decided against it she knew he wouldn’t stop now not until his hot seed seared the inside of her passage and his cock lurched in spasms inside her.

She felt the warmth of his mouth on her smooth skin making her wet down below. Her need was rising and everything he did felt good to her hungry body. She hadn’t had male companionship for some time now and she hadn’t realized until now how much she had missed it. She hated him for taking her this way but there was nothing she could do.

Doug shoved his mother roughly down on the kitchen table and ripped the thin panties from her body. Then parted her legs and kneeling he put his face directly in front of her cunt. His tongue darted out and swiped the dark cavern of her sweet mysteries. Her body jerked sharply in response to his touch, as her son began to eat her out.

“I hate you Doug … you bastard,” she whispered lamely.

He didn’t care, his cock was raging between his legs and if it was the last thing on earth he accomplished, he was going to bring his mother to a resounding orgasm. He used his member skillfully against the warm wet tissue of kadıköy escort his mother’s pussy inserting it as deeply as he could between the swollen lips of her labia.

The very next time he lashed her clit she moaned pitifully and her hips rose to meet his tongue. Her hands were now stroking the thick dark hair of his head and she was beginning to moan softly.

Sheila was moving quickly to bliss in spite of her minds protest her body intended to have its way and obtain reprieve from its frustration. Doug stopped and raised himself to his feet, from the cast of her face he knew she was in stress to release.

He lowered his lips to hers and she received him with due gentleness this time and readily made room for his seeking tongue. His hard thick cock was resting in her crevice directly over her firm clit.

As his tongue probed her mouth his cock ground against her folds producing some of the most beautiful sensations she could ever remember experiencing. They exploded in her brain and body one after the other, until she thought she might pass out from the firestorm of pleasure.

The beautiful Sheila Verona was thrusting against the rhythm of her son’s movements in her crevice. Every movement of his cock was a blessing of sweet joy to her flesh. She knew she was gushing between her legs but her hunger was deep and long held.

She felt his strong hands gently caress the tissue of her swollen breasts as they kissed. The passage of his slow strong hands over her skin made her body tingle all over. The exploits of his expertly educated tongue in her mouth was still thrilling the young vixen, driving her desire to desperation.

“I’m so sorry Douglas for the things I said I didn’t mean them,” she whispered.

“I know Sheila but I won’t stop, I don’t think I can now,” he answered with strained voice.

“I know Doug and I don’t want you to,” she whispered in response.

“Put it in me Doug, I’m so hungry, fuck mommy my beautiful boy, give mommy an orgasm,” she cooed as she lovingly stroked his back with her hands.

Doug did as his mother ask, he felt her tense as the width of his cock began to slowly stretch her vaginal passage. She shivered against him as he advanced and moaned sweetly in his ear.

“Te quiero a mi hijo,” she whispered. “I love you my son.”

“I love you to mom,” he replied.

“Usted es el golpe del corazón Douglas,” she whispered. “You are the beat of my heart Douglas.”

She was driven to passion by the sensations her flesh had needed so long now, the touch of human skin. The kiss, the hands, and the feel of man between her legs again that once more validated her wounded femininity.

Her breath rushed from her lungs when her son’s pelvis at last pushed against her own; his long wide member filling her in way never known before. Her body rushed with fire as her desire was fully released within and her passion consumed her consciousness.

With each deep hard thrust she moaned, her heels digging into her son’s buttocks forcing him into her, because she couldn’t get enough of the feeling so long absent from her life.

He used her like a whore, brutally, because it was what she wanted, she wanted to leave that table sore, swollen, and needing no more. He was like a great stallion in breeding season, powerful, and deep, and Shelia loved all of it, the sound, scent, and warmth of him.

As her impending explosion of personality approached she became somewhat delirious pathetically begging him to fuck her harder, faster. Screaming that she loved him only and would always be his now.

To say she thundered through the end of orgasm would be putting it mildly, she nearly passed out with the intensity of her release. Her convulsions literally sucked the sperm out of her son’s cock and she sprayed his entire upper thigh region with a downpour of sexual fluids.

