The Saga of A Family Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Yesterday – The Man & The Daughter

HE NEVER KNEW WHY HE HAD WOKEN UP THAT NIGHT. He was always a sound sleeper; but that night, something had woken him up. He had fumbled for the night lamp, snapped on the switch and glanced at the table clock. It read exactly 12:00. Midnight.

He looked at his wife, sound asleep by his side, and deciding not to disturb her, he had switched off the lamp, and soundlessly made his way to the bathroom. Perhaps, he thought, I need to have a leak and the body mechanism must have woken me up.

He froze when he was about to push the bathroom door open. He was sure he had heard a sound. Not that kind of sounds that go thump in the night; the sound was a groan, and he recognized it to belong to his son. What the hell, he thought, what was Vinny doing at this time of the night?

Silently, he padded to the children’s room, the floor cold against his heels. He hadn’t worn his slippers.

The door to the kid’s room was ajar, and dim light filtered out through the crack. It was dark, and he groped towards the dim light.

He peeped in, and suddenly the floor was no longer cold. What he saw, took the breath away from him and sent his blood pulsing through his veins. His eyes bulged out at the sight that greeted him.

Sonia was sitting on the edge of her bed, stark naked, and Vinny, also buck naked, stood in front of her. His hands were pushing together her tits, and his cock was between them. Her hands covered his, as if helping him to hold her tits together tighter around his cock. Vinny was fucking his sister’s tits!

For a moment, he was rooted to the spot. His children, and depraved? What the hell was this? He thought of storming into the room and clubbing both of them till he would knock them cold.

But, his eyes remained riveted at the sight. Sonia was eighteen, but holy shit, was she a big girl, or what? Those tits of hers were amazing! He knew that they were large, but naked they looked monstrous! And Vinny! His cock, moving back and forth between those tits had to be at least seven inches long!

He watched her manipulate her breasts as his cock slipped out of the cleavage, and then, she scooped it back between them, twisting her body to align his cock in position. She would pull apart her tits, snuggle closer towards him, and then wrap them over it again.

Vinny’s cock was big all right, but her tits were so big, it disappeared completely within them. She was looking up at him, a smile on her lips, her long hair bouncing as she slid up and down, masturbating his cock in her cleavage.

The man watched from the door, rooted to the ground, as she whispered something to her brother. Vinny threw back his head, grabbed her shoulder with one hand, put his other hand behind his back, and started to increase the tempo of his wild thrusts.

Even if the man couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other, he could hear the dull, wet plopping sounds as the boy’s cock rapidly fucked her huge tits.

He didn’t know how long he had watched them; but suddenly became aware that Vinny was now jerking spasmodically, his hands reaching down to take hold of her breasts again.

And then he saw the semen bursting forth from his son’s cock, hitting the girl’s cheek. She bent down, opening her mouth to swallow the second salvo, which hit the back of her throat. She pulled back her tits, allowing his cock to pop out, and then, took the entire length of the flesh in her mouth.

The man suddenly became aware of his own hard on. He contemplated the scene for a while, watching his son lean down, apparently exhausted, as he kissed his sister’s hair.

The man turned around abruptly and headed back to his room. His cock was now rock hard. He bolted the door behind him, walked to his bed and flipped on the night lamp. In the dim light of the lamp, he looked at his wife, lying on her side. She was dressed in her blue skimpy one-piece nightdress; it was a kind of a teddy. It was pretty hot in the room, so she had thrown the blanket aside.

He glanced at her tits, bulging out from the top of the dress. The hem had ridden up over her legs, revealing her panties. He pulled out his robe in a hurry. Underneath, he was naked and he glanced at his cock protruding out, the glans swollen and red. It seemed to be unusually hard today. He wet his palm by licking it with his tongue and then rubbed it over his cock.

He got into bed, crawling on his knees towards his wife. He realized that he had never thought of fucking her tits, and suddenly, he felt the urgent need of doing it.

Her dress was buttoned at the front, and swiftly he snapped them off. She murmured in her sleep, stirring, but not changing her position. He opened the flaps of her dress, revealing her tits.

Holding his cock in his hands, he crawled further up the bed till his cock head was rubbing against her nipples. Her eyes fluttered open.


“Hold on honey,” he murmured to her, “I just had a hell of a dream. And I want to do it in reality. güvenilir bahis Now.” His voice was hoarse and urgent.

