The Real Graziella 2

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The next day was Saturday and I had off from work, so I called her that morning.
“Hey, it’s Colette. What are you doing this afternoon?” I asked nonchalantly.
“Nothing so far. The kids are at their father’s for the weekend and my girlfriend went down to Florida to visit family. I would have gone with her but they don’t know she’s in a lesbian relationship yet, which is kind of irritating since we’ve been together for a year.”
“Oh man! Really? So they don’t know she’s gay?” I asked, trying to hide the chagrin in my voice. I had forgotten Graziella was spoken for…
“Haven’t a clue,” she laughed a bit uncomfortably. “It’s really taking a toll on our relationship though. I don’t like secrecy. I could really use something to take my mind off it for a while though. You’re a secret I don’t mind keeping, Colette. Come play with me. I live on Krandall Road, like two blocks from your shop.”
“Oh I know where that is! I live right on the next street over, on Laurel Ave, ” I said, excited that I could just walk there.
“Nice! Well, come over whenever you’re ready. It’s number 162, my apartment’s the one on the second floor.”
“Okay, I’ll be there in like fifteen minutes.”

I hurried to get ready, thankful I’d already showered and shaved, then headed out. Once I knocked on her door, she greeted me wearing nothing but a shiny gold bikini. She was wet and her skin glistened as droplets of water slid down her chest.
“Swimming?” I asked. “If I had known there was a pool I would have come prepared.”
She laughed softly and let me into her well-appointed apartment. “No pool – hot tub, actually. I had just gotten out when you showed up. And don’t worry about a bathing suit, I don’t mind if you go in naked.”

I smirked, then figured I’d just get right to the point. “I want you naked. Now.”
Graziella looked at me. “Good. I’m going to fuck you so good, Colette. You just wait and see what I have in store for you, baby.”

With that, she lead me to a white leather couch in her living room. I sat as she closed the window shades, then joined me. Straddling my lap, she held her arms out. “Do whatever you want to me.”

I didn’t waste a second. “Gawd, you are so fucking hot,” I said as my hands went straight bursa escort for her perfect tits, grabbing and kneading them. I kissed the gold-covered mounds, then slowly pulled the fabric aside and took a nipple between my lips. The hard little bud of her nipple felt so good on my tongue that I just kept on licking. After a few minutes I pulled away and tossed her to the side, onto her back on the couch. Kneeling on the couch in front of her, I pulled down her bikini bottom and exposed her sweet hairless pussy. I ducked my head down and started licking. As I made out with her cunt she pulled off her bikini top and played with her breasts, moaning and gasping with pleasure. I sucked on her clit for a few minutes and she came quickly. I would have been glad to keep licking that pussy, but she got up. Standing in front of me she said, “Wait here. I’m going to get something. I want you naked by the time I get back.”

I wasted no time pulling off my clothes as she headed into the next room. I fucking loved this girl. She didn’t like to beat around the bush, no pun intended. When she came back she had a large purple dildo strapped around her waist. I smirked and leaned back on the couch with my legs spread. She chuckled.
“Not yet, baby girl. You have to suck it first.”

I got excited and pulled her to me, taking that big purple cock into my mouth like it was the last one I was ever going to get. I fingered her pussy as I sucked, and she had cum dripping down her inner thighs by the time she pushed me onto my back, held my legs open, and slid that big cock into my sopping wet vagina. I moaned with pleasure as she slowly moved the dildo in and out, rocking her hips with a gentle rhythm that hit my g-spot just right. She didn’t seem impatient like a man would have been. She took her time, being pleased by pleasing me.

The buildup was steady and unerring and by the time I came we were both sweaty and panting. She began to slam the strap-on into me and my body shook. I screamed and dug my fingernails into the white leather beneath me as the pulsations forced the rubber cock out of me and my pussy squirted juices into the air and on Graziella’s face and chest. She loved it, and giggled as I calmed down, breathing heavily as I bursa escort bayan lay in my puddle of sweat and cum.

