The Ring of Truth Ch. 10

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As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

This story has taken a huge curve. I wanted to see if the ring could be used for good versus evil. It is no longer a simple sex story.

Please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.


Amazingly, Priscilla moved her mouth away from Mrs. Howard’s lips. I was surprised when instead, she began to lick my cum from the older woman’s face, neck, and down to Mrs. Howard’s chest.

I did not know lesbians would like the taste of male cum. I thought it would have been in the first chapter of the lesbian handbook. Wow!

Of course, the djinn was laughing his ass off again.

Eventually, all three of us were lying relaxed on the floor and in the two chairs. Having caught our breaths, it was time for the next installment of the Pastor’s drama.

“Okay, you bastard, I want you to tell us the names of all the underage girls you raped so we can get you punished for the crimes.”

“Ladies, I am going to leave you to put together the list of all the underage girls the Pastor has raped. Once you have the list, call all the fathers and have them come to the Temple tomorrow evening about seven. No wives or daughters, just the fathers. This bastard will be punished for his crimes.”

Mrs. Howard, the Pastor’s wife, and his Assistant Pastor acknowledged their instructions. I was confident they would follow my instructions.

I texted my Mom asking for a ride. I waited outside for her to pick me up. My mind wandered down the path of my punishment of the Pastor for his transgressions. The worm needed to be punished, he had earned it.

When Mom arrived, she asked me if I would like to pick up dinner. We were not far from our favourite Indian food restaurant. I agreed enthusiastically. I hoped my favourite waitress would be working tonight.

I was in luck. Not only was she working, she was the order taker at the takeout desk. Nalini struck me wordless. For some reason she was wearing a traditional Indian dress. This was not the usual practice at this restaurant.

Mom asked “Why the dress? It looks fabulous on you!”

“I was at dance practice at the Hindi Community Center and was running late for work. I haven’t had a chance to change yet,” responded Nalini.

“You look lovely, dear,” said Mom.

And, Mom was absolutely right. She looked lovely indeed. This woman dripped sex appeal in my opinion. The dress did very little to show off her figure but I knew from previous visits to the restaurant that she was extremely hot even in the restaurant’s rather austere white top and black pants uniform.

Nalini was not tall, maybe five four, age maybe late twenties or early thirties, with long curly hair, olive hued skin with a touch of gold, and biggish boobs, maybe C cups. Her legs were very well defined and muscular due to her regular dance routines, I guess. When she wore high heels, they accented her ass to the highest degree pushing her cheeks up and outwards.

You will find this weird, I am sure, but, to me, her sexiest looking part were her big, round eyes. This woman knew how to apply her makeup like an artist. Her eyelids were usually shades of gold, black eyeliner, and very little blush. I always found myself staring at her eyes whenever she was facing me.

Like now. I could not tear my eyes away from her face. Mom must have noticed the look I was giving this woman. She leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Ricky, your mouth is hanging open.”

Oops. The fricken djinn obviously found this situation hilarious.

With both Mom and Nalini looking at me, I felt I had to apologise.

“I’m sorry, Nalini, for staring at you. But, your eyes are almost hypnotic in the way they lock my eyes on yours.”

I have no doubt that I was blushing as I made this statement. The djinn was laughing uproariously.

“That’s okay, Rick, I appreciate the comment about my eyes. I don’t think most men check out my eyes like you do.”

“You are so sexy! Especially because of your eyes.” I virtually blurted that out, quite embarrassed.

“My eyes are sexy?” she chuckled. “Just my eyes?”

Mom joined the djinn in laughing at me.

“No, no…umm…umm…” I stammered.

Mom joined in the conversation again, saving me from further humiliation. “You should drop by our house sometime so we can finish this little chat.”

Both women looked up and around to see if anyone was paying us any attention. Fortunately, no one was standing close enough to us to overhear anything said.

“When should I come? Tonight?” asked Nalini.

Mom looked at me and then back to the Indian woman.

“Sure,” Mom said. “Why don’t you come by after work tonight?”

“I can do that,” she said.

Mom güvenilir bahis asked for a slip of paper to write our address and phone number down. As she passed the note back to the Indian woman, she said in a very low voice, “I think more than your eyes are sexy.”

Nalini smiled and walked back to the kitchen to fetch our dinner order.