She looked down, the sleep still in her eyes, but nevertheless, she smiled. Her husband was a horny man, and she was thankful for that. At thirty-seven, she felt she was at her sexual peak. Though he was well over fifty, his sexual prowess was amazing. She bent down, thinking that maybe he wanted to put that monster in her mouth.

She was surprised that he didn’t. Instead, he lifted one of her breast and slid his cock under it. Then, squeezing her tits together, he began to hump his thighs to and fro. She realized that he had formed a tunnel between her tits through which he could slide his cock back and forth.

The thought excited her. He had never done it like that. She felt herself blush when she recalled how many times she had been tempted to ask him to do this to her.

She slid down the bed, still curled up on her right. She reached out with her hands to press his cock inside her cleavage from the top so that it wouldn’t slip out.

“Yes, darling, fuck me there!” she breathed.

He began to thrust furiously, throwing back his head.

“Wait,” she said. She licked her palms for a while, then, drawing back, spread the saliva between her tits. She pulled his cock back between them and said, “Now. That will help”

He started to rock to and fro, his hands mashing her tits together. He felt her soft skin sliding across his cock as he grunted and groaned.

A vision of Sonia’s tits flashed through his mind. He imagined those big tits (they were much larger than his wife’s) bouncing up and down, her face turned up and that sexy smile on her lips. He looked down at his cock fucking his wife’s cleavage, and suddenly, those tits were replaced with Sonia’s.

He came in a deluge, his sperm shooting up to hit his wife’s chin. She felt her body sliding further down, and then shuddered as her warm mouth engulfed him.

As he slumped down on the bed, he suddenly realized that his daughter had possessed his body.

All that had happened yesterday. Today was another day, and he had pretended that he had a severe headache when he had waked up in the morning. He knew he had to do something about what he had seen the previous night. All through that night, the vision of his big-breasted young daughter had tormented him.

Vinod had left first; he had heard the roar of his motorcycle fading away down the street. His wife had fussed over him, and had wanted to miss her music classes; he had insisted that it was nothing serious, and would be disappointed if she would miss her routine.

Sonia had popped in the bedroom. “Hey Dad, what’s this I hear? You got a headache or something?”

Under his robe and the blanket covering him, he felt his cock harden at the sight of his voluptuous daughter. She was wearing her standard dress: a short skirt and a frilly white blouse. When she had bent down to touch his forehead to check if he temperature, his eyes were drawn to the top of her tits, restrained in a bra, and he thought he would cum.

“Nothing wrong, baby-doll,” he answered weakly. “Do me a favor, will ya? Your mom’s going to her classes. Just go with her to the chemist and get me some aspirin.”

“Don’t tell me there’s no aspirin in a doctor’s house,” she had laughed mischievously.

“No, I checked. I took the last two-yesterday night. Now, go on and be a good girl. And hurry back. My head feels like it’s splitting”

He knew that it wasn’t his head that felt like splitting, it was his cock.

After the woman and her daughter had left, he quickly shaved and had a shower. The image of Sonia’s tits aroused him, and he had to jerk himself off in the shower. He watched his juice spurt out before he had rubbed his cock three times. Oh God!

He had his plan in place. He had pulled on his short bathrobe, the one that reached to his knees. He fastened the belt around it, tighter than usual so that it was wrapped around him like second skin.

Sonia returned when he was in the kitchen making coffee.

“Hey, let me do that. You go and rest, Dad,” she had protested walking into the kitchen. Her presence so near him, the smell of the perfume she had applied, made him uneasy. Amazingly, in spite of just having jerked off in the bathroom, he felt his cock beginning to erect.

“That’s okay. You fill up the cups; I have made one for you too. Get the coffee in the living room, will you?”

“Sure thing, Dad. Here. The aspirin you wanted.”

He tried not to look at her chest when he took the tablets from her hand. Hurriedly he walked out of the kitchen to the living room and settled onto the sofa, crossing his knees, primarily to hide the bulge, which was now, quite prominent. He had had his share of women, but strangely, Sonia had turned him on more than anybody else had. Or, he mused, was it her body?