Graziella leaned over me and kissed my neck and chest. We were both exhausted, but I knew we weren’t finished. “I have all day,” she said. “We’ll go relax in the hot tub and then I want you to fuck my ass.” She smiled so sweetly after that I had to laugh. Then, before she could walk away, I grabbed her, stuck my fingers up her pussy, and then pulled them out and licked them clean.
“Mmm…” I said, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “I can’t wait.”

After we both had lounged in the hot tub out on the enclosed porch for about half an hour, kissing and fondling each other, we got worked up again and needed another round. I noticed Graziella had left the strap-on by the side of the hot-tub. She sat up on the edge of the hot tub and I spread her legs open. I took one long lick up her pussy and she shuddered, so I kept at it, taking one long lick after another until she was juicy. Then I gave her clit a good long suck and got out of the hot tub. I grabbed the strap-on and fastened it around myself, then pretended to jerk off as Graziella got out. We both giggled and then she bent over the edge of the hot tub, wiggling her perfect apple bottom at me.

I grasped one of her hips with one hand and used the other hand to guide the dildo into her wet pussy. She groaned softly as I slowly pushed it all the way in and let go to grab her other hip. Then I started to slam her. I pounded that sweet little cunt like there was no tomorrow and she screamed with ecstasy the entire time. I fucked her harder and harder until she came on the big purple dong and slumped on the edge of the hot tub. “Oh….my….gawd,” she panted and I smiled wolfishly as I parted her ass cheeks and spit on the little puckered hole. With I pressed the tip of the fake dick against it and gently applied pressure until the head popped in and she moaned. “Slide it all the way in,” she said, her voice tinged with absolute arousal. And I did.

I gently fucked her ass, sliding in and out slowly, continuously spitting on it, until her hole was relaxed and open enough to get rough. I started to bang her ass wildly, causing her to scream wildly.
“Oh escort bursa yes! Fuck me!” she cried. She reached down between her legs and began to rub on her clit. Graziella was so worked up she didn’t hear the phone ring from inside. I ignored it, too caught up in ass-fucking this hot, hot little bitch.

She came again and I pulled the cock out of her ass, then gave her a smack on her right butt cheek. “What other toys do you have, Miss Graziella?” I asked and she turned her head to look at me with a smirk so dirty I almost came right then.

As if she wasn’t exhausted from being fucked like a rag doll, she straightened and bounded back into the apartment, only to return seconds later with a 7 inch long pink vibrator. I took off the strap-on and she switched on the vibrator and pressed it right up against my aroused clitoris. I moaned and gripped the edge of the hot tub to hold myself up. Leaning against it, I spread my legs a bit wider and let her massage my clit with the vibrator as she licked and sucked on my nipples. After a few minutes she slid the vibrator inside me and kneeled down to flick her talented tongue over my clit. I came like a damn rocket, squirting all over her tongue and hand. My legs shook and almost gave out. If I hadn’t been holding myself up with the edge of the hot-tub I would have fallen on my ass.

Graziella grinned up and me and licked the vibrator clean, then stood up and kissed me. “You taste so damn good,” she said.
“Likewise,” I agreed.
“Let’s get something to eat.”
I laughed. “Haven’t we been eating all afternoon?”

Graziella giggled and then sauntered back into the house, noticing that she had a message on her answering machine. As I joined her inside she hit a button and played the message. It said it was from Erica and she was coming home early. As in today.
“Who’s Erica?” I asked.
Graziella whipped around, a look of shock on her face. “My girlfriend. You have to go now! I’m sorry, but I can’t get caught! I just can’t!”

I placed my hands on her shoulders. “It’s okay, Grazi. I understand.” I kissed her and then went to collect my things. “Don’t forget to put the toys away. Unless it’s customary for you to use a strap-on and vibrator on yourself by the hot tub.” I gave her a light-hearted smile and then did what I had to do to leave without a trace, not knowing if or when I would hear from Graziella again.

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