Mom whispered to me, “Did you smell her perfume? So exotic.”

I nodded in agreement.

“I hope her pussy tastes just as good,” Mom said with a dreamy eyed smile.

Taking our order home and having eaten dinner, Mom and I separated to get ready for our date with the Indian woman. I am not sure why but we elected to shower on our own.

I was the first one downstairs as usual. Wearing tailored workout pants and a pony labeled polo shirt, I made myself comfortable and watched TV waiting for both women to join me.

Nalini arrived before Mom came downstairs. She had changed her clothing at some time during the evening. In place of her traditional garb, the Indian woman was wearing a tight, chocolate brown mini skirt that barely came below her ass cheeks. She also had on a multi coloured silk blouse which hugged her beautiful boobs. And, she was wearing four inch stilettoes. Lots to look at besides her eyes.

I invited Nalini to sit on the couch. Curiously, she elected to sit in the middle of the three seater couch. My curiosity abated as I heard the damned djinn giggling at my discomfort.

Since I was being set up for success, I joined Nalini on the couch. She turned to face me, one knee on the couch. Her skirt rode up a little giving me a good luck at her thigh and leg.

As usual, my gaze soon turned to her large, round eyes.

“My eyes are not the part of me most men find sexiest,” she said.

I reverted to the old cliché, “I’m not like most men.”

“Obviously not,” she said. “Would you like to see them up close?”

Without waiting for an answer, Nalini put her arm on the back of the couch to support herself while she leaned closer. The closer she leaned, the more my gaze sank into her dark, sexy eyes. I was mesmerized by them.

In seconds, Nalini was close enough to me for our lips to meet. The Indian woman’s lips were as sexy as the rest of her. Large, puffy lips begging to be kissed. We did. A short soft kiss was first. Then a longer kiss with some passion. Next a deeply passionate long kiss. Staring into her hypnotic eyes while we kissed, I was hardening every second.

Before we could go any further, I heard the clomping from upstairs that signaled my mother’s approach. Talking about being mesmerized, Nalini and I both had our gaze locked on the staircase.

My mother certainly knew how to make an entrance. Slowly, she clomped her way down the stairs, taking them one by one. The first thing to be seen was Mom in her own stilettoes and mauve coloured stockings. I let out a whistle of appreciation. Nalini looked from Mom to me and back again.

Mom stopped partway down the stairs. She turned to us displaying her lower half. A long sheer peignoir, also mauve in colour, deep purple panties and garter belt. Slowly, with one foot on one stair and the other on a higher stair, Mom turned around to show us her wonderful ass.

I looked to Nalini and said, “Isn’t she the hottest mother you’ve ever seen?”

Nalini smiled in response while turning back to see my super sexy mother.

Mom took a few more steps down the staircase stopping again to tease us. This time we were able to see just the lowest part of her firm breasts. Mom was completely color coordinated this evening in her purple silky bra.

Even though I had seen Mom dressed similarly and even naked, this teasing entrance was making me hard. I don’t believe I will ever get tired of seeing my mother being hot and sexy like this.

The djinn was making uh huh sounds in my head.

Nalini was paying full attention to my mother as well. Leaning forward and craning her head trying to see more of Mom, she was obviously intrigued. I’m not sure if she did so consciously or not but she had placed her hand on my thigh, locking in her talons.

Slowly, pausing on every stair, Mom came down the rest of the way. More and more of her boobs came into our sightline. Nalini’s grip on my thigh was so tight, it was beginning to hurt.

Finally, my mother, dressed in her hot and revealing lingerie was fully on display for our appreciative looks. Finishing off the purple look Mom had tinted the ends of her hair in purple as well. I do not know why but this made her even hotter.

Mom made her way across the room using a model’s sway to her pace. Partway to Nalini and me, she stopped and pirouetted allowing us to take in the full effects of her lingerie. My mother had never looked sexier to me than she did right now.

Standing in front of us, Mom leaned down to give Nalini a welcoming kiss. Despite no tongues being used, it was a deep kiss hinting of more passion to come. Mom took the remaining seat on türkçe bahis the couch leaving Nalini sitting between us.

My mother put her hands on Nalini’s legs to support herself while she leaned across to kiss me. As soon as our lips touched, I had my tongue worming between Mom’s lips which opened in welcome.