Incest, he knew, was socially unacceptable. Here was his Sonia, his little daughter, and the same one whom he had bounced on his knees türkçe bahis when she was a baby and the same one, whose gurgles and smiles had absolutely floored him. He remembered carrying her little body in his arms throughout a particular night when she had been down with measles. He knew it wasn’t right on his part to think about her in this way; yet, the sight of her, completely naked, her glorious lush body dripping in sweat had completely changed his attitude.

He felt reckless. At the same time, he was scared. What, he thought, would be her reaction? A brother was okay, he guessed. After all, hadn’t he, as a callous young youth, experimented with Sanika, his own sister? Short of actually fucking his own sister, he had done practically everything else with her.

He jerked out of his thoughts when she walked into the room carrying a tray. “Here we are,” she announced, bending down to set the tray on the low table in front of the sofa. His cock jumped when he glanced at her bunched up tits straining against her bra inside the blouse.

“Sonia,” he began, picking up his cup and watching her do the same. “I think we need to talk” His voice sounded hollow to him.

She lowered herself on the chair opposite the sofa and looked at him, her eyebrows lifting. She began to sip her coffee.

“Mmmm. This coffee’s good. You always could make a good cuppa! What do we have to talk about, Dad? Please, not the college, ok?”

“No, not the college. It’s something extremely important.”

She smiled, crossing her knees, balancing the cup in one hand and sipping the coffee from the saucer.

“Go ahead, Dad,” she said.

“It’s…it’s…” Words failed him. He had it all worked out, but realized it wouldn’t be so easy.

“Oh c’mon, dad. Whatever you are going to tell me, I will understand. Haven’t I always?’

“And you have always obeyed me, Sonia'” he said.

“That’s because I trust you, dad.”

He felt a twinge of guilt coursing through him. Then, deciding to come to the point, he blurted, “It’s about yesterday night.”

She froze, the cup in her hand shook. “A-about…what?”

“Yesterday night.” His voice was firm now. He plunged on.

“How long has it been going on?”

She seemed confused. “How long…how long, what’s been going on?”

He looked into her eyes. She shifted her glance to the floor, twitching in the chair.

“C’mon, Sonia. I wasn’t born yesterday. That which is going on between your brother and you?”

She was shaken badly, that he could see, because she set the cup on the table and leaned back against the chair. She began to fiddle with the hem of her skirt, pulling it down over her knees.

“What…what, did…did you see…uh, I mean how…?”

“You were careless. I didn’t mean to spy on you, but I saw it.”

She blushed a deep red, the color rising to her cheeks.

“Saw? S-saw w-what?”

He decided to be more direct. “Well, my little girl was stark naked and sitting on her bed. And an equally naked Vinny was standing in front of her,” he retorted.

She shuddered, closing her eyes. “Dad,” her voice had dropped to a whisper, barely audible. “You shouldn’t have…”

“Shouldn’t have? Good god, girl, any other Dad would have burst into the room and beat the shit out of you two.”

She looked at him, saw his eyes fixed on her, and then closed her own eyes again. “T-then, w-why didn’t you?”

The question took him by surprise. He just wasn’t expecting it. It was not in his script.

There was quiet in the room as he contemplated her question. Then, in an voice, just as subdued as hers, he muttered, “What I saw was just amazing, Sonia. I didn’t realize that the two of you had grown up so much. What would you expect me to do?”

She looked at him sharply. “What do you mean?”

It was his turn to blush. “Look, Sonia, I am supposed to do the questioning around here, not the other way round.”

“I trust you, dad, and I have said that before,” her voice was stronger and more confident now that she realized that she could do very little about it. They had been caught, period. And they had to face the music whether they liked it or not.

“What do you want us to do, dad?”

He fidgeted, pretended to look away, as if in deep thought and then looked at her again. “How long has this been going on?”

“Just a month or so”

“Month!!” he exclaimed, his eyebrows rising in astonishment. “My god, that’s quite something! Here we are, living together under one roof, and I don’t get to learn that my own children are playing adult games with each other for a month!”

She looked down at her knees, again, pulling at the hem of her skirt.

A long pause ensued, and then, he asked her, “Tell me something, Sonia. And I want the truth, ok?”

She nodded.

“Do Vinny and you, I mean, do you…er…actually do it?”

She blushed, still looking down. “No, dad.”

Inwardly, he heaved a sigh of relief. Thank god for small favors, he thought. “From which point of view did the two of you take güvenilir bahis siteleri that decision?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Was that based on legal circumstances or moral?”