Doug pulled a nearby chair behind him and sat down and then eased his mothers limp frame out onto his lap. They were both soaked and breathless as he wrapped his arms around her and drew her tightly to him.

So overcome by the joy of her release Sheila began kissing his face and neck without stopping for the longest time. Finally, maltepe escort bayan Doug placed both hands on the side of her face and looked into her eyes. They were soft again, with that gentle shyness he had missed for so long now and she was smiling, something missing far to long.

“You may have me whenever you please my son and there will be no more fighting between us. But please tell me you still love me,” she said softly.

“Te amo mi reina española,” he told her. ” I love you my Spanish Queen.”

She kissed him then, a deep sensitive probing of the young nature, that she had just matured.

“I have a plan mother to help us get by if you can bring yourself to consider it,” he told her.

“And what is your plan Douglas,” she asked smiling, thinking she may as well entertain him because it was sweet of him to want to help.

“You’re a beautiful woman my Queen would you consider posing nude for me, and my hungry Nikon,” he asked her?

“Right now I would do anything for you my lover,” she replied smiling, as her well-formed fanny wiggled against his lap!

“If we can produce a good layout for the shoot we can, sell the series on the net. That will give us money to start a web site with, we can put your photos there as well as those of any models we might hire from our local model stock,” he told her.

“But won’t that be expensive,” she asked?

“We can save some of the expense by using my friends to design the site security, I can do the basic page itself, but will need some help with the security end of it,” he answered.

“I’m willing to try anything at this point Doug, we certainly can’t go on this way we will lose our home if we don’t do something and soon,” she said.

“You won’t be embarrassed when I’m standing there camera in hand asking you to touch yourself,” he asked her?

Sheila stood with a devilish smile on her lovely face and began a slow sensual dance at the side of Doug’s chair. She held his eyes, hers full of mischief, as her hands began to run up and down on her fabulous olive toned body.

“You mean like this Dougie,” she asked him with a wide smile, as her hands began to caress her vulva and her hips undulated sensually!

“Um-m-m … damn mom, that’s exactly what I meant,” he replied with a laugh.

He grabbed her and re-seated her on his lap; she leapt to his lips and consumed him with her own. The warmth of her perfect breasts stirring him as she playfully chewed his neck and cooed musically for his ego.

“I will start tomorrow mother and you must spend some money on some new sexy cloths that you will then very slowly remove,” he spoke.

Sheila had never before viewed her son as a problem solver, she was discovering that this young man she was falling quickly in love with was more complicated than she knew.

“Do you think I’m pretty Douglas,” she asked him.

She needed reassurance he knew regarding herself as a woman; still the question caught him completely off guard so he proceeded in a playful manner.

“Yes my little Spanish slut … I know your beautiful, and you will drive me to excess in my use of your sultry charms. I will ravish you on the lawn late at night, on the hood of your car at high noon, on the table and in the bath and when finished you’ll sleep the sleep of the dead,” he smiled.

“Oh yes-s-s-s,” she squealed with a big smile!!! She was so young at that moment that she thrilled him.

He loved her at such moments, her spirit wide open and unashamed. The light of her eyes was brightest at these times, and the gentleness of her nature most apparent.

They bathed after that; it was a prolonged affair with a great deal of touching, kissing, and sweet verbal reinforcement between the two.

He gave his mother her second orgasm of the day as she lay bound on her own bed while eating her to complete culmination. She cried when she came that afternoon arching hard against her ties desperately wanting to touch his body.

That night Douglas teased her until her lips hurled a long string of colorful profanity at him demanding he take her. She was a passionate woman, if one understood how to properly use her. She came twice that night before Douglas filled her insides with his hot seed, her wrist held firmly against the sheets, her body a sheen of light sweat.

“My lover, the things you do they exhaust me,” she had told him with the sweetest smile. Then fell asleep to tired to even clean up.

End of part one

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