Mom broke off our kiss, leaned back somewhat, and pressed her lips against our Indian guest’s lips once more. It was not a quick kiss this time. Both women were so turned on they were oozing passion. Their deep soul kisses were turning me on even more.

I felt I had waited long enough. Patience was never one of my virtues. The djinn giggled at me again.

I shifted my position so I was sitting almost side on to the amazing woman making out with my mother. I put one hand on her thigh and squeezed. Her legs were firm and muscular. I allowed my hand to travel up and down her leg, caressing it slowly. I wanted to slip my hand under her skirt but forced myself to hold off.

The two women looked like they were in passion heaven. Their lips had not separated from each other’s since they had started making out. I could see their jaws clenching and unclenching as they forced their faces closely together.

Leaning into Nalini, I began to use my lips on her as well. I licked and nibbled her neck from jawline to shoulder blade. Her taste was exquisite, a mixture of floral and some kind of spice. It promised much for when I would be able to get my tongue into her pussy.

My hand moved from Nalini’s leg to her beautifully formed boobs almost of its own volition. Just like the rest of her body, Nalini’s tits were firm and hard. As my hand travelled from one tit to the other, I discovered to my intense pleasure that she was not wearing a bra. Those beauties were standing proudly and without help.

Just as I could feel her nipples growing hard against my palms, Mom’s hand joined mine. She had not stopped making out with this hot Indian delicacy but was moving their passion to a new level.

I decided to let Mom have the woman’s tits for the moment without us fighting for dominance. Instead I moved my hand back down to Nalini’s leg while leaning my head back in order to watch her and my mother.

My Mom was wasting no time. She was already working at undoing the buttons on the blouse hiding Nalini’s tits from our view. Using my fingernails, I was caressing this hottie’s legs again. Only this time, I was allowing my hand to travel further up to Nalini’s thighs.

Mom was making progress on the blouse. She had already undone two of the five buttons, putting the olive hued tops of her tits on display. Another button and boobs just to the top of her nipples were shown. The last button and there they were!

Beautiful olive with tinges of gold boobs, big nipples the size of a silver dollar, seemingly inch thick nipples all on Nalini’s perky, upturned tits. I knew they would be fantastically hot and I was right.

Mom was not going to waste any time. She had a hand on one of the Indian woman’s tits and her mouth on the other sucking and teasing that nipple. Nalini threw her arms up around Mom’s neck in order to pull my mother even tighter to her perfect breast.

Her arm movement was fast and unexpected. On her way to my mother’s neck, Nalini ended up clopping me in the head. I don’t think she even noticed.

The djinn laughed uproariously again. I thought the bugger was supposed to be on my side.

I was tired of being left out of this encounter. Pushing her legs apart, I placed myself between Nalini’s legs. Without any subtlety at all, I pushed her miniskirt further up her legs allowing me to put my head where it belonged.

I was struck dumb when I discovered this Indian woman I had lusted after had no panties on under her skirt. She put on display for me a tremendously attractive pussy. Nalini was what I call an “innie”, she had no labia showing. No pubic hair either.

All I could see was a piece of jewelry dangling from just above her cleft. Perhaps it was cultural as it was an emerald in a gold casing hanging like a tiny pendant. Not just a ring or a stud as I had seen on videos.

Using my fingernails on Nalini’s thighs again, I pushed her legs further apart. As much as her miniskirt would allow. The space was not wide enough for me to move my face any closer to the sexpot’s cunt. I was only close enough to see and to get a whiff of the exotic and erotic scents I had been imagining.

Fortunately Nalini must have wanted my tongue in her pussy as much as I did. She broke apart from my mother long enough to unzip her skirt and wriggle out of it.

Now, I had an open field of endeavor. I pushed my face close enough for me to start raining kisses down on the woman’s thighs and edges of her mons. As I was getting into it, two hands entered my field of vision. Since they were white hands, I knew my mother was coming to my aid.

Resting her head on Nalini’s perfect tits, Mom pried open our Indian temptress so I could get güvenilir bahis siteleri my tongue into place. Nalini’s odour was so strong, so erotic in its own right, that my balls tightened in their sack. Her pussy was so bright and red, offset by her olive coloured skin tones.