She thought about it. She had always been very open with him about everything. In fact, when she had menstruated, she had asked him to do the explanation, not mother.

“I guess that was the right thing to do. We just sort of…er…relieve ourselves, if you understand me.”

He felt his cock stirring inside his robe. “I don’t really know what to say, or do, Sonia.”

“Dad, it is harmless. We just…” her voice trailed off.

“Yeah, I know. You sort of relieve yourselves. How did it lead to this?”

It took her about fifteen minutes to fill him in with the details. She was, without realizing it, giving a pretty graphic representation of what had transpired, in the process, arousing him. On a few occasions, four letter words inadvertently slipped through her, but she was quick enough to retract them and soften the vocabulary.

After she had completed her story, they sat silently, only the sound of the ceiling fan filling the room. She was back to pulling the hem of her skirt, and he was staring at some point in space, his knees crossed, aware of the painful erection between his legs.

“Dad,” she finally said, “Look, we are awfully sorry about the whole thing, OK? But honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as we haven’t fu…uh, done it actually.”

“How long would it be before you would be tempted to do it? Actually? That’s the problem. And what when you eventually do it? And, what would your Mom think of this situation?”

She hesitated. “Dad, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure. I don’t guarantee any answers, though.”

“Do you think it’s un-natural? I mean this relationship that I’m having with Vinny?”

He thought about it for a long time. “Well, to be perfectly honest, this kind of a relationship sometimes becomes inevitable. This subject is taboo, socially and morally. One doesn’t really expect a brother and sister to be sexually involved in each other. It’s happened before; history is replete with these kinds of relationships. I would put it down as curiosity and chemical attraction, or maybe, the need to, as you so succinctly put it as relief.”

She smiled for the first time since the interrogation had begun. “So, you understand, dad?”

He frowned. “I guess I do. I would look at it this way, baby. Supposing it was some other punk who’d manage to get into your pants, actually do it, and then scoot? You might have ended up with having to visit a doc and maybe involved with an abortion or something like that.”

She leaned toward him and took his hand in hers. “Thanks, dad. Thank you so much that you understood.”

He became aware of her deep cleavage, revealed through the top of the frilly white blouse as she leaned, and suddenly, his cock jumped inside his robe, as if an electric current had just been applied to it. He clamped his knees together and managed a weak smile.

She noticed it. Her eyes went wide as they strayed to the bulge, now plainly visible in his short, tight robe.

“Dad?” she whispered.

He pretended that she hadn’t noticed and tried to sound as nonchalant as he could; which, considering the circumstances, wasn’t much.

“Yes?” he looked into her eyes.

He saw the beginning of a sly smile on her lips. And suddenly, he was afraid. Was he trying to cross a barrier that he would perhaps regret later on? Would it affect the family and the relations they shared?

Sonia was no longer a baby, and that he admitted to himself. She was a young lady now, blessed with the lush body of a woman.

“Dad, can I tell you something?” she whispered.

“Go ahead,” he croaked.

“You have a hard on.” She said it matter-of-factly.

He drew back his hand, feeling hot under the robe. He remained silent.

“Do I turn on my dad that much?” she continued, relentlessly.

His eyes locked with hers. She did not look away; instead, she reached out to take his hand in hers again. After what seemed to be an eternity, he slowly said, “Yes. My baby turns me on.”

There! He had finally said it, he thought.

“What would Dad want his little girl to do for him?” she muttered.

He was tongue tied as he continued to look in her eyes.

“Would Dad like for his little baby to hold his cock for him?”

His cock jumped once again when she said ‘cock’, his heart was thudding and he thought she could hear it and the heat inside his robe became unbearable.

“Would Dad like for his little girl to jerk him off?” she was cooing, now, her confidence, and apparently sky-high.

If she was going to continue like this, he was sure he would come in the robe; she wouldn’t have to jerk him off.

“Or maybe he’d like for her to suck on it? And drink his milk from it?”

He stared at her, speechlessly and, he thought, helplessly. His cock was now throbbing and he could feel the blood coursing through the shaft.

She released his hand and slowly got to her feet. She stood there, in front of him, just the table between them. Her eyes never left his, and he could see that she too was breathing just as hard as he was.

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