Unwilling to wait any longer, I flattened my tongue and began licking her. I started as low and as far back as I could stretch my tongue. I couldn’t quite reach her asshole but I knew it would be there for later play.

Starting at the bottom, I licked my way to the top. I nuzzled Nalini’s clit before licking my way back down her spread thighs. Going back up, I allowed my tongue to flick against her clit eliciting a moan of approval.

“How does she taste, Ricky?” asked my Mom.

“Wonderful, Mom. Wait until you get your tongue in here.”

“Don’t make me wait too long, son,” said Mom.

That was all the encouragement I needed. My mother wanted to dive deep into this cunt. And, I knew she liked the taste of my cum. Since I always do as my mother tells me, I decided to forego added foreplay. Mom could take care of Nalini with afterplay. I just wanted to fuck this Indian woman.

In seconds seemingly, I had my shirt over my head and tossed away. A moment later my pants followed suit. I stood up between Nalini’s wide spread legs nudging her cunt with my now rock hard and aching cock.

Mom admitted I made the right decision by helping me gain entrance to the Indian pussy. She held her pussy open with one hand while guiding me into the saddle with her other hand.

Feeling my mother’s hand on my cock leading me into position to fuck this woman was still a magnificent thrill. Once my head was past the gates to Nalini’s cunt, I thrust my dick into her hard and fully.

“Oh my gawd,” Nalini almost screamed out.

Mom lifted her head to kiss the woman again.

Nalini’s cunt was slippery wet yet very tight. Her athletic legs were wrapped tightly around my body preventing me from withdrawing too far. Nalini kept groaning with little shrieks in between as I kept slamming my shaft into her depths.

Her shrieks grew in volume signaling to Mom and me that our Indian was approaching her first orgasm of the evening. My mother was helping things along at this point by sucking on Nalini’s lovely and enticing tits.

That being said, I made the mistake of looking into Nalini’s hypnotic eyes one more time. I was lost. Her perfectly round eyes drew me in, mesmerizing me yet again. I even stopped pounding the juicy pussy in front of me.

Nalini’s cunt had me trapped just as did her eyes. She was locked down on my hard dick. It was such an enjoyable feeling that I simply stood still letting her milk me.

My mother noticed that Nalini’s noises had begun to falter. Her squeezing me might have been an autonomic reflex as it was not driving her climax any longer. I was flexing my cock against her tight muscles reveling in the experience.

I was clopped in the head for a second time this evening. My mother was becoming impatient with our growing silence and lack of movement.

“Rick! You stopped! Fuck her or get out of my way!” said Mom.

As always, I obeyed my mother’s instructions. The slap had broken the mesmerizing hold Nalini had on me. Not looking into her eyes any longer, I fought the pull of her cunt muscles, pulling my shaft out of her until only the head remained lodged in her.

Still being careful to not fall into her eyes again, I slammed my way home until I could feel my balls tapping against her. I withdrew and jammed my way back in. Her pussy fought me all the time, trying to re-engage its lockdown status on my dick.

Soon enough the woman was panting. Soon enough she was moaning. Soon enough she was shrieking. I pulled out and slammed back in. I pulled out and slammed back in again.

Her climax was fast approaching as her shrieks grew louder and louder. The friction of cock in cunt was making my balls churn. I knew I was fast approaching explosion status as well.

It was going to be a race to see which of us could hold off the longest. I did not think I could win this one. Semen was boiling out of my testicles. My cock was beginning to throb.

Nalini’s shrieks reached a crescendo. Her legs tightened even more around me. She began to buck her loins upwards.

“Nalini, cum for us. Cum for us, baby,” urged my mother.

Her body beginning to spasm and arch upwards tighter against my lips signaled the Indian woman was about to climax. That was enough to push me over the edge.

As she shrieked her orgasm, I erupted with rope after rope of semen into her. Nalini’s pussy began to loosen its grip on my softened cock allowing it to slither out. Nalini and I both fell back gasping for breath.

Mom must have wanted to give Nalini more time to recover as she placed herself on her knees between my wide spread legs. She began to lick my softened cock and dangling balls clean of the combined fluids Nalini and I had emitted.

Mom did not use her hands except to hold herself up. She used her lips and face to move my parts where she wanted them. Mom is a wonderful cocksucker, loving and diligent, and I was verging on building towards another hardon